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How to Cum Hands Free 

The Ultimate Guide to Hands-Free Orgasms 

We've all been there, tired, alone, and really wanting to blow our load but laziness seems to be lurking. Rubbing one out sounds great but maybe you just finished working out or maybe you are in a cast. Any of these are possibilities that all share the same goal, to cum without using your hands. A hands-free orgasm is definitely possible as long as you are in the right mindset and have the right toys available.

It's no secret that masturbating without hands can be extremely satisfying with tons of stimulation but what are the best methods to cum hands-free? If you want to reach peak sexual satisfaction without even using your hands we can teach you several time-tested methods.

Outside of having sex toys to your avail, achieving a hands-free orgasm takes focus, specifically on your pelvic floor muscles as well as lots of patients. Some of the techniques you will try will be mind over matter while others we will discuss use masturbators to achieve orgasm without hands.

What is a hands-free orgasm? 

Though some purists will say a hands-free orgasm means cumming without any stimulation of the penis at all, our definition of “hands-free” is exactly that: cumming without touching your hand directly to your dick. That leaves plenty of options on the table to spice up your self-pleasure routine. You will be able to ejaculate as intensely or if not more than your normal orgasm simply from the mind-body connection techniques that come from this type of stimulation. 

Masturbation not only feels great, but it has various health benefits. And delving into the exciting practice of trying to cum hands-free will bring you that much closer to self-satisfaction and comfort levels that will take your sex life to the next level, with a partner or solo!

Since we are a men's health publication, we are going to focus on how to cum hands-free for men only. These will include methods such as:

  • Rubbing and thrusting
  • Rhythmic tensing
  • Sex toys like live size dolls, masturbators, and pocket pussies
  • Penis stimulating vibrators
  • Prostate induced orgasms

Benefits of hands-free orgasms 

  • Lead to some very intense orgasms
  • Help you last longer in bed
  • Better acquaint you with your body and sexuality
  • Let you cum any time you want
  • Allow you to cum multiple times

From ancient mysticism to modern machinery, this world is full of fun ways to reach cum hands free. Keep reading as we explore ten of them below.

Discover your body

One of the most important aspects of achieving a hands-free orgasm is to find what feels best to you and focus on that. You will want to take advantage of all parts of your penis, including the most sensitive areas.

Before you actually go for the male hands-free orgasm, you will actually want to touch and tickle your penis. Gently rub the shaft and tip and take note of what feels good and what feels great.

Also, go below the nuts and gently stroke your gooch, the part of skin between your butt hole and your balls. This is a very sensitive area of your body and a great place to focus on for external prostate massage. This same area is where the PC muscles can be found, a very important area if you are trying to figure out how to cum hands free.

Once you have found all the best parts of your anatomy, it's time to take your next steps to ejaculate without your hands. Below, you will find several methods to stimulate ejaculation with just your mind or other methods that certainly do not include your hands touching your penis

1. Wet dreams

If you think about it, teenage wet dreams were probably the first form of hands-free orgasm you achieved.

man sleeping having wet dreams

Ejaculating while asleep, or having a “nocturnal emission” is pretty common throughout puberty, and not that unusual for fully-grown men. Turns out, there’s more blood flow to the genital area while you’re asleep. Combine that with erotic thoughts during the REM cycle, plus a bit of mattress-humping, and you have a hands-free orgasm, by accident!

If you’d like to make yourself cum hands free during your dreams, there are a few ways to increase the likelihood of that happening. According to one study, sleeping in a prone position — on your stomach — seems to increase the probability of having sexual dreams. 

Try combining that with lucid dreaming, and you’ve got yourself a fun, if not always reliable, way to cum without touching your penis.

2. Orgasmic meditation 

Though this one may sound dangerously occult, or too “new-agey” for some of you, it’s mentioned right after wet dreams for a reason: they both make you able to orgasm without hands.

meditating man

If your brain can unintentionally help you orgasm, why wouldn’t you want to figure out how to make it intentional?

Orgasmic meditation can be achieved through the following steps:

  • Find a distraction-free, private location.
  • Choose a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down.
  • Begin, as in normal meditation, clearing your mind and focusing your concentration.
  • Turn your attention to the sensations of breathing and feeling. Try engaging your pelvic floor PC muscles in male kegels. (Kegels are a form of exercises that helps strengthen your pelvic floor, giving you great control over your ejaculations)This is where personal exploration really takes off. Some people can achieve orgasm simply through an elated sense of wonder. Some will use this time to sexually fantasize and imagine feeling the accompanying sensations in their erogenous zones.

Cumming with the sheer power of your mind is obviously an insanely attractive goal. These types of orgasms vary widely, and are often cited as feeling more intense, “full body” and energy-centered than your traditional orgasm. 

The other great thing is that orgasmic meditation may lead to orgasm, but not ejaculation. Meaning you can experience that pleasure again and again with just the power of your thoughts. 

Also interested about Guided Masturbation?

Check out our related blog to help you get started:

3. Orgasmic Binaural Beats 

Never heard of this one? Turns out that listening to two slightly different tones through stereo headphones helps the left and right hemispheres of your brain create new neural pathways.

Binaural beats can be used to promote focus during working or studying, but best of all? For some reason they get a lot of people really horny.

old man with headphones

Just like orgasmic meditation, this one is mostly in your brain. Binaural beats stimulate your pituitary glands and hypothalamus, which then produce endorphins. With a bit of focus, these beats alone, or combined with meditation, can lead to some insane, hands-free orgasms. 

Orgasmic binaural beats are easy to find on Youtube, so look them up and see if they work for you.

4. Erotic hypnosis for hands free ejaculation

Another option that may sound a little woo-woo, this mental process is similar to orgasmic meditation, except you’ll be working with some outside help.

erotic hypnosis

Erotic hypnosis involves another person (live or on a track) talking you through relaxation, imagery, and “trigger commands” to help you reach a state of arousal and suggestibility. Erotic hypnosis won’t work unless you want to fall into a hypnotic trance, but if you’re willing to try, this type of hands-free orgasm is truly magical. It may take some time and practice to get your subconscious malleable enough, but once you do…

The incredible thing about erotic hypnosis for hands free ejaculation is that you can experience kinks, fantasies, and sexual undoing that might not be possible in the real world. There are plenty of tracks available for purchase online that get into whatever “genre” you’re looking to explore.

So give erotic hypnosis a try. After all: your brain is the most important erogenous zone in the body.

5. Prostate Massage

Gay men know the unbelievably pleasurable feeling of getting your P-spot stimulated in just the right way, and it’s time that straight men caught up.

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located between the base of the penis and the rectum. It is extremely sensitive and can lead to whole new types of orgasms for the man who’s only experienced cock stimulation before.

man massaging a ball

The prostate can be massaged in a number of ways.

For those who want to get the benefits of a prostate orgasm without penetration, taking your fingers and massaging the perineum, or the landing strip of skin between your testicles and anus (The Gooch for the newer generation), can stimulate the prostate enough to orgasm without touching your penis.

If you want more direct access, the best route is through the backdoor. Get yourself comfortable and turned on, then use plenty of lube to stretch yourself out and insert your fingers a couple of inches inside your anus. Feel around until you locate your prostate, and go to town!

6. Prostate-Stimulating Sex Toys

For those who want the toe-curling feeling of an amazing prostate orgasm, but want to go completely hands-free, there are some stellar options on the market today.

prostate massager

Prostate Massagers come in a variety of designs, and are one of the best ways to stimulate the prostate. They come with some incredible features to make you cum harder than you ever have before, including vibration, the ability to be controlled with a remote, and the ability to simultaneously stimulate your prostate and the sensitive skin of your anus.  

7. Anal Dildos 

If you want to have a prostate orgasm the old-fashioned way by going to town on a penis-like dildo, good news! That is also technically a hands-free orgasm, and an mind-blowing sensation for both gay and straight men. Lots of dildos come with suction-cup bases, so you can go at it anywhere with a flat surface.

anal dildo

Plenty of dildos also incorporate a vibration feature, or allow you to create your own dildo. Pounding away at yourself… with yourself? Go for it. No kink-shaming here.  

Spice up your intimate moments with male dildos

8. Vibrators 

Lastly, if you’re still a bit nervous about penetration, you can also take a vibrator and use it to stimulate the prostate through your perineum. Trust us: it still feels amazing. 


There are also vibrators specifically for your penis. Try one that hugs and vibrates on the tip. Or if your balls are particularly sensitive, try using a testicle massager and see if you can cum from that stimulation alone.

9. Stroker Toys

Though the more technically-minded may debate whether using a traditional pocket pussy or fleshlight is hands-free or not, there are plenty of accessories that let you place these toys in between couch cushions, or on flat surfaces for hands-free pounding.  For more ways to use a Fleshlight hands-free, click the link.

porn star pocket pussy

Try a pocket pussy modeled after your favorite porn star, and incorporate some of that mentally stimulating fantasizing.

Or if you want to imagine you’re plowing a tight butthole, there are toys modeled after full-size or pocket-sized bootylicious asses. 

Give yourself that extra boost by getting one that vibrates. You’ll never go back to your hand again. 

10. Fully automatic equipment 

For masturbation connoisseurs who want to be milked multiple times a day until they scream, there are top-of-the-line hands-free products that will blow your mind.

automatic penis milking machine

Often designed to emulate a blowjob where it’s the other partner doing the work, all these machines require is a wall plug or battery. Then you can sit back and experience the most intense orgasms of your life, over and over again. 

Our Hands-Free Masturbation Kit

Experience effortless pleasure with our meticulously curated selection of hands-free essentials, designed to take solo satisfaction to the next level


Oral Sex Masturbator and Vibrator

- Mimics the sensations of oral sex for an immersive experience.
- Combined vibrations enhance pleasure and stimulation.
- Designed for hands-free use, allowing users to explore different sensations without manual effort.
LoveBotz Flicking Tongue Oral Sex Masturbator and Vibrator

Automatic Blowjob Machine

- Offers a fully automated and customizable blowjob experience.
- Hands-free operation for a more relaxed and enjoyable session.
- Adjustable settings cater to individual preferences, providing a personalized pleasure experience.
LoveBotz Milker Pro Automatic Blowjob Machine

Water Based Lubricant For Masturbators

- Ensures a smooth and comfortable experience during masturbation.
- Compatible with various materials, enhancing the lifespan of masturbators.
- Facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, promoting hygiene and longevity.
Fleshlight Fleshlube Water Based Lubricant

Shower Mount Suction Cup Accessory For Masturbators

- Enables hands-free usage in the shower for a unique and convenient experience.
- Strong suction cup attachment provides stability during use.
- Enhances versatility by allowing users to explore different environments for their pleasure.
Fleshlight Shower Mount for Standard Fleshlights

Hands-Free Penis Vibrator & Stamina Trainer

- Combines pleasure with stamina training for a holistic experience.
- Designed for hands-free operation, allowing users to focus on training.
- Adjustable vibration patterns cater to both pleasure and stamina development goal
Sutro 9 Speed Hands Free Penis Vibrator and Stamina Trainer

There are plenty of ways to make yourself cum without jerking off. 

Hands-free ejaculation may seem like a dream, but the sky’s the limit when you have access to both ancient mental techniques and modern technology. Try one or all!

What it comes down to, is that when you’re creative, you can have not only more orgasms, but many different insanely pleasurable types and intensities.

How to cum hands free.... the choice is yours

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