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Are Fleshlights Really Worth It?

The thirty-four billion dollar sex toy industry makes products all around the world designed for one thing — improving your climax.  No matter what you are looking to get out of it, there is a sex toy for every person. 

Iteration after iteration of sex toys are manufactured everywhere, all aiming to give you that extra edge of satisfaction and full-body pleasure. And although many of them accomplish their goal, there is one company that goes above and beyond — Fleshlight. Known as the most popular sex toy for men ever created Fleshlights are the ultimate male masturbator. 

There’s a top dog in every industry, and when it comes to sex toys, Fleshlight has earned that title. How? By consistently producing high-quality toys that never fail to make you cum. From a real vagina to a tight butt there is a sleeve and texture for every man imaginable. No matter if you are gay (Fleshjack) or straight, these toys give you that real thing feeling that we all want. If that is not enough to make you want to buy a fleshlight, there is more.

There are a few things we all want in a good sex toy: quality, reliability, longevity, and discretion. Fleshlight has made it to the top of the pile by providing all of these things across every product they produce. After all, they are the best-selling male sex toy of all time so that has to say something.

So if you’ve ever wondered why you should invest in a Fleshlight and if they are really worth it, this article is about to answer all your burning questions.

What is a Fleshlight?    

Before buying a Fleshlight, you’ll want to know a bit more about what exactly it is you’re getting yourself into.  Some might call a Fleshlight just a sex toy but to others they are an entire lifestyle.  Just ask the people who make up the popular subreddit dedicated to Fleshlight, /r/fleshlight.

Fleshlight's Original Pink Lady

Fleshlight is the brand name for the best-selling line of male sex toys ever created.  From their line of discreet strokers the most popular, of course, is the Stamina Training Unit or STU for short.  The stamina trainer closely resembles the classic Fleshlight realistic male masturbator however it is tighter, more aggressively textured, and comes in a handsome gold case.  

A Fleshlight is a high-quality pocket pussy used mostly because it feels like the real thing. The traditional Fleshlight’s sleek and durable plastic outer shell offers a comfortable grip, with a low-profile visual look that’s more reminiscent of — you guessed it — a flashlight than a sex toy. 

Inside this plastic case, however, is where the real magic happens. Fleshlight’s Superskin silicone inner sleeve is soft and phenomenally satisfying. Every toy has a unique texture that can include bumps, ridges, and ribs for a different pleasurable sensation.  Each sleeve can be removed from the case for an even tighter grip.  Not to mention with the cap off and sleeve removed, is incredibly easy to clean.

Made from non-toxic, body-safe materials, these textured sleeves are specially designed to feel just like the real thing. They’re built to last, and come in hundreds of unique styles, all of which provide a little something special for your masturbation experience

Because each Fleshlight is made from Superskin, you can rest assured knowing that you and your penis are safe while using.  While the sleeve material is in fact porous, it is still considered extremely body safe with the addition of silicone.  Each masturbation sleeve is made to the highest standards is what you want when getting your first male masturbator.

Of course, there is nothing easier than using your old hand to get off but nobody has ever said their hand feels like a vagina.  With a little extra effort, you can make your penis one happy camper simply by using a Fleshlight.  Trust us on this one, once you buy a Fleshlight, you’ll never want to go back to your hand. 

What makes Fleshlight the best male sex toy?

As you read above, Fleshlight is the Lamborghini of male sex toys for a reason. Other toys may be cheaper, and sure, they’ll get the job done. But when it comes to quality and longevity, most other brands simply don’t hold up against Fleshlight products.

a girl holding a fleshlight


Fleshlights' diverse array of inner sleeve options allows you to keep cumming like it’s your very first time every time, and their discreet case is a bonus for most users.  Since each Fleshlight sleeve is unique, you can enjoy as many different sensations as you would like, or your budget can afford.  You don't have to always buy the full Fleshlight either, you can mix and match sleeves with cases so if you find a case that works best for you, just get new sleeve inserts to keep things fun.  

While Fleshlight has a wide array of strokers that look and feel different, there is one series that they have become wildly popular over.  The Fleshlight Girls is their line of realistic sleeves that are actually molded directly from the bodies of your favorite porn stars. From Riley Reid to Kendra Sunderland, Stoya, and Lisa Ann, Fleshlight has the planet's most popular girls under contract.

Many of the sleeve options you can choose from are molded from these performers to replicate the experience of spending a night with them. Fleshlight collaborates with top adult stars, taking detailed molds of their unique pussies and buttholes so that you can fulfill your porn-star fantasies in full.

Using one is great but if you want the experience of a lifetime, use a Fleshlight molded from your fantasy girl.  So before you choose a sleeve, consider browsing the Fleshlight catalog for the male or female star whom you’ve always dreamt of banging. 

Beyond the custom inner sleeves that Fleshlight offers, there is also the question of what features you’re hoping to indulge in. 

There are also vibrating Fleshlights that are designed to stimulate your penis in ways a flesh-and-blood human could never achieve. The Fleshlight Vibro is their only version with electric vibrations that are felt by way of multiple vibrating bullets. 

By adding either a cooling lubricant or warming lubricant you can enjoy temperature swings that are also quite enjoyable to the penis.  Fleshlight also makes an abundance of accessories meant to turn up the dial on your masturbation experience in just about every way you can think of. From shower play to warming rods, they've got you covered. 

How much does a Fleshlight cost?  

When you’re thinking of buying top-of-the-line products, you often brace yourself to pay top-of-the-line prices. Fleshlight products, however, span a wide price range that includes some very affordable selections.  

Starting with their most budget-friendly models and working our way down to the most premium, we will outline expected costs below.

Fleshlight Models

Fleshlight Quickshot

  • The Quickshot line from Fleshlight is their most compact, travel-friendly, and cost-effective line of sex toys.  The Quickshot is a shrunken down version of the Fleshlight, sleeve, case, and all.  Simply pop the top off both ends of the sex toy to expose the small Superskin sleeve.  The entire unit is about 4 inches long but feels just as good as the original.  Coming in at under $35, this Fleshlight is good for budget-conscious on-the-go users without a ton of money.
Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Discreet Portable Male Masturbator


Fleshlight Fleshskinz

  • Fleshskinz is the newest and second most budget-friendly of all Fleshlight masturbation sleeves.  These are made of Superskin material and have no outer case.  They include finger holes to really help you get a grip and you can squeeze them around your penis as much as you would like.  Fleshskinz cost under $40. 

Fleshlight Flight

  • The Flight series from Fleshlight is one of their older models but no less realistic than the original.  This hard case model has all of the great features as the original Fleshlight but in a more discreet and sleek case.  The hand plastic case has a twist-off cap that keeps it clean and out of prying eyes.  The size is quite a bit smaller but like the original, it still feels like the real thing.  You don't need a lot of money for the Flight as these costs around $46. 

Fleshlight GO

  • Another new addition to the Fleshlight brand has been the most requested of all time.  Fleshlight Go masturbation sleeves are basically the exact same thing as the original but smaller.  They look like and feel the same.  The Fleshlight GO has the same flashlight look and realistic sleeve.  Coming in at about 7", these Fleshlights are almost 3" smaller.  Compact, discreet, and extremely fun, your penis will fall in love.  The Fleshlight Go series costs about $60.


Fleshlight Go Torque Ice Male Masturbator


Fleshlight Classics

  • In the Fleshlight classics are the group that started it all.  The OG original Fleshlights we love. These include the Original line and Fleshlight Ice.  Each of these is just like a real vagina or butt, both in look and feel.  There is not much to say about these other than they are discreet, tight, fun, and great for the money.  The Classics cost under $70.
Fleshlight Original Pink Lady Male Masturbator


Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

  • The Stamina Training line has a wider variety of masturbation products designed to build up your endurance in the bedroom.  If you’re like most men, you’re probably always working to last a bit longer in bed. This product line is definitely the way to go if that’s your goal.  These products are catered toward training yourself to last longer by practicing with intensely stimulating toys. If you can make it through a session with a Fleshlight stamina product, your next partner is in for a treat!  They are tighter than other Fleshlights and have hundreds of bumps in the channel that are designed to stimulate your penis.  The STU is priced the same as the Classics at under $70.

Fleshlight Turbo

  • Use a Fleshlight Turbo and you will understand why this is the premium of all Fleshlights.  They do cost a few dollars more than the rest, at about $70 but that's because of all of the technology behind them.  Created to mimic a blowjob, the Fleshlight Turbo line has a single point of entry but with layers that help create a suction feeling just like getting a BJ.  These clear blue sex toys are the perfect addition to any collection.  They are the size of a classic but with a fresh look and feel.  The Turbo also has an extremely aggressive texture that will keep you locked in until you blow. 

Fleshlight Girls

  • We talked a little about this series earlier but no matter how much we talk about them, we can never do the Fleshlight Girls justice.  With over 30 different porn stars signed on, each girl (or guy) has their privates fully molded for your pleasure.  Each girl has their pussy and ass molded which includes every fine detail from the clit to the labia.  If you warm this up, you will literally fulfill every sexual fantasy you imagined.  The Fleshlight Girls line comes in a pearl white case and each sleeve is colored to match their skin tone.  What's fun about these is that each girl actually helped design the sleeve texture to their satisfaction.  What you feel as you slide in and out of each girl is exactly what they wanted you to feel.  These toys are highly collectible so get every girl you ever wanted.  Fleshlight girls come in around $70 making it their top of the line. 

Fleshlight Vibro

  • The Vibro product line is by far my favorite. There is nothing that compares to the sensation of vibration along your whole shaft as you thrust in and out of this premium toy.  This product runs you about $90 — but trust me, you’ll get way more than ninety bucks worth of orgasms out of this pocket pussy.  If you do decide to give yourself a Vibro Fleshlight, I guarantee you’ll find it’s the gift that keeps on giving. 


Fleshlight Pink Lady Vibro Vibrating Male Masturbator


Buying a Fleshlight should be looked at as an investment into your happiness as well as sexual health.  Don't think about how much they cost, think about how great they will be as you enter each one.  There is no comparison of a Fleshlight to other brands such as Tenga, Fleshlights win hands down, every time.

What Fleshlight accessories can I get?

Fleshlight makes so many great accessories to go with your masturbation sleeve that I could write a whole separate article about them (and maybe I will). But because this is just one article, let’s go through a few of the must-haves.

Once you do get a Fleshlight, your bedroom masturbation will immediately jump to an unprecedented level of pleasure. But if you’re looking to blow your load in a slightly different location, you’re going to need a shower mount.

Shower mounts attach to the base of your Fleshlight and suction cup to any smooth surface for some hands-free pumping. It’s a great way to really get lost in your session without having to do any extra work. 

If you’re looking to add a little more sensation to your experience I recommend getting a sleeve warmer. Easy to use and simple to store, Fleshlight’s sleeve warmers will kick your masturbation up a notch, and add that extra dose of realism to your me-time.  The warming rob will warm the sleeve to about 99 degrees to make it feel like a real woman. 

Of course, you can’t forget the most essential accessory for any Fleshlight — lube. You’re going to need to get yourself some good, water-based lubricant for your Fleshlight. Fleshlight’s lube products are made specifically for the materials of their sex toys, so you know they won’t damage your newest toy. 

How do I choose the right Fleshlight for me?   

Because Fleshlight offers so much variety among their products, choosing a single Fleshlight to start with may seem like an impossible task. 


a girl with fleshlight on her vagina


What it really comes down to is pinpointing what it is you want to get out of your masturbation experience. Ask yourself some questions to determine which Fleshlight will give you what you want. 

Are you looking to train yourself for longer-lasting sex, or are you simply hoping to have a better masturbation experience in general? What kind of sensations have you most enjoyed in the past? Do you prefer anal, vaginal, or oral? Do you have a favorite porn star that never fails to make you climax?

Once you know what you want, it’ll be much easier to figure out what you need. And I can promise you this — whichever Fleshlight you choose, it will not disappoint.  But always remember, when you buy a Fleshlight, you don't have to stop at just one.  With so many options of different textures, you can build a collection to rival any collector.

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