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Lube Launchers and Applicators

Lube Shooters, Launchers, & Applicators

Say goodbye to a messy lube experience forever.  You have experienced your last messy lube clean-up thanks to these precision application lube launchers.  These syringe-like applicators are designed to easily extract lube directly from the bottle and inject or apply the liquid to your sex toys or body.

These lube accessories work exactly like a medical syringe does by sticking it in the bottle, and pulling the plunger back which pulls the lubricant into the launcher body. Once you are ready, simply press the plunger back down which squirts the lube back out in a clean, simple stream.

Lube launchers are fantastic for injecting lubricant deep into your anus, vagina, and especially into pocket pussies as well as other male masturbators.  With the precision application, you will avoid the big messy puddles of lube that are such a pain to clean up.

Many people use these applicators as fun anal toys with added accessories such as ribbed or textured anal plugs and beads.  Lube launchers and applicators are a cheap and easy accessories to use and will change your life forever.

Lube Launchers and Applicators FAQs

A lube launcher and lube applicator are the same thing. These devices are used for precision application of personal lubricant. They can inject lubricant deep into the anus for anal sex, vagina, or even into sex toys such as masturbators and pocket pussies. Lube launchers help avoid spilled lube as well as the mess that is usually associated with using lubricant during intercourse and masturbation.

Lube launchers work exactly how a medical syringe works. The unit consists of 2 parts. The first part is the lube applicator tube which the lube goes into and the second part is the plunger portion that pulls and pushes. 

These devices work by pulling lubricant directly out of the bottle without having to get your hands messy. When you pull the plunger back it will suck the lubricant directly out of the bottle.

Using a lube launcher is extremely easy. Simply follow these steps.

  1. Ensure that the plunger portion of unit is inside of the tube and completely depressed down.
  2. Stick the tube portion into your bottle of lubricant.
  3. While keeping the tube in the lubricant, pull the plunger back with your other hand.
  4. Remove the tube from the bottle of lubricant.
  5. You should now have a full tube of lube with the plunger pulled all the way back.
  6. Press the plunger back down to eject the lubricant exactly where you want it.
Yes, the majority of all lube launchers and applicators are designed to be reused. These devices are easy to clean and can be used as long as the applicator does not break.
To clean a lube application simply pull the plunger completely out of the tube potion so it is now in two piece. If your tube has a soft silicone tip that can be removed as well, pull that off. Once the launcher is disassembled, wash thoroughly with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Towel dry or air dry, and store in a cool dry place.

Lube launchers and applicators are designed to work with liquid lubricant. If your lube is too thick or a cream, it will not function properly.

You can use a lube launcher with water-based lube, silicone lubricant, as well as oil based lubricants.