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How to Use a Fleshlight

Don’t men get to feel sexy too?

I ask myself this a lot. The way the media markets sex to men often has little to do with us getting to feel sexy as much as asking us to be sexy for our partners. Don’t we deserve to be sexy for ourselves? And what might that even mean?

If you ask me, feeling sexy as a man starts with building the confidence to explore what gives you pleasure. And what better way to do that then by satisfying yourself?

Sex toys for men are by far and away the best place to start exploring the joys of playful and diverse self-pleasure. And nothing will make you feel sexier than a Fleshlight.

sexy man

If you don’t have one, I can’t recommend it enough! The sensation, the variety, the indulgence — it’s like buying yourself a first class ticket to euphoria.

Whether you’re asking, “What is a Fleshlight?” or you’re a seasoned pro, this article is here to drop some knowledge. You’re about to get some free education on the ins and outs, (pun intended), of what Fleshlights are, and how to use them safely and creatively.

What is a Fleshlight?

You know how when you need to blow your nose you ask for a Kleenex? The Fleshlight is like that. It’s not a fleshlight– it’s The Fleshlight!

The Fleshlight is the OG pocket pussy: a recognized brand of artificial vagina, oral, or anal masturbatory aids. It’s essentially a flashlight you can put your penis into. But it’s also so much more than that.  

Fleshlight is known for its SuperSkin material which mimics both the look and feel of real skin. It’s easy to clean, and has great heat retention. (You’ll hear more about that later.)


As technology has improved, Fleshlight has developed a variety of products, some that heat up, some that vibrate, some that suck, and some that are even modeled after the actual vaginas, mouths and asses of your favorite porn stars. But the thing they have in common is their ability to forever raise the bar for self-satisfaction.

Using a Fleshlight is pretty self-explanatory. Insert junk, pump away. But for men with a creative spark and a hankering towards trying new things, we're sharing seven different ways you can use your Fleshlight... and feel even more sexy.

Here is a list of seven different ways you can ride your Fleshlight to the proverbial moon.

The Traditional Stroke

As I said above, using your traditional Fleshlight is pretty intuitive. You slip yourself in and go to town, right?

But wait!

Using your new best bud the right way is important for preserving your Fleshlight’s quality and longevity. So let’s go through it step-by-step so you can get the most out of your new toy.  

Step 1: If you’re using a new Fleshlight product for the first time, you’ll want to clean it. To do that, take the inner sleeve out of the hard casing, remove the pipe from the sleeve (it's shipped with the pipe in it to keep the shape of the sleeve during transit) and give it a good solid rinse in warm water. While you’re at it, clean the hard casing as well. We want to make sure our hot date is safe.

Note: Don’t use soap! It will damage the SuperSkin sleeve. Choose from a variety of safe-to-use Fleshlight cleaners.

fleshlight cleaners

Step 2: Once satisfactorily cleansed, pat dry and slip your sleeve back into the casing. Make sure that it is properly situated so it will stay in place no matter how hard you thrust.

Step 3: Now that your toy is reassembled you’re just about ready for action. But there’s one important step you can’t forget — lube.

Coat the inside of your sleeve with lube. Because you’ll be penetrating pretty deep inside the sleeve, you’ll want to make sure the lube reaches all the way down to maximize your pleasure. 

Important: Use water based lubricant as others will damage the toy, (and we don’t want that).      

water based lube

Step 4: Get comfortable, slide yourself into the opening of your Fleshlight, and… well I think you know the rest.

Step 5: To clean up your new toy, just follow the same process described in step one, and allow it to air dry.

Step 6: Once it is dry, you are going to want to use a liberal amount of Renewing Powder on the face of the sleeve and down the canal.  This white powder is the same stuff that coats it when it arrives new to your door.  Renewing powder will keep your sleeve looking and feeling new.  These sleeves tend to get sticky and tacky after use, Renewing powder instantly takes that away and returns it to its glory.

You can’t go wrong with the traditional method, but always using one position can lose its luster after a while. Below are six more ways to spice things up!

Try Warming it Up

Remember what I said about heat retention? Warming up your Fleshlight before use is an amazing hack for increasing your pleasure.

Step 1: Remove the sleeve from its casing.

Step 2: Soak your sleeve in warm water. Or, if you have a Fleshlight warming rod, then it’s time to put it to use. This will really help to enhance that real flesh-like sensation. The warming rod is designed to warm it to the body’s natural temperature which makes it feel even more like a real person!

fleshlight warming rod

Another neat trick is to soak your lube bottle in warm water as well. (Make sure the bottle is tightly closed.)

Step 3: Once it’s nice and warm, place your sleeve back into its casing.

Step 4: Lube up the inside of the sleeve as well as your penis with your newly warm lube. Pop on some inspiring visuals if that’s your thing, and slip it in!  

The Shower Mount

This one is probably my personal favorite. A shower mount is a phenomenal hands-free Fleshlight accessory. It allows for the perfect opportunity to fulfill all your shower sex fantasies. 

Step 1: Use the suction cup to affix your shower mount to any smooth, flat surface in your shower. Or, you can use this outside of the shower too if you have a suitable surface!

You may want to position yourself in your favorite thrusting stance as a reference before sticking on the mount to make sure it’s at the right height.

Step 2: Apply your lube. Water based lube washes away more easily than other lubricants, so be sure to affix your mount somewhere out of shower nozzle range.

Note: As inconspicuous and convenient as it may be to use the already available conditioner or moisturizer in your shower as lube, don’t do it. They will damage your Fleshlight.  

Step 3: Let your imagination run wild and go to town!


using a fleshlight in the shower


The Shoe Thrust

Do you have shoes? Do you like the missionary position? Well then you’re in for a treat!

This method is a great one for simulating some super satisfying self-sex.

Step 1: Pick a shoe, any shoe! The best kind for this, though, is going to be a low cut sneaker with a good grip and some laces you can really tighten.


Step 2: After lubing up the sleeve, slip your Fleshlight into your shoe and tighten the laces around it so it’s firmly held in place.

Step 3: Set that sneaker on the ground or against a wall somewhere where you have ample space to be as flexible as you like. Kneel over or stand (depending on how you positioned your shoe) over your Fleshlight and slide on in there, big boy.

The Mattress Tuck

If you’re a fan of doggy style, this is the method for you.

Step 1: Once your Fleshlight is prepped and ready, flip up the sheets on the bottom or side of your bed.

Step 2: Take your Fleshlight and squeeze it between your boxspring and your mattress. Most mattress setups are sturdy enough to keep your toy in place for the perfect hands-free, doggy style, masturbation vacation. Note:  This works exceptionally well in between couch cushions as well.

Step 3: After limbering up a little, it’s time to get wild and make that bed creak!

using a fleshlight in your bed 

The Bareback Bone

The Bareback is just how it sounds. It’s banging your Fleshlight sleeve without the hard external case.

Why would you do this when the case adds such a stimulating suction sensation? You do it because it’s a whole new kind of awesome. Masturbating with just the sleeve is like driving a manual car. There is so much more personal control and interaction for you to experience!

Because Fleshlight offers such a wide array of sleeves, each with their own customized interior waves, ripples, and bumps, you can intensify and personalize your jerk sessions by changing your grip to apply pressure to your most sensitive spots.

Riding your Fleshlight bareback is a whole new kind of experience.


fleshlight sleeve no case

Vibrating Fleshlight

Now this one is just… I mean, there are no words.

The vibrating Fleshlight is the crème de la crème of male masturbators. All of the steps from setup to cleanup are the same as the traditional method, except of course for popping in the included batteries and turning it on. And once you do that, oh man.

Whether you’re looking to bust out a quick one in the most intensely satisfying way, or you’re determined to increase your endurance for better, longer-lasting sex, a vibrating Fleshlight will push you to the limits of your own euphoria.

If you do not have the Fleshlight Vibro,no worries, you can always take any small vibrating bullet and stick it in the back end of the sleeve.  This too will give you ample amounts of vibrating pleasure.

Looking for budget-friendly alternatives to Fleshlight?

Here's our list of cheap masturbators for men:

There are so many ways to pleasure yourself! 

Fleshlight has been making incredible masturbation products for over twenty years, and there are endless options to choose from. It can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but once you dip your toe in the water, I promise you’ll want to dive in head first.

With the help of a name-brand Fleshlight, you’re sure to enjoy the three C’s: a confident, comfortable climax. And with a bit of imagination, that Fleshlight can bring you to new, vertigo-inducing heights of pleasure.

fleshlight collection

Remember, you deserve everything you want when in the privacy of your masturbation station. As long as you’re safe and responsible, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things in life and feeling your sexiest.

Mind-blowing orgasms are just a click away. What have you got to lose?

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