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Silicone Lubricant for Sex

Best Silicone Lube

When it comes to personal lubricant, it can be a bit of a struggle to find the right one for you. There are so many different brands and types and each will work in a slightly different way to another one. But ultimately lubricant can be broken down into three main types; water based, oil based and silicone and each of these will have its benefits and its drawbacks and there isn’t necessarily a one size fits all lube.

You will find that water-based lubricant is often recommended first by retailers and sex educators as it is so readily available and can be used for any orifice and any sex toy. And that is awesome, but there are some situations where you will actually be a lot better off using a silicone lube. Silicone lubricant is thick, silky and very long-lasting. I always recommend having a silicone lube at the ready so that you can keep those genitals super slippery and that pleasure super sensual!


What is silicone lubricant? 

Personal lubes are a substance that works to reduce the friction of skin on skin or toy on skin. The idea is that it creates a slippery surface so that the sensation is smoother, more comfortable and also more pleasurable. And don’t worry, lubricant isn’t going to make you feel less! It can actually help to make the experience feel better as there is less chance of pain or irritation and it can actually help to transfer sensation to whatever body part you may be using it on. Another more underrated benefit of sexual lubricant is that it can help to relax you. Knowing that everything will glide along smoothly lets you focus more on your pleasure and all the amazing sensations that you are experiencing. And, it allows you to focus more on your partner’s pleasure too if you are playing with someone else.

Silicone lubricant is a very popular lubricant type as it is a lot thicker, more viscous and longer-lasting than water based lube and it feels completely different on the skin. Once it is on, you usually won’t need to reapply it so it is perfect for longer play sessions or just a very smooth and silky play session. In most cases, silicone lubricants have very few ingredients beyond just liquid silicone. Occasionally they will also include an aloe extract or vitamin E for added moisturizing to the skin but that’s about it. Due to this small ingredient list, silicone lube is actually an ideal lubricant for those that tend to experience irritation from other lubricant types. Silicone lube has fewer additives than water based lubes so it is much less likely to irritate or cause a reaction.

This is because silicone lubricant is not absorbed into the skin or mucous membranes like water based lube is. Silicone has much larger molecules and these glide over the skin as they are too large to be absorbed. This is why it is so long-lasting. It will remain on the skin until you decide to remove it.


Who can use silicone lubricant?

Silicone lubricant is a great choice for all kinds of play whether you are using it alone during masturbation or with a partner. It can be safely used in any orifice and it won’t irritate your skin. If you want a lubricant that is thick and super silky, this is the best option or you.


Is silicone lubricant good for vaginal sex?

Silicone lubricant is a great option for vaginal sex. It will create a smooth, comfortable sensation and reduce any possible irritation. The vagina is a very sensitive area with thin skin that can tear easily. Any tears, even tiny micro tears make you more susceptible to contracted infections, and silicone lubricant is thick and long lasting which greatly reduces this risk. Not only this, due to the fact that silicone lubricant cannot be absorbed into the skin or membranes of the vagina, it does not affect the natural PH level of this area, nor does it affect the osmolality of the vaginal skin. If someone tends to get bacterial infections frequently, silicone lubricant is the better option over water based as it will soothe the area rather than mess with the natural bacteria of the vagina.

And of course, silicone lube can work wonders for vaginal dryness as it will add temporary moisture to the area and make sex much more comfortable for both partners. Vaginas don’t always get wet on cue and there are a lot of different reasons for that. Hormones, menopause, contraception, stress, anxiety and medications can all impact the vagina's ability to self-lubricate regardless of the arousal level of the female. Using a silicone lubricant will make things feel much better but also remove the stress that this can cause and give you both peace of mind knowing that it isn’t going to dry out.


Can I use silicone lubricant with condoms?

Absolutely and you definitely should use it with condoms. Silicone is actually one of the common options that you will find on pre-lubricated condoms as it is compatible with latex and keeps things gliding smoothly. However, the even condoms they are pre-lubricated tend to have too little lube to actually make much of a difference so I highly recommend adding some silicone lubricant to the outside of the condom to prevent friction and ensure that the condom stays intact. Lubricant is essential for use with condoms to prevent the delicate latex from tearing so using a silicone lube will ensure that wetness last for your full play session whereas water based lube may start to dry out and need reapplication.

And, always avoid oil-based lubricants as they actually degrade and break down latex meaning that the condom is no longer safe. If you want to use a condom, then stick to silicone or water based options only as these will protect both the safety of the condom and keep things comfortable. And remember that the thinner the condom, the more likely it is to tear so use even more lube with thin options.

Now, remember that lubricant is not just for the outside of the condom. Use a few drops inside the condom too to really enhance the experience for the wearer. You will probably forget you are even wearing one if you use some silicone lubricant on the inside as it will make the sensation feel smooth and a lot more lifelike. Just make sure you don’t go overboard as too much slipperiness might end up with the condom slipping around. Just a few drops are all you need to make a world of difference.


Is silicone lubricant good for anal sex?

Let’s start by saying that lubricant is absolutely essential when it comes to any kind of anal play. The rectum is full of nerve endings that feel amazing when stimulated but it is also a very delicate area with fine skin that tears easily. And unlike the vagina, this is not a self-lubricating area so it needs some anal lubricant to make sure that it not only feels amazing but so that it is safe to play there without causing tears in the skin. Because, like the vagina this time, it makes you more susceptible to infections and it can hurt too! And that is definitely not fun.

Now, onto the silicone part. In my opinion, silicone lubricant is the absolute best option for anal sex and any kind of anal play including with sex toys! And that is because it is so slick and so long-lasting. It won’t dry out and it will keep things gliding along smoothly without discomfort. Silicone lubricant is also pretty thick and viscous so you will literally add more cushion for the pushing which will feel better for both people involved. There are also anal specific lubes with an even thicker formula for added comfort but you will find that most silicone options are great for this regardless.


Should I use silicone lubricant for masturbation?

Well, that all depends on what kind of sensation you like while you masturbate but it can certainly make it feel different to just your dry skin. Just like for sex, using some silicone lubricant will make the process more silky smooth and add some extra slipperiness so your hand glides along. I really see no reason not to.


Can I use silicone lubricant with sex toys?

Now, this is where things start to get tricky. While silicone lubricant is an amazing option for most activities, it’s only real drawback is that it can not be used with most silicone sex toys. This is due to the fact ‘like bonds with like’ – in this context meaning that the liquid silicone of the lube will try to bond with the solid silicone of the sex toy which can result in the surface of the toy becoming tacky and warped. If this happens, the toy is no longer body safe as the silicone surface loses its smoothness and becomes porous.

Now, there are some instances where this rule does not apply but that is only with toys made from premium grade silicone, but these come with a much bigger price tag and are not always clearly labeled as such. As a rule, unless stated on the toy's packaging that it is safe to use with silicone lubricant, stick to water based lube with your silicone sex toys.


Can I use silicone lubricant with a male masturbator?

And, I’m really sorry guys, but using silicone lubricant with most of your male masturbators is also a no-no. Most masturbators are made from either silicone or rubber and they come under a whole lot of different names. Anything called Fanta Flesh, CyberSkin, SexFlesh, Love Skin etc, can’t be used with silicone lube.  And this includes your Fleshlights! If you do, you will ruin your toys and make them unusable.

However, using a male masturbator does require a lot of lube to keep the toy from tearing, and your feeling comfortable of course, so make sure you still use lube but stick to a water based option.


Silicone lubricant cannot be used with:

  • Silicone sex toys
  • Fleshlights
  • TPR sex toys
  • TPE sex toys
  • PVC sex toys
  • Rubber sex toys
  • Jelly sex toys

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t use silicone lubricant with your sex toys at all. There are some sex toys that work amazingly well with silicone lubricant so long as you only use it with particular materials.


Should I use silicone lubricant with a penis pump?

You can still use silicone lubricant with your penis pump so long as you are careful which material your comfort seal is made of and avoid using it with any of the materials listed above. Using some silicone lubricant around the comfort seal or doughnut will not only add some delicious cushioning to make it more comfortable against your skin but it will also help to create a stronger seal against your skin. If you can get the seal airtight, the better your pumping will be and the better your results will be. This Colt Penis Pumping Lubricant is silicone based and designed specifically for this purpose. Just don’t go overboard with the lubricant application as you might make it too slippery and find that the pump slips around a bit.


Can I use silicone lubricant with anal toys and prostate massagers?

As I talked about before, using lubricant is absolutely essential when it comes to anal play and the use of toys in this area is no different. Silicone lubricant is ideal for use with anal toys or prostate toys as it creates a silky smooth ride and some extra cushion for comfort. There are still a lot of sex toy materials that are completely safe to use with silicone lube. Any toy made from glass, wood, metal, aluminum, acrylic or ABS plastic is completely safe to use with silicone lubricant. And as a bonus, these materials are also non-porous and body safe.


Can I still use silicone lubricant with a vibrating toy?

So long as the toy is made from one of the awesome materials listed above then you can absolutely use silicone lubricant with vibrating sex toys. Just ensure that you try to keep the lube away from the charging port or battery compartment if the toy is not waterproof.


Do I need to use silicone lubricant with cock rings?

As I hope you all know already, using some lubricant around your cock ring makes getting it on and off so much easier! And if you don’t, now is the time to start doing this but make sure you are checking out the material of your ring before you start. While most stretchy rings are made from silicone, rubber or jelly materials making them no good with silicone lube, all of those firm cock rings you see are perfect with a little silicone lubricant applied.

Buying a cock ring made from glass, metal or steel will be much easier to slide your junk through is you cover it with some silicone lubricant first. It can also keep things more comfortable as you use the ring and remove it once you are finished. As silicone won’t dry out, it will stay there for the length of your wear too.

The same thing also applies for ball stretchers or cock cages but remember to check out the materials first to make sure they won’t react. I tend to stick with the rule that if a ring is soft or stretchy, stick to water-based and if is firm without any stretch, then you can use silicone.


Do I need to use silicone lubricant with a penis sleeve?

This is another item that can be tricky to work out if it is safe to use with a silicone lubricant as most penis sleeves are made from silicone or some form of rubber. If you really want to use silicone lubricant with your penis sleeve, then you can always use a condom on the outside of the sleeve and apply the lubricant over the top of that to avoid the material. And the same goes for the inside too. As silicone lube is a lot thicker and silkier than water based, it can make using cock sleeve for the wearer much more enjoyable too. I recommend putting some silicone lube inside a condom, then placing the sleeve over the condom inside of the skin.


Can I use silicone lubricant for oral sex?

I would avoid this if possible. While ingesting a small amount may be fine, it isn’t going to taste good and it will likely leave a filmy texture inside your mouth. And that just isn’t sexy right?


But… I’m vegan! Are silicone lubes vegan?

While the ingredients themselves may not contain animal by-products, most lubricants are still tested on animals before being deemed safe for humans. Luckily there are some brands that are avoiding this to ensure that their products are vegan and cruelty-free. Finding these is usually pretty easy as they tend to place it loudly and proudly on their labels and so they should! A few awesome brands making amazing cruelty free silicone lubricants are Wicked and Sliquid.


Is silicone lubricant good for water play?

Yes, yes and yes! This is one of the things that silicone lubricant is most popular for, the fact that it can be used in water without getting washed away. You can use it in the shower, bath, spa, pool or wherever else your imagination takes you and it will stay slippery and amazing no matter how much water gets on it. But, that also means that it is a bit more difficult to clean up once you are finished.


How do I clean it up afterward?

As you know, silicone lube won’t be absorbed into your skin, it won’t be absorbed into your sex toys and it can’t simply be washed away in water. So how do you clean up afterward? With soap. Easy huh? Yup, all you need to do is use some warm water and mild soap and it will come off anywhere on your external body. Now, this does make it a bit more difficult if you are trying to remove it internally. Wiping with some toilet paper or a wet wipe will help though.

To remove it from your sex toys, you can stick to the warm water and soap or a sex toy cleaner or sex toy wipe will do the trick too. Also, keep in mind that silicone lubes may stain your sheets or clothing so try to avoid getting it on these as much as possible. Generally, the better the quality of the lube, the least likely it is to stain.


The naughty list: ingredients that you want to avoid in your lubricant

In most cases, silicone lubricant is safe from these ingredients but it pays to check out the ingredients list anyway and steer clear of any of these.

  • Glycerine
  • Sugar
  • Sucralose
  • Glucose
  • Nonoxynol-9 – this is used in spermicidal lubes.
  • Petroleum
  • Propylene glycol
  • Chlorhexidine gluconate


What other lube types are there if I can’t use silicone lubricant?

As you can see, silicone lubricant works wonders in some situations but isn’t so good when it comes to silicone, rubber or jelly sex toys. In these instances, you will need to stick to a water based lubricant. There are some water based options that are anal specific which will be thicker than others so if you want something that feels similar to silicone then this is a good option.

Another thing to check out is a hybrid lube. These are a mix of water based and silicone and usually have just enough silicone to get that amazing glide and thickness without having enough to damage your sex toys, so long as they are super high-quality material.

Your other option is to use an oil-based lubricant. These are incredibly slippery and smooth but they are really difficult to remove afterward and are not safe to be used with latex toys or condoms. Oil breaks down latex which will make your condoms unsafe.

Remember that there is no shame in using lubrication. It makes things slippery, smooth, comfortable and generally even more amazing, so long as you pick the right one for your chosen activity!