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Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Blue Ice Masturbator | Blow Job Toy for Men

  • The worlds best blow job simulator sex toy for men
  • Easy to use stroker feels just like getting head from a person
  • Training system designed to increase your sexual performance
  • Masturbator designed to feel just like a blow job
  • Over time you can develope a tolerance to premature ejaculation
  • Masturbation with a purpose will increase your stamina in the bedroom
  • Designed for easy clean up and storage
  • Fleshlight is the #1 male masturbator in existence 
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Product Description

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Blue Ice Blow Job Toy

I don't know a guy on Earth that would turn down a good blowjob.  Sometimes they can be hard to come by and when you finally do get one, it's usually over before you realize it (though we do have products that can help you out there). 

A good blow job is a perfect way to relax, let off some steam, and simply feel great. Since man has received his first great blowjob he has been attempting to feel that magical moment without having to need a partner.  Up until recently, that was an impossibility, unless you were willing to remove a rib but that's a whole different story **cough**Marilyn Manson**cough**.

Many have tried in the past and they've all failed to create the ultimate blow job, that is until Fleshlight decided to join in the race.  Leave it to a mega-brand like Fleshlight to come up with a masturbator that offers you the most realistic and satisfying alternative to oral sex

Fleshlight is the world's most popular sex toy for men after all, so it's no wonder they were able to create the technology needed to build the greatest toys ever. 

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Features

  • A truly realistic oral sex masturbator for men
  • Designed to mimic all of the functions of getting a deep throat blow job
  • Made by Fleshlight the worlds most popular sex toy for men
  • Rated as the best feeling Fleshlight in the world
  • Includes clear case for use and storage
  • The non-anatomical orifice is perfect for everybody
  • 100% waterproof for use in the shower or pool
  • Made from patented Fleshlight SuperSkin material
  • Phthalate-Free | Non-Toxic | Latex-Free

So how did Fleshlight create a stroker for men that removed the need to ever have a partner again?  Housed in a crystal clear case, the soft and stretchy Blue Ice colored Fleshlight sleeve is where all of the magic happens for this toy. 

Unlike the rest of the Fleshlights and even other masturbators, the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust has 3 different and unique points of insertion.  Basically, there are 3 different entry points, each that performs its own duty to make the stroke feel just like getting your dick sucked.

The first point of entry that your dick will touch is what would be the lips in a blow job.  Fleshlight created a layer that feels just like a smooth set of lips as it passes over your cock. The next point of entry is the especially tight area that mimics the tongue of your partner. This soft area feels like somebody is wrapping their tongue around your duck as they suck. 

Finally, the last point of entry before going deep in the Fleshlight canal is the throat.  This is a highly textured and very tight part of the Fleshlight that exactly replicates the feeling of your dick sliding down the throat of your partner in what can be considered a solid deep-throating session!

Once you pass through the 3 part mouth of the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Blue Ice you will find yourself deep in the soft canal which is filled with a maze of different textures to drive you wild.  Starting with the bumps and ridges, the deeper you go in the Turbo Thrust, the wilder and more aggressive the texture feels as it's sucking your dick.

The Blue Ice is the perfect touch to what could already be considered the best Fleshlight out.  It's a blue clear color so you can actually see yourself in it.  Once your dick slides in, some reviewers say that the soft material actually magnifies your cock to make it look even bigger than it already is.  You can see all of the magic live and in action since the case itself is also crystal clear, a very nice touch by Fleshlight.

Since this masturbator is made with the same realistic feeling Fleshlight SuperSkin material, you need to make sure to only use water-based sex lubes, we recommend Lynk Pleasure.  Once you are finished, it is very important to clean with Fleshlight Toy Cleaner and rub it down with their renewing powder.  If you want your toy to last a lifetime, taking care of it is not an option.

Check out our Fleshlight Tips and Tricks page for how to use and clean your Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Size


  • Overall Length - 9.75'' (24.76 cm)
  • Insertable Length - 8.5'' (21.59 cm)
  • Overall Diameter - 2.5'' - 4'' (6.35 cm - 10.16 cm
  • Canal Diameter - 0.375'' (0.95 cm)
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