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Large, Oversized & Huge Cock Pumps

12 Inch Penis Pumps

Porn stars are not the only men who should be strutting around with a massive-sized erection! Listen up men, so you have a large penis and you want to go to the next level? It's time to take your pumping seriously by adding a 12 inch penis pump to your collection.  By definition, a large penis pump has a pump cylinder greater than 10 inches with most coming in around 12 inches. These penis pumps are not for the faint of heart, but then again, neither is what you looking to achieve.


Why Use a 12 Inch Penis Pump?

By using a large penis pump you can enjoy a thicker, harder, and girthier erection.  On top of the new size, you can expect, an improvement in your overall sexual function with one of these enlargement devices.

Only a select few men will ever achieve this feat of oversized manhood but what's to say you are not one of the lucky ones?  Enjoy a LONGGGG, thick, and rock hard erection once you have started pumping with one of these specially designed oversized 12 inch penis pumps for men.  Only a handful of companies actually make a huge penis pump cylinder for such large dicks so choose wisely because this is going to be an investment into your sexual future. 

From large vibrating cock pumps to ultra-comfortable pumps with padded sleeves, you are sure to get the size and stamina you demand when using these massive devices.  With many different styles available, you have your choice of the different styles of hand pumps, cylinder design, and even vacuum type.  Choose from air or water!


Should I use a Large 12 Inch Penis Pump?

 The most important thing about penis pumps is making sure you get the right size. We have put together a penis pump size guide for you.  Check it out.

Penis pumps are like a glove and oversized pumps are no different, they should fit you out of the box.  If they are too big when you start, they will not accomplish much of anything. That does not mean you need a 12 inch penis to use one of these pumps but if you are under 8 inches erect, you should be using a more standard size pump. There is no shame in that. Most of us are using standard pump cylinders that typically measure 9 inches in length.  

Most pumps should be used with a good water-based lubricant and cock ring for maximum results.  Be sure to check each of the individual pumps for exact cylinder measurements.

For penis pump safety please check out our Penis Pump Safety Guide