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Glans Pumps and Penis Head Pumps

Glans Pumps and Penis Head Pumps

Penis head pumps are like mini cock pumps that focus their attention solely on the head of the penis. You might be thinking, well why not just use a regular pump right? These pumps work differently and are more about appearance and sensation over huge erections. They can create enlarged glans and make the head of your cock super sensitive. Sounds good right?!

What is a penis head pump?

A penis head pump is a penis pump that is significantly smaller than a regular penis pump and is designed to target the head of the penis only. Because of this, they are sometimes called a glans pump, mushroom head pump, or penis head enlarger. And just like regular pumps, there are manual penis head pumps, electric penis head pumps, and vibrating penis head pumps for those that like some extra stimulation. Click Below to keep reading about penis head pumps!


What does a penis head pump do?

A penis head pump actually offers a lot of benefits to users and can be used to create different results. Here are the main ones. 

Help to achieve and maintain an erection

Works much like a regular penis pump by using suction to create a vacuum effect inside the cylinder and draw blood into the head of the penis which is inside this cylinder.  Increased blood flow can help to create an erection. Using a cock ring along with a penis head pump can also help you to maintain an erection for longer by trapping the blood inside the penis and restricting the flow back out.

While these penis head pumps can work for some to help with achieving and maintaining an erection, if you are looking for a pump to help with ED, then we recommend sticking to a full-sized penis pump as this will give you the best possible results.

Increase the size and sensitivity of the penis head

The main purpose of a penis head pump is to increase the size of the head of the penis with increased blood flow. A thicker, girthier, and fuller head can look very attractive to some but it also serves to create more space for sensation. The process of pumping draws blood into this area and this makes the penis head (Glans) a lot more sensitive. So, the bigger the head is, the more sensitivity and sensation you are going to feel when you stimulate this area following pumping.

In fact, penis head pumping can increase your tip size by up to 30%. This means that there is 30% more area for stimulation and 30% extra sensation. If you are interested in having a huge cock head then one of these enhancement pumps should be your tool of choice.  Sounds pretty damn good right?!

Have a whole lot of fun!

And aside from these post-pumping benefits, the process of the pumping itself can also be really enjoyable for a lot of guys. The head of the penis is home to a whole lot of nerve endings that feel incredible when stimulated and penis head pumps target that exact area.

This type of pump generally has a nice tight inner sleeve too and this clings to your penis while you pump creating a sucking effect. And, yes, it can feel a lot like a blow job! There are also penis head pumps that are designed to pleasure you while you use them. Some have vibrations to tease the tip of your cock and some will even have tight rings that sit over the sleeve and stimulate your penis as you pump by creating a stroking sensation.

What is the difference between a Penis Head Pump and a Penis Pump?

While some of the benefits are a lot like those that you will get from a regular-sized pump, the difference is that this type is going to focus all its attention solely on the head of the cock. It is going to make the head of the penis significantly larger than the rest of the cock and really sensitize this area too as the blood is concentrated here. 

How do I use a Penis Head Pump?

Using a penis head pump is very similar to the process of using a regular penis pump. Start off by applying some water-based lubricant to the sleeve and a bit to the head of the penis too as this will ensure that you get a good seal between the sleeve and your skin.

You can then slip the head of your penis into the sleeve and cylinder and lightly squeeze to create a vacuum within the expansion chamber. This should create a good seal between your skin and the sleeve and you will feel a light suction on the penis too. Allow a few moments before you pump again to allow your cock to get used to the sensation.

When you are ready you can pump again and again until you feel satisfied. Leave time between every pump to let your body get used to and only pump for a maximum of 15 minutes at a time to give your penis a break. When you are finished, release the pressure using the release valve and then slowly remove your cock from the pump. You might want to massage and stretch the penis out a bit now to help with blood flow.

If you are using an electric pump, then all you need to do is pop your head in and press the on button. It will pump and release and do all the work for you!

If you are new to pumping off any kind, then stick to only using it 2-3 times a week, and then you can slowly build up to more. And make sure you are always following the instructions of your particular pump and be careful. Overdoing it can cause damage, and if you get an injury, you won’t be able to pump until you are fully healed. Listen to your body, it should feel like there is pressure, but it shouldn’t hurt.

Who can use a Penis Head Pump?

As there are so many benefits for a penis head pump, they can be used by almost anyone with a penis. They can be used before sex or masturbation to create a larger cock head and to increase your sensitivity. And, they can be used prior to masturbation with a toy too to ignite those nerve endings and make a super-sensitive cock!

Are there Different size Penis Head Pumps?

Penis head pumps come in different sizes depending on the brand and specific pump you choose. The majority of these pumps will have a width between 2 inches and 3 inches and a cylinder length between 2 inches and 4 inches.

Make sure you read the specifications of a pump before you buy it to ensure that it is going to be a good fit for you. And, if you need to, get out your measuring tape and take a look at what you are dealing with. Remember that this only needs to fit the head of your penis so the width is the more important measure of the two.

How do I clean a Penis Head Pump?

It’s important to make sure you thoroughly clean your pump after each use. Not only is this essential to keep you safe from any bacteria that may build-up, but it also ensures that you can get a nice strong seal between the pump and your cock and ensure the best possible results.

And, luckily for you, cleaning a penis head pump is super easy. Start off by separating the cylinder and sleeve from the actual pump. You can soak the cylinder and the sleeve in some warm soapy water and then rinse them off thoroughly. Or, you can give them a spray with anti-bacterial toy cleaner and rinse them with your hand and some warm water. It is also a good idea to get some antibacterial wipes so that you can also wipe down the pumping mechanism too.

Remember that penis pumping is all about suction and this requires a good seal between the sleeve and your skin. So, you need to make sure you are cleaning your pump thoroughly to get rid of any residue that may prevent the pump from having that strong seal.

Are there any side effects of using a Penis Head Pump?

The straight answer to this is yes, but most of these can be avoided by following the instructions closely and making sure you don’t over-pump. The head is the most sensitive part of the penis so you need to take extra care when you are using a pump that concentrates solely on this area.

As with regular penis pumps, there are some pretty common side effects for those that are new to using penis head pumps. Skin discoloration, small blisters, and temporary numbness of the penis tip are the most common issues. These will all heal naturally so long as you refrain from pumping until your body has completely healed. No matter how tempting it might be! If you don’t take a break from pumping, you are going to cause more damage than good.

Another pretty common side effect of penis head pumping is the doughnut effect. While this can also happen using a regular penis pump, it is much more frequent for users of penis head pumps. The doughnut effect is a symptom of over-pumping and is a result of too much lymphatic fluid being drawn into the head of the penis along with the blood.

This can create a swollen, redhead that is overly sensitive and painful. It will go away naturally too and is nothing to worry about. But, you do need to stop pumping until your cock goes back to normal.

More information on Penis Pumps from the MAYO Clinic.