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Male Enhancement & Penis Enlargement Cream for Men

Male Enhancement & Penis Enlargement Cream for Men

Having concerns about the size and firmness of your erection is extremely common. There are all sorts of insecurities associated with sex, but for men, this seems to be the most popular. And, that’s where a penis enhancement cream can help. These erection creams are designed to improve your sex life in a non-invasive way.

No pills, no surgery, just a topical cream application directly to your penis for temporary results to help you gain the confidence you need to perform. It’s important to know that these products will work better for some of you than others. But, if they can help to increase your sexual confidence then it is still worthwhile. 

What is a penis enhancement cream?

Let’s start by saying that although we are calling it a cream, you can also find these products in a spray or oil format which works in the same way. Penis enhancement creams have a few different purposes. Some numbing creams desensitize the penis to delay the time before ejaculation which you can learn more about here, and some temporarily plump your member and make for a fuller look and feel.

This type of product can also help to make you feel more aroused and more receptive to touch. This is the type of enhancement cream that we are going to look at.  Lastly, there are penis creams that heighten the sensitivity in your penis which actually gives you stronger and more powerful orgasms.  Even blowing air on your penis will be intense once a sensitivity-enhancing cream has been applied.

How do erection creams work?

These enlargement creams work to temporarily plump the size of the penis by increasing blood flow to the area helping to create a fuller and firmer erection. Some enhancement creams will be vasodilators which dilate the blood vessels and capillaries to generate more blood flow for increased size, while others will create a warming or tingling effect that draws more blood into the dick for a fuller erection.

The more blood in the shaft of the penis, the larger and firmer it will be. This increased flow will also help those with ED to maintain an erection for longer. 

Increased blood flow not only temporarily increases the size and firmness of your erection, but is also what creates arousal and sensitivity of the penis. This means that it can actually improve your sexual function and sexual experience as well. You will experience more sensations and more intense orgasms. 

What are the active ingredients in erection creams?

There are all sorts of active ingredients that are used in these products. Some creams will have a mix of the following while others will stick to just one or two active ingredients to get results. 


These are ingredients that widen blood vessels allowing more blood to flow into the shaft of the penis. Some examples of this are l-arginine which widens microcapillaries, and ginseng which improves circulation and blood flow. This results in a fuller erection as more blood can flow through the widened blood vessels. 

Warming or tingling

Peppermint, menthol, sweet almond oil, and aloe create a warming or tingling effect which increases blood flow and heightens sensitivity. These ingredients get extra blood flowing into the area resulting in a fuller and firmer erection as well as making you feel more aroused. 


Caffeine may also be used in an enhancing cream to aid the transdermal absorption of the cream to ensure that you get the maximum results from the active ingredients. 

Butea Superba

Butea Superba is a natural inhibitor of PDE-5 which is clinically proven to support the enzymes which control erections. This locks the molecules inside to help maintain a fuller and longer-lasting erection. In plain English, this will temporarily give you a thicker and harder erection.

Always make sure you read the ingredients list closely. There are some ingredients that may irritate your skin. These products tend to use ingredients like natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, or hormones. Do a patch test on your skin 24 hours before you want to use the cream. If you are fine and have no side effects, then it should be safe to use all over. 

How do I use an enhancement cream?

What is great about these products is that they are very easy to use. While the instructions may vary slightly from formula to formula, the basic idea is that you will squeeze a coin-sized amount of product of the tube and massage it into the shaft and head of the penis until there is no residue left. And, that’s it! 

The time it takes to work will vary so make sure you follow the instructions of your specific product properly. Some will need to be applied 30 minutes before play and others will work pretty much as soon as you apply them. Make sure you read the instructions carefully so you aren’t disappointed. Realizing you need to wait for 30 minutes when you are both ready to go might be a bit of a mood killer right? 

How long will the effects last?

Again, this depends on the specific product but most enhancement creams will work for a minimum of 30 minutes up to about an hour. This will be dependent on the active ingredient and how much of an effect it has on you too. Different ingredients work differently on different people and you will find that some will be more beneficial to you than others. 

When can I use a penis enhancement cream?

Most people use these creams to enhance their sexual experience with a partner but that doesn’t mean it is the only time you can use them. Don’t forget that increased blood flow also makes for more sensation and more intense orgasms so you can also use these products for solo play to make your solo session even more pleasurable. 

Will it affect my partner during sex?

Yes! And this is very important. Just like a lubricant, both of you will be in contact with the cream and this means that some of the effects may transfer to your partner too. One way to avoid this transference is to use condoms anytime you use an enhancement cream. However, you can not use a condom with anything that has oil in it so make sure you check out the ingredients list first. 

In some cases, skin on skin contact will be totally fine. If you are using a warming or tingling product, then this will likely feel very good for them too, but always check in with them first. 

They need to be aware that you are using one of these products to ensure that it will be safe for them too. Don’t forget that if you are having sex without a condom then the product will be in contact with their skin too. So you need to ensure that they can also use the product without a reaction. 

Can I use an enhancement cream with lubricant? 

Yes, and you should. These products do not mimic the formula of lubricant and are in most cases designed to dry on the skin as they work. So you will still need to use a lubricant for extra slipperiness and comfort while you play. Feel free to use with water-based lube or silicone lube. Both are safe with penis creams.

Can I use an enhancement cream with condoms?

That all depends on the formula of your enhancement cream. Those that are water-based are fine to use with condoms but anything that has oil in it is no good. This is because oil actually breaks down the latex of the condom making them unsafe and pretty much pointless. So have a good read first to make sure you get it right and stay body-safe. 

Do I need to wash it off afterward?

This all depends on the ingredients used in your specific cream. If it has any oil in it, then you will need to wash it off properly after play as oil can cause bacterial infections if left on the skin. If in doubt, just wash it off. That way you can ensure you are staying safe. We always recommend using good personal hygiene which means clean up after sex, always.

Are there any side effects of using erections creams?

This is all going to depend on the active ingredients within the formula so read the instructions closely. Some people will find ingredients like menthol and peppermint irritating the skin. You may find that you become itchy, experience pain or swelling of the skin. If this does happen, just wash it off thoroughly and stop using the product. It’s important to read the ingredients list thoroughly to ensure you are not allergic to anything. 

There are also potential side effects involved with the use of vasodilators. Most people can use these with no issue but they can create feelings of dizziness, headaches, or increased heart rate. As a basic rule, avoid these products if you are taking any prescription drug, have heart disease, high blood pressure, or are taking an MAO inhibitor. Also, avoid these products if your partner is pregnant.

Remember that these products are not going to give you permanent gains (sorry guys!) But, they can help to increase blood flow, prolong your play before ejaculation and create a fuller looking and feeling penis for more fun and confidence while you play.  If you have any concerns with these products, please contact your doctor, better safe than sorry.