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Men's Automatic Vacuum Penis Enlargement Pumps

Electric Penis Pumps

Electric penis pumps are often looked at as the next step in the journey of penis pumping for men, but why?  What is it about these automatic enhancement devices that attract so many men over standard manual ones? To start, let's review what a penis pump is and why men are using them. 

Penis pumps are enlargement devices that use vacuum pressure to pull blood into the cock which then engorges the tissue with lots of new blood.  This blood helps expand the penile tissue which in turn increases the size of your penis.

Electric and manual penis pumps work pretty much the exact same way but with one major difference.  With a manual pump, you have to sit there for minutes which can feel like hours while laboring over a hand pump.  This is old school and inefficient.  There has to be a better way, and there is.  Electric and automatic pumps remove all of the hard labor by adding an electric motor that does all the work for you.  Click below to read more...


What starts in your head, ends in the bedroom


One of the most trending topics online since the inception of the internet is penis size. Men are absolutely obsessed with penis size, sometimes to an unhealthy degree.  No matter what their current size is, every man wants to go bigger and it's not because somebody is telling them their dick is small.  It is 100% all in our heads.

There is nothing that can hurt men’s confidence more than weak erections or low sexual stamina in the bedroom, ending in nothing but awkwardness for both of you and your partner. Since the beginning of time, men have wanted to increase the size of their penis or simply just give themselves harder and thicker erections.  


Top Reasons to Use an Electric Penis Pump


  • Automated pumping is more efficient and easier than manual pumping
  • Less work and strain for you, more time to enjoy your larger penis
  • Accurately pump to the ideal pressure every time
  • Electric safety valves are much safer 
  • Spend more time having sex and less time pumping with quicker pumping
  • They typically come with easier to read digital gauges
  • You can pump with 1 hand rather than needing both like with manual pumps


While using a cock pump is not the answer to all men’s problems, they do help solve some of the more nagging issues such as achieving bigger and harder erections.  When using a penis pump in combination with a cock ring (aka erection ring) you can extend the time your erection maintains it’s fullness.  This is done by having the cock ring hold a tight grip around the penis once the blood flow is in the erection. 


If you want to to use an electric penis pump, it’s very simple and every guy can do it at home


  • Just place the tube portion of the pump across your penis. The electric part is in control of creating the vacuum, where it forces the blood into your penis, pulling it closer to the cylinder walls. This force helps make your cock larger, even hardening erections during the process.


  • When you use the pump, take things slowly, don’t raise the pressure way too rapidly. Doing this may result in pain and potentially some bruising. If you feel soreness, release and lower the pressure as needed.


  • Usually, do not increase the strain on a penis pump past a degree that you can put up with comfortably. Should you get bruised, it usually goes away inside a day, but you want to rest your genitals for several days.


  • Remember, electric pumps are not just for penile growth, but it’s helpful to guys who suffer from low to modest erectile dysfunction.


  • Using the pump regularly enhances the capacity for you to get a boner.


  • You can use it to further improve your sex-life or just stop your penile muscle tissues from atrophying.


  • Just remember, too much tension can be hazardous. But so long as you adjust the suction strain according to your own personal comfort, there’s no risk in using an electric pump.


What the experts say


Experts say that using a pump is not only effective when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, but can also heal penile tissue caused by long periods of time without an erection. 


The most common reason that men use electric pumps is for safety reasons as well as ease of use.  With a manual cock pump, you can potentially over pump your penis and damage the tissue. This can be a temporary problem but in more severe cases, it can lead to permanent damage.


Almost all electric versions have some sort of safety shut off mechanism which will automatically stop the power of the penis pump and help you avoid over-pumping. 


Electric vacuum penis pumps also often have built-in digital pressure gauges which help you see just how precise your pumping is.  These digital readouts are a great addition to have, trust us.  When you are in the middle of a pumping session, the last thing you would want to do is to either guess at the pressure because you have no gauge at all or even worse, trying to make sense of the manual air pressure gauge.  It’s like trying to tell time on an old clock while running a marathon, its just not that easy. 


Another reason why people often opt-in for an electric pump is because it’s just easier.  With the flip of a switch or the press of a button, the small and quiet electric motor does all the heavy lifting for you.  The power turns the motor on, and it gets to work, pumping up your penis to the perfect pressure.  Speaking of power, the most common form would be rechargeable USB power which makes up the majority of all automatic pumps, but you still can find battery operated pumps.  We always recommend USB power due to the quick charge ability and having no reliance on batteries or lack thereof. 


Typically, standard cock pumps use some sort of manual pump function that you must use to get the negative pressure in the cylinder.  The most common is a small bulb style which you must squeeze repeatedly to get the pump pressurized.  Other manual pumps include pistol grips (look like a handgun) or finger grips which are easier to use than the bulb style.  It can become painful in the hand if you must manually squeeze the pump for several minutes, especially if you suffer from arthritis or other physical conditions which may limit the use of your hands. 


If you are like most, time is very valuable to you so why would you want to spend all your time pumping up when it can be done in a fraction of the time.  With electric automatic penis pumps, you will cut down the time you spend pumping, often by as much as 50%.  Electric vacuum pumps are a much more efficient way to enlarge your penis.  With an electric penile pump, you can use it in the comfort of your bed, couch, or office chair.


No matter which direction you end up going, never forget a good water-based lubricant that will help you achieve the perfect airtight seal with the pump cylinder. 


Overall, a good electric pump should give you bigger, longer, and better erections for stronger orgasms. You’ll be able to maintain an erection for longer and realize those pleasure-filled, drawn-out lovemaking sessions with your partner that might have been nothing more than a dream before now.  Not only that, but electric penis pumps can increase your penis size while improving your penile health.


For penis pump safety please check out our Penis Pump Safety Guide.