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Personal Lubricant for Sex

Water Based Lube

The Lowdown on Water Based Lube...People tend to have pretty strong opinions when it comes to sexual and personal lubricant. They either love it and use it all the time and with every partner and every toy, while others seem to think that lube is only necessary for older women and couples that are unable to self-lubricate. And yes, while it is essential for these women and couples, it is actually an amazing tool that everyone should have a drawer by the bed as it can make sex a whole lot better. Lube is the swiss army knife of sex, no matter if you are masturbating, going in the back door for anal, or just good ole' fashion sex.  Try it and trust us! 

If you use penis pumps or sex toys for men especially, you are missing out if you do not use water based lube.  Water based lubricant is by far the most popular lubricant type, and for good reason. It can be used for any body part and with any sex toy to make the experience more comfortable but also to enhance your pleasure. If it's been said once, it's been said a thousand times, but wetter really is better. That is why there are literally thousands of these products available on the market. And while there are different types of lubes to choose from, one type tends to stand out above the rest; water based. Here’s a rundown of what water based lubricant is all about and how it can help you get wet and stay wet.


What is water based lubricant?

A lubricant is any substance that helps to reduce friction, but a lubricant that is used for sexual activities is generally referred to as a personal lubricant or sexual lubricant. Lube is designed to reduce friction without reducing sensation so that your play is smoother, more comfortable, more sensitive, and more intense. Of course, this also means that the person or people involved will be more relaxed and more receptive to pleasure too making the whole process more enjoyable. Basically, it keeps your genitals cool, calm, collected, and ready for action.

As the name suggests, water based lubricant uses a formula that is composed primarily of water making it safe for internal and external use. It is smooth, slick, non-sticky, non-staining and super easy to clean up once you are done. It is also the most versatile of all the lubricant types as it can be used on any body part and any sex toy material. And although, the liquid form is the most popular type, there are also water based lubricants that are in a cream or a gel form too so you can pick the texture you like best.


Who can use water based lubricant?

There are very few people who could not use or benefit from water based lube.  Almost anyone can use water based lube. It is perfect for solo play or partnered play and it goes with all orifices and all sex toys for men, penis extenders, prostate massagers, and so much more… which is why is so popular. There really is a water based lubricant for all occasions. And, the best bit is that, in most cases, you can use exactly the same one for it all.


Is water based lubricant good for men?

Absolutely!  Men of all ages will benefit from using lube, more so, water based lube.  As mentioned fore, any sex toy a man uses will be better with lube. Your favorite Fleshlight will feel that much more real with lube.  All masturbators, even those that are self lubricating will benefit from more lube.  Lube helps during use with any penis extension sleeve and hollow strap on dildo.  That backdoor play you have been thinking about will improve with the simple addition!  Prostate massaging is already amazing and now it can get even better, as if you didn’t think that was possible.


Is water based lubricant good for vaginal sex?

Water based lubricant is a perfect option for vaginal sex as it can enhance sensation and also mimic the natural lubrication of a female. A woman’s natural lubrication can be impacted by so many different things. Hormones, the pill, stress, menopause and sometimes, for no reason at all. Everyone has days where their bodies simply aren’t as hydrated down there as they might like and water based lube is a great way to still enjoy sex without stress. It can also help to move things along when the bodies natural lubrication isn’t moving along as fast as your arousal levels might suggest. Lubrication is not the only indication of arousal after all, and using some lube will let you quicken things up a bit while staying comfortable.

Regardless of natural lubrication, water based lube can also be used to enhance sex and to avoid any damage to the delicate tissue of the vagina. It’s also essential for longer play sessions as it will stop the skin from becoming irritated with so much friction.


Can I use water based lubricant with condoms?

Yes! And, you should. Not only does it make sex a lot smoother and comfortable for both of you, but it actually helps prevents the condom material from ripping. The main reason that condoms tear is that they are not sufficiently lubricated and there is too much friction for the thin material to handle. While some condoms do come already covered in lube, this amount is usually minimal and it is not sufficient to keep the condom intact. Make sure you top it up with some extra to stay safe. This is especially important as condoms actually cause the body to become dryer faster so a lot of lube is essential for safety and comfort too.

And it's not just the receiver that benefits from this extra comfort, adding some water based lube can make the experience more pleasurable for the wearer too. Adding a few drops of water based lubricant inside the condom before you put it on can add some sexy slipperiness and provide you with more sensation. Just don’t go overboard as too much might can result in the condom slipping off.

If you are planning on using a lubricant with condoms, then water based and silicone based lubes are your only options. Oil based lubricants will actually degrade and break down the latex of the condom making it unsafe and ineffective. If you are not sure which to go for, stick with water based.


Is water based lubricant good for anal sex?

Lubricant is an absolutely essential item for any kind of anal play. This is not a self-lubricating area, regardless of how turned you are, so you need to add that moisture yourself. And, it is essential. The skin inside the rectum is very thin and sensitive and it tears easily with friction. When this skin is torn you become more susceptible to infections so using a lot of lube is required.

While most water based lubricants will be fine for anal sex, there are also some that are designed specifically for this purpose. These water based anal lubes will have a thicker, more viscous texture than regular water based lubes and will also be long-lasting. You know the term “more cushion for the pushing”? Well, that is what these anal lubricants are all about. The anus is actually a very absorbent area so you might find that you need to add more even with this thicker lube if it starts to dry out. And if you need it, use it. There is no shame in reapplying. If you are still feeling a bit of discomfort during anal, there are several desensitizing lube options which help reduce pain and displeasure.  The active ingredient in these desensitizing lubes is typically Benzocaine or Lidocaine, both over the counter numbing agents.  Be careful and do not apply too much of desensitizing lube as you do not want to be completely numb. You need to feel if you are doing any damage in the anus.  Look out for a water based gel lubricant or a water based cream lubricant as these will be the longest lasting, and they stay put once you apply them without sliding off anywhere like a liquid can.


Should I use water based lubricant for masturbation?

While there is no law that says you must, adding some lube when you masturbate will really take things up a notch and make any movements much more smooth. All masturbators and Fleshlights need some sort of lubrication to keep away that nasty friction.  You can use any water based lubricant for this but a cream water based lube can be amazing for this type of self-love, especially for men. Water based cream lubricants are thick and creamy but thin out to a much smoother texture as you use it. It will become smoother with each stroke and stay there until you are finished. Cream lubricants do require a bit more clean-up as their consistency is so thick, but some warm water and soap will do it. They tend to leave your skin feeling pretty nice afterward too.


Should I use water based lubricant with a penis pump?

Some people may not realize but using some water based lubricant with your penis pump will make a world of difference to your comfort levels and to your results. Using some lube around the comfort seal will make it sit more comfortably against the skin and there will be less tugging on any pubic hairs down there too. And it's not just your comfort that will be improved with the addition of the lubricant, it also helps to create a strong seal between the pump and your skin. For the best possible results, you need to create an airtight seal and adding some lubricant will help to prevent any air getting through. Just make sure you don’t go overboard as this can make things too slippery. Use a small amount to start with and add more if you feel like you need it.


Can I use water based lubricant with sex toys?

Yes, you can and you definitely should.  Using lubricant with sex toys will make them easier to use, smoother and more pleasurable too. It also protects your toys by reducing friction so they will last you longer and feel better. Win, win! While silicone or oil based lube can be great with some sex toys, water based lube is the only type that can be used with all toy materials so it is always a good idea to have some with you. Different toys will require different amounts of lubricant so use it liberally and see what works best for you.


How do I use water based lubricant with anal toys and prostate massagers?

As I talked about earlier, the anus is not self-lubricating so you need to make sure that you thoroughly wet the area with lube before you start exploring. The more the merrier here too as the anus will also start to soak up water based lube much faster than any other part of the body. So apply water based lubricant liberally to anal toy to fully coat it and also apply some to the outside of the body at the opening of the booty. Try to insert some inside the anus if you can too. Lubricant launchers can be great here as they can be inserted into the body to release the lubricant inside. But, if you don’t have one of those, you can apply it with a finger.

Using an anal specific water based lubricant for your toys is also a good idea. This will have more cushioning and thickness so it will last longer inside the body and provide even more comfort. Check out the water based lube by Lynk Pleasure Products. It is thick, long lasting and will have you feeling silky smooth.


Can I still use water based lubricant with a vibrating toy?

You can still use water based lubricants with motorized sex toys including prostate massagers and vibrating cock rings. Apply it liberally to the body of the toy but avoid the battery compartment or the charging port. Even if they are water-proof, I still recommend avoiding this area to prevent any lube build up as it will be the hardest part of the toy to clean. Also, consider if you need to be using any controls during your play as lube will make your hands and buttons slippery and harder to work. Keep a towel nearby, or try to keep one hand free of lubricant. This can be your control hand!


Do I need to use water based lubricant with cock rings?

This seems to be a little-known secret, and, if you don’t know already, I am about to change your life. Using a bit of water based lubricant on your cock rings will make getting them on and off so so so much easier!

And the same goes for ball stretchers and cock cages too. Just a little bit around the ring or edge of the toy and a small amount on your skin can make the movement over your shaft or scrotum a lot easier. And as the toy will not really move around afterward in use, it will dry quickly. If you want some help removing the toy off the body, then you can apply some again to get it off quick and easy.


Do I need to use water based lubricant with male masturbators?

Using water based lubricant with your male masturbators is extremely important. It helps to allow the toy to stretch to fit you properly, and it also prevents tears in the material of the toy. Fleshlights, strokers and stamina training sleeves are made to feel as life-like as possible so they tend to be made from very soft, squishy material that is, unfortunately, very easy to rip. Once ripped, these toys are no longer safe to use and they can harbour bacteria and are no longer body-safe. Using lube will help to prevent this and give the toy a much longer lifespan.

These types of toys tend to be made from soft skin-life material and in some cases, the actual material won’t be listed. Instead, they will use a name like FantaFlesh or RealFeel depending on the brand. As we don’t know what the actual material will be, it is always safest to use water based lube so you don’t damage the toy. Apply the lube to the shaft of the penis and some inside the toy too to make sure that it is fully covered.


Do I need to use water based lubricant with a penis sleeve?

Using some water based lube with a penis sleeve or extender is also essential both for the wearer and the person on the receiving end. Using some lubricant on the inside of the sleeve will make it much easier to get on. You can also apply some directly to the shaft of your penis to help things glide. As penis sleeves add girth and length to the penis, you will need to apply a lot of water based lube to the outside of the sleeve too to ensure that it is comfortable for the receiver and doesn’t drag on the skin.


Can I use water based lubricant for oral sex?

Yes, you can. I don’t recommend that you guzzle down the whole bottle but a small amount being ingested off the body every now and then hasn’t been found to cause problems. It just might not taste all that delicious. But, there is something to help with that…


Can I get flavored water based lube?

Yes, you can and it can make oral seriously delicious! Gone are the days when flavored lubes tasted plastic and chemically. Now flavored lubricants are seriously delicious and they are available in almost any flavour. You can find fruity, sweet, sour, even bacon flavored… If that’s what you are into. What’s great is most flavored lubricants are actually made with water based lubricant as the base, as they are the safest option to be ingested. Just be careful that they don’t use sugar or any form of sugar for the sweetener as this can play havoc with your genitals. But, more on that later!


But… I’m vegan! Are there vegan water based lubricants?

While some of you may be surprised to hear that many sexual enhancers are not vegan-friendly, animal bi-products have actually been used in these products for a long time now. And you will find that a lot of lubricants are actually tested on animals before being deemed safe for humans. But, there are some brands that are pushing ahead of the rest making lubricant that is vegan and cruelty-free. If you are looking for one of these lubricants, look no further than the label as it will be stated here loud and proud. A few brands that are making lube that is vegan certified are Sliquid and Wicked. Just make sure it is stated on the label as some brands have a few of these items in the range but not the full range.


How do I clean it up afterwards?

One of the things that really makes water based lube so popular is how easy it to clean up afterwards. Being a formula that consists primarily of water it means that it won’t stain your bedding or clothes and it cleans up with just water. Or, you can leave it to absorb your skin. Being water soluble means that the skin and mucous membranes actually start to absorb it once the friction stops leaving your skin without stickiness or residue. But, being water soluble means that water based lubricant won’t last as long as the other lubricant types. But, if it starts to dry out you can simply add water or saliva and it will reactivate the moisture and slipperiness. Pretty cool huh?!

Unlike your skin which absorbs lube, when it dries on toys there will be residue left over which needs to be thoroughly cleaned up. If it isn’t it can start to build bacteria on the toy. Make sure that you thoroughly clean your toys with warm water and soap or a good quality sex toy cleaner after each use.


Is there any reason why I shouldn’t use water based lubricant?

For most people, water based lubricant will be a great option but there are a few things that can make it unsuitable. If you have any type of yeast infection or candida in the genital area, then water based lubricant can actually cause burning and irritation. And no, guys, this does not solely affect women. Although they are more susceptible to yeast infections, you can actually get them too.

When you have candida, the PH level of your genital tissue changes. The difference in PH level between your genitals and the lubricant is what causes it to burn. If this happens removing the lube with water and some soap should stop the burning. Silicone lubricant is the way to go if you have this type of bacterial infection as it does not have the same PH reaction.

Also if you have allergies or know you are allergic to something, make sure you check the list of ingredients to make sure that it will be safe for use. A lot of natural lubricants use ingredients like nuts, Aloe Vera, fruits and other plants to provide flavor, scent or soothing effects to the lubricant. So check out the label thoroughly and do a spot test on an area of skin that is not so sensitive to start with. If nothing happens, then it should be fine to use on your genitals too.

The other activity that water based lube isn’t a good option for is water play. You can’t use it in a bath, shower or spa as it will wash away with the water. If you want to use a lubricant in a wet situation, then stick to silicone lube as it will stay slippery through all kinds of water play.


What should I look for in a good water based lube?

To start with, an ingredients list! The more you know about what is in the product, the better your chance of finding one that will work with your body. And, it will probably pay to look out for an option that has only a few ingredients that you can’t pronounce. The more natural the ingredients, the better it is for your body.

It is also really important to make sure that the lubricant is within its use by date. Yes, they do have these and they do actually mean something as some lubricants will have additives that are anti-bacterial. If the lube is out of date, then this will lose its effectiveness and you may end up with a bacterial infection from the lube itself.

Speaking of bacterial infections, make sure that your lubricant does not have sugar, sucralose, glucose or glycerine. These are all types of sugars and sugar is an absolute no-go when it comes to genitalia. Sugar will actually feed the naturally occurring yeast in your genitals which can result in bacterial infections like thrush. In most cases, these ingredients will not be included but they are still in some types of flavored lubricants. If you are looking for a deliciously flavored lube, try something with Stevia instead. This is a non-fermentable sweetener that won’t feed the yeast and is safe for use on the body.

The water based lube by Lynk Pleasure Products is free from parabens, sugar, and glycerine and is a great all rounder for all types of play.


The naughty list: ingredients that you want to avoid in your water based lubricant

If you see these on the ingredients list, I suggest you steer clear.

  • Sugar
  • Sucralose
  • Glucose
  • Nonoxynol-9 – this is used in spermicidal lubes.
  • Petroleum
  • Propylene glycol
  • Chlorhexidine gluconate


What other lube types are there if I can’t use water based lube?

If you are starting to think that water based lubricant might not be the best option for you, don’t worry. There are others to choose from! Oil lubricant, silicone lubricant and hybrid lubricant are the other popular styles. While they may not be as versatile as water based lube, they all have their own benefits.

Oil based lube is extremely long lasting and won’t dry out until you decide to wash it off, however, it can’t be used with condoms. Silicone lubricant is super smooth, silky and long lasting. It is actually the better option for people with skin sensitivities or people that are prone to bacterial infections as it won’t mess with your PH levels. The issue is that it can not be used with silicone sex toys as it tries to bond to them and can turn them tacky. Hybrid lubricant is actually a mix of water based lube and silicone lube. It has the long lasting slippery of silicone while being much easier to clean up due to its high water content. It is also safe to use with silicone toys so long as you wash them straight away after each use.

Don’t underestimate the effect that a good water based lubricant can have on your sex life. It doesn’t matter who you are playing with or how you are playing, there will be a lube to enhance the experience.

It’s inexpensive and can make a world of difference to your sex life. If you are looking to buy water based lubricant, check out our full range here and play safe.