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Sex Delay Spray

Penis Numbing Cream

It is no secret that many men suffer from premature ejaculation or climax control.  Having these mild forms of erectile dysfunction is not fun and quite frankly can be very embarrassing.  It might happen once or twice and then the next thing you know, you are in your own head ruining your sex life for the foreseeable future.  Thankfully there is something easy and safe that you can do to fix it.

Penis numbing creams for men and other over-the-counter penis delay sprays for sex are simple solutions for safe and effective ejaculation control. The dick is a super-sensitive area of the body that feels amazing when stimulated, but sometimes that stimulation can mean that you reach orgasm too fast for you or your partner's liking. By simply applying one of these products before sex, you will find that you are less responsive, and reaching orgasm takes a lot longer than usual. 

If you are seeking better and longer sexual pleasure but are not looking for a numbing effect, you can try Pau Yuen Tong Balm which is an ancient Chinese remedy that allows men to have greater penile muscle control. This will give men all of the delaying effects to last longer without any of the numbing that usually comes along with these products.

So, What is a delay cream? It's basically a numbing cream for sex. It numbs the penis and is used to help men last longer in bed before ejaculation. It can be used to help treat premature ejaculation in men, or just to extend your playtime with a partner! Simply rub the tip and shaft of your penis with one of these safe topical creams and wait just a few minutes for the desensitizing cream to kick in.


Penis Numbing Cream FAQs

Penis delay creams and sprays use a topical desensitizing product that is used to reduce sensation in the penis without numbing it completely or reducing too much of the pleasure. This reduced sensation is only temporary and once you wash it off, or it wears off, your penis will go completely back to normal. There are different strengths available so you can figure out what works best for you.

Most delay creams and male delay sprays use either lidocaine or benzocaine as the numbing agents. These are both anesthetics that are commonly used as topical numbing treatments in medicines and pain relief products. If you have ever been numbed at the dentist, it was likely one of these two products which did it!

There are also natural options available which use plants to desensitize. The most common plant used for this is cloves but some will include other natural plants and herbs too. These are a great option if you are into all-natural products and they will generally be a bit kinder to your skin and have less risk of irritation or sensitivity to the chemical-based options.

For the most part, the two are very similar. They can use either lidocaine, benzocaine, or all-natural ingredients and the only real difference is in how they are applied to the skin.

With the cream, you will need to apply it using your hands and make sure you wash them quickly after to ensure that there is no numbing sensation on your hands or fingers. However, you will still need to use your hands to spread out the liquid from a spray to ensure that you are getting an even spread into the right places.What people like about delay sprays is that it is easier to ensure you are using the right amount of product. With the spray bottles, you will be directed to use one or two sprays so it is already dosed out for you. With the cream, it is harder to get the amount right.

Each last longer cream or spray will have specific instructions that you need to follow. Each product will contain a different amount of active ingredient, and this will determine how much you can use and how long you need to leave it on before you can engage in some fun with a partner.

But, no matter which product you use you will need to apply it evenly to the head and shaft of your penis and leave it to completely absorb before you can get down to business. Some options can be used once it is absorbed without rinsing, while others you need to rinse off to remove any residue before you play.

So long as you follow the instructions of your particular delay cream or spray, and ensure that the product has completely absorbed then it should not have any effect on your partner. But, if you don’t leave it long enough then your partner may experience some numbness too.
The strength of these creams and sprays starts from a gentle numbing all the way up to pretty intense desensitizing. Natural products will generally have the lightest numbing sensation while the benzocaine and lidocaine options will be stronger. Check out the percentage listed in the ingredients to understand how strong it is. And keep in mind that lidocaine is a much stronger option than the others so even a small amount of lidocaine will have a big impact.
How long a delay cream or spray will last is going to depend on the strength of your particular product. The general range is usually between 20 minutes up to an hour. So, it is certainly enough time to make you and your partner happy! Check out the description of the product to see the time range for that particular one.

Yes, you can, you need just to make sure that the delay product has been completely absorbed, or rinsed off (depending on the product) before you apply any lube. That way, you don’t need to worry about the two mixtures combining and the effect of the delay product working on your partner too.

In most cases using a condom along with a delay cream or spray is ideal to ensure that none of the product transfers to your partner. However, there are some delay products that are not suitable for use with a condom.

Any delay product that uses oil as part of the base is a no-go. This is because oil breaks down latex condoms meaning that they are no longer safe. Mineral oil is a fairly common ingredient in these products, so make sure you check out the full ingredients list to ensure that your product will be safe to use with condoms.

This will depend on the specific delay product you choose and what they instruct you to do. In some cases, you will need to wash the product off before you get into the action and some will need you to wash it off afterward.

Some people find that the creams can be quickly thick and do not completely absorb into the skin. If this is the case, then you will need to wash it off to ensure that there is no product build-up leftover on your penis. I recommend doing a really thorough clean once you are done to make sure that there is no residue left over as this can harbor bacteria.

Like any anesthetic, using these products does have the risk of some side effects or adverse reactions. However, if you follow the instructions, these products are usually safe. It is misuse or overuse that causes problems.

Make sure that you only apply the recommended amount and never go over this. If you apply too much it can be absorbed into the bloodstream and this is extremely dangerous. Also never apply these products to broken or irritated skin as it can cause burning and itching.

You also need to avoid any product with lidocaine or benzocaine if you have methemoglobinemia or asthma. If you have either of these conditions and want to use these products, you need to consult with your doctor first. The best way to ensure that you stay safe with these products is to follow the instructions and only use the recommended amount.

Everybody’s body is different and reacts differently to products with numbing ingredients such as Benzocaine and Lidocaine. For most of the population, these types of products will work well in reducing the sensitivity in your penis allowing you to last longer.

There is however, a small portion of the population that these types of ingredients do not work well on. If you have ever gone to the dentist and had an oral numbing agent used and it worked, then chances are, these products will work on you as well.


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