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Best Butt Plugs, Dildos, Probes, and Anal Beads

Anal Toys for Men

Guys, if you haven’t tried out anal play, you are missing out on a whole new world of pleasure! The best anal toys for men are an ideal addition to your solo or partnered play and are going to make your orgasms last longer, feel stronger and even more explosive. So, let's take a look at what options are available and basically everything else you need to know to get into some awesome anal play. 

What are anal toys for men?


Anal toys for men are a type of sex toy that is inserted into the butt for a wild and pleasureful sexual experience!  The term anal toys cover an entire collection of toys that includes anal beads, butt plugs, dildos, probes, and vibrators. So long as these toys have a flared base, a handle or a retrieval cord, they can be used anally for all sorts of pleasure. 

Anal toys for men come in a variety of different sizes and shapes.  From slim dildos for beginners to huge anal toys designed for anal stretching, if you can think it up, chances are there is a toy out there for you.  Big anal toys add stretch, weight, and pressure to your experience which stimulate your prostate and surrounding areas causing explosive orgasms.  If this is the first time you are considering backdoor play, we urge you to check out the guide to anal sex for men.


Why do men use anal toys?


There are all sorts of reasons that men use anal toys, but the most important one is that they feel amazing! Different anal toys will work in different ways but one of their common features is that they stimulate the thousands of nerve endings in the anus and can make your orgasms feel more intense. 


And, of course, there is the p-spot too. The p-spot is a shorthand term for the prostate gland. This is an erogenous zone that sits between the bladder and the rectum in males and can be stimulated via the anus. Most anal toys are intended to directly massage this area and apply direct pressure. This is itself can bring many men to an incredible orgasm, but it also feels seriously good when you combine it with stimulation of the penis. 


Can I use anal toys during sex?


Yes! Male anal toys can be used alongside almost every type of play to make the whole thing feel more intense and pleasurable for you. Using one of the many toys available during sex or penis stimulation will make your orgasm a whole lot more intense as your muscles clamp around the toy when you explode. 


What are the best types of anal toys for men?


Anal Probes


While the name may not make these toys sound super appealing, anal probes are wonderful beginner anal toys as they are a great shape for easy insertion. Anal probes are firm toys that are nice and thin and come in varying lengths. In most cases, they will also have a tapered tip so that insertion is very easy. What’s great about these toys is that they allow you to test the waters of anal play without feeling overwhelmed as you can go as deep or as shallow as you like with the probe. You can also use the end of the probe to massage the prostate as you move the probe with your hand. 


It’s important to note that these are toys that need to be held onto throughout play. This may limit the other activities you can do while you use the anal probe but they are great for couples if you are willing to hand the reigns over to someone else. Just make sure you keep up great communication throughout to ensure you are both comfortable and having fun. 


Anal Plugs | Butt Plugs for Men


Anal plugs or butt plugs are amazing sex toys for men that can make your orgasm feel a lot more intense. Butt plugs are bulb-shaped toys with a flared base that are inserted into the body and stay there for the duration of sexual play, or even for longer periods too. Butt plugs are all about creating a full feeling of stretch inside the body which can make all other sensations on the body feel more intense. Many men get a feeling of getting “filled up” with the bulb of the plug as well which just adds to the overall pleasure and sensations.  As you orgasm, your body will squeeze and tighten around the toy for even more sensation. 


A bonus for men using butt plugs is that in many cases, the tip of the plug will massage the prostate and make for an even more explosive orgasm. If this is what you are after, then lookout for a butt plug with a curved tip or bulbous head as these will offer you more stimulation than a classic shape. 


Anal Beads


As I mentioned earlier, the anus is full of nerve endings and most of these are located right at the entry of the booty near the sphincter muscles and anal beads are the perfect tool to stimulate them. Anal beads consist of multiple spheres attached in a long line with a handle or retrieval loop at the end. The spheres typically graduate in size, becoming larger the further you insert them.  Anal beads come in many different sizes ranging from tiny beads for the beginner all the way up to softball-sized bulbs meant for only the most experienced.


The idea with the beads is to slowly insert the beads one by one until you are satisfied with the length and thickness of the beads. When you are ready, you can slowly pull them out of the body for a whole lot of amazing stimulation. This feels particularly amazing if you remove them right as you orgasm. When you orgasm, the sphincter muscles tighten and this stimulation will make your orgasm feel a lot more intense. 


What’s great about anal beads is that you only need to insert them as far as you are comfortable with and they will still feel awesome! Even two or three beads can make your orgasm much more intense. 


Anal Dildos


Any dildo with a flared base and made with a non-porous material can be an anal dildo. Anal dildos differ to probes as they are generally thicker and can also be curved or textured. These toys come in all sorts of varieties, shapes, sizes, and materials and you can choose a dildo that looks realistic, just like a penis, or one that is non-anatomical and has a subtler shape and looks. 


A particularly popular style of anal dildo for men is one with a curved or bulbous tip which is used to massage the p-spot. They are often called p-spot dildos but are the same shape as g-spot dildos used by women. Both of these can be used for amazing p-spot stimulation. 


Anal Vibrators


Anal vibrators are simply any anal toy that offers vibration too. These can be any of the above styles and will also include vibration modes to wake up those nerve endings and feel amazing. Vibration in this area can also stimulate the prostate for a vibratory massage. In many cases, you can find any of your favorite anal toys in a vibrating variation.  These include vibrating butt plugs, vibrating anal beads, vibrating anal dildos, and even probes.


Most anal vibrators will have multiple speeds or vibration patterns to play around with and mix up your playtime! Be on the lookout for vibrating butt plugs that are remotely controlled for even more fun in the bedroom.  Important to note that some people don’t like anal vibration and this type of play isn’t for everyone.


A newer type of anal sex toy to enter the market is the rimming style anal plugs which actually have a beaded neck that spins and rotates inside of your body.  It mimics having your butt hole licked.  Quite the experience that we recommend everyone try!


How do I pick the right size?


Picking the perfect size anal toy can seem like a difficult task, but getting it right really doesn’t need to be that hard. All you need to do is think about what sort of stimulation you are after and what you really think your body can handle.  Remember, the body can take most of what you throw at it but know your limits as well.  The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself when it should be all pleasure.


You need to consider the length and the girth of the toy, so get out that measuring tape! You want to look at the insertable length of a toy as this is what is going to go inside your body. Don’t forget that a long toy doesn’t need to be inserted all the way, to begin with. You can start only inserting an inch and work up as you train your body and feel more comfortable with the process. 


The girth is the thickness of the toy. And, honestly, this is the more important measure of the two if you are new to anal play. The thinner the toy is, the easier it will be to insert right off the bat. Start small and work up. If it’s too big, you won’t be able to use it and it will end up being a bit of a waste.  


Over time your body will adapt to the size toys you are using which is why many use an anal trainer kit which helps your body gradually increase the size of the plugs you are using.  Typically these toys come with several in the kit starting with a small toy and working up.  If you are looking to achieve a size goal try using anal stretching toys to help.  These can be anything from graduating sized plugs to huge anal toys.


What material is best?


The material you choose is extremely important when it comes to anal toys for men. The material will determine how the toy will feel inside your body, but most importantly, it will also determine whether your toy is body-safe. As, I’m sure you can guess, when it comes to anal play, you do need to take care and ensure you pick a toy that can be properly cleaned and used again without any worry. 


Ideally, you want to pick a device that is made from a non-porous material. Being non-porous means that the toy can be completely sterilized and it won’t harbor any bacteria following cleaning. Some great materials that are firm and non-porous are silicone, glass, aluminum, acrylic, ceramic, ABS plastic, stone and wood.


Silicone is the most popular of all the non-porous materials available.  This non-porous material can be firm, soft or anything else in between. It is also very smooth and nice to touch and comes in all sorts of colors. If you are not sure which material to go for, we always recommend going with silicone. 


Do I need to use lube with anal toys?


Absolutely! Lubricant is an essential part of any type of anal play. The anus does not self-lubricate, and it needs some help to make the experience comfortable. Lubricant adds cushioning, helps the toy to glide in and prevents pain or injury. The skin inside your booty is very thin and can tear easily if there is too much friction. Even tiny tears in this area can cause pain and make you more susceptible to the transfer of STDs or bacterial infections until they heal.


So you definitely need to use lubricant! And, you are going to want to use a lot of it. Make sure you use a lubricant on the toy itself but also on your skin too around the entrance to ensure that you are fully coated. This is going to make the whole experience feel so much better!  When deciding which lube you are going to go with, you will want to choose between a water-based lube or silicone lubricant.


Which lubricant is best to use with anal toys?


This comes down to personal preference and the material of the toy that you are using. A water-based lubricant is a good option that is safe to use with any sex toy material, however, it does dry out faster than the other options. Look out for a water-based lubricant that is designed specifically for anal use. This will be thicker, more viscous and longer-lasting than a regular water-based option.  You can always spit on the dry lube to reactivate it but adding more will be your best option.  Anal lube should be a little bit thicker for adding anal comfort!


If you want something that is particularly long-lasting, then go for a silicone option. Silicone lubricants are extremely smooth and long-lasting and provide a lovely glide to your play. If no toy is involved, we would always jump straight to recommending silicone lube for anal as it lasts forever and is much slicker than the rest.  If you are using toys though, error on the side of caution since silicone lube can damage soft sex toys.  Just note that silicone lubricant should not be used with silicone sex toys. But you can use it safely with most other toys. 


Are anal toys safe to use?


So long as you choose your toy wisely, use adequate lubrication, clean the toy thoroughly and listen to your body as you play, anal toys are safe to use. Just ensure that you pick a toy with a long handle for you to hold onto or one with a flared base. This will ensure that the toy stays where it is meant to, and won’t get sucked up inside the rectum. Yup, it happens. So stay safe and ensure that the toy has a large flared base. 


Should I use a condom over the top?


If you are using a non-porous anal toy, there is no need to use a condom over the top, however, some people do to keep things easy while they are cleaning up. If you are using a porous toy, then you need to use a condom over the toy to prevent the build-up of bacteria on the toy. If you are intending to share a toy with a partner during the same session, then you should also use a condom over the toy so that you can share it and both stays protected. 


How do I clean anal toys?


Cleaning your anal toys properly is extremely important and a step that can’t be overlooked. The best way to make sure you are cleaning your toy properly is to follow the instructions that come with that particular toy, but there are some general rules too if you aren’t sure. 


In most cases, cleaning your anal toy with some warm water and a mild anti-bacterial soap is completely adequate. You want to completely cover the toy with the soap and allow it to settle on there for a minute first and then get into some serious scrubbing. Make sure you get into any grooves, joins or textured parts of the toy so you don’t miss anything. Then, use the hottest water you can handle to rinse the toy thoroughly and get all the soap off. You can also do this with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner and use the same process. 


If you are concerned about germs, then some toys can also be boiled. Materials like silicone, metal and glass can all be sterilized by boiling them. Obviously, this is only an option for non-motorized toys. 


If you are using a motorized toy, make sure you check whether that toy is splash-proof, waterproof or not waterproof at all before you start cleaning it. If it is waterproof, it can be fully submerged in water, splash-proof means it can be rinsed well but not submerged and, if it’s neither of these, you will need to be careful when you clean it. 


You want to allow the toy to dry completely before you put it away too to prevent trapping any moisture in the storage bag or box. 


How do I store the toys?


Different materials have different requirements for storage but the main gist is that you want to keep them stored in their bag or box away from sunlight and away from dust or anything else that can be picked up from the air. Try to not let your sex toys touch one another as that can cause the materials to have an adverse effect on one another.  This is only if you are not sure of the material of your current toys.  The better you look after your toys, the longer they will last and the more pleasure you will be able to have from them! So, take that extra few minutes to clean it properly, let it dry and put it away securely.