Kegels for Male Enhancement: The Exercise Every Man Should Try

by Danny Garrett March 25, 2019

Kegels for Male Enhancement: The Exercise Every Man Should Try

Improving stamina and performance when it counts most 


Kegels. Ever heard of them? Well, you should get yourself familiar with these little exercises, and fast. Initially recommended by doctors as a way to treat incontinence, these tiny muscle clenches have been proven to help and, in some cases, cure erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE). But don’t take our word for it. An independent study[1] concluded that Kegels should be considered as a first‐line approach for men looking to fix their ED. The study found 40% of men that performed Kegels every day for six months banished ED completely, while almost one third noticed a significant improvement in their sex lives and performance in bed.

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These muscles literally support your erection and, with good training and conditioning, give you the control and stamina you need for prolonged and pleasurable sex, while also intensifying your orgasms. In addition, strong pelvic floor muscles will help give you a prouder and, potentially, larger erection. That’s because exercised regularly, pelvic floor muscles help improve blood flow to your groin area and penis - supporting medical findings that poor circulation and restricted blood flow to your most intimate area are leading contributors to ED.


Combining kegels with the use of penis plumping and enhancement creams can help you get and keep hard in a similar way as these products stimulate circulation and get your blood flowing down below - just like pelvic floor exercises. And, if kegels are boosting your performance on their own, imagine what you could achieve by combining them with penis plumping or enhancement cream.  

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Now. In case you're thinking you’re not an ‘exercise kind of guy’, performing kegels does not require a gym membership, dumbbells or any other kind of fitness gear. You can do them at home and no-one need be any the wiser. If you’ve never tried to isolate your pelvic floor muscle before, the simplest is to stop yourself mid way through a pee. Or pretend you’re in the middle of an important career-defining meeting and can’t possibly fart. Both these actions require use of your pelvic floor muscles. Then it’s a case of contracting and relaxing for a few seconds - up to 10 times. You should try to do three sets of 10 reps three times a day.  Check out this demonstration video if you’d like to give them a go.


Kegels can also be used in the heat of passion to extend your lovemaking and enable you to bring even more pleasure to your partner. When you’re getting close (but not too close) to coming, perform five quick, discreet kegels in whatever position you’re in at the time and you’ll be able to carry on, while also building the intensity and strength of your orgasm. In fact, in one study[2], a consistent pelvic floor exercise program helped 80% of men gain control of their ejaculatory reflex. In addition, the study concluded that pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation is a, “viable therapeutic option for the treatment of premature ejaculation.” We could give you a scientific explanation here of why this works, but take our word for it; it really does.


Many men using kegels in this way find that delay sprays and creams offer a complimentary way to prolong their lovemaking even further. These products use an active ingredient to desensitize the penis glans without numbing your partner. Given that heightened sensitivity is implicated by many studies as one cause of PE, it should come as no surprise that the mild anesthetic qualities in these creams have been scientifically proven to extend lovemaking and bring enhanced fulfillment to both partners. Using a delay cream or spray like this might seem like a big step for a lot of guys, but the active ingredient in many products of this nature are not dissimilar in strength or origin to regular cough drops or insect bite spray. So it's really not a big deal to give one a try. In fact, you’ve probably used exactly the same active ingredient before without even knowing it.

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Whether you’re performing kegels in private to build stamina ahead of your next encounter or to extend your lovemaking sessions in the heat of the moment remember that, just as you have to put in the hours to build your biceps or abs, you need to allow time before you see results from your kegels. Six weeks seems to be an average, but some men can need three to six months of daily exercise to feel the full effect. You might find it helpful to link kegel exercises to part of your existing routine - perhaps performing a set before each meal.


Don’t be discouraged if you think nothing has changed after a week or two. The biggest step for many men is admitting they might need to step up their bedroom game. So, if you’ve decided to work on your pelvic floor muscles for that reason, then you’ve already made significant progress. But while you’re waiting for the results, delay sprays and creams in combination with penis plumping and enhancement products can offer the same stamina-boosting benefits by mimicking your body’s natural responses to kegel exercises. And when your kegel workouts pay dividends in the longer term, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with continuing to use the same kinds of creams and lotions. After all, what guy doesn’t want to be able to give his very best at every opportunity.


Check out our full line of delay sprays and creams to prolong ejaculation and wide range of plumping and male enhancement creams.


If you suffer from frequent ED, then you should seek medical advice as it may be a symptom of an underlying problem or illness.



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Danny Garrett
Danny Garrett

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