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Best Butt Shaped Masturbation Sleeves

Anal Masturbators

For the man who wants a masturbation experience second-to-none, we offer a premier array of anal masturbators. Hand getting bland? Vaginal fleshlight not quite tight? These sexy, life-like assholes will squeeze you until you scream.

You may be wondering, what’s the best anal masturbator for me? Below we’ll make sure you’re fully informed about the available varieties, how to choose the best option for your preferences and size, and how to clean and maintain your puckered little friend. 

What is an anal masturbator?

Realistic simulations of the mouth and vagina have existed for masturbation purposes for years with sleeves, pocket pussies, strokers, and the classic Fleshlight. But for straight guys and gay guys alike who may be interested in the tighter feeling of thrusting into an anus, anal masturbators are the tantalizing solution.

Anal masturbators are similar to other male masturbator options, with the added bonus that they are shaped to look like you’re inserting yourself into a tight, realistic butt. Like other male masturbators, they can be structured like hollow plastic shells, inside of which is a molded silicone form. These are easy to grip and thrust into, and increase the pleasure of masturbation, alone or with the company.

Some anal masturbators may be larger, molded to look like the full, pillowy spread of an ass. Others may include sensual innovations like heat and vibration for a bit of extra razzle-dazzle. Below, we explore the entire pleasurable lineup and answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Why are anal masturbators so pleasurable?

Like cavemen discovering a fire or sex innovators discovering edible massage oil, anal masturbators are a game-changer. 

Anal sex is a widely sought-after and legendarily pleasurable experience, and anal masturbators emulate those sensations. Male masturbators with an anal design are molded extra tight to recreate the feeling of resistance at the entrance of this elusive hole. Inside, you can choose from a variety of materials, textures, and add-ons to heighten the thrusting experience.

If you’re looking for intensity, anal masturbators beat vaginal sleeves in tightness any day of the week. And if you’re having trouble finding a partner who will let you explore that backdoor, anal masturbators are a fantastic alternative. They’re sanitary, require little prep work, and come with bonus features like vibration, suction, and warmth.

And when you add on all of that? If you’re looking for mind-blowing orgasms, no normal butthole can compete.

What types are available?

As mentioned above, anal masturbators are constructed with a wide variety of forms, materials, and features. 

In order to determine the best kind for you, take into consideration the size of your penis and how easily you want to be able to clean the toy. This will help determine if you should buy a closed or open model. 

Also, think about how discretely you want to be able to use and store it. Some anal masturbators are realistic, large, and in charge… and hard to disguise as anything but exactly what they are. Others are small enough to look like a shampoo bottle or can of soda.

Whatever you choose, these are some of the things to take into consideration… 


Anal masturbators come in all sort of shapes. From your discreet sleeve that can be tucked in a drawer, to large, realistic emulations of a curvaceous ass that you can grab and grind into, you definitely have options. 

As mentioned above, most models are either closed or open at the end. Closed models can be limiting if you’re particularly well-endowed, so make sure to read reviews to determine what’s best for you. Closed models are also a bit more difficult to clean out, so take that into consideration. 

Most molded buttholes will look fairly similar, so make sure to figure out what the texturing is like on the inside as well. Many anal masturbators will include tightly-tittilating ridges and nubs to increase that explosion of pleasure.

Finally, if you’re looking for a big, realistic ass, you may consider a multi-purpose molded sex toy that has an attached penis-like dildo as well. If you want to change things up mid-session, these toys can be extremely fun and service all your spicy orgasmic needs.


Like other sex toys, anal masturbator materials are extremely important to understand for both feel and hygiene. 

Your safest bet is medical-grade silicone, which is used in almost every high-quality sex toy. It’s non-porous, body-safe, and easily cleanable. Silicone can be molded to be softer or firmer and is pretty realistic to the touch. The non-porous nature of it means it won’t harbor germs. It’s industry standard for a reason.

You’ll also find cyber skin used for an even more realistic, skin-like feel. Unlike silicone, most cyber skin is not non-porous, meaning it’s much more difficult to keep clean and sanitary. It degrades faster, and should never be stored with other toys, as the squishy TPR elastomer is likely to break down over time, or even fuse with your other playthings.


When talking about the fun additions, we’re usually referring to heat and vibration. You’ll find some wonderfully inventive male masturbators on the market that use suction and/or rotation to really amp up that thunderous orgasm. 

While extra sensations no doubt enhance your pleasurable fun, do always consider how mechanical or electrical parts will affect cleaning. Speaking of which… 

How do I keep my anal masturbator clean? 

In order to guarantee a safe, sanitary, scintillating orgasm you can relive over and over again, cleaning your anal masturbator is necessary after every use. 

For the easiest clean-up, you can use a condom with your toy. But after a wild and sexy bareback ride, you’ll need to do a thorough wash. If using a vibrating or heated toy with electronic parts, make sure to remove them (after washing your hands, of course). If a toy doesn’t say “water-proof,” assume it’s not! Remove all plugs and batteries carefully.

When using a sleeve, it can usually be easily removed from its casing. If it’s open-ended, start by running warm water through it, and swirling around with your fingers. Then use soap, or even better, a dedicated sex toy cleaning solution, to wash it out thoroughly. Many close-ended toys can be flipped inside-out for easier cleaning as well. 

For toys with ridges and bumps on the inside, you’ll want to be thorough. Make sure you get in there to wash out all evidence of your good time. Pat dry as much as you can, then leave it out to air-dry the rest of the way. Though you may want to be careful about who sees it, know that hiding it back in a drawer before it’s fully dry can lead to unwelcome growths of mold and mildew. 

Lastly, you’ll want to maintain that nice skin-like texture of the silicone or cyber skin by rubbing on generous amounts of renewal powder. After a couple of uses and washes, most silicone will begin to feel a bit tacky or sticky to the touch. Renewal powder restores that naturalistic texture and keeps your anal masturbator in good shape. Plus, rubbing that powder all up in there can be… a bit arousing. Trust us. You may be ready to go again sooner than you think.

How do I get started using my anal masturbator?

For a first-time adventurer into the realm of male anal masturbators, let us just say this: Welcome, sexplorer. You’re in for an awesome time. 

Go ahead and get yourself ready by pulling out some high-quality water-based lube. Like all silicone-based sex toys, anal masturbators don’t play well with silicone- or oil-based lube. In addition to cleaning and drying your anal masturbator well, choosing the correct lube will help it last longer. 

Take that water-based lube and make sure to coat everything thoroughly. You, the toy, the edges of the toy… you don’t want to be hitting any rough patches in the middle of a session and throwing yourself off. 

For anal toys with a tighter opening, it’s also a good idea to get pretty hard before you take the plunge. After all, feeling the squeeze is kinda the point, no?

The great news about anal masturbators is that they’re pretty self-explanatory. Do you want a tight, sexy hole? You got it. Depending on the type you choose to buy, you may be controlling that hole with your hand, thrusting into a life-like ass, or even angling into it in the shower (suction cup versions exist!). But whatever type you choose to splurge on, know that you’re going to be having an incomparable, rapturous orgasm.

Choose your own adventure.

Gay or straight, big or small, veteran or novice, your penis deserves to experience the best masturbation on the market. With our anal masturbators, you can be guaranteed a great time, every time. Keep scrolling to check out our selection of high-quality anal masturbators, and tap that ass on your own terms.