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How Do You Get Low Hanging Balls?

A man’s relationship with his testicles can be complicated. Like all other parts of the body, there are a multitude of opinions out there about how they should look, the sexiest level of grooming, and the “correct” size and shape. Not to mention their sensitivity! 

Luckily, we live in a culture where you get to decide what constitutes true masculinity. If you’re interested in developing big, impressive low-hangers, such a thing is not only possible, but can enhance your sexual pleasure magnificently.

The truth about low-hanging balls is that they can be developed safely, to your own aesthetic preferences, and will enhance your sex life, sensation, and overall swagger.

In this article on low hanging nuts, we’ll go over: 

  • Basics of the male anatomy (why it’s safe to stretch your balls)
  • Four great reasons to want lower-hanging balls
  • Exercises to enhance scrotum length and overall health
  • Equipment, toys, and products to develop low-hanging balls
  • How to start using ball stretching tools 

After you have all this information, you’ll be ready to decide if developing low-hanging balls sounds right for you, and how to do so without taking any risks with this sensitive part of your anatomy.

A Basic Review of How Your Testicles Work

For some men, the first reaction to hearing that it’s possible to “stretch” the balls to get them to hang lower is one of concern. Is that healthy? 

First off: Achieving low-hanging balls can be done with no damage to the testicles. But how? Understanding male anatomy is the first step.

Your testicles are safely stored inside of your scrotal sac, which is in turn suspended from the inner pubic bone by the miraculous cremaster muscle. This muscle responds to the temperature of the testicles, and contracts or expands to keep your sperm at the ideal, healthy temperature of 93.2ºF (34ºC). If you know anything about the human body, you’ll notice this is a good 5º lower than the average overall temperature of 98.6º Fahrenheit. So the cremaster muscle has some negotiating to do.

 male sex organ anatomy

Ever had that feeling of your balls retreating back into your body when you jump into an icy body of water? This is the cremaster muscle contracting your testicles closer to your body, to keep them warm. Likewise, during exercise when that whole area heats up, you’ll notice your testicles drooping down to cool off, and prevent sperm from overheating. 

The cremaster muscle is, as its name suggests, a muscle. Meaning that just like yoga can increase hamstring flexibility when practiced consistently, this muscle can be lengthened and loosened if stretched carefully over time. No damage done!

Why should I want low-hanging balls?

Sure, it may be possible, but why would someone want low-hanging balls? While there’s no wrong reason for wanting to work on the presentation of your manhood, there are many other fantastic and pleasurable reasons to invest in stretching your balls. 


Nice, heavy, low-hanging nuts on a man are simply aesthetically pleasing. Such a look can be enticing to sexual partners, who may interpret larger, lower balls as more masculine and arousing.

The tools used to stretch balls can also be worn during sex, for a powerful, kinky look. 

Sexual Appeal and Your Testicles

Aside from sexual partners liking the look of low-hanging balls, the feel of them during sex can be a huge turn-on. Partners may enjoy fondling them during manual or oral stimulation. Not to mention the incredible feeling of longer balls slapping against a partner’s ass in the heat of the moment.

Moreover, having lower-hanging balls may help you feel yourself a bit more. Not only will they be noticeable and attractive to partners when they see how your crotch looks in some well-fitted pants, but your own internal secret of knowing you have your ideal, bold, masculine look will manifest in greater confidence.

Lower Nuts Can Equal Better Sexual Stamina

Developing low-hanging balls through ball stretching can help you stay hard longer during sex. No pills or mental tricks needed. The fact is, ball stretching devices create new and unique sensations in your scrotal region, meaning that your genitalia will be reprogrammed to withstand pressure and tightness for longer.


More sexual stamina means longer sexual encounters. Longer sexual encounters mean not only happier partners, but even more prolonged, intense orgasms for you. Speaking of orgasms… 

Longer, more pleasurable orgasms from ball stretching?

It’s basic biology. When you stretch your balls, you’re also stretching out all the plumbing between your testicles and your penis. When your scrotum contracts to ejaculate, a longer pathway between the testes and the tip of the penis means a longer, radically more intense orgasm. 

How do I get lower-hanging balls?

The first thing to know about stretching your balls, is that it is a process. Men with impressive goals for stretching their nuts can spend years developing the length they want, much like a gymnast spends years developing the strength and flexibility to excel in their sport. They’ll often invest time and money in various tools and equipment, and take pride in their low-hanging nuts. 

But let’s start small, with exercises you can comfortably do with your hands. 

Ball Stretching Exercises

The best thing about the process of developing your low-hanging balls, is that it is pleasurable in itself. And that’s great. Starting small, by using your hands, is a great build-up to masturbation, and is very healthy. Testicular massage and lengthening exercises can increase your testosterone level, improve male sexual health, and lead to firmer erections and more consistent libido. 

Start every exercise by making sure your balls are warm. You can take a bath or shower beforehand to help relax. Remember, you want your muscles to be warm and loose for good, healthy stretching (just like normal exercise!).

The “Okay” Stretch

Touch the tips of your thumb and pointer finger, like you’re making an “okay” sign. Clasp them firmly around the top of the scrotum, and slowly move downwards. This is a very similar movement as a Jelq, however it is on your balls rather than penis. Lube or oil may make the process a bit more comfortable. Go nice and slowly, holding near the bottom and putting a comfortable (perhaps arousing) amount of pressure on the balls. You’ll notice after several repetitions that the balls hang lower, and are more relaxed.

okay sign


Male Kegels

Start by pulling down on your scrotum, then take in a large breath of air and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles. These are the muscles you use when you think about stopping urine while peeing. Hold as long as you can, or try pulsing at different durations. These types of exercises can help not only with stretching the balls, but will prevent premature ejaculation.  We have a great article on male kegels, read more to learn more. 


The next step for any guy who is serious about getting low-hanging balls, is to purchase and use tools that will assist him in lengthening the scrotum.

Ball Stretchers

Ball stretchers fit over the balls and create a sensation of a downward pull, stretching the skin of the scrotum and creating more sensitivity. The pressure is often very arousing in itself, similar to the “Okay” exercise from above. These can be worn during sex for a spectacular sensational addition, or worn for longer durations to keep stretching the balls while going about everyday business.

ball stretcher

They can be made of various materials, including silicone, metal, and leather. If you’re serious about long-term stretching, you can also get types with weights that can be added. They can close using snaps, screws, or locks… just make sure to get your pubic hair out of the way! 

Rings and Weights

Rings and weights work similarly, by creating a taut stretch downward assisted by gravity. Rings should be fitted carefully so as not to pinch or constrict the testicles while wearing them. The metal variety can be stacked for more weight as you get used to them. Weights, as well, will attach onto various other types of stretchers, and use gravity to pull downwards for an adjustable sensation. 

Some heavier-duty ball-stretching weights or rings are common in the BDSM fetish community, for those who like the more intense sensations of cock and ball torture. But don’t be scared away if this isn’t your thing. To each their own!

So where do I begin?

When purchasing your first stretcher, size is important to take into consideration. Make sure you choose a diameter that feels firm, but is big enough to fit around the ball sack without cutting off circulation. If there is ever any pain, remove your weights, rings, or stretcher immediately.


For beginners, a stretchier material like silicone or cyberskin will be more comfortable and forgiving than metal. Stretchers can also be paired with penis and testicle pumps to maximize size and sensation. 

Start slowly. The sensation of a ball stretcher or ring is arousing to most, but let yourself get used to it by limiting sessions to 20 minutes in the beginning. 

When you’re more experienced, and know how to safely use your equipment for longer periods, men have been known to keep ball stretchers on for weeks at a time. Wearing ball stretchers during everyday activities can add excitement even to the most mundane of tasks. But do your own research, and figure out your own goals and limits. 

The choice is yours.

There are any number of reasons why a man would choose to work towards healthy, low-hanging balls. They’re fun, visually pleasing, and can add incredible pleasure to sexual experiences. Start with fun, simple ball stretchers that can be incorporated into sex or masturbation, and work from there.

Remember that stretching your balls will likely be an extended process. But those with happy partners, who have experienced the longer, mind-blowing orgasms that follow such an effort, will tell you that it’s well worth it.

Enhance your male anatomy experience!

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