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Sex Positions for Men and Women

Nearly every man fantasizes about it — that unexplored territory, that holy grail of sexual escapades… of course, I’m talking about anal sex. There is something so magical as getting down with some anal play.

Of all the so-called “taboos" in the world, none are as widely enjoyed as anal sex. If you’ve tried it, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, then definitely keep reading.  In this article, we are going to discuss why anal sex is so great and just about all of the best anal sex positions. These sex positions are time-tested and approved by people of all genders, backgrounds, and sexual preferences.

For a man and a woman or a man and a man, anal sex can be more than just an exciting detour from your regularly scheduled programming. It can spice up your love life, and even open up a door, (a back door, wink wink), to more intense, longer-lasting pleasure. 

For two men? It may be a bit more of a centerpiece in your relationship. The entrée. 

With deep anal penetration, no matter the penetration, you are going to hit every one of the hundreds of nerve endings found in the anus. No matter what position you try or with what partner you do the deed, you are going to find intense pleasure and stimulation you never thought possible.  

Of all we might talk about though, one of the best bits of advice is don't ever forget the lube. We'll talk more about anal lube later on but anal sex without lube is a literal disaster waiting to happen. The butt or anus is a non-lubricating body part so if you don't add the lube, you will be feeling pain from all of the friction.

But whether you’re gay, straight, male, female, or anything in between, anal sex is an incredibly intimate and delightfully kinky experience. It’s sure to bring you and your partner closer together and much, much closer to euphoria.

In this article, we share 11 of the best anal sex positions for both newer and more experienced anal sex lovers. From the cowgirl position to doggy style, each of the following positions has its own pros and cons, the best anal sex position for you is what works best for you and your partner.

Before we tackle these positions, however, it’s important to educate yourself on anal sex as well as how to enjoy anal sex safely. Safety is important for both partners to be able to relax and hit that big anal orgasm. From preparation to execution, communication with your partner is the key ingredient to phenomenal anal pleasure.

Discover the world of intimate connections and well-being

What’s great about anal sex?

If you’ve never been able to participate in anal sex, you might be wondering what’s the big deal?  You might not realize it the first time but as you and your partner get more comfortable you will realize how much you love anal.


 couples in bed


Well, according to numerous studies and surveys conducted on the subject of anal sex, you and your partner are likely to experience more intense and longer-lasting orgasms when trying out this deeply intimate form of penetration. This is because the anus is riddled with sensitive nerve endings, many of which are connected to your genitals. 

Your body is one big highway of connected nerves and tissue, if you hit the right note deep inside of the butt, the pleasure will reverberate throughout the rest of your body. 

In men, depending on the position, anal sex will stimulate the prostate, leading to waves of full-body orgasms that dwarf your standard male climax.  While typically done with a sex toy, milking the prostate through anal sex is definitely a possibility and even a probability.

In women, anal sex can stimulate both the G-spot as well as the more elusive A-spot. The A-spot, known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone, resides deeper in the vagina than the G-spot. Orgasms from A-spot stimulation are often longer and more intense than vaginal orgasms.

This is not to discount the g-spot as we all know or have heard that the g-spot orgasm is the ultimate experience but an A-Spot orgasm is on another level.

If your partner has not quite shown interest in anal yet, you might need to start by communicating the pros (and cons) but trust us when we tell you, the work is worth the effort.  Once relaxed, it's really hard not to enjoy the pleasures of anal.  If you’re looking to guide your man or woman to sexual bliss in a whole new way, anal may just be the ticket. 

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Preparing for anal

I cannot stress enough the importance of communication before anal sex. Never pressure your partner into trying anal if they’re not interested. Their anus is their booty hole, and if anal is not a mutually enthusiastic idea then it will never be a positive experience.  


couples having sex

Unfortunately, not everybody on Earth is interested in anal sex, no matter the position or partner. If you have one of those partners, it just wasn't meant to be.

If your man or woman is interested, there are some important things to do to prepare for a safe and satisfying anal play. 

If it’s your first time trying anal sex, you’ll want to relax those muscles before sticking anything up there (sex toy or penis). Try playing around with a heavily lubricated finger (as mentioned before, lots of lube), and start small. Get comfortable with the feeling of something stimulating you anally. 

You can also experiment with sex toys before jumping into the deep end of anal sex. A small butt plug, for example, is a great way to relax those muscles and ensure arousal in a safe and satisfying way.    When we talk about relaxing, we are not just talking about the anus.  You really want your full body to be relaxed, hips, shoulders, everything.  The tenser you are, the worse the experience will be. 

Most importantly, use lube. You can never have enough lube when you’re exploring anal pleasure. Every anal sex position you try is going to need lube so keep it handy and don't forget to reapply.  Unlike the vagina, the anus is not naturally lubricating and so requires a lot of lube for safe and comfortable penetration. 

Once you feel ready to give it a go, the only thing left is to find out which anal sex position is going to feel the best, and the only way to figure that out... is to try 'em all!  


We have put together this essential guide on How to Prepare for Anal Sex:

Missionary - Position 1

Missionary is a great way to start your anal experience. It’s intimate, straightforward, and you’ll be able to maintain eye contact and communicate easily if anything doesn’t feel great.  This type of position is best on a bed since its soft and comfortable.

To engage in missionary anal, the receiving partner lies on their back with their legs spread wide enough for the giving partner to fit in between. The giving partner positions themselves face-down over the receiving partner, holding themselves up by their arms.  

Once in position, the giving partner can begin penetration. The partner on the bottom should always dictate the depth of insertion as well as the pace, especially for a beginner.  Start with slow thrusts to ensure your partner is comfortable and don't forget the eye contact, it will help with the intimacy. 

 missionary anal sex position

Reverse Missionary - Position 2

If you’re looking for something a bit sexier than the standard anal missionary, reverse missionary is a good one to go with.  This position will give you the ability to drive your penis deep into your partner's butt.

One of the biggest turn-ons of anal sex is getting to see your partner's ass, right? The reverse missionary position will provide the giving partner a front-row seat to the action. 

For Reverse Missionary, the receiving partner starts face-down on their belly. The giving partner straddles their thighs just below their partner’s ass. Nice view, right? From here, the giving partner penetrates that booty (with plenty of lube).

This position is great for the receiving partner to maintain some control while still feeling a bit dominated. They can squeeze their legs and cheeks tighter together to limit the giving partner’s thrusting ability if things get a bit too intense, and then loosen again when both partners are ready to keep the fun going. 


reverse missionary anal sex position 


Doggy Style - Position 3

This is a timeless position for anal fanatics and it’s fairly simple. 

The receiving partner gets on all fours while the giving partner kneels down behind them. Once they’re lubed up, you’re both ready to go.  

In this position the receiver has a bit more freedom to move around — arching their back, or moving their hips in whichever way you both find most pleasurable. 

When it comes to thrusting, both of you have control here. The giver can either lay back and let the receiver push off their hands into them, or the giver can be the jackhammer and let the receiver enjoy themselves.  

doggy anal sex position

LeapFrog - Position 4

There are a few essential doggy style variations worth discussing, and this is one of them. Known as the LeapFrog position, there are many similarities to doggy but this gets you deeper during anal play.

Either way, if you and your partner love the bent-over style but want a more comfortable position to relax into, this is the one.        

The receiver kneels down like in regular backdoor style but bends all the way over until their head and chest are laying on the sheets. Then they bring their arms down to their knees and pull their torso toward their thighs like they’re in a loose cannonball. 

For the giver, the position is the same as in doggy style. It is great to remain in control when grabbing onto their hips during each thrust.  You can control the depth as well as the momentum.  If you don't need all the control and you want your partner to thrust back into you, you can always place your hands on your hips and let them do the work for you.

This position is great if the receiver is already pretty comfortable with anal sex, and doesn’t mind handing the giver the steering wheel. 



leapfrog anal sex position 


The Bulldog Position - Position 5

In anal sex, this position is sometimes referred to as the bulldog as it’s a bit more dominating. In fact this is by far the most dominant sex position the giver can get into.  You can really pound them while they are on their knees.

The receiver gets into a standard doggy-style position. That’s all they need to do for this one, the real work is on the giver. 

Once in position, the giver stands over them with their feet on the outside of either of the receiver’s hips and knees. The giver squats down until they’re low enough to slip their penis into their partner's butt. 

If you’re both into more dominant positions then this one’s perfect. It allows the giver to really pound the receiver deeply, and they can even push back to increase intensity.  

bulldog anal sex position 


Kitchen Counter - Position 6

Of course, you don’t need to be in the kitchen for this one, but the visual gives you a solid idea of what it looks like. The countertop sex position is a great one not only for leverage but its quite comfortable for both of you.

You’ll need a flat surface at least waist-high, like a table or a countertop. The receiver in this sexual position bends over and rests their entire upper body including the chest on the surface. You might want to lay down a blanket or a pillow so there’s something comfortable to rest on.  Adding additional comfort to this position by way of a pillow will add support to your partner and help avoid any unnecessary pain.

Once they’re set, all the giver needs to do is stand behind them and get to work. This position is super dominant since the receiver will have nowhere to go and no way of controlling thrusts. 

If that’s something you’re into, you’ll both be in heaven. And the next time you’re eating at the kitchen counter, you’ll have a fun little secret to share.


countertop anal sex position 

Lap Dance - Position 7

This is definitely one of the best anal sex positions for both of you.  If the receiver likes to have all the control during play, the lap dance anal sex position is the one to try. 

The partner with the penis sits down in a chair with their legs closed as the receiver straddles them backward like they’re giving a lap dance. 

Once your penis has been inserted, the partner on top can twist, turn, grind, bounce, and rock all the way to climax.  

And the best part is since the giver is sitting, their hands are free to explore as you both pleasure each other.  Place your hands on your hips if you want to make yourself feel like a pornstar during this anal play.


lapdance anal sex position 


The Lotus - Position 8

This position is by far my favorite for anal sex. It’s intimate, comfortable, and allows for maximum connection. 

The giver sits down on the bed or floor and crosses their legs into a pretzel sitting position.  You know, criss-cross apple sauce. The receiver sits on the giver’s lap with their legs wrapped around the giver’s waist and hips. Your partner should tuck their butt in, close to your pelvis in order to slide your penis into their anus.  This puts your partner in the perfect angle to get deep inside of them.  It should also be pain-free.

From here, they can wrap their arms around the giver’s neck for an extremely intimate experience while the giver’s arms are placed on their hips to help the receiver grind back and forth, around in circles, or up and down. 

The lotus puts both of you at eye level which is very intimate, especially during eye contact.  This is not quite spooning but equally affectionate.

lotus anal sex position 



The See Saw - Position 9

While it may be difficult to find a comfortable anal sex position where you guys can lock eyes and face one another, the See-Saw position takes care of that.  This sex position puts your partner on top of you giving you easy access to slide your penis right into their butt. 

To get going in this position, side down on the floor or a bed with your hands behind you, supporting you up.  Your legs will be extended straight out.  It's one of the more comfortable sex positions. 

Your partner is going to face you and side down right on top of your lap.  Their butt will not be touching the floor, only your penis, and legs.  Your partner's arms should extend backward, grabbing onto your legs and therefore supporting themselves.

This position makes you as the lower partner hard to thrust into them so the partner on top is going to have to do all of the work.   This is one of the best anal sex positions if you want to sit there while watching your partner works and explodes with ecstasy.


seesaw anal sex position 

The Anal Spooning - Position 10

It doesn't get more traditional or intimate than spooning.  Either holding your partner close to you in the crevices of your body or being the little spoon and being held closely while your entire body's intertwined.  This is a very special position that lovers enjoy holding each other in. Now imagine it getting better. How, you ask?  Add butt sex!

The Anal Spooning position is everything you love from either the no sex spooning position or the traditional sex position but rather than the penis go into the vagina, the penis will go into the butt.  As a favorite anal sex position for man on man sex, this intimate position is best to be done on a bed since you are lying on your sides. Comfort is everything here, no sense in ruining the intimacy with discomfort.

spooning anal sex position 


The Pile Driver - Position 11

Our final anal sex position on our list is also the most extreme for many reasons.  This position works great for both straight and gay couples as long as there is a lot of trust in the relationship.

The pile driver is going to give you the deepest and hardest penetration so make sure that whoever is taking it can take the entire penis in, otherwise, there will be pain and possibly worse.

The receiver will also need to be exceptionally flexible since they will be bent completely over with their ankles near their head.

To enjoy the pile driver, the receiver should lay on their back and bring their legs up and over their head with their upper back and head laying on the floor.  If you are the one penetration, grab your partner's butt and bring it as high up in the air as possible. 

Lower yourself onto your partner so you are almost sitting on their butt but with your legs on either side of their hips.  It is probably best to bend over a little bit to get your hard penis directly into their butt.  Hold their thighs and thrust away!

pile driver anal sex position 

Adding sex toys to anal sex

Just like with sex and masturbation, anal play can be improved by adding some incredible sex toys to the bedroom. There are many different types of different toys that are perfect for anal penetration but since we are discussing anal sex, chances are, your butt will be filled with your partner, leaving little room for a toy.


Don't be discouraged though, you have other sensitive parts of your body that will enhance anal play simply by being stimulated.

Adding sex toys to anal play with a woman

If your partner is a woman than double penetration with a dildo or vibrator will give her shock waves of pleasure while you are deep inside her anus.  There are many types of dildos and vibrators that will reach deep inside of her vagina giving her a G-spot orgasm while you are giving her an A-Spot orgasm at the same time. 

Don't forget her clitoris!  The little magic button that we all love.  You can either reach around her and stimulate her clit with your fingers or hands but if you are wanting to take it up a notch, adding a clitoris vibrator while anally penetrating her will take her to the moon.  Simply reach around and hold the little vibrator on her clit while penetrating her back door to watch her scream with pleasure. 

Adding sex toys to anal play with a man

Now if you are doing some man-on-man lovin' then you have your partners (or if you are the bottom, yours) penis and balls to play with.  

A good ole fashion reach around does wonders in a gay relationship.  While pounding or getting pounded from behind, just reach around to the front and give them a hand job.  If you want to make it even more fun, rather than using your hand, you can use an anal masturbator to give there cock a bit more of a realistic feel.

There are penis vibrators as well that will go on the tip of the penis and will provide ample amounts of stimulation and pleasure to the penis that is not currently buried in an ass.  The shaft is great to play with as well so if you have a vibrator, trying stroke the dick with it while anally penetration.


The balls are often ignored but if they are hanging low, give them the attention they deserve. While thrusting from behind in one of the many back-facing anal sex positions you can rub, tug, and stroke on your partner's balls to give him some extra pleasure. 

If a vibrator is handy, many men really enjoy the sensations of having their balls stimulated by a powerful vibrator or ball sucker. 

If you’re ready to give it a go, check out some great anal sex toys to help prepare you for the time of your life! 

Pro Tips for better anal play

If the person getting penetrated has a larger butt then some of these positions might be harder to get deep anal penetration. Try experimenting with positions that spread their legs which will in turn spread their butt cheeks. This should make it easier to get in deeper.

Leverage is your friend. Getting a good footing, either on the floor, wall, or bed will help you thrust in deeper and give you the ability to have more fun. The last thing you want to do is fall, slip, or slide while trying to enjoy anal play.

Since the sphincter is a very tight muscle, a flaccid or semi-erect penis might not get the job done.  Try and make sure that the partner who is penetrating has a full, hard erection.  If you need a little help getting hard, a penis pump and cock ring will get the job done.

Use lots of lube. I will continue saying this as it is probably the single most important part of enjoying anal sex.

Add pillows where needed. Since many of the best anal sex positions put your body in semi-awkward states, adding pillows will not only make it more comfortable but also give your bodies the support they need. There is no harm in having too many pillows, in fact with enough of them, you can find your own unique anal sex positions that work just for you both. 

Start with some of the easier positions that you both are comfortable with. Don't feel the need to jump into the most extreme positions possible. As mentioned, comfort is essential for enjoyable anal play so if you try and jump into the deep end without testing the shallow waters first, you might not enjoy it as much. 

couples kissing in bed

If a position doesn't work for your relationship right away, don't give up. Put it on the back burner for a while until you get comfortable with other positions first.  Then, when you are ready, go back and try to work your way back into the harder more complex positions.

Anal sex is more than a kink

At the end of the day, anal sex isn’t for everyone. But if it’s something you love, or even something you’d like to try, remember that it’s not merely a slightly scandalous way to get off: anal sex is an exciting way to explore both your own sexuality and your partner’s. And it allows for wholly unique, mind-blowing sensations. 

Final thoughts on anal sex positions

Anal sex is something to be explored and with that being said, you should try as many different positions as possible. Only after you experience all of the different ways you and your partner can twist and tie up together will you be able to determine what the best anal sex positions are for your relationship.

The one common thing with all anal sex positions is don't forget the lube!

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