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The Guide to the Most Realistic Material on Earth

Cyberskin Sex Toys

Are you getting down to some solo action?  Or are you and your partner spicing things up with some new and fun sex toys? Either way, you want the most intense and realistic feeling possible. Well, that realism and heightened arousal come from the material you are using and there is no material more realistic and lifelike than Cyberskin.  Cyberskin is very similar to what is used in Fleshlights and other similar real skin toys.

With so many toy options on the market, picking the right material is one of the most important parts of choosing your toy. Some materials are hard and rigid while others are soft and designed to feel like a real person.


Cyberskin | The Worlds Most Realistic Sex Toy Material 

  • What is Cyberskin?
  • What makes Cyberskin so great?
  • Which male sex toys use this material
  •  Safety in your material
  • Similar materials on the market today
  • Cyberskin, TPRs and stamina training


What is Cyberskin?

Cyberskin was originally the brand name for Topco Sales’ soft and stretchy skin-like sex toy material. Topco Sales formulated and designed Cyberskin specifically for use in adult sex toys such as male masturbators, pocket pussies, penis sleeves, dildos, and vibrators. Today, however, Cyberskin and Cyberskin sex toys have become a shorthand way of describing any realistic looking and feeling sex toy that’s made from a mix of PVC and silicone. But, while all Cyberskin products are made of a mix of PVC and silicone, the other component parts vary between manufacturers. As does the quality, durability, and amount of time it will last you.

Just like how a person’s body is nice and warm, Cyberskin too warms up when it’s stretched, rubbed, or used. The added warmth makes it feel even more realistic during use and has a more realistic look than silicone-only or PVC-only products. As Cyberskin contains silicone, you should only use it with a water-based lube, and clean it with antibacterial toy cleaner once you’ve finished.  Cyberskin sex toys such as strap-ons, penis extenders, and penis extensions should be cared for with greater detail since the material is much more delicate than others.  A fine layer of Cyberskin renewing powder should be used after cleaning up each time to keep it looking and feeling real.


What Makes Cyberskin So Great?

Until recently, even professionally manufactured sex toys struggled to provide a realistic look and feel. Those cheap blow-up dolls and plastic vibrators are just a few examples. Made from welded vinyl or PVC, they didn’t feel anything like real human skin. They were about as far removed as you could get from a soft mouth, warm pussy, or a tight butt.

But everything changed with Cyberskin. Even if you’ve never heard of it, you’ve probably used Cyberskin a time or two in different popular toys. Cyberskin is a Thermoplastic Rubber or TPR for short that as mentioned earlier, is a mix of Silicone and PVC. What a revolution did this new material start! Cyberskin was the first mass-produced, affordable product that looked, and more importantly, felt like skin. It was so lifelike that it led to the development of entirely new toys such as the first porn star molded pocket pussy.

Cyberskin was a real game-changer for men’s and women’s sex toys thanks to the warming technology that heats up when it’s rubbed—or if you put it over a warming rod. This means it can mimic the temperature of the human body. Not only that, it will return to its original molded shape once you're finished. So you can give your toy a good workout without damaging it.


Cyberskin, TPR, and Safety 


Topco Sales designed and patented the original Cyberskin. You may not have heard of the company, but they are one of the world’s biggest sex toy manufacturers. They produce the Vulcan range of male masturbators, as well as other toys such as anal dildos and cock, sleeves Topco Sales actually the first adult toy company to sign a deal with Penthouse. This allowed the company to make replica pussies, mouths, and butts of Penthouse’s most famous girls.

When Cyberskin was developed, the lab technicians were definitely worried about the health of all their users which is why the material is body-safe, Cyberskin is free from phthalates and other harmful materials. In fact, all the components in Topco’s Cyberskin are on the FDA-approved product lists. And Cyberskin is produced in one of the adult industry’s few FDA-registered factories.


Store away from other toys

You should store Cyberskin and other TPR toys away from any products that aren’t made from either metal or glass. Otherwise, they’ll start to break down. Don’t ask us why this happens—there’s some complex chemistry going on; just take our word for it.


How to clean Cyberskin

Cyberskin and similar TPRs are porous, which means they can be particularly prone to bacterial buildup if they’re not kept clean. For that reason, some people prefer to put a condom on before using the Cyberskin penis extension or TPR penis extenders to be 100% safe.

You can clean Cyberskin and TPR toys with regular soap and warm water. But they’ll last longer if you use an antibacterial cleaner and a renewing powder. And, while you can boil some sex toys to sterilize them, that’s not the case with Cyberskin—they’ll suffer severe damage.


Water-based lube only!

It’s also important to know that you can only use Cyberskin and TPR toys with a water-based lube. That’s due to the silicone element within the products. Oil and silicone lubricants can break down Cyberskin and make it dangerous to use.


Cyberskin—The First Among Equale 

Since its launch, other manufacturers have replicated Cyberskin's look and feel. They include the world-famous Fleshlight. Launched in 1997, Fleshlight is now one of the best-selling male masturbator brands in the world. Fleshlights use a phthalate-free, skin-like material called Super-Skin. Like Cyberskin, SuperSkin can also be shaped to look and feel like your favorite porn star. That particular range is called Fleshlight Girls.

 Other manufacturers have patented similar compounds to provide a realistic look and feel as well. Each is very similar to Cyberskin and SuperSkin but made from a slightly different blend of materials. You’ll need to check if they are all phthalate-free as some manufacturers keep the makeup of their products a top secret. Some of the most common material replicas are:

  • Real-Feel
  • Realskin
  • Sil-A-Gel
  • UltraSKYN (which used to be known as Ultra Realistic 3.0 or UR3)
  • Silk Skin
  • Futurotic
  • LoveClone
  • Loveskin
  • Magic Flesh


Cyberskin, TPRs, and Stamina Training

Products containing Cyberskin or similar materials are ideal for guys looking to use toys to help improve their sexual stamina. They offer a way to take your pleasure to the limit and offer the opportunity and privacy to practice pulling back. This helps build stamina and prolong your sex before blowing your load. Ultimately resulting in a more powerful bone-shaking climax and even more pleasure for your partner.

Realistic skin-like products still remain central to these advances in virtual reality. The integrated visual systems are game-changers. But they still rely on the material to give your dick the most lifelike possible touch and feel. Who knows where the future will take us on our quest for the most intense orgasms. But we’re sure the journey will be out of this world.