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Sex Toys For The Boys

We take a look at some of the most popular adult male masturbation sex toys on the market today, and let you know what you can expect from them…

Masturbation toys for men are not new. In fact, written descriptions of some of the first sex dolls date back to the start of the 20th century. Of course, our attitudes towards sex, love, and intimacy have changed quite a bit since then!

Today, male masturbation toys are safe, hygienic and affordable—the best ones are made from high-grade body-safe silicone or TPR, which are both phthalate and latex-free. But for some guys, choosing the right sex toy—particularly if you're a first-time buyer, can be difficult. So, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you out. 

Types of Male Masturbation Toys 

  1. Male masturbators, pocket pussies, strokers and sleeves
  2. Cock rings and ball stretchers
  3. Sex dolls and other body parts
  4. Prostate massagers
  5. Penis extender sleeves and strap-ons for men

Male masturbators, strokers, and sleeves

Most guys looking for their first sex toy opt for a male masturbator. Usually a handheld penis stroker or a sleeve. Often called pocket pussies, they’re designed to have the look or feel of a vagina—although you can get sleeves that feel more like a mouth or butt too—if you prefer. Simple to use and starting at a low price point, strokers and sleeves open up a new world of pleasure and intensity. Imagine your hand feeling like a vagina, well that's what these do.  For a lot of men, it will be the first time they’ll have used anything but their hand to get themselves off—and they’ll wonder why they didn’t try one before. 

Fleshlight is probably the best-known brand out there with everything from discreet designs to masturbators that are sculpted to look and feel like your favorite porn star. Other high-quality manufacturers include Vulcan and Zolo.


pocket pussy

Whichever brand you pick, you’ll find a wide choice of options. Some have ribs or ‘pleasure bumps’ to heighten enjoyment and satisfaction—building intensity and delivering bone-shaking orgasms. Others have been designed to slowly tease and tantalize your dick in ways you never imagined were possible—these include a whole new generation of vibrating models. Try using them with a warming lube to get a more realistic body-like sensation or a chilling lube to take things in an entirely new direction.

Strokers, sleeves and pocket pussies are a lot of fun on your own or with your partner. Used alone, they can help increase stamina and tackle premature ejaculation (PE) linked to a hypersensitive dick. With a partner, they can also extend foreplay and increase passion. Both of which will help you blow your load with even more intensity. 

fleshlight stamina trainer

Explore our guides about Fleshlight Masturbators in detail

Cock rings and ball stretchers

Cock rings (also known as penis rings or erection rings) are an excellent male sex toy. They provide an extra level of stimulation and let you show off your dick to its full potential—making it look longer and thicker. Cock rings will keep you harder for longer too by trapping your blood inside your dick. For that reason, they’re a pill-free way to get hard and stay hard even if you have ED.

But which kind of cock ring is best for you? There’s a massive choice on the market starting with the tried-and-tested standard non-vibrating option. Vibrating cock rings are also great for getting you and your partner off at the same time. With just one toy, you can deliver clitoral and anal stimulation while also giving your balls a good massage too! Some even have a remote control function—letting you or your partner take charge of the action. If you want to take dual satisfaction one step further, some cock rings come with a double penetration option. You'll be able to indulge some seriously wild fantasies together when you get that fastened on!


cock rings


Some cock rings also have an attached ball stretcher. Either on their own, or used with a cock ring, ball stretchers offer another source of stimulation, and they can also help guys with premature ejaculation. This is going to sound weird but stretched balls take longer to shoot their load. But it is logical: Orgasms happen when your jizz travels from your balls to your dick—you probably knew that right?! What you may not realize is that before you cum, your balls have to contract. Ball stretchers delay this process, letting you carry on with the main event for longer and building the intensity for both of you.

Sex dolls and other body part toys for men

If your thing is jerking off between a pair of perky 36DD tits, or you like to squeeze a tight bubble butt while you’re having sex, then there are a few toys for you out there to try. You don’t have to make do with your hand and your imagination any more! Instead, you try out a life-sized replicas of the female torso made from soft realistic skin-like material. These masturbators are also great for guys with PE—allowing them time alone, without pressure to practice building stamina and last longer.

life size sex doll


Interested in sex dolls?

Learn all about sex dolls in our detailed guide:

If absolute realism is your thing and you want all aspects of it to look and feel real then you need to be looking at sex dolls.  These masturbators are more often than not, are the size of a real human adult and feel like it too.   

Prostate massagers

These days, men are much more open to exploring their erogenous zones including the backdoor. Whether that’s their nipples, ball sacks or their prostate or perineum (or taint[i]). Prostate and, to a lesser extent, perineum stimulation, has been shown to offer many health-related benefits, as well as encouraging extended love-making, greater intimacy, and multiple orgasms. As a result, there are plenty of male sex toys available that will help you find and stimulate your ‘P-Spot".

Whether you're using a toy or a finger, you do need to be comfortable with the idea of touching (or having someone else) touch your butt in a sexual context. So it’s not for everyone. But neither is it just for gay or bi guys. Prostate stimulation (or milking as it’s often known) has nothing to do with sexuality but everything to do with masculinity. Women don't have a prostate so they can’t get off like this. But it is ironic that one of our most sensitive and sensually reactive body parts happen to be just a few centimeters up our butt. 


prostate massagers


If you think you might like to give prostate milking a go, try starting with a subtly designed toy. Perhaps a cock ring with a prostate massager attachment or a massager that can stimulate your taint without going “inside”. 

Penis extender sleeves and strap-ons for men

Some guys shy away from buying penis extenders because they are worried about what the purchase says about their masculinity or confidence as lovers. But for a lot of men, buying a penis extender sleeve is not about adding size or stamina, although they'll do both for you without pills, creams or surgery. A lot of men—with different sized and shaped dicks—make the purchase. And they do so to explore a world fantasies with their partners; penetrating them with multiple shapes, colors, sizes, and textures. Some penis extenders have built-in vibrators, additional clitoral stimulation, and double penetration capabilities for extra satisfaction too. So they really are an enhancement and not a replacement. 

penis sleeve

For guys that do have ED, PE or a smaller penis than they would like, these extenders are a viable way to still satisfy their partner with full-on penetration. They fit equally well over a flaccid or erect dick, so there’s never any pressure to perform—and they can actually deliver a confidence boost to help break the cycle of worry and performance anxiety that many men have when it comes to sex. 

Penis extender sleeves come in a few different designs. You can slip one on straight over your dick, or others can neatly hold your balls in place for an even more realistic feel. Then there is the strap on harness design—and this is where things can get even more exciting. If you're game, you can share this particular design of penis extender with your partner and indulge in a bit of pegging[ii]. Like prostate massaging, this has nothing to do with sexuality—it’s still one man and one woman having sex; but it, of course, does cross several taboos and challenge some people’s ideas of gender and dominance. Nevertheless, guys that have given it a go have found it’s another way to get their prostate stimulated. While others suggest that it gives them a new perspective as lovers and on how to satisfy their partners.  

Male vibrators and massagers

As you will have seen throughout this article, women aren’t the only ones that can enjoy vibrating toys.  In the past, a lot of people—and guys in particular — thought vibrators or massagers are only designed for women. But if you think about it, our bodies are all very similar insomuch as we all have nerve endings that respond to vibration, touch, and stimulation. So it’s no wonder that there is a considerable range of vibrating toys out there for men, that deliver to all erogenous zones. We’ve talked about a few different ones, but to recap—you can find toys to stimulate your cock, balls, your prostate and perineum (or taint).

The most common vibrators for men are ones that focus most if not all stimulation right on the penis tip (glans). These will give you the most bang for your buck and a guaranteed orgasm like you've never felt.

Check out the Penis Tip Vibrator or the Cobra Libre II for the best of the best.


fun factory cobra libre II

Our Masturbation Kit

Explore pleasure like never before with our curated selection of premium toys. Enjoy solo satisfaction with ease using our Masturbation Kit.


Masturbation Sleeve

- Mimics the sensation of penetration for a realistic experience.
- Textured interior provides varying levels of stimulation.
- Adjustable pressure and tightness for personalized pleasure
Tenga Spinner Masturbation Sleeve Series

Prostate Massager

- Targets the prostate for intensified orgasms.
- Multiple vibration settings for customizable sensations.
- Ergonomic design for comfortable and easy use.

Cock Ring with Vibrations

- Enhances and prolongs erections by restricting blood flow.
- Vibrating feature stimulates both partners during use.
- Helps maintain a firmer, longer-lasting erection.

Water-Based Lubricant

- Reduces friction for smoother and more enjoyable play.
- Compatible with all types of sex toys and easy to clean.
- Enhances comfort and prevents irritation.

Hands-Free Interactive Masturbator

- Incorporates innovative technology for a more interactive and dynamic experience.
- Allows for a completely hands-free operation, maximizing convenience.
- Variable settings cater to different intensities and rhythme.
- Syncs with compatible content or devices for a fully immersive feel.

A final word on care and hygiene

To get the most out of your sex toys, make sure you use a good quality water-based lube and always give it a wash with an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.  Not only is it basic hygiene, but it will also protect the investment you’ve made in your toy and make sure you get loads more hours of enjoyment.  

Silicone sex lube works equally well with sex toys but never use silicone lube with a soft sex toy such as TPE, TPR, or Silicone.  The lube will ruin the toy.

All in all, relax, find the right toy and enjoy your sex toy masturbation!

[i] Sex tip from a guy: The juicy squirm

[ii] Pegging (sexual practice)

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