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Listen to an audio summary

With so many ways to enjoy sexual pleasure, whether alone or together, and with more access to sexual material, instruction, and resources than ever, today we're looking into a relatively new way that internet platforms, apps, and websites are boosting confidence, practice, health, and wellness for all.

What is guided masturbation?

Guided masturbation is typically an audio-led self-pleasure activity, where the narrator leads the listener through erotic stories while dictating different masturbation techniques.

Guided masturbation sessions are an excellent way to explore and learn new things about our or our partner's bodies. Some of the more popular websites and apps help women explore themselves through self-love, uncovering hidden or unrealized ways to bring their bodies to orgasm. These guided sessions tend to be more instructional than sensual or erotic and have gained great ground with feminists, singles, and couples looking into new ways to broaden their mutual and solosexual repertoires.

Guided masturbation sessions are an excellent way to explore and learn new things about our or our partner's bodies.

However, combining masturbation instructions with audio erotica to create sexual desire, it's fun, healthy, and often a blissful escape for the participant.

Origins of guided masturbation

Masturbation is the easiest delivery vehicle of sexual pleasure. Often described as the most fun you can have on your own, it delivers the same neurotransmitters created through sex and orgasm. These feel-good hormones (oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins—to name the key players) aren't limited purely to couples' sex as a healthy way to deliver sexual pleasure.

Figuring out different ways for both sexes to masturbate has been part of solosexual exploration and pleasure, from the most typical methods of using pornography, and sex toys, to engaging in fantasies and sharing solo-play sessions, tips, and suggestions.

Erotic storytelling has developed into a deeper level of voice-led instruction. Listening to sexy stories and engaging the imagination while losing themselves in a story allows the listener to relax and fully enjoy the experience in an act parallel to meditation.

Apps and websites

Today, we're going to look at a few of the guided masturbation apps and websites, purpose-built to help their users explore their bodies and to achieve new ways to achieve the strongest orgasms.

Each particular session requires setting the right mood, a comfy headset to deliver the audio, or a suitable tablet, phone, or speaker to listen to the recording.

Relaxation is a key part of women achieving the most from their experience. The typical drivers for men tend to be visual, which is why most utilize pornography to explore their desires and turn-ons. However, for women and females, the strongest climaxes involve being truly relaxed to immerse themselves in the act and engaging in new ideas to the fullest.

What are the benefits of guided masturbation sessions?

Masturbation is good for both body and mind. It can boost self-esteem, aid sleep, relieve menstrual cramping, and much more. Apart from the physical benefits guided masturbation brings to the table, there are psychological and mental bonuses too.

"There's no need to think—just feel"

That's a direct quote from Angie Rowntree, founder, and director of, describing how guided masturbation is 'part instruction and part imagination.'

Drifting into our usual self-pleasure methods, we tend to utilize the same memories, turn-ons, and thoughts that we know will help us to feel the most aroused and turned on. One of the key advantages of engaging in outside stimulation is that we don't have to think at all. Whether watching porn or listening to a story full of sexual instructions, your only job is to do what you're told and feel every new thing it brings to the practice.

Not only is it a great way to relax and enjoy your orgasm, but you'll also experience new ways to create pleasure, to explore parts of yourself that usually remain untouched, allowing your hands and fingers to enhance self-pleasure in ways you hadn't previously known possible.

It can get you out of the rut of your routine solo play

It's quite common for us to get bogged down in our routines. Perhaps we're too busy to afford ourselves the time it takes to really become absorbed, sticking with the quick and easy route we know will get us over the finish line.

Taking a moment to open an app and choose a theme can bring a new spark to solo play even when you don't have the resources to do the heavy lifting of hard thinking and imaginative stimulation yourself. Letting someone else take control of that can open new doors, exploring new ideas and approaches.

A healthier way to approach sex

The majority of guided masturbation websites are created by women for women. They're ideally placed to promote ethical porn and feminist alternatives to traditional pornography.

Help you focus on real sex sessions

Guided masturbation helps you to understand your wants and needs better and how to communicate what you like to your partner. Too often, we struggle to put into words what works for us and what we would really love to try, but with someone else's voice taking control of the language, it's a great tool to aid partners towards better and more fulfilling sex in all kinds of relationships.

Getting in touch with your true self

"You never know until you try."

It's true of so many things in life, and choosing different situations from different audio categories will introduce you to areas of sexual imagination you never imagined would have such an impact on your body. It's a great route into your future fantasies, locating undiscovered erogenous zones, or how to get the best out of your sex toys.

Guided masturbation will teach you more about yourself than being left to your own devices.

It's an education for you and your body. It also allows you to safely explore experiences you wouldn't necessarily pursue in real life, such as taboo topics, group sex, exhibitionist desires, or the dark secrets hidden in your deepest subconscious.

Getting started with guided masturbation



Allocate some time in advance

  • The common ground between guided meditation and guided masturbation is creating the time and space to dedicate to the practice.
  • If your guided masturbation tells you it's going to take 25 minutes, then you're going to need 25 minutes—minimum. Taking the extra time to relax will pay off at the end of the session, at the point of climax, or multiples if you can.

Set the mood for your session

  • Time is only one of the resources you should consider for the best experiences. There's a chance you're going to be plagued by thoughts if you haven't taken care of your daily chores or tasks, so create the ideal space in your bedroom or run a bath if that's your thing.
  • Close the door and shut out the world for the time you need. This is your time to treat yourself, after all.

Research the apps and find the one that works best for you

  • Each platform operates in its own way with its own style. It's certainly worth test-driving a few to get a feel for their themes, narrators, and how erotic they are.
  • With a little exploration, you'll soon uncover your favorite voices and topics and the acts that deliver your biggest sensations.

Best guided masturbation resources for men

Guided masturbation apps

Although women typically create most guided masturbation apps and platforms for women (or those with a vagina), there is a selection that caters to all genders and sexualities.

Diagram of the Guided Masturbation Apps

  • Quinn – Quinn is abundant with every type of erotic audio: stories, guided masturbation, dirty talk, and much more. Its vast selection covers many topics and different paces to explore, organized by voices, categories, and playlists, voiced by male and female actors.
  • Dipsea – Although Dipsea was designed with women at the heart of the platform, it caters to all genders and sexual orientations. It provides erotic storytelling and instructions to build desire and achieve the most from your sexual activity.
  • Kama – Kama is another app for any age, gender, and sexual orientation. It's full of expert tips, tutorials, and techniques, encouraging its users to enhance their sexual satisfaction and well-being.

JOI videos

How we achieve arousal and masturbate is different for everyone, and the trends of how men and women achieve arousal for masturbation vary in a few significant ways.

As we’ve discussed through this article, imagination and fantasy play a great part in masturbation for women.

Men, who tend to be far more visual in their needs, are more suited to video-based pornography as their main point of stimulus.

JOI—or jerk-off instruction—is a common category amongst pornography websites. The actresses tell the viewer how to act, dictating how they touch themselves (much like during female-guided masturbation) and when they’re expected to climax.

The practice lends itself equally to fantasy situations of all kinds: younger or older women, being caught in the act, BDSM, amateur, CEI (cum eating instruction), cuckold, daddy, mom, and sister/step-sister situations, to name a small selection.

Learn all the secrets of giving (and receiving) pleasure with your hands

Mindful masturbation books

For men hoping to learn a little more about technique and expand upon fantasies and simulations, there are specialist books available on the topic.

  1. Smart Masturbation for Men by David Sexguy Williamson
    Smart Masturbation for Men by David Sexguy Williamson

    This guide explains where most men aren’t making the best of their solo play time and what to do to get more out of their practice. The techniques suggest that they’ll lead to more confidence and security during sex and also opening masturbation to partner play, bringing a wealth of added pleasure to coupled sex.

  2. Masturbation: 100 Creative and Mind Blowing Techniques for Men by Eve Hanson
    Masturbation: 100 Creative and Mind Blowing Techniques for Men by Eve Hanson

    Written by a female sex educator, this book introduces a wealth of alternative methods to the standard practice and suggestions for improving your practice.

  3. 50 Illustrated Masturbation Techniques for Men by SteadyHealth Community
    50 Illustrated Masturbation Techniques for Men by SteadyHealth Community

    This book includes detailed explanations and illustrations for fifty techniques you’re unlikely to have tried, as well as explaining the mental health and wellness benefits sexual self-stimulation brings.

  4. Masturbation for Men by Erika Summer
    Masturbation for Men by Erika Summer

    This offering covers a little history, information about health and anatomy and prostate orgasm, and a selection of beginner, advanced, and expert techniques.


Taking any of these apps or platforms for a test drive can introduce new ways to enjoy sex. The more we understand about our bodies and how our minds drive them to their most powerful sensations, the more pleasure we stand to enjoy fully. Through imagination and touch, it's almost impossible to imagine just how many unexplored and unknown tools, arousal methods, and sexual escapism are waiting for you.


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