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Master The Art Of Wearing A Butt Plug In Public With This Comprehensive Guideline

If you’re yearning for a break in the monotony of everyday tasks, you may be wondering if wearing a butt plug out in public is possible. After all, butt plugs can be discrete, fun, and provide a level of arousal that’s minimally distracting. Why not wear one in public?  

For some, using an anal plug in public might feel taboo. You may worry that putting yourself in such a situation might result in embarrassing missteps, which would outweigh the pleasure. How can you make sure you’re doing it right?

Worry not, my friends. It’s true: wearing a butt plug in public can add a kinky secret to boring, unremarkable chores. And there are ways to do it that will keep you safe, avoid embarrassment, and add a spark of arousal to otherwise mundane obligations. 

In this blog post, we’ll talk you through the fun benefits of wearing a butt plug in public, how to begin doing it safely and discreetly, and exactly what you need to know to undertake this bit of secret exhibitionism.

Can I wear a butt plug in public?

Simple answer? Oh, yeah.

 can i wear a butt plug in public

Longer answer? With the correct preparation, an understanding of your own limitations, and some intentional trial runs, wearing a butt plug in public is not only feasible, but has all sorts of benefits.

Why should I wear a butt plug in public?

You may have used butt plugs in private for a number of reasons: 

  • They stretch out the rectum before anal sex.
  • They help to relax the anal muscles so that anal sex is easier and more comfortable.
  • They reduce prep work, so that you can have more spontaneous anal sex.
  • They are a super fun way to engage in foreplay.
  • They stimulate the prostate, even when worn casually instead of intentionally inserted and manipulated.

And all of this is true when butt plugs are used in public as well. The only difference is that in public you get that extra thrill of arousal from the kinky fact that you’re wearing a butt plug, and nobody knows. Plus, wearing one in public is a great way to train your body for anal stretching.

 stretchable cloth with a hole

In fact, wearing a butt plug in public can be more fun than in private, in a lot of ways. Arousal is often pumped up when you feel like you’re doing something a bit naughty or that you might “get caught.”

Who can benefit from wearing a butt plug in public?

Many partners will use butt plugs in public to create a sense of taboo foreplay that then builds up to the main event. Butt plugs can also be a thrilling addition to role-playing situations acted out in a bar or club. They may even be used in BDSM activities, where the submissive partner is ordered by the dominant partner to wear a butt plug to a particular event.

And if you’re feeling especially kinky, a butt plug with vibration controlled by the other partner can be an incredible experience. 

In all of these situations, public butt plug wearing is not only stimulating physically to the partner wearing it, but mentally stimulating to both partners.

If you’re single, wearing a butt plug can be an amazing precursor to hooking up with someone. Whether you have a date arranged and want to be prepped and turned on even before getting intimate, or you’re trying to pick someone up and want to add a bit of sexy pep in your step, wearing a butt plug in public is a perfect choice.

Lastly, even without the opportunity to connect with a partner, wearing a butt plug in public can help you feel sexier in your own skin. Not to mention it can make boring tasks much more interesting.

Which types of butt plugs are best to wear in public?

Butt plugs come in all sorts of fun varieties. In the privacy of your own home, you can play with huge butt plugs, or butt plugs that come with tails or vibration

But in public, your primary concern is going to be comfort and discretion. After all, you want to be able to walk, stand, sit, dance, bend over, etc. without making it obvious that you’re wearing a butt plug.

Consider starting small and soft even if you’re more experienced. A training kit can be very helpful if you’re new to the practice, and smaller butt plugs with flared bases are much more likely to stay inside and not get dislodged by everyday movement. Silicone is also highly suggested at the beginning, rather than something more firm like metal or glass.

A flat base is extremely important if you will need to sit. You don’t want to be perching too gingerly, or you might give yourself away! That said, you will need to be careful about how you place your butt onto a chair or couch. That’s why preparing to use a butt plug in public is so important to being able to do so comfortably. 

How do I prepare to wear a butt plug in public?

Like anything related to stretching the sensitive rectal muscles, wearing a butt plug in public will take a bit of preparation. 

What you need

Choose the right butt plug for you. As we mentioned before, you’ll want to start small. Stock up on water-based lubricant! When going out in public, you also always want to bring extra lube and a plastic bag for the butt plug, in case you need to take it out.

How to prep

Never wear a butt plug in public that you haven’t practiced wearing in private. Stretch and lube yourself up, insert the plug, and try doing everyday activities around your house, such as doing dishes or folding laundry. If you notice the plug wants to come out, definitely try a different type.

Most of all, practice carrying yourself normally. Though the kinky feeling of having your prostate stimulated may be part off the draw, you don’t want to make it obvious and have others feel uncomfortable. This is your secret, and while it’s fun, you want to be polite about it.

How to stay safe

It’s important to know your limits, especially if you’re new to wearing butt plugs. Most experts recommend you start small, not wearing a butt plug for more than 20 minutes at a time. Once you’ve built up to it, you may be safe going for 2-3 hours before needing to remove the plug.

That said, it’s smart to start out with short public tasks, like picking up groceries or getting a prescription at the drugstore, rather than trying to wear a butt plug all day at work your first time.

Also, always be aware of your own body. If you start experiencing any pain or discomfort, find a private bathroom and remove the butt plug immediately.

Where can I wear a butt plug in public?

This one is really up to you! It also depends on your reason for wearing a butt plug in public. 

If your public butt plug wearing is about foreplay with a partner or having more confidence when picking up a new partner, you may like to wear a butt plug on a date, to a party, to a club, or when dancing.

If your primary motivation is to make boring activities a little more interesting, you can always wear a butt plug to the post office, the store, the bank, the DMV, etc. 

One common question is: Can I wear a butt plug to work? This one’s really up to you and your comfort level. There are certain careers where it might not be appropriate, but if you think you can get away with it, go ahead! Wearing a butt plug at work is an amazing way to make a mind-numbing job much more interesting.

That said, you likely won’t want to wear it all day, so do come prepared with a plastic bag to take it out and stash it somewhere discreet.

What if something goes wrong when I’m wearing a butt plug in public?

With preparation and an understanding of your own limits, you should have a good sense of when and how you can wear a butt plug in public. That said, things can always go sideways.


Wearing butt plug in public gone wrong


If you: Have to poop, simply take out the plug, do your business, and figure out if you’d like to re-insert it or not. If you do, clean it off, use some of that extra lube we told you to bring, and put in right back in there!

If you: Feel it falling out, (hopefully not!) get to a bathroom quickly, and remove it. If it has fallen out, you can always resort to the trick of tying a jacket or sweatshirt around your waist to hide any strange shapes in the back of your pants before you can get to a private bathroom. (It’s highly unlikely, but this is why we practice!)

If you: Feel pain or discomfort: Remove the butt plug as soon as possible.

Daring means preparing

Using a butt plug in public places can feel sexy, titillating, and exciting. The sensation of wearing a butt plug, not to mention the stimulation of your prostate, can make even the most boring chores fun and kinky.

However, you should always practice, find your own comfort levels, and come prepared. This will set you up for a sensual adventure that fulfills your need for a bit of safe exhibitionism, and keeps you and your partner happy and horny.

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