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Water Based Lubricant

The Lowdown on Water Based Lube...People tend to have pretty strong opinions when it comes to sexual and personal lubricants. They either love it and use it all the time and with every partner and every toy, while others seem to think that lube is only necessary for older women and couples that are unable to self-lubricate.

And yes, while it is essential for these women and couples, it is actually an amazing tool that everyone should have a drawer by the bed as it can make sex a whole lot better. Lube is the swiss army knife of sex, no matter if you are masturbating, going in the back door for anal, or just good ole' fashion sex.  Try it and trust us! 

If you use penis pumps or sex toys for men especially, you are missing out if you do not use water-based lube.  Water-based lubricant is by far the most popular lubricant type, and for good reason. It can be used for any body part and with any sex toy to make the experience more comfortable but also to enhance your pleasure.

If it's been said once, it's been said a thousand times, but wetter really is better. That is why there are literally thousands of these products available on the market. And while there are different types of lubes to choose from, one type tends to stand out above the rest; water-based. 

The ingredient list is the most important aspect of water-based lube. The more you know about what is in the product, the better your chance of finding one that will work with your body. And, it will probably pay to look out for an option that has only a few ingredients that you can’t pronounce. The more natural the ingredients, the better it is for your body.

It is also really important to make sure that the lubricant is within its use-by date. Yes, they do have these and they do actually mean something as some lubricants will have additives that are anti-bacterial. If the lube is out of date, then this will lose its effectiveness and you may end up with a bacterial infection from the lube itself.

Speaking of bacterial infections, make sure that your lubricant does not have sugar, sucralose, or glucose. These are all types of sugars and sugar is an absolute no-go when it comes to genitalia. Sugar will actually feed the naturally occurring yeast in your genitals which can result in bacterial infections like thrush.

In most cases, these ingredients will not be included but they are still in some types of flavored lubricants. If you are looking for a deliciously flavored lube, try something with Stevia instead. This is a non-fermentable sweetener that won’t feed the yeast and is safe for use on the body.

If you are unclear on what lube you really want, check out our article on the best sex lubes.

Water Based Lubricant FAQs

Water-based lubricant is a liquid or gel that is designed to reduce friction during sex and masturbation.

As the name suggests, water based lubricant uses a formula that is composed primarily of water. This makes it safe for internal and external use. It is smooth, slick, non-sticky, non-staining and super easy to clean up once you are done. It is also the most versatile of all the lubricant types as it can be used on any body part and any sex toy material. And although, the liquid form is the most popular type, there are also water based lubricants that are in a cream or a gel form too so you can pick the texture you like best.

There are very few people who could not use or benefit from water based lube.  Almost anyone can use water based lube. It is perfect for solo play or partnered play and it goes with all orifices and allsex toys for men, penis extenders,prostate massagers, and so much more… which is why is so popular. 

There really is a water based lubricant for all occasions. And, the best bit is that, in most cases, you can use exactly the same one for it all.

Absolutely! Men of all ages will benefit from using lube, more so, water-based lube. 

As mentioned fore, any sex toy a man uses will be better with lube. Your favorite Fleshlight will feel that much more real with lube. All masturbators, even those that are self-lubricating will benefit from more lube. 

Lube helps during use with any penis extension sleeve and hollow strap-on dildo. That backdoor play you have been thinking about will improve with the simple addition! Prostate massaging is already amazing and now it can get even better as if you didn’t think that was possible.

A water-based lubricant is a perfect option for vaginal sex as it can enhance sensation and also mimic the natural lubrication of a female. Due to the fact that the main ingredient is water-based and water-soluble, there is almost no risk of use.  

Some women do have an allergy to Glycerin or Parabens so they may want to find a water-based lube that is free of those ingredients.

Regardless of natural lubrication, water based lube can also be used to enhance sex and to avoid any damage to the delicate tissue of the vagina. It’s also essential for longer play sessions as it will stop the skin from becoming irritated with so much friction.

Yes! And, you should. Not only does it make sex a lot smoother and comfortable for both of you, but it actually helps prevents the condom material from ripping. 

The main reason that condoms tear is that they are not sufficiently lubricated and there is too much friction for the thin material to handle.

While most water-based lubricants will be fine for anal sex, there are also some that are designed specifically for this purpose. This water-based anal lube will have a thicker, more viscous texture than regular water-based lubes and will also be long-lasting

Yes, you can and you definitely should.  Water-based lube is the safest option of lubricant for all sex toys.

Using lubricant with sex toys will make them easier to use, smoother and more pleasurable too. It also protects your toys by reducing friction so they will last you longer and feel better. 

While silicone or oil-based lube can be great with some sex toys, water-based lube is the only type that can be used with all toy materials so it is always a good idea to have some with you. Different toys will require different amounts of lubricant so use it liberally and see what works best for you.

Most water-based lubricants are extremely safe to use on your body and inside your body.  With very little risk associated, there are still a few ingredients you might want to stay away from.

  • Sugar
  • Sucralose
  • Glucose
  • Nonoxynol-9 – this is used in spermicidal lubes.
  • Petroleum
  • Propylene glycol
  • Chlorhexidine gluconate