Fleshlight Pink Lady Vibro Vibrating Male Masturbator

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  • The Fleshlight Pink Lady Vibro is a vibrating male masturbator with ultra-realistic materials. Three vibrating bullets are spread through the column to evenly distribute sensations through your entire erection; it's a mind-blowing new take on a revolutionary design.

    Like all Fleshlight toys, the Pink Lady Vibro is made with incredible attention to detail. The vaginal opening has a life like softness, and you can bring it up to body temperature by running it under warm water prior to use.

    As you slip inside, a nubby texture enhances every inch of the internal canal, especially when you turn on the vibrator. It's the closest thing to a real pussy, ready to please whenever (and wherever) you want.

    After finishing, you can remove the soft insert and rinse it in warm water, then air dry before storing. The flashlight case has a screw-on top for simple storage. View the other Fleshlight toys for more designs and textures.

    • Canal Diameter - 3/8 inch
    • Overall Length - 9.75''
    • Overall Diameter - 2.5'' - 4''
    • Insertable Length - 8.5''
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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Save Your Money

This item sounds great in theory but has several major flaws:
1. Batteries die after just a few minutes. I'd guess that they're good for about 20 minutes, total. Basically this means that you have to cue up any porn you're watching and... go! Otherwise, if you're someone who likes to pornsurf, this product isn't for you. And even if 20 minutes sounds like plenty -- maybe that's 4-5 uses for you -- you'll still have to swap out those batteries fairly often. But maybe that battery-swapping is fine because the product is SO good. Read on...
2. Product is not SO good. Yeah, it vibrates, but unless your own God-given product is really sensitive, you're not going to feel much. The buzzing alone isn't going to produce an orgasm, so you'll be relying in large part (pun intended) on the friction that you'd use with any (cheaper) Fleshlight product.
3. Speaking of large parts, if the circumference of your God-given product is above the girth of a Sharpie, you'll have trouble fitting into the Vibro. Because of the little buzzers, there simply isn't a lot of room for you. So I looked up average penile girth, and it's about 1.5" diameter. This product's entrance is made for someone with a 1.3" diameter. I'm a bit wider than average, and I found that I had trouble getting all the way in. Things start to crumple up, you know?
4. Cleaning isn't going to be fun. You have to take everything apart. There's a lot more to deal with. Same goes for setup.
5. Turning on those buzzers is a drag. You have to pull the top 3" of the Fleshlight out of the hard plastic container. Ever hear of prolapsed vagina? Well, now you have. It's not attractive, nor what you want to think about just before getting ready to part-ay with yourself (or a fun partn-ayer). Also, the time it takes to get all 3 buzzers going and then to shove the prolapsed part of the Vibro back into the shell is going to eat up a lot of batter-ay.

In short, this is a product to avoid! Buy a regular Fleshlight instead!