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Penis Pump Cylinders & Cock Expansion Tubes

Penis Pump Cylinders & Cock Expansion Tubes

When you are looking for more of a customized penis pump experience then reach for a modular pumping system with an expansion cylinder. These professional penis pump systems allow you to choose the type of hand pump you want to use along with the individual penis pump cylinder. There are a variety of penis pump parts available to fully customize to your liking.  When building an effective enlargement system selecting the best parts for your specific needs will help you maximize your results.

These types of systems typically sell the hand pump separately from the cylinders.  Modular penis pump systems use a unique quick disconnect air system which allows for easy and quick connecting and disconnecting of each of the parts. This gives you the freedom to change out the penis pump cylinders on the fly for the perfect fit (especially as you grow). 

Most of these systems have tubes that are designed for high-pressure usage, giving the user maximum results with minimum effort. As with all penis pump systems, using a silicone erection ring will allow for longer-lasting results. Don't forget your favorite lube to and penis pump donut seal Find your perfect modular pump system and enjoy harder bigger and longer-lasting erections. For sizing, continue reading below...

What Parts Do I Need For a Complete Pump System?

  • Hand pump  - Typically comes with all air tubing but please check before purchasing (manual or electric)
  • Penis pump cylinder (Tube)
  • Air tubing and all connectors (usually comes with a pump)

Choosing the Right Size Penis Pump Cylinders

Penis pump cylinders are sized in relation to the girth (girth is the circumference, or distance around, the penis) of an erect penis. 

To determine which tube size is right for you, measure your girth at the thickest point of your erect penis. The thickest point of the penis varies among men, and may or may not be at the head, middle, or base of your penis.

Measure by wrapping string or dressmaker tape around the base of the shaft of your cock when erect. Divide that length by 3.142 and the result will be the diameter of your cylinder. If you choose the next nearest diameter larger it allows for expansion. 

Penis Pump Cylinder Size Guide

 Penis Girth Circumference  Penis Girth CM  Pump Cylinder Size
Up to 5.25 Inches        13.3 cm  1.75 Inch Diameter
Up to 6 Inches        15.2 cm  2 Inch Diameter
Up to 6.75 Inches        17.1 cm   2.25 Inch Diameter
Up to 7.63 Inches        19.3 cm  2.25 Inch Diameter
Up to 8.38 Inch        21.2 cm  2.75 Inch Diameter

For penis pump safety please check out our Penis Pump Safety Guide