Fleshlight GO Surge Pink Lady Male Masturbator

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    • Smaller, lighter, and more compact version of the Fleshlight Pink Lady
    • Highly textured extra tight vaginal canal for extreme pleasure
    • Experience masturbation with the compact Pink Lady Fleshlight 
    • Becoming a stud in the bedroom is finally within grasp
    • Practice your performance and build up stamina over time
    • Improve your confidence and overall sexual health
    • Tame your hypersensitive penis and enjoy long lasting sex
    • The most realistic sexual experience your can have with out a partner
    • Masturbation with a purpose will increase your stamina in the bedroom
    • 100% discreet, easy to clean & maintain
    • Fleshlight is the #1 male masturbator in existence
    • Length - 7'' x Width - 3''
  • What's better than a Fleshlight?  A Fleshlight GO, a smaller, lighter, and more compact version of the sex toy for men that started it all.  The Fleshlight Go Surge is small enough to pack with you in your overnight bag or backpack.  You should never have to settle for your hand when you are away from your house, bring the Fleshlight GO Surge with you everywhere you go.

    How does this compare to the original Pink Lady Fleshlight?  Glad you asked!  The Original is 9.75'' long and 4'' wide compared to the GO Surge which is only 7'' long and a compact 3'' wide.

    Don't fret though, this portable Fleshlight looks and feels just like the original, best-selling sex toy for men.  Fleshlight's Original Pink Lady is the most popular male masturbator ever produced, and you won't have any trouble figuring out why; the ultra-realistic materials are as close as you can get to the real thing, and the innovative flashlight casing makes it easy to use and maintain.

    The vaginal opening is perfectly detailed. It's made with a proprietary plastic blend for a lifelike feel that you can't get from any other toy - it's flexible and smooth like real skin, and you can run the insert under warm water to get the perfect temperature. Use any water-based lubricant to enjoy incredible realism.

    A smooth interior channel stays tight, even with regular use, and it accommodates most guys easily with an 6.5-inch insertable length. It's hypoallergenic and easy to clean; remove the insert and rinse it with warm water after each use, then air dry before returning it to its casing. Screw the top on for discreet storage.

    If you want a mind-blowing male toy with realistic features, the Fleshlight GO Surge Pink Lady hits all of the right notes. Check the other Fleshlight products for more designs and textures.

    • Canal Diameter - 3/8 inch
    • Overall Length - 7''
    • Overall Diameter - 2 - 3''
    • Insertable Length - 6.5''
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Customer Reviews

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Better Than Expected

This device definitely was worth the value, versus other price points that I also had to trust this one served me well in my private adventures. Don't be afraid to give this a go! Its not for everyone, but if you are bored of using a hand or even lubing your hands. This is the right pick.

Suction: Now the Ice seems to have a lot of negative complaints on the suction but I couldn't disagree more, you can leave the end cap on and it will allow a great deal of suction. In fact, if I didn't pull out occasionally it would just be attached to my body. For less suction, ofcourse this would be alot less. You take the end cap off and it will basically be your new "right hand".

Rate of Feel: The feeling of this device beats (And no pun intended) any hand or mouth I have ever experienced, no its never going to defeat actual intercourse but who's to say you can't now ignore anothers company, watch some netflix alone, and order yourself a pizza. A great relief from any anxiety (that is ofcourse if you are using this in private). This also works vice versa! My boyfriend can now on a lazy day spend a little time just using the ice to get me done for the night with the reward of a good nights rest. My only advisory here is to be careful when going fast paced, this device is a little fragile on the entrance but its a tight fit too. Do not ever use this in the shower, bad idea period for the condition of the product.

Shipping: I will confirm (And show pics) that my product did in fact come fine in a brown box. I had no damages. On the other note, after getting the free shipping on over 35 dollars. This product was ordered on a Friday and came evening of Monday which is to say impressive since the weekends tend to be lazy days for shipped items.

Conclusion: If I were to try another product cheaper Im almost 100% sure that the Ice woulda taken my business back. I doubt there are better devices for a solo even duo masterbation at this price. I hope this review helps out i...