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Penis Pump Cylinders

When you are looking for more of a customized penis pump experience then reach for a modular pumping system.  These systems allow you to choose the type of hand pump you want to use in conjunction with the individual penis pump cylinder.  These types of systems typically sell the penis pump hand pump separately from the penis pump cylinders.  Modular penis pump systems use a unique quick disconnect system to allow for easy and quick assembly and disassembly.  This allows you to change out the penis pump cylinders on the fly for the perfect fit.  Most modular systems are designed for high-pressure use giving the user maximum results with minimum effort.  As with all penis pump systems, use with a silicone erection ring will allow for longer lasting results. Find your perfect modular penis pump system and enjoy harder, bigger, and longer lasting erections.

For penis pump safety please check out our Penis Pump Safety Guide