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In the past, straight men often viewed the anal penetration required for prostate stimulation as a little too taboo - but in 2022, prostate massagers are one of the most sought-after sex toys for men of any sexual orientation.

It's hardly surprising. If you've experienced a prostate orgasm, you'll know what the hype is about.

By stimulating the prostate - a small walnut-sized gland located behind the base of the penis - you access sensitive nerve endings that are usually only triggered as you get close to ejaculation.

The result?

As well as full-body orgasms that are some of the most intense possible - you're also likely to enhance the sensation of sex too, whether you're playing alone or with a partner.

This guide will walk you through the best prostate massager toys available - whether you're taking your first steps into prostate play or you're a prostate pleasure expert looking to take things to the next level.

How We Choose Our Prostate Massagers

The list of the best prostate massagers was selected based on the following

  • Overall effectiveness
  • Safety features
  • Quality & reputation
  • Product features
  • Peer reviews
  • Market value

Best Prostate Massagers for 2022: Our Recommendations

Nexus Revo Stealth Silicone Prostate Massager

Best powerful prostate massager

Aneros Vice 2 Remote Controlled Vibrating Prostate Massager

Best remote controlled prostate massager

Optimale P-Curve Vibrating Prostate Massager & Wireless Silicone Anal Vibrator

Best vibrating prostate massager 

We-Vibe Prostate Massager

 Best prostate massager overall

Aneros Helix Syn V Prostate Massager and Perineum Stimulator

Best rechargeable prostate massager 

Silicone Prostate Massager 3.5 Inch Vibrating Anal Plug

Best low cost prostate massager

Lelo Loki Multi-Speed Prostate Massager

 Best premium prostate massager

The Ultimate Prostate Massager Rim Job Anal Vibrator

Best prostate massager with rimming sensation

Dr. Joel Kaplan Prostate Massager for Beginners

Best prostate massager for beginners

Pipedream Icicles No.84 Black Vibrating Prostate Massager

Best prostate massager for temperature play


Now that you have seen the list, below we have detailed all of the features, functions, and safety properties of each of the top 10 prostate massagers.  We have also included real life reviews by actual customs who have purchased the products. 

Nexus Revo Stealth Silicone Prostate Massager

best prostate massagers
Price: $$$ Material: ABS, Silicone
Functions: Vibrating & rotating Noise Factor: Quiet
Insertable Length: 4 inches Diameter: 1.25 inches
Hands-Free: Yes Perineum Stimulation: Yes
Run Time: 10 hours (Rechargeable) Speed: 3 speeds, 2 pulses,1 escalating

The Nexus Revo Stealth is the next step up from the original and very well received 'Revo Intense' toy. This is a premium anal sex toy made with medical-grade silicone which is the golden standard - evident from the moment you take it out of the box.  Handling the toy, you will notice there are no seams in the silicone and it is velvety smooth to the touch.

Revo has added a easy to use remote control to the Stealth for absolute convenience. With a simple button interface on the controller, you can focus on the pleasure rather than what you are doing with your hands.

 The Nexus Revo Steal contains a two-speed rotating shaft that adds serious stimulation while inserted. When combined with 15 possible perineum stimulation vibration patterns, this will not fail to deliver intense orgasms. 

The perineum massager also includes soft texture that gives you even more sensations, for total satisfaction.  This is a true multi-function toy that will provide a full body orgasm.

The price of the Stealth massager reflects the technology and materials and in the unit.  The cost makes this a high end toy but worth every penny.  If you can justify the cost, you'll get one of the best prostate massagers on the market. 

Peer reviews


I have tried many and the Stealth is the most powerful prostate massager I have used. If you have the money and in the market for a great sex toy, this is it.


Pros and cons

2 speed bi-rotational shaft
34 total combinations of speeds & settings
Includes a wireless charging pad - so no batteries required
Remote works from up to 15m away
Premium toy and remote design
Lots of vibration patterns to experiment with
Incudes a 1 year manufacturers warranty
Not fully waterproof, so not to be submerged
Premium price tag
Check Price Now

Aneros Vice 2 Remote Controlled Vibrating Prostate Massager 

Aneros Vice 2 Remote Controlled Vibrating Prostate Massager
Price: $$$ Material: ABS, Silicone
Functions: Dual vibrating functions Noise Factor: Quiet
Insertable Length: 4.25 inches Diameter: 1.3 inches
Hands-Free: No Perineum Stimulation: Yes
Run Time: 1.5 hours (Rechargeable) Speed: 18 speeds & 4 patterns

For fans of prostate play, it was a sad day that Aneros dropped the Vice massager from their range. Widely considered to be one of the best silicone prostate massagers on the market, it was a knock-out success with gay and straight cis men alike.

Fortunately, Aneros came back even stronger. The Vice 2 truly is the next generation of prostate toys. Boasting two silent yet powerful motors in the shaft of the massager is designed to send vibrations throughout your backend with the focal point being the prostate.  The Vice 2 offers an incredible 18 different speed settings alongside four speed options to give you the variety expected with a high end vibrator.

The premium price tag puts the Vice 2 at the top end of the market, but as soon as it's out of the box, you'll understand that this really is an investment.  This is not just a toy, it is a device that will boost your overall sexual function. 

Safety is a must with any anal toy and this massager includes all the safety functions you can need.  These include a flared base that also acts as a safety stop and perineum massager.  There is also a quick shut off to instantly stop all power if you need to abruptly end your session.

The Vice 2 made our list not only thanks to the functions and settings but the material itself is the safest and most enjoyable available. The body safe medical-grade silicone is non-porous and cannot harbor bacteria.  This makes cleanup super quick and easy.

The remote itself is easy to use and includes 3 buttons to power it on and scroll through all of the settings and functions.  The included remote even has a screen showing you which vibration pattern you're using - so no more endless clicking to find the one that's right for you!

Peer reviews


OMG a friend suggested this for my ED. You will not believe how great an orgasm I had!

SSean M-C

Pros and cons

18 expertly tuned vibration patters
4 unique speed settings
72 different sensory experiences
Outstanding quality of build and finish
"Joy" button adds a little extra stimulation to take you over the edge
Remote with screen is very convenient
Includes flared base for safety and pleasure
Includes manufacturers warranty
Only water-resistant, so cannot be submerged
More expensive than others on the list
Limited inventory from the manufacturer
Check Price Now

Optimale P-Curve Vibrating Prostate Massager & Wireless Silicone Anal Vibrator

Price: $$ Material: ABS, Silicone
Functions: Intense vibrations Noise Factor: Moderate
Insertable Length: 3.5 inches Diameter: 1.25 inches
Hands-Free: Yes Perineum Stimulation: Yes
Run Time: Up to hours Rechargeable Speed: 7 speeds & patterns

Although its price point pitches put it somewhere in the middle of our list cost-wise, there's very little that separates the Optimale P-Curve from massagers that are double the price.

A completely seamless design made of perfectly smooth silicone is extremely easy and comfortable to insert - and the unique shape means you can confidently play with the toy hands-free using the neat remote.

Unlike some other high-end massagers, the Optimale P-Curve is totally waterproof, so you can take your intense stimulation into the tub or shower with you too. 

The Doc Johnson P-Curve is ergonomically shaped and includes an external perineum massager that will fit perfectly to most men's anatomy.  With one click of the remote control, your prostate and perineum will be stimulating every bit of your back door.

While most anal toys are black in color, the P-Curve is offered in a handsome charcoal grey with blue accents.

When you consider the range of impressive features and build quality, the P-Curve really stands out as being exceptional value for money.

Peer reviews


So I have never experienced a true prostate orgasm. But let me tell you this wonderful thing got me there. And not just once but 4 times in a row! I was spent.



I had a really hard time finding the right prostate massager where I can stay erect and also get long turn stimulation. This one does the job.


Pros and cons

Totally waterproof
Easy to use remote
Great combination of prostate and perineum vibration
7 extremely intense vibration settings
Extra-large flared base for safety
Contoured tip is perfect for prostate stimulation
Can be used hands-free
Perineum massager is not as effective as we had hoped
Does not hold a charge as long as others
Check Price Now

We-Vibe Vector Prostate Massager

Price: $$$ Material: ABS, Silicone
Functions: Dual vibrating functions Noise Factor: Quiet
Insertable Length: 4 inches Diameter: 1.2 inches
Hands-Free: Yes Perineum Stimulation: Yes
Run Time: 2 hours (Rechargeable) Speed: 10 speeds & patterns

It's very hard to find something not to love about the We-Vibe Prostate Massager. Whether you're an absolute beginner or expert-level prostate massager, the Vector by We-Vibe just will not disappoint.

First, there's the shape. It's beautifully made, silky smooth, and almost perfectly shaped straight out of the box. Don't worry if 'almost' isn't good enough though - Lelo has done something fairly unique among prostate massagers; made the head adjustable so it can be moved to stimulate your prostate exactly.

As being an excellent prostate massager isn't enough, Lelo has added an extremely effective perineum stimulator with its own motor. If explosive orgasms are what you're looking for, your money will be well spent here.

The Lelo Vector is powered by Lelo's We-Connect phone app which makes it extremely convenient to scroll through all of the speeds and settings to find the perfect one for you.  If you are in a long distance relationship, this is definitely the toy for you since it can be controlled by anybody with the app.

Lelo is no different than other prostate massagers on the list when it comes to power.  There are no batteries needed, simply plug in the toy and let the rechargeable batteries do their thing.  Once fully charged, the Vector will last 90 long minutes at full power.

While it has a premium price tag to it, we can honestly say that the Vector is worth every penny.

Pros and cons

10 unique vibration modes and speeds
Compatible with the We-Connect app
Fantastic added perineum stimulation
The perfect shape for prostate stimulation
Dual motors massage prostate and perineum independently
Prostate massager head can be adjusted to suit your body
Fully waterproof
90 minutes of use per charge
Includes a low power alert
The We-Vibe app has be known to have connection issues
Higher end price tag
Check Price Now

Aneros Helix Syn V Prostate Massager and Perineum Stimulator

Price: $$ Material: Silicone
Functions: Intense vibrations Noise Factor: Quiet
Insertable Length: 3.6 inches Diameter: 1 inches
Hands-Free: No Perineum Stimulation: Yes
Run Time: 6 hours (Rechargeable) Speed: 8 patterns & 3 speeds 

It's really no surprise that Aneros has more than 1 prostate massager on this list, they are a company that literally specializes in prostate massagers.  Not only that, but they also are designed by doctors to maximize pleasure and prostate health.

If the Aneros Vice 2 massager is a little on the expensive side but you still want a world-class prostate toy, the Helix Syn V could be the perfect solution.  A bit smaller than the Vice 2, the Helix Syn V is ideal for beginners and those who are not looking for more extreme sizes.

It's made with the same eye for quality that you can expect from other Aneros prostate stimulator toys - but with no remote this time and just slightly fewer vibration patterns and motor speeds.  The Helix Syn V was designed to be the same shape as Anero's best selling Helix Syn but made completely of medical-grade silicone.

Like the Vice 2, the shape is perfect for virtually everyone, the materials are excellent, and the vibrations will bring you to eye-wateringly powerful orgasms.  The silicone material isn't the only safety feature of this prostate massager, the handle triples over as perineum stimulator as well as a safety base to ensure the plug stays just where you want it.

The run-time on Aneros toys is another thing to shout about. On a low speed setting you can expect 6 hours of uninterrupted playtime. That drops to 3 hours on a high-speed setting - but is still one of the best batteries on the market.

The Syn V includes 8 preset vibration patterns along with 3 different speeds which will give you a total of 24 different stimulation settings.  Enough for any man to experience the big O many times over.

Pros and Cons

Updated vibrating version of the all time best selling prostate massager
5th generation toy has had years of updates
8 preset vibration patterns
3 powerful levels of intensity
24 levels of sensory experiences
More affordable than other Aneros toys
The perfect size for both beginners and experienced users
Excellent build quality - will last a long time
Added perineum stimulation
Full silicone body
Built-in safety stop
The magnetic charger can be knocked off easily
Expensive to replace charging cable
Not as large as some experienced users might want
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Silicone Prostate Massager 3.5 Inch Vibrating Anal Plug

Price: $ Material: ABS, Silicone
Functions: Vibrating Noise Factor: Quiet
Insertable Length: 3.5 inches Diameter: 1.25 inches
Hands-Free: No Perineum Stimulation: Yes
Power: 1x AAA battery (not included) Speed: Single-speed

You could be easily fooled into thinking the price of this silicone prostate massager is a mistake - but it's really not. For less than $20, you can get an extremely effective massager with a quiet motor and intense vibrations but still made out of medical-grade silky silicone.

This prostate massager made our list as we have found it to be the perfect first anal toy for guys.  It's overly simplistic in both shape and features which makes it easy to use.  When you are just getting into anal play, you don't need all the bells and whistles, just a toy that gets the job done.

The bulbous head on this toy is the perfect size to rest gently on your prostate without too much pressure.  The neck/stem of the toy tapers in nicely so you will never get that "stretched out" feeling that many men do not enjoy.  As you move down you will notice the flared out base which makes it very safe to use as well as providing a perineum massage.

This toy is powered by a single AAA battery and provides one consistent vibration pattern.  Sure it does not have all the speeds and settings as the expensive toys but trust us when we say, this speed gets the job done.

As if that weren't enough, this impressive massager is totally waterproof too - making shower sessions practical and fun.

The ergonomically-shaped handle makes this easy to use even if you've applied lots of lube. As well as preventing over-insertion, the handle also extends a little either side of the toy - adding a touch of perineum stimulation too.

Peer reviews


Hits the right spot

SSimon F


5/5 for this massager, does the job as described

LLarry F F

Pros and cons

100% waterproof
Very affordable cost
The perfect starter prostate toy
Made from 100% medical-grade silicone
Built-in safety stop and perineum massager
Easy to power on and off
Can be used hands free
Battery-powered, so make sure you have spares to hand
Only 1 speed, no variety in power
Flared base edges can be softer
Not a toy for advanced users
Check Price Now

Lelo Loki Wave Multi-Speed Prostate Massager

Price: $$$ Material: Silicone, ABS
Functions: Vibrating & rotating Noise Factor: Quiet
Insertable Length: 4 inches Diameter: 1.5 inches
Hands-Free: No Perineum Stimulation: Yes
Run Time: 2 hours (Rechargeable) Speed: 10 vibrating patterns & speeds 

When it comes to making an effective prostate massager, Lelo really know what they're doing.  The Lelo Loki has a similar shape to many women's vibrators but that should not be seen as a bad thing.  With an easy to use handle and an external perineum massager, this toy packs all the features you could ever want into 1 single toy.

The Loki isn't Lelo's only prostate massager - but they do claim that it's their most powerful. If you've tried others and don't feel that they quite offer enough stimulation, then this is the massager for you.

The most unique feature of the Lelo Loki Wave is the movable "Come Hither" motion that the main body makes.  Once inserted, this toy will move back and fourth inside your body, giving you unbelievable orgasms.  It's not so much to overwhelm you but just enough to take you up a few notches.

The 2 built in motors provide six powerful speeds and settings all while maintaining a discreet silence.  The last thing you want to hear is loud rumbling from your toy.   The material that Lelo chose is medical-grade silicone as it is one of the safest materials available.

The control pad is conveniently located on the handle of the toy so not only can you control it easily, but you are safe doing so.  Right next to the handle you will find a powerful perineum massager will hits the prostate from the outside of your body.  The Loki Wave definitely has the most powerful perineum massager of all the toys we've tested.

As well as being beautifully made and feeling like a luxury product, the Loki Wave is also carefully anatomically shaped. This makes it easy to find your prostate - as well as featuring a safety ring that prevents over-insertion.

Peer reviews


Excellent. Really stimulates the prostate.


Pros and cons

Includes Wavemotion Technology 'come-hither' motion
A true multi-function anal vibrator
Completely waterproof & rechargeable
A full charge offers at least 3 hours of fun
Very comfortable shape
The best perineum massager we have ever seen
Includes 2 built in motors that are pretty quiet
Six powerful vibration settings to choose from
Built in control pad to the handle for easy power scrolling
Comes with a manufacturers warranty
One of the safest anal toys we have seen
Head size might be a little intimidating for beginners - although it's very well tapered
Hard to maneuver while inserted
Not as soft as we had hoped
One of the most expensive on our list
Check Price Now

The Ultimate Prostate Massager Rim Job Anal Vibrator

Price: $$ Material: Silicone, ABS
Functions: Vibrating, spinning & rotating Noise Factor: Moderate
Insertable Length: 5 inches Diameter: 1.25 inches
Hands-Free: No Perineum Stimulation: Yes
Run Time: 1.2 hours (Rechargeable) Speed: 10 vibrating patterns & speeds | 3 rimming speeds

Although it could be mistaken for a female-focused vibrator at first glance, the Kink Ultimate Prostate Massager is a dedicated prostate massage toy - just with a few added extras.

The stand-out addition is an extremely effective perineum stimulator that sits snuggly against your body and offers a fantastic level of vibration.  This stimulator rocks back and fourth against your body proving intense waves of pleasure and stimulation.

Look a little closer though and you'll see a set of rotating beads at the base of the massager itself. These are designed to add a 'rimming' sensation - something that's difficult to find on prostate toys.  This rimming function really adds to the pleasure you will enjoy while inserted.  Each row of beads moves undependably, proving enjoyment to your often left out sphincter.

The effect is truly incredible. Gentle rotation of these beads adds a level of stimulation that's very rarely tied to prostate play. If you thought combining prostate and perineum play was intense - wait until you feel what these beads are capable of.

The body of the toy is made from medical-grade silicone that makes it very easy to clean and leaves you no room to worry about harboring any unsafe bacteria.  At the very tip you will find the bulbous  part that is designed to hit the prostate just right. 

If you are looking for a feature packed prostate massager that checks off all the boxes, then the Kink Ultimate Prostate Massager is for you.

Peer reviews


I’m getting harder and able to cum more often.

RRobert L


This toy hits all the right spots and the right way.


Pros and cons

The rimming beads adds a whole new level of pleasure unique to anal toys
Premium toy made of exceptional quality materials
A good range of vibration and rotation patterns
Includes a 10 function vibrating silicone shaft
Also has 10 functions in the perineum stimulator
The rimming beads have 3 rotation speeds
Adjustable perineum toy can be moved to fit your body
Warms to your body temperature
Water resistant only, not submergible
Longer than most prostate massagers
Should be quieter while powered on
Not as easy to hold or move around during use
The warming feature does not work as well as we had hoped
Check Price Now

Dr. Joel Kaplan Prostate Massager for Beginners

Price: $ Material: Soft Touch ABS
Functions: Intense vibrations Noise Factor: Moderate
Insertable Length: 6 inches Diameter: 1 inches
Hands-Free: No Perineum Stimulation: No
Power: 2x AAA batteries (not included) Speed: Variable speeds

If you're considering adding prostate play to your sex life but not totally sure where to begin, Dr. Joel Kaplan has the ideal answer. At 6.75 inches in length and a very modest 1-inch width, this is a prostate stimulator that will slide into place with ease.

The Dr. Joe. Kaplan prostate massager features a time tested shape that is perfect for the job.  Its bulbous tip is not too big which makes insertion quite easy.  As you follow the bulb down, you will notice a long slim next which makes maneuvering this toy a breeze.  At the base of the massager is where you will find a dial control that gives you the ability to manipulate the speeds for the perfect experience.

This doesn't offer quite the same variety of settings as some of the more exotic products on this list - but it still boasts multi-speed vibration and is totally waterproof, which is nothing short of remarkable given the price.

The soft-touch coating and effective shape make this a very impressive prostate massager - absolutely ideal if you're new to anal play but don't want to jump in at the deep end.

At the end of the day, this is a no frills prostate massager that will absolutely get the job done and not break the bank while doing so.

Peer reviews


Didn't know what to expect, and it was a pleasant surprise; the product is great!

TTony R


I have always been excited at the thought of anal stimulation but it has almost never been a comfortable experience. This toy is just the right fit for a beginner and the vibrations are so strong and amazing.


Pros and cons

Outstanding value for money
Nicely finished in a soft-touch coating
Totally waterproof
Slim - perfect for beginners
The multiple speeds keeps things interesting while using
The tip is angled perfectly to stimulate the prostate
Can be a little tricky to clean around the bend that connects the head
Not flexible
Check Price Now

Pipedream Icicles No.84 Black Vibrating Prostate Massager

Price: $$ Material: Glass, Silicone
Functions: Intense vibrations & suction cup Noise Factor: Quiet
Insertable Length: 3.5 inches Diameter: 1.3 inches
Hands-Free: No Perineum Stimulation: No
Power: 2x AAA batteries (not included) Speed: 10 vibrating speeds & patterns

The Icicles No.84 is unique on this list because it's a remotely controlled glass massager - making it easily warmed up or cooled down - perfect for experimenting with different temperatures to add to your sexual pleasure.  The best part is controlling the temp can be done by dunking the toy is warm or cool water.

The Icicles No. 84 is made from non-porous tempered glass which makes it incredibly sturdy and very safe.  It can withstand a drop on hard floor but we don't recommend doing so.

If glass sounds like it's going to get overly slippery when you add lube, don't panic - a removable silicone suction base makes it easy to handle. The base also allows the toy to stick to a flat surface if you'd prefer to use your body weight and movement to stimulate your prostate.  This base also adds a level of safety so you don't have to worry about losing it inside of your body.

Another unique feature of glass is that it includes 10 different vibration patterns.  Most glass toys dont vibrate but don't tell that to this prostate massager.  Each of the settings is stronger and more powerful than the last. The power is created by the plug in charger so you never have to worry about finding batteries.  

The wireless remote control makes it very easy to find the perfect setting and you never have to worry about getting tangled in wires.  Overall, this toy is extremely safe and fun to use for all levels of prostate play experience.

Pros and cons

Completely waterproof
Silicone base unlocks different ways to play
Totally hypoallergenic and body-safe
10 fantastic different vibration settings
Fantastic for temperature play
The removeable base is easy to use and clean
The remote control makes it very easy to use without any clunk wires
May feel a little firm if you're not used to glass toys
Glass is a more unforgiving than silicone
Check Price Now

What features to look for in a prostate massager

Don't panic if the number of prostate toys and functions we've listed here seem a little overwhelming - there are some key features to look for that will help you decide what's right for you.


If you're new to anal play, it's good to start with a modestly sized massager.

There are two size factors to consider - insertable length and width.

Try not to worry too much about length. You'll notice that even beginner toys can look quite long - but this is necessary to reach the prostate gland. If your prostate stimulator feels a little long when it's inside, you can just back it off until you're comfortable.

That said, you do want to make sure that your massager will reach your prostate. Shorter 'butt plug' style toys aren't designed to reach that far - so don't be fooled into thinking all anal toys are the same.

You will want to give some thought to width. Even if you're completely new to butt stuff, a slim toy will almost always feel comfortable. If you enjoy the anal stimulation, you can work your way up to something bigger and thicker that adds stimulation around the anus too.

If something slim sounds like it'll suit you, try the Dr. Joel Kaplan Prostate Massager for Beginners. If you'd prefer something with some added width, the Pipedream Icicles No.84 Black Vibrating Prostate Massager is a great choice.


You'll notice that most of the prostate massagers listed have a vibrating function. This isn't designed to simulate anal sex - instead, it's a convenience feature, removing the need for the awkward angles required to push your buttons effectively.

If you're planning on using your prostate massager exclusively with a partner who'll help you get the prostate massage movements just right, then a non-vibrating sex toy is great.

However, if you'd like to use your massager solo or while your partner is using their hands elsewhere, then a vibrating toy is a great way to experience internal and external pleasure at the same time.

If you'd like to add vibrations to your play, the Optimale P-Curve Vibrating Prostate Massager is an excellent choice.

Remote control

A remote control isn't an essential feature - but it can be extremely convenient.

You'll almost certainly be using plenty of lube with your new prostate massager, and this can make things tricky when you're turning or pressing controls on sex toys.

If you'd like to keep things as simple and as easy to control as possible, a remote control is a very useful feature. What's more, you can hand it over to a partner and let them take control of your prostate pleasure.

Look at the Aneros Vice 2 Remote Controlled Vibrating Prostate Massager if you're interested in a great remote-control device.


Deciding how much to spend on a massager is sometimes a difficult decision.

Naturally, your investment has to be affordable, but don't be fooled into thinking all massagers will do the same job.

As you spend a little more, sex toy manufacturers use higher-quality materials and add extra functions. There's absolutely nothing wrong with starting out with a beginner toy to get a feel for whether you'll enjoy it - but investing a few more dollars will almost always buy you even more intense stimulation and a longer-lasting massager.

If you'd like to start with a modestly priced massager, the Silicone Prostate Massager 3.5 Inch Vibrating Anal Plug is a great choice. If money isn't an object, the Lelo Loki Multi-Speed Prostate Massager is high-quality and packed with features.

Side Note

This best of list will be periodically updated as better prostate massagers become available or products simply no longer perform as well. As with all best of lists, this will be a living document.

We take our recommendations very seriously

We have worked intensively on developing a product evaluation system that takes in consideration the following factors:

  • Materials
  • Electronic Components
  • Safety Testing Data
  • US Regulatory Information
  • 510(k) Certifications
  • Our Experts Evaluation

Learn more about our selection process