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Listen to an audio summary

Let’s be honest. We've all watched a fair bit of porn, right? And at some point, if you’re like most guys, you've probably wondered how those men manage to shoot buckets of cum.  I'm talking a lot of semen here.  We've all wanted to ask the big question but most don't want to be the one asking how to cum a lot, so we'll do it for you.

How To Cum More...Follow These Steps

  1. Stop masturbating (or cumming) too much, take a break
  2. Fix your diet and stop drinking booze
  3. Eat semen producing superfoods
  4. Get off the couch and start exercising more
  5. Supplement with natural semen producing vitamins
  6. Practice your kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor
  7. Profit! 

Seeing what the guys in porn are doing, gets us all thinking.  That's how most of us guys would like to finish—or imagine that they do, but the people over at the World Health Organization[1] suggest it’s pure fantasy. They’ve crunched the numbers and found guys produce somewhere between 0.8 milliliters and 7.6 milliliters of cum—with most of us firing out between 3ml and 5ml baby batter at a time.  


how to cum more


That’s about a teaspoon. Hardly enough for a flat white, let alone a cream pie! So how do the porn stars do it? And how can you? Fortunately, we’re on hand to answer those questions and, along the way, expose some myths, let you in on a few adult entertainment secrets and offer a few tips to boost your blast!

First up, if you cum around 3-5ml, then there are no medical issues to worry about. If your volume is regularly less than 2ml, then you may have a medical condition called Hypospermia. And, if you have noticed a decrease in the amount you cum, then you could have Perceived Ejaculate Volume Reduction (PEVR). Neither of these conditions is severe or health-threatening, but you might want to see a doctor if you are trying for children.

Cum in the spotlight

Whatever the reason, a real or perceived decrease in semen volume can be distressing and, in some instances, can lead to other sexual performance issues. These include erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, and low self-esteem.  

The amount we jizz wouldn’t be such a big deal if us guys always shot our load inside our partners. But that is far from the case. In a recent survey[2] of US heterosexual men and women, nearly a quarter of people said the man sometimes or often externally cums on the woman—with almost 9 in 10 choosing the front of the woman’s body rather than the back. In that context, it’s easy to see why more men are worrying about how much they cum and what that conveys to their partners in terms of sexual fulfillment, attraction, and enjoyment.

how to cum more


For a lot of guys, the volume of cum that they're able to shoot is a direct reflection of their masculinity—and masculinity, in turn, is based on a wide ranging mix of facts, fictions and fantasies. We've unpicked four of the most common myths about masculinity as it relates to cum volumes to get to the heart of the issue. As you’ll see, the truth has become blurred in recent times:

Myths and reality

Myth 1). The more cum you shoot, the more fertile you are

Jizz is made up of many different components—including zinc, magnesium, and fructose—and only ten percent at most of it comes from the sperm in your balls. So even if you shoot a lot of cum, it doesn't make you a thoroughbred stud. These days doctors are just as (if not more) concerned with sperm shape and mobility, rather than a simple volume analysis[3]. It is true, however, that lower testosterone levels do lead to a lower sperm count and lessen your sexual appetite. So there is some truth hidden in here—at least so far as semen volumes and virility are concerned.

Myth 2). Women prefer a big load

Research[4] carried out to assess links between male ejaculation and female pleasure found three-quarters of women do not think that the volume of a guy’s cum is an expression of how attractive they are to him. Thanks, girls—that’s good to know. Moreover, the findings suggest that the majority of women do not think that the intensity of their own orgasm is linked to the amount that a guy cums when he's with her. So, that's one less thing to worry about. 

Myth 3). The more semen you shoot, the better the sex is

Sorry guys, your body just doesn't work like that! If the moment is right, everything is in alignment, and you push your body to its physical limits during sex then the gratification, when it arrives, will be intense—and you may cum with a lot more force. But that’s different from jizzing with a lot more volume.

If you'd like a hold out even longer and really build that intensity, arousal, and intimacy, consider trying some delay creams and sprays to help you really bust those nuts when you’ve pushed yourself to the brink.  Try adding more foreplay to your sexual encounters to extend the time you are together in your most intimate moments. It’s worth giving edging a go too. This is the process by which you allow yourself to almost reach a climax several times before you finally blow your load. This will give you much more intensity and feeling—projecting what you do shoot even further and with maximum power.

Myth 4). Porn accurately reflects reality

Come on guys, you know that this just isn’t true. Don’t you? The way sexual encounters begin? The terrible, cheesy dialogue…need we go on? So what makes you think that the way male porn stars cum is real or has any basis in actual physical and biological fact?

how to cum more

Plenty of people in the adult entertainment business have gone on record to say that they use artificial fluids[5] and smart camera angles to create those all-important money shots and creampie extravaganzas. So stop comparing yourself. If you do want to recreate some of those scenes, there are lubes available that actually look, feel, and even smell like jizz.

You also could try your own version of a ‘smart camera angle’, and give your partner the best seat in the house when you're about to cum. You do this by making gravity work for you. If during sex, you pull out and shoot your cum from above you’ll give the impression of greater volume and make it so you spray your jizz much further. You’ll also have more control over when you bust your nut to give maximum effect and pleasure to you both.

Porn stars who don’t fake it recommends grabbing the base of their cock as they’re about to cum as offers the opportunity and capability to release your load with more control and power—like pulling a trigger on a gun. Be advised, you’ll need to practice this to get it right!  

Several of porn's biggest shooters (Peter North) have claimed using a penis pump before sex has allowed him to shoot more as well.  The theory behind it is more arousal will actually increase production and with the build-up during pumping, you are creating back pressure just waiting to explode.

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Everyday steps you can take

Age, unfortunately, does affect the amount of semen your ejaculate as it's tied so closely to testosterone production—which reaches its peak in most guys between 30-35 and then starts to decline. But don't panic, there are plenty of natural ways to give your testosterone levels a boost, whatever your age.

  1. Give it a rest

The most immediate way to shoot more is to give your body one or two days to recharge (sorry that's probably the most boring piece of advice you'll read here, but sadly it's also the most effective). Say goodbye to your favorite pocket pussy and stop masturbating for a few days. So if you’re planning a big night together, don't knock one out by yourself in the morning shower. And lay off the solo porn viewings!

  1. Eating and drinking

Cutting back on alcohol and giving up smoking are both effective ways to increase semen volumes. You'll also boost your load by getting a good night's sleep and maintaining a healthy weight. You should also consider finding ways to minimize stress in your life and give some thought to eating more fruit and veg. Try drinking a cup or two of green tea instead of a can of soda—green tea is full of antioxidants that can create favorable conditions for testosterone production and, ultimately, help you pump out more jizz. 

Other foods that are high in sperm count boosting nutrients include 

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Bananas
  • Walnuts
  • Most types of fish but especially wild salmon, cod, and haddock
  • Shellfish, most specifically Oysters
  • Garlic
  1. Exercise

Taking regular exercise is vital for boosting and maintaining semen volume—getting to the gym and lifting some weights is the best way to naturally boost testosterone[6]: Try some squats (with or without weights depending on your fitness level). They will also help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which help you last longer and also give you more power to shoot that load when the time is right. In common with many of the most popular resistance-based exercises at the gym, squats give you a 'whole-body work out’ that will deliver a mega-boost to your testosterone levels.

  • Bike
  • Run/Jog
  • Pilates
  • Weight lift

exercise to cum more

  1. Natural supplements

Most of the natural supplements on the market are focused on improving sperm volume and quality, rather than boosting all the other components of semen. It’s where big money is made, so it's where pharma companies concentrate their resources. With that in mind, at best, you'll be looking at a 10% load increase.

  1. The stop-squeeze technique

Stop-squeeze is a way to control when and how you shoot your load. It lets you get near to the point of cumming but, unlike edging, where you have to rely on a strong will and mind control to hold back your desire jizz, you (or your partner) gently hold the tip of your cock until the desire to shoot passes. You can do this a few times during lovemaking or just the once. If you’re doing this with your partner, make sure they are happy with the idea first as stopping and starting could impact on their enjoyment if they don't understand what you’re doing.

Surprisingly enough, or maybe not, working on strengthening your pelvic floor through kegel exercises is a great way to ejaculate more.  The reason behind this is that with a stronger pelvic floor, you can build up more back pressure in your pipes.  When you are finally ready to let go and jizz, it's like the 4th of July! 

Consider stocking up on Vitamins C and D (or get out in the sunshine)[7]. Zinc is an excellent supplement too. Its an essential mineral for keeping the male reproductive system functioning properly and could significantly increase semen volume[8]. D-aspartic acid, Fenugreek, and Ashwagandha are also believed to help boost testosterone production and, therefore, increase semen volume[9]. It's also worth considering taking selenium[10], and lastly, Ginseng has been known to help boost production.  You can get many of these vitamins and minerals in a single male wellness supplement, rather than having to buy them all separately. 

Note: If you are up for it, prostate massaging has been known to produce the largest orgasms for a man which equates to a ton of cum.  If you are interested in this, check out our guide to first time anal.  A good prostate massager will be the best investment you can get for personal pleasure.

Unhappy endings

Be wary of products containing l-arginine and lecithin[11]. They won’t cause you any harm but, despite being the subject of much bro science and folklore, they will not increase the amount you cum. They’re also usually quite expensive. 

Likewise, we’d recommend dodging products that claim to offer a massive semen boost—it just isn’t physically or biologically possible to make that big a change. Also, watch out for pills and potions that promise to combine boosted semen levels with added staying power—many of these claims are difficult to qualify and prove.   

Parting shots

It’s worth remembering that there is no there mechanically correct or physically superior way to shoot your load. Some men’s cum dribbles out, others have one big gush, and some men spurt anything up to five times—all of these are healthy and natural. Remember, you can increase the force with which you cum, by working on your pelvic floor muscles and holding off from shooting your load for as long as possible. This should heighten the sensation, encourage greater intimacy, and make sex feel even better for you and your partner.

If you’ve experienced a sudden change in ejaculation volumes or are you are worried about any other aspect of your semen production, you should get checked by a doctor or healthcare professional. While shooting a low amount of jizz won’t cause you any problems (unless, potentially, you’re trying for a baby), semen production can be indicative of a guy’s more comprehensive health and wellness—so it’s worth getting a routine medical just to be sure.


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