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Non Vibrating Penis Rings & Constriction Rings

Non Vibrating Penis Rings & Constriction Rings

At The Enhanced Male, we have a full line of non-vibrating cock rings and constriction rings designed to be used for all of your sexual pleasure. Our full line includes all of the top brands such as Screaming O, Lynk Pleasure, Tantus, Doc Johnson, and many others. From stretchy silicone to rubber, and even leather and metal, these rings will keep you rock hard and going all night long. No matter the size or shape of your penis, there is a constriction ring that will empower your sexual fantasies.

What is a Non-Vibrating Cock Ring?

It's no surprise to hear that most, if not all men want to last longer during sex and see their package grow in size. The penis plays a vital role in our mental health as well as our sexual wellbeing so we want to maximize all aspects of it. Now if you ask your partner, chances are they will say we are generally good in bed and the size of our penis is more than enough to satisfy them. So why do we always want more? We are men, that's why. It's in our nature to compete and have the biggest and best, especially when it comes to penis size. The one great solution to these problems is to add a penis ring to our bedroom play.

Penis rings can also be called cock rings but people tend to associate cock rings with sex toys that also have a built-in vibrator. These vibrating cock rings are also called couples vibrators. Why they share many characteristics as non-vibrating cock rings or constriction rings, they also have a few differences that set them apart.

Non-vibrating cock rings have a very specific use that is more to help you as a man achieve harder erections that last longer. They are not generally intended for pleasure to your partner other than your partner enjoying your new rock-hard penis.

These constriction rings work by restricting blood flow to the penis and trapping in the blood that is currently in your penis. To see what the effects would look like, you can grasp the base of your penis with your thumb and index finger in the shape of an "O". When you gently squeeze your penis like this you will notice your penis getting harder, thicker, and generally larger.

By restricting the blood flow to your penis you will enhance the appearance and size while the ring is being worn. The engorged penile tissue temporarily enhances your erection while having sex with your partner.

Non-vibrating penis rings have been around and used during sex for decades due to their ability to instantly improve your sex life. We have been talking about how you will get more size out of your penis but we have yet to mention that these types of cock rings also help you prolong ejaculation and last longer during sex.

The same way your penis grows with the blood flow cut off it also makes it more difficult to ejaculate with that same restriction. While they may be called sex toys, these items are far from being a toy. Many experts and other sex therapists recommend using these rings if you suffer from Premature Ejaculation (PE) and other forms of mild Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

These non-vibrating penis rings were originally designed and intended to be used alongside a penis pump to create a long-lasting erection where you might not otherwise be able to achieve one. By simply pumping up your erection with the penis pump, you would immediately use a restrictions ring to keep the blood in your penis that was sucked in during pumping. It's as simple as that.

What Materials Should I Look For?

There are many different types of materials that these types of non-vibrating penis rings are made from depending on your level of experience as well as budget. The most common type of material is going to be stretchy silicone. Because silicone is very forgiving and quite comfortable to use, most companies are making their rings exclusively in this material. It's worth noting that silicone is one of the highest quality and safest materials that sex toys are made from.

Similar to silicone, many rings are made from either a jelly-type material or PVC as they are equally as stretchy and forgiving. These types of materials tend to be less expensive than silicone so they are a favorite among those with a smaller budget.

The most experienced and comfortable you get with restricting blood flow to your penis, the more you are able to experiment with harder cock rings that are much less forgiving. One of the most popular materials for the experts is metal or more often than not Stainless Steel. With all the same health qualities as silicone, these stainless rings are non-porous and easy to clean. The reason experts are the only ones recommended to use metal is that there is zero stretch or give in this material. They are much more difficult to get on and off.

Finally, leather is a fairly common material for non-vibrating cock rings. These leather rings usually have snaps on them that allow you to choose whichever size works best for your penis. These are adjustable and can be comfortable to wear.

Enjoy Greater Sensitivity

If you are ready to enjoy more pleasure and greater sensitivity then these types of non-vibrating rings are a great choice for you. Sliding a cock ring around your penis not only gives your partner longer-lasting pleasure, but it also makes your penis much more sensitive so you feel every thrust more intensely. Whether you are a single, silicone cock ring kind of guy or are ready for a perineum message that may just make you scream, The Enhanced Male has you and your penis covered!