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Dildos for Men

Choosing the right dildo for men is easy when you shop The Enhanced Male.  

When you’re ready to take off in sexual exploration or enhance your orgasms, dildos for men are the way to go. 

And we’ve been helping men just like you achieve raging hardons and eye-rolling orgasms with the best selection of dildos for men around. But where do you start?

To buy the best dildo for men, start by thinking about the textures and your end goal.

Ready for the real feel of a penis penetrating your pleasure hole?  Cyberskin and TPE men’s dildos are right for you.

Maybe you’re just looking to pleasure your prostate, go for a men’s dildo that is slimmer and curved to reach your spot every time. 

And if you love to try new things, glass dildos for men give you a smooth feeling and temperature control for an incredible anal adventure.  Now you just need to pick the right size.

Dildos for men range from 3 inches to over a foot long. If you’re looking for the “real deal” choose a men’s dildo around 5 to 7 inches as this is the size range of the average guy.

Size queen? Try the Dick Rambone coming in at 13.5 inches. And you can go for a mini pecker to penetrate your hole if you’re a beginner and just getting into dildos for men. 

How do I clean a men’s dildo?

To clean a dildo for men:

  1. Rinse the toy under warm water.
  2. Dry completely with a paper towel or clean towel.
  3. Spray or rinse with an anti-bacterial toy cleaner
  4. Now let your toy dry in natural light.
  5. Store your dildo in a dry, dark spot or in a toy bag.

How do I choose the right men’s dildo?

To buy the best dildo for men:

  1. Pick the texture that will feel right.
  2. Select the size that will hit your spots correctly.
  3. Look for a style that turns you on both shape and material-wise like a realistic TPE Cyberskin penis or glass for temperature-controlled play.
  4. Find a color option that will get you excited.
  5. Click add to cart.


Note: When buying dildos for men you always want to buy one with a flared base. If there is nothing for his anus to clamp, his body may suck the dildo inside and that means a trip to the hospital.  

What size dildo should I buy?

The size of the dildo you want will depend on your experience with penetration.

If you’re new to anal you’ll want something smaller and thinner in the 3 to 5 inch category.  If you’re experienced then go 5 to 7 inches.  For a “full-filling” experience go 7 inches and larger.

What is the best lube to use with dildos for men?

Water-based lubricant is always the best lube to use with a dildo for men.  It is compatible with silicone, TPE and jelly, and feels great. 

You can use silicone-based lubes, just make sure the toy is not made from silicone as silicone lubes will damage the toy.  

What is the difference between women’s and men’s dildos?

The difference between dildos for men and women is that a men’s dildo must have a flared bottom or balls and indent (also known as the stem) so that the anus can grip it and prevent it from going inside of him. 

This is not required for vaginal sex, but if a woman chooses to use the dildo for anal play, she will need the same as this is how the anus responds to insertion.