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Penis Pumps & Penile Enlargement Accessories for Men

Penis Pumps & Penile Enlargement Accessories for Men

No matter what nature gave us, at some point in our lives, most of us feel a bit self-conscious about the size of our penis or wish we could get an even bigger, harder erection. There’s no shame in that—we just want to be the very best that we can be! Penis pumps offer a pain-free way to enlarge your penis through regular exercise of your blood vessels.

Now you can add those inches—while also improving erection strength and even overall sexual health.  With so many people asking if penis pumps really do work, it is important that you receive easy-to-digest and accurate information on this form of male enhancement.

Penis pumps are safe, affordable, available without needing to see a doctor, have few side effects, and an extremely easy-to-use form of penis enlargement for a good time.  Plus, penile pumping exercise is often an enjoyable sexual experience for men by itself! No matter why you want to use one, you’re sure to find one that’s best suited to your needs.

What is a Penis Pump?

Penis pumps were initially called Vacuum Constriction Devices or VCDs—and used by doctors to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). They’re made of an acrylic cylinder, with a vacuum pump attached to one end, and an open end on the other. The device, created to treat sexual health issues in men, is designed to pull blood into your penis to engorge the tissue, this, in turn, increases blood flow and temporarily enlarges your penis with a vacuum erection.

For maximum results, they are designed to have a penis constriction ring (or cock ring) placed around the cylinder which you pull down to the base of your dick once you’re fully pumped and ready for action.  The cock ring helps keep the blood trapped inside the penis shaft in order to keep the body tissue engorged. 

In addition to treatment for erectile dysfunction, penis pumping is a proven exercise method to increase the sizing of and ability to maintain an erection. You can improve penis size by simply adding a pumping device to your weekly routine, just as with any other exercise. Before you know it, your sexual prowess will be as larger and more powerful as your erections!

The benefits of using penis pumps:

  • Enjoy thicker and harder erections
  • Added intimacy and extends foreplay
  • A medically-recognized treatment for erectile dysfunction
  • Temporarily increase the length and girth of your erection
  • Improves blood flow to the genitals for greater sensations
  • Treatment for Peyronie's Disease
  • Ultra low-risk of side effects for high sexual rewards
  • No more pills, stop ingesting unsafe and unknown ingredients
  • Avoid surgery and other painful medical treatments

Are These Penis Pumps Medical Devices?

Many penis enlargement pumps are made to medical standards and with medical-grade materials, as these devices can be used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. ED can be caused by a number of sources, such as prostate cancer, for example, as prostate cancer can limit your ability to maintain the erection; using one of these vacuum devices is often an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

However, all the pumps and penis pump accessories sold on this website are sold as personal pleasure products, sex toys, and novelties.  To be considered a true medical device, the unit should be registered as a 510(k) medical device. 

How do Penis Pumps Work?

Penis pumps function by forcing blood into the spaces between the tissue in your dick—this creates a thicker, firmer, and harder erection—even if you can’t achieve an erection on your own (often called Erectile Dysfunction or ED). You can also use pumps if you have no problem getting hard—it will still make your erections harder and larger than you usually are. In other words, you can both treat erectile dysfunction for better health and use pumps for penile enlargement, which can lead to meatier erections and, ultimately, to better sex for men.

How do I use a Penis Pump?

All penis pumps work in pretty much the same way. With a manual air pumping device, you place your cock inside the cylinder—it helps if it's semi-erect. Slowly begin pumping the air out to create a vacuum seal between the cylinder and your body. Once sealed, a few more pumps will create a tight vacuum.

Then let it sit for up to fifteen minutes before slowly releasing the pressure. Pumping should not feel uncomfortable—if it does, stop immediately and press the emergency air release valve.  All pumps include a safety release valve in some fashion or another. 

Electrically powered penis pumps function in a similar way, but they’re automatic and easier to use. Some powered models even have a battery and can be operated with just a single hand! You don’t need to worry about the pressure since most will have either an auto pressure monitor to keep things safe.

Some also have settings that create a very enjoyable sucking motion around your dick. They'll make you feel like you're receiving an incredible blowjob or slipping your cock inside your partner.

What makes a Hydro Pump Different?

Hydro penis pumps use water rather than air to create a vacuum, and many men find the erections they receive from these types of pumps amazing. Like many penile pumping devices, they’re manually operated, and you’d typically use them in the bath or shower. Fill the pump’s cylinder with water and place it over your dick while it’s still flaccid and then gently begin pumping. 

As you continue pumping, the water is pushed out to create the vacuum (this is why you should use a hydro pump in the bath or shower—or maybe even a private pool or jacuzzi!). Hit the release button when you’ve reached your optimum penile length and enjoy your new gains!  We think hydro pumps are possibly the most comfortable way for men to be introduced to pumping, so give it a try if you’ve never tried it before.

Is it Embarrassing to buy a Penis Pump?

Men should never be embarrassed about buying these devices. They’re a proven and practical way to deal with erectile dysfunction and—no matter what size your cock is—they’ll also give your erections a boost. The first step in treating erectile dysfunction is not being embarrassed by it, after all! 

Pumping exercise is also a lot of fun in its own right and lots of men get into penile pumping because they love the sensation—particularly if they’re using a textured sleeve in their pump. Put any worries to the side and give it a try today—you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy one sooner.  

How do I use a Penis Pump with my Partner?

If you’re nervous about introducing a penis pump to your partner, it might be easier to talk to them before buying a device. Some couples make a virtue out of pumping and introduce it as part of foreplay, making erections much more exciting as a result. Meanwhile, other guys enjoy getting themselves literally pumped and ready for action in private. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to erections.

What are the long-term benefits of using a Penis Pump?

Used over time, penis pumps can change the physical make-up of your penis by creating more spaces between the tissue so that more blood can enter. This means it’s possible to achieve permanent or semi-permanent gains and improvements in erection quality. In other words, your erections become bigger and better. Regular pumping exercise can also help as an effective treatment for Peyronie’s Disease and, of course, erectile dysfunction.

Some guys trim their Pubes when they Pump—is that just a Fetish? 

No. It's essential—the less hair down there, the better. It makes a big difference to the suction you’ll receive while pumping. You cannot get a proper air-tight seal at the base of the penis if hairs are getting in between your body and the cylinder.  Did you know porn stars trim their pubes to make their dicks look bigger? Pumping and trimming is a winning combo for maximizing what nature gave you.

Is it Worth Buying a Separate Penis Pump Sleeve?

Most penis pumps come with a sleeve, but you can buy new ones or replacements if they wear out. Most aftermarket sleeves offer greater comfort, improved efficiency, and greater airtight seals. You can also get sleeves that resemble mouths, vaginas, and butts that also act as masturbators. Along with sleeves, there are a wide variety of aftermarket parts and accessories available to help with blood flow, achieve better erections, extend overall penile health, and help men have better sex.

Are all Penis Pumps the Same Size?

No, they're not. So ensure you check the descriptions before you buy. Without measuring your penile exercise device first, you’re probably not going to have a good fit or a good time! To get the right size, measure your dick once when it’s flaccid and once when it’s erect. You don’t want one that’s too big or too small. Remember—just because you buy a 12” pump it doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily be able to increase your dick to that size. Pumping gains—while impressive and noticeable—are limited.

How Long Should I Use a Penis Pump? 

Start with a maximum of fifteen minutes. To begin with, stick to 2-3 pumping sessions per week. Over time, you can increase to daily pumping if you like, but we’d still recommend maintaining the 15-minute rule. If you do go over, take 2-3 minutes to stretch out and massage your dick. This will help with circulation and prevent damage. Pumping too often or for too long can eventually damage your dick’s elastic tissue and result in erection issues.  This is known as over-pumping.  

A common injury from over-pumping is the “doughnut effect”. Pumping draws blood into the penis, it also draws in lymphatic fluid. This fluid is totally natural in the body; however, too much of it in the penile head can lead to a swelling effect that looks not unlike a donut.

While this is usually a harmless swelling that will go down of its own accord if it remains it can cause bigger issues down the line. If you see this is happening to your penis, take a break until the swelling has eased completely.

Over-pumping can also cause blood vessels to rupture inside the penis. This will cause instant pain, bruising, and swelling and it can also affect a man's ability to maintain a full erection which can last for months or longer.

Are there Health Conditions that Prevent me from using a Penis Pump?  

Don’t use one of these vacuum devices if you:

  • Have Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Have any conditions that cause excessive bleeding or clotting
  • Are taking any blood-thinning medication
  • Have priapism

Some other specific diseases and medications also make it inadvisable to use a penile exerciser. If you have any concerns, check with your doctor before you buy. Never begin using a penis pump against medical advice! 

Penis Pumps & Penile Enlargement Accessories for Men