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Perineum P-Spot Stimulators

Male Prostate Massagers

Male prostate massagers and vibrators make some guys perk up, ready to explore and experiment, but for other guys, they’re not sure if it’s really their thing. Like any other sex toy, the best prostate massagers are designed to enhance pleasure and make you feel good. While using one won’t be for everyone, many men enjoy p-spot stimulation, even if they don’t know that’s what it is. (Think back to anytime someone touched your taint aka your perineum...if it felt good, you’re probably going to love prostate massage.)

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the idea of bum fun or you’re ready to take your p-spot pleasure to a new level, there’s plenty to discover and experience with a prostate massage toy.  For further reading on first-time anal or backdoor play, check out the guide for preparing for anal.

What is the men's prostate and where is it? 

The prostate, also known as the p-spot, is a small, sensitive gland located between the bladder and the penis, just in front of the rectum. In most men, it’s about the size of a walnut, though enlarged prostates can grow to the size of a plum as you age. The prostate produces some of what’s found in semen, and, when massaged, stroked, or otherwise stimulated can induce mind-blowing orgasms and pleasure

Prostate or perineum stimulation has been known to give explosive orgasms with a much larger volume of cum than a normal orgasm.

In this case, bigger isn’t better. An enlarged prostate can impact your overall health and your life.

Are Prostate Massagers a medical device or sex toy?

 While many prostate stimulators and massagers are made to medical standards and with medical-grade materials, all items sold on this website are sold as personal pleasure products, sex toys, and novelties.  To be considered a true medical device, the unit should be registered as a 510(k) medical device.

Is it true that a prostate massage is good for your health?

There is some evidence that regular orgasms and ejaculation can help reduce prostate enlargement, and ejaculating regularly (with or without prostate massage) may reduce your chances of getting prostate cancer.

Ask any guy who gets up more than once in the middle of the night to pee, and they can tell you why an enlarged prostate is no fun. While most enlarged prostates are relatively benign, they’re definitely annoying if you like sleeping through the night.

If the science is right and more orgasms decrease the chances you’ll have an enlarged prostate, why not add prostate massage to your masturbation routine? You’ll make yourself feel really good, potentially have bigger and better orgasms, and avoid the annoyances of an enlarged prostate as you get older.

I have Prostatitis, can I use a prostate massager? Will it help?

A very common prostate-related health issue is a condition called Prostatitis which is a swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland. Prostatitis often causes extremely painful and difficult urination in men.  Prostatitis typically affects men over the age of 50 but do not let that fool you, many men under 50 find themselves with this condition as well, it knows no age.  There are many studies that show prostate milking (combined with antibiotics) is an effective therapy for reducing Prostatitis and improving your health.  Doctors recommend prostate massaging 1 to 3 times per week for improved benefits and results.

What does a prostate massager do?

What prostate vibrators and other male prostate toys can do for your sexual pleasure depends on the type you choose. They all stimulate your prostate in a pleasurable way to increase your orgasms. A Vibrating prostate massager uses a motor to create vibrating sensations and increase the power and level of the stimulation you feel. Manual prostate massagers require you to move it against your body -- in and out or back and forth -- for extra stimulation but give you more direct control over what you feel. Some massagers stimulate your prostate both internally and externally. An external prostate massager hits your perineum, the section between your scrotum and your anus on the outside of your body aka your taint.

How do I do prostate massage for the first time?

So you are a beginner looking for your first prostate massager?  External prostate massage is a great way to explore new sensations in your p-spot, especially if you’re a little unsure about it all. Find your perineum and stroke, tap, or press against it, especially while you’re masturbating. If it feels good, you’re likely to love internal prostate massage.

Before we get into searching for your perfect toy, let's talk about prep and keeping clean for backdoor fun.  We all know that usually, the butt is an exit for fecal matter and bodily fluids, this can make for a stinky and dirty mess during anal play.  To combat the germs and bacteria, it is highly recommended that you use a male enema or anal douche prior to prostate stimulation.  This will help flush your body out and make sure it's clean and sanitary for both you and your partner.

Many of the prostate massagers available today have what looks like an arm coming off the main unit.  These arms are typically more than just a safety feature that would stop the unit from completely being pulled into the anus.  These arms are actually designed to be pressed against the area between the testicles and the anus which is the perineum.  This would be considered an external prostate massage or perineum massage.

The first time you find your prostate, it’s best to use a finger. Lube your finger and your anus and slowly insert it (we recommend Healthy Vibes Silicone Lube or Lynk Pleasure Anal Lube). Stroke your penis while you do this to help your body (and butt) relax and make yourself feel good -- this helps reduce the pain of anal penetration. Your prostate will be located on the anterior (front) wall of your pelvis (the side with your penis) -- basically on the other side of your perineum.

Move your finger until you find a spot that feels slightly different from the surrounding tissue -- it may feel raised or firmer. If you feel intense pleasure (similar to your external prostate massage but stronger), you’ve found your p-spot.

Once you know where your p-spot is and that you like stroking it, it’s time to consider adding a prostate massager. Start with something small when you’re new, but you can work up to bigger, thicker, and better options as you go.

Do prostate massagers really help men have multiple orgasms?

Multiple orgasms aren’t a guarantee in anyone -- ask any female partner you’ve ever been with. But prostate massage does increase the chances you can have multiple orgasms.

The sensations are so overwhelming and pleasurable for many men that they report more than one climax during the prostate massage. Adding a vibrating prostate massager or even a manual one may make it happen faster or with more intensity than what you experience when only using your finger.

One thing to remember about multiple orgasms in men -- your ejaculation refractory period doesn’t change. The orgasm you experience through prostate massage will give you all of the sensations of a climax that you recognize, but after that first time, you might not physically ejaculate again until your personal refractory period (minutes or hours) is over.

So yes, your body will clench, your penis might pulsate, and you’ll feel it ripping through your body -- but without the familiar spurt (or dribble) of semen.

Does using a prostate massager make me gay?

Are you sexually attracted to your prostate massager and is his name, Bob or Jerome? We’re guessing the answer is no so the answer to your question is also no. Anal stimulation and p-spot pleasure have nothing to do with your sexuality. If you’re only attracted to women, you’re straight, regardless of what you stick up your butt or what kind of sex toys you use -- or where you use them.

Using a prostate massager and stimulating your p-spot simply means you’ve found another way to experience pleasure in another part of your body. That’s it.

Do I need lube when I use a prostate massager?

Yes, yes, and more yes! Anytime you put anything in your butt -- the best prostate stimulator, finger, or any other anal sex toy -- always add lube. It reduces painful friction, makes penetration easier, and increases your pleasure. The type of lube you need depends on the material of the toy you’re using. Prostate massagers made of silicone or rubber should be used with water-based lubricant. Toys made of metal or glass can use any kind of lube including silicone-based lube which is thicker and lasts longer.

When you’re new to prostate massage, the big thing to remember is to use more lube than you think you should. Get slippery and slick back there. A little dollop won’t be enough. If you’re feeling pain while you insert your prostate massager, add more lube as the first possible fix. A lack of lube is almost always the cause.

Can anyone use a prostate massager?

Technically, anyone with a butt can use a prostate massager, but the people who will get the most out of it are people with prostate, whether you’re a cisgender man or someone with a penis who doesn’t identify as a man. But because anal stimulation feels good to so many, anyone who enjoys the sensations can use a prostate massager.

How do I deal with poop when I want to use a prostate massager?

The thing that stops most people from exploring their p-spot or any part of their butt is the very real threat of poop. It happens, but you can minimize the chances of getting the brown stuff on your hand or prostate massager with a bit of preparation.

First, take a shower and wipe up your butt. Really get in your crack with soap and water. Next, make sure it’s been a few hours since your last bowel movement. If it’s a diarrhea kind of day and poop on your toy bothers you, skip the prostate massage and take some Pepto instead or get yourself a high-quality anal enema to take care of the dirty work!

Beyond that, keep a wet cloth nearby and wash your hands and prostate massager really well when you’re done. You’re poking around in an exit, so it’s inevitable that you may strike brown gold at some point. Treat it like it’s no big deal because it isn’t. But by preparing ahead of time, you’ll most likely avoid it.

Can I use a prostate massager with my partner?

A lot of guys think of prostate massage as something to do during masturbation, and it definitely is! But there’s nothing wrong with bringing your prostate massager to bed with your partner, too. You can insert it while you have penetrative sex. You can let them “drive” and control the stimulation.

Prostate massage can even be part of any mutual masturbation you want to experience together. Anyway, you can imagine having sex with your partner, you can probably bring your prostate massager along for the fun.

Pro tip: Don’t spring it on them. Always talk to your partner before you add anything new to whatever kind of sex you have together.

Can I take a prostate massager into the shower with me?

Any manual prostate massager (meaning it doesn’t have batteries) can be used in water. If you have a vibrating prostate massager, read the instructions carefully. Some are only water-resistant and some are waterproof.

The important thing to remember is that you still need lube even if you’re in the shower, and water-based lubricant washes off very easily. If your prostate massager requires water-based lube, you’ll have to add more and more often than you’re used to.

How do I clean a prostate massager?

Nearly all sex toys can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Certain materials, like silicone, metal, or glass can also be sterilized and sanitized in the dishwasher or in boiling water. If you want to keep your clean-up simple and fast, you can always use a condom over your larger prostate massagers.

In a pinch, sex toy cleaners or wipes will at least get the lube and residue off, but give your prostate massager a good cleaning with soap and water as often as possible.

What should I look for in a good prostate massager?

A good prostate massager is one that makes you feel good, gives you pleasure, and is safe for your body. Look for massagers made of materials that aren’t toxic and can be easily cleaned and sanitized. The best massagers are made of silicone or glass and can be sterilized between uses (good for removing any poop) by putting it in the top rack of the dishwasher or in boiling water.

Other things to look for include the functions you want in a prostate massager. If you want a vibrating massager, think about what’s important to you. Do you want different settings to choose from? Are you looking for something your partner can control?

If you’d prefer a manual prostate massager, look for high-quality materials and whether it stimulates other parts of your body -- like your perineum.

Size matters, too. If you’re new to prostate massage, look for something smaller. Once you’ve been doing it for a while, go with larger massagers if you want. You’re not required to bump up to some big behemoth, though. If you prefer to use a prostate massager the size of your finger, go for it. The perfect prostate massager for you is one that feels good going in and gives you the pleasure you want most.

Read the Guide to Prostate Massaging and Milking for more info.