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Expert Sources

How We Find and Vet Our Expert Sources

The Enhanced Male writers and researchers are experts in their field. These fields range from licensed medical doctors such as Urologists and Physicians to certified sex experts and reviewers. With over 100 years of combined experience, our contributors are more than qualified to give expert advice.  

Their knowledge and background equip them with the expertise needed to determine whether a product is great or poor.  That would include if they are designed with users in mind from a usability standpoint all the way to ensure they are safe to use on your body.

As an example, our leader sex expert Danny Garrett could speak to you for hours on the features and functions of any penis pump imaginable. He would gladly do so given the opportunity.

Daniel Garett

Sex Expert

Our lead medical expert Dr. Josh Gonzalez can explain exactly how your prostate works and the best ways to stimulate it in a safe manner. Having over 10 years as a practicing Urologist and sex expert, if there ever a question about if a product will have long term effects on your body, he is the man with the answer.

Dr. Josh Gonzales

Medical expert

While we have a team of experts for everything we do at The Enhanced Male, there is always room for more.  It is for this reason that we also consult with external experts in their particular fields.  In order to be an expert for The Enhanced Male, they have to go through multiple rigorous interviews along with vetting their qualifications.  All certifications presented to us are verified directly at the source.

When it comes to actual product reviews, we ensure that the reviewer has an unbiased opinion that is not influenced by hidden personal or financial agendas.  On more than one occasion we have had to remove a reviewer from our team for having a financial incentive to choose one product or another.  The same company (who will remain nameless) has also had all of its products removed from our website.  If your product cannot withstand a review without paying for a positive opinion, it has no place here.

If your product cannot withstand a review without paying for a positive opinion, it has no place here.

With the good comes the bad. We are not perfect and a good example of that comes in a 2019 review of several budget conscious penis pumps. We did not discover until after publication that a source we relied upon heavily was also a brand enthusiast for one of the pumps we tested. Once it came to our knowledge that this happened, the product was promptly removed from the test and the writer was removed from our approved sources.

To vet our sources, we crawl their social media accounts, review their work history, all public affiliations, and research whether they’ve been interviewed by other publications. If they’re a doctor or professor, we will check ProPublica’s Dollars for Docs or Dollars for Profs, which track outside industry influence from pharmaceutical companies and the like.

Our goal is to provide honest and real tests and reviews, plain and simple. Therefore, we also use reliable, expert published work such as peer-reviewed studies in established medical journals, government data, and market search aggregator Statista.

When it comes to niche categories we often rely on smaller trade groups as sources. Given these groups publish
everybody’s affiliation, it is easy for us to determine if a person has a financial incentive or not.

We keep our sources honest and hold them to a higher regard.

This is done by finding them outside of our network which typically removes all biases, as well as through legitimate institutions and with careful research.