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Penis Extenders & Stretchers

Penis size has long been a source of anxiety for many men, even if it is unfounded. And while there are quick fixes like a penis pump and cock rings that will give you temporary results in an increased size and girth of your cock, items that provide permanent gains in penis size are few and far between.

No one here is saying that you need to increase your length. It's not the size, it's how you use it remember? But some men will still long to have more length and now there is actually an item that can help and give you permanent results! Say hello to a penis extender, the ultimate penis enlargement device!

Enlarging your penis through penile stretching is not new by any means. Penile traction devices or penis extenders have been around for a long time. They were initially created as a post-penis enhancing operation tool to keep the penis stretched while it healed.

It quickly became apparent that the device was actually having better results than the surgery itself, so of course, they started to sell the units on their end as a tool for penis enlargement.

Penis Extenders & Stretchers FAQs

Penis extenders are a non-invasive method of penile enlargement as well as treatment of some forms of erectile dysfunction such as Peyronie’s Disease. There have been several medical studies on the effects of using a penis extender. Each of these studies has proven results in both permanent size gains as well as correction of certain forms of ED.

As you can already tell, these products are primarily used for the amazing results that they can have on the length of the user’s penis but they can actually be used for other reasons too.

Some users have found that over time their erections become stronger too due to the change in the cell structure of the penis. But, there are no studies (yet!) to prove that theory so it might be something to test for yourself. While others find that they also achieve a larger girth.

Another common use for a penis extender is actually to correct a curved penis and it is a popular treatment for those with Peyronie disease. As the penis is forced into a straight line while you are wearing the product, if you use the device for long enough, it can work to straighten out the curve of the penis.

Penis extenders are used to gradually increase the size of the penis over a long period of time. It works by applying a constant traction force to the corpora cavernosa of the penis. This results in a size adaptation of the penis as it stimulates the growth of the penile cells as well as the multiplication of the penis cells.

The more pressure that is applied to the penis, the more the cells have to shift to compensate which is what leads to new cell production and tissue growth. Basically, the process of cytokinesis is right there in your penis.

While this sounds complicated, the device itself is actually pretty simple. It consists of a plastic ring that sits at the base of the penis, a stretchy ring for the head of the penis, and a rod down either side of the shaft which attaches the two rings together. These rods can be gradually lengthened to stretch the penis and increase the pressure as you grow.

Most penis extenders are designed to cater to most sizes but if you are already on the larger end of the penis spectrum, then you might find that these items are simply too small for you.

These items are designed to stretch so the rods are adjustable and can cater to most penis sizes up to 7 or 8 inches depending on the brand. But, it is important that you check out the specific measurements of the brand you are looking at to make sure it will work for you. And don’t forget to leave some room for growth! If the extender only just fits you know, there will be little room for any extra length.

If you are willing to pay a bit more, then you will also find there are sets that have different length rods so you can swap them out as you start to gain more length.

You will find that different extenders will attach in different ways so it is important to follow the exact instructions of your particular product. However, there are some general guidelines that you can follow to make things a bit easier as these are products that can take a fair bit of practice to get on comfortably.

  • Warm-up your body

It’s recommended that your penis is ready for action by either having a hot shower or using your hands to massage the area, just don’t get too excited! You need to be flaccid but you want your member to be warmed up.

  • Secure the device at the base of the penis

Get the device secure at the base of the penis and start out with the rods attached but at their shortest point. You want to start with them un-stretched.

  • Secure the glans with the comfort strap

You then want to secure the strap that sits around the glans and ensure that this is nice and tight. If it is too loose, it will just pop up over the top of the penis when you try to apply any pressure with the rods.

  • Attach the rods to the top strap

Now you can start to explore the stretch of the rods and find a good amount of pressure for you. Some rods will snap into place while others will need to be inserted into the security holes on the strap. The style of your device will determine whether you increase the rod length before or after attaching the two ends with the rods.

Keep in mind that this can be tricky to do and it may take some time to master. Start slow and be patient, it will get easier as you repeat the process.

Again this is something that the specific brand of your penis extender will provide instruction on but most men wear them for a period of 3 -6 hours every single day. 6 hours is the maximum amount of time these should be worn to prevent injury to your penis.

For that reason, many men find that they will wear them under their clothes to work if their job is not one that requires a lot of movement. Others may need to wear them overnight.

Penis traction is a marathon, not a sprint so be prepared to wear these units every day for a long while. You will need to use the device for at least 2 months to have results but preferably for up to 6 months to really get the most out of the item.
Most users won’t start to see any difference until about the 6-week mark, so hold tight! Just because it is a slow burn process, this doesn’t mean that it is not working. You just need to be patient and committed to the process to see any results from it.
Penis extenders are in fact one of the few non-surgical ways to permanently increase the size of your penis. If used correctly and for extended periods of time, you should be able to notice several inches of gained length. Each body is different and will react differently to this method of penile enlargement so be patient and always follow manufacturers’ recommended usage.