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How to Choose a Better Fleshlight Alternative

For anyone who grew up with parents who hated to spend a dime, you are well aware of the age-old debate between brand name and store-brand products. 

While there will never be an adequate generic replacement for a certain round chocolatey sandwich cookie with white filling (fight me), the good news is that brand names in the sex toy world Aren’t everything.

This is fantastic for those of us who love exploring new male sex toys but don’t love spending brand name money.  It's much easier to find an alternative pocket pussy in your budget.  And while the pinnacle of deliciously tight pocket pussies may be the Fleshlight, there are plenty of alternatives that are just as awesome. No matter if you want a porn star pocket pussy like the Fleshlight Girls, there are plenty of others for half the price.

So what makes Fleshlight so great?  For starters, the material that is used to form the real-life-like stroker is called SuperSkin, a form of TPE, also known as Cyberskin.  While each brand calls it something different, you can get the same great feeling from each brand's own material.  Just look for TPE.

The next thing to consider is how discreet the masturbation toy is.  Fleshlight looks like an oversized flashlight, is that what you are looking for?  You can find alternatives that openly look like a mouth, vagina, or butt

For many years (20 years to be exact) Fleshlight held onto several patents that stopped most manufacturers from creating similar yet cheaper alternatives.  The good news is that their patents have expired which has led to many brands coming up with their own version. 

Why should I try a Fleshlight alternative?

On the surface, a pocket pussy is a pocket pussy, even if it is a mouth or butt. If this sex toy can get you to climax then it can’t be bad, right? Absolutely. And although the Fleshlight still wears the crown as the OG male sex toy, most off-brand alternatives offer you a bigger bang for your buck.  While not every stroker will be cheaper, some of these male masturbators will provide different levels of pleasure that were not originally designed in Fleshlight.

woman with a gold fleshlight

The price of these alternative sex toys finally makes it affordable for you to turn up the dials on your sexual escapades even if you can’t afford a Fleshlight. Most alternatives range between $10-$50.

Variety is also a huge plus. Because Fleshlight is a brand name, it’s trapped in its own success. It needs to remain recognizable as the head honcho, which limits how crazy designs can get. Other companies such as Doc Johnson have the freedom to customize their shapes, grips, and even operational features.  One of the great aspects they all share though is the ability to increase your sexual prowess through stamina training.

Different masturbators have different features such as internal texture, soft and realistic skin, and even designs that allow you to thrust.  Each toy is designed to make your penis rock hard no matter what sleeve, material, or shape it may be.  Whatever you are looking for be sure there is a Fleshlight alternative that is perfect for you.

Beyond variety and price, there is the added bonus of accessibility. While The Enhanced Male is an authorized retailer of Fleshlight, not all retailers have them and when they are in stock, they go quickly.  Other notable brands and products to check out are Tenga Eggs, Doc Johnson, the Quickshot, & Satisfyer Men.

So what are the best cheap Fleshlight male masturbator alternatives? I’m glad you asked. 

Cheap Fleshlight Alternatives

The Satisfyer

Satisfyer Men Discreet Male Masturbation Suction Stroker Sleeve


 The Satisfyer Men masturbator is one of my personal favorites as an alternative male masturbator. It is very similar to the standard Fleshlight male masturbator you’re used to but with a much sleeker look and some super fun features. 

The Satisfyer’s coolest feature is its air pressure control system. Sporting easy-to-use buttons on the sides of the plastic case, this masturbator allows you full control over how tight or loose you want your experience and pleasure to be.  The air pressure can make the sensations feel like a realistic vagina.

You don’t even need to make the decision before use, you can modify the pressure mid-session.  If you have much experience with male masturbators you will understand just how important this is.  The Satisfyer can even be used hands-free if you place it between a mattress or couch cushions.

This sex toy comes with a soft silicone sleeve with a stimulating ribbed internal texture. The opening at the bottom of the cup makes it super easy to clean.

Like the Fleshlight, it comes with a convenient cap for safe and easy storage and transport.

If you are worried about size, the Satisfyer has an insertable length of 8.58 inches which is enough to accommodate most penis sizes.

The real pleasure of this masturbator can only be understood once you slide your cock in and give it a few thrusts.

As far as a high-quality Fleshlight alternative goes, the Satisfyer is a strong choice.

The Super Head Honcho Mouth Masturbator

 Sue Johanson Super Head Honcho Masturbator


If you are looking for a male masturbator that feels like a Fleshlight but without the price tag, The Sue Johanson Super Head Honcho might just be your best choice.  With an insertable length of 6 inches, this sex toy seems small but trust us, it works.

Being that it is made from super stretchy TPR, this realistic feeling stroker will stretch to fit most men's penis.  The head of the sleeve features a mouth with lips so it must feel like a blowjob, right? Yes!  Thanks to the inner canal texture and air chambers this masturbator creates a suction like feeling that mirrors a real BJ.

 The price of this toy comes in much cheaper than most Fleshlights making it one of the best cheap toys you can own. Thanks to material and design, the Super Head Honcho is super easy to clean.

The Vulcan Vibrating Tight Anus Stroker

Vulcan Vibrating Male Masturbator Tight Anus Stroker


Maybe you’re interested in playing around with a bit of vibration, but you don’t know if you’re ready to commit to buying your very own vibrator. Worry not!

There are plenty of sex toys out there that include a vibrating feature within the casing itself. The Vulcan Vibrating male masturbator is a premium deal for both beginner and experienced masturbators. Its bullet vibrator has multiple speeds so you can modify it to your liking. 

The price comes in at under $20, which makes this high quality Cyberskin toy is the perfect solution for anyone with a thick sexual appetite but a budget to think about.

Vulcan makes a variety of stimulating sleeves for their masturbators, and this one is no different. If you’re an ass man then you’ve just found your golden ticket.

As far as male sex toys go, the Vulcan sleeve is one of the best.  It feels extremely realistic, comes with a bullet vibrator, and is no less than half the price of a Fleshlight. The internal sleeve is also fully removable for a simple cleanup afterward.  Being easy to clean might be overlooked but we cant stress the importance of it.

The best thing about this Vulcan masturbator is that it’s completely waterproof. You can use this pocket pussy anywhere!

The Sexy SnatchSexy Snatch Pink Pocket Pussy Masturbator



So its name isn’t the most subtle thing in the world. But nothing compares to the price. The Sexy Snatch pocket pussy is an easy $9.97… and who doesn’t have ten dollars laying around?  You certainly won't be getting a Fleshlight for that cheap.

This sex toy is equipped with a stimulating ribbed canal and five pleasure beads to maximize sensation.  The TPR material is soft and stretchy making masturbation quite enjoyable.  The size of this sleeve is 5.5 inches in length and 2.5 inches wide which is great to fit in your pocket for on the go fun.

Not all male masturbators look the same either.  There is no hard outer casing for this sex toy, so no assembly is necessary, and cleaning up afterward is easy as pie.

As far as cheap Fleshlight alternatives go, the Sexy Snatch is just too convenient not to try out. Not to mention it’s translucent, so you get the added pleasure of seeing cock while you get off.

If you’re exploring new toy options or if you’re in between higher quality realistic toys at the moment, this stamina training sleeve is a great middleman to hold you over before buying something a bit more expensive.

The Sexy Snatch is recommended to use with water-based lube to make the internal texture as slick as can be.

The Main Squeeze Clear Optix Masturbator

 Main Squeeze Crystal Clear Optix Discreet Masturbator


If you are looking for other alternatives to Fleshlight,  Main Squeeze strokers are similar but with different textures and are quite a bit cheaper. With a crystal clear plastic case and a realistic sleeve, this masturbator will take you to orgasm and beyond. 

Being that it is crystal clear, you will be able to see your penis inside with every pleasureful thrust.  The soft UltraSkin TPR material is extremely realistic and has a discreet opening, unlike others that have a vagina, mouth, or butt opening.  The inner canal is textured to enhance pleasure and give your cock the feeling like a real person.

While it's not big enough to fit in a pocket, the hardshell does allow for hands free fun.  The Main Squeeze Optix has pressure pads on both sides, similar to finger holes that allow you to control how tight it feels and the pressure sensations. 

The length of this toy is 7.5 inches and has a width of 3 inches.  The cup has a twist-off cap that makes clean up a breeze.  Since it is soft, you shouldn't use all lube. Keep it water-based for safety.

You may have heard of Doc Johnson before as they are one of the best manufacturers of sex toys in the world.  Their masturbator toys fit right in line as a great Fleshlight alternative during masturbation.

Lynk Pleasure Handy Stroker Sleeve

Male Masturbator Stroker Sleeve by Lynk Pleasure

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best solutions. Lynk Pleasure makes a wide range of affordable and budget-friendly products for men and this stroker is one of my favorites.

This product is a soft, malleable sleeve without a hard outer plastic case, allowing you full control to customize your own experience by simply tightening and loosening your grip.  The featured inner sleeve texture is dozens of ticklers that will stimulate the entire length of your penis.

As with other inexpensive strokes, this sleeve is not shaped like a pussy or designed to look real. It feels like the real thing but definitely does not show it. 

The stroker material is thermoplastic rubber or TPR for short.  Thanks to the material and no electronics to go bad, this sleeve is 100% waterproof. Because of its discreet design, it’s easy to bring with you anywhere you go.

The soft textured TPR stretches to fit almost any penis, and cleaning it is a cinch.  Make sure to clean before and after you put your penis in as to avoid any unwanted bacteria.

Because the price is always something to consider, you’ll be happy to know that this one is under $15.  For the price of one Fleshlight or even Quickshot, you can buy 5 or more of these toys.

The Lynk Pleasure Stroker is a great way to get yourself off as well as an optimal stamina training tool. The more you use it, the longer you’ll be able to last when your partner needs you.

Compared to all Fleshlights, the stimulation levels of the Lynk sleeve is comparable, especially for the price. 

Tenga Hard Boiled Easy Beat Egg

Tenga Hard Boiled Easy Beat Egg 6 Pack Masturbator

Talk about a discreet sex toy.  The Tenga Easy Beat Egg is unlike any other masturbator toy you’ve seen so far. It comes in a pack of six eggs. And if you have a sense of humor, this product is right up your alley because the packaging is literally an egg carton!  The Tenga Egg is not new if you have been around male sex toys for any amount of time.  They are time-tested and trust us, your cock will love them. 

What I love most about the Easy Beat Eggs is how discreet they are. Tenga has always been known to design unique and discreet toys but these eggs take the cake.  Each of the 6 sleeves included in the carton features a unique texture and design.  It's basically like getting 6 sex toys for the price of 1.

Unlike Fleshlight, these Tenga male masturbators are disposable, which puts this option at #1 on my list for cleanup. It truly doesn’t get any easier.  Now throwing them away does sound like a waste of money to us and we are not alone.  Do a quick internet search and you will find plenty of users talking about how they clean up their Tenga Eggs and reuse dozens if not hundreds of times.

Each Tenga egg has its own stimulation thanks to the textures ranging from ribbed, to wavey, to super slick, providing you options for six separate but equally fulfilling sessions.  The material of each Tenga Egg is TPE which is very realistic and life-like.

When you crack open an egg you are going to find a packet of lube ready to go. Just cut open the lube sachet, pour it in, and go to town.  While this is not your ordinary pocket pussy, these feel just as great. 

This choice is perfect if you want to find out exactly what kind of sleeve gets you off best before committing to a more permanent purchase. 

Healthy Vibes Cheap Pocket Pussy

Cheap Pocket Pussy by Healthy Vibes


The name says it all, right?  This is one of the best pocket pussies on the market and it happens to be perfect for any budget.  At under $10, this real-looking vagina cup is both discreet and incredibly pleasureful.  Unlike a Fleshlight, the size of this vagina is quite compact.  It lives up to the name pocket pussy.

Made from Realskin TPE material, in a blind touch test, you will never tell the difference between this and a real Fleshlight.  Thanks to the aggressive inner texture, penis stimulation is guaranteed with every stroke.

The outer plastic cup includes a cap to keep it nice and discreet. At the top of the toy, you will find a small hole that allows you to control the air pressure and suction.

The real magic happens when you pull the masturbation sleeve out of the case and grip it tightly. This allows you to control just how tight the sleeve is with every stroke. If a virgin is what you want, grip tighter! 

The total length of this toy is 6.25 inches and the insertable length is about 6 inches.  The best lube to use is going to be, you guessed it, water-based.

Whether this is your first stroker cup or just another in your collection, you are sure to enjoy it as much as anything else.


Tenga Spinner

 Tenga Spinner Masturbator Series

Unless you are willing to attach your Fleshlight to a fan, chances are that it won't be spinning any time soon. That is too bad because the spinning motion on your penis is an incredible feeling that should be felt by all.  Well, thanks to this alternative style of stroker, spinning is exactly what you will be feeling.

The Tenga Spinner is a series of masturbators that are designed to be lightly held and pressed down onto your hard cock.  With the combination of suction on your penis and coil spring built into the soft material, the Spinner will spiral down your cock providing intense pleasure.

The material used on this Tenga is similar to the rest of the soft masturbators which is TPE or Realskin.  Its spongy texture mimics a real vagina with the exception of the spring that is doing all of the magic.  The opening hole is quite stretchy as well so fitting into this masturbator should be fairly easy, even for the largest men.

The sensations felt during use can be compared to the size of a Quickshot but with the ability to be squeezed tighter. Can you say virgin?  Unlike other Tenga masturbators, this one is reusable so don't toss it when you are done. Clean it, dry it, and save it for another day.

The reviews on this one don't lie either, this is one of the most popular and newer masturbators on the market.  They are quite magical, to say the least!

Sasha Grey Creampie Pocket Pussy

Sasha Grey Creampie Pocket Pussy


Sasha Grey might be one of the most popular porn stars on planet Earth and she also happens to be the only porn star on our great list of Alternatives to Fleshlights.  This soft and incredibly realistic porn star pocket pussy has been molded directly off Sasha's sweet sweet hole.

As soon as you unbox this textured stroker you will notice how realistic her pussy lips and clit are.  Combine that with the realistic URS TPE material and this bad boy is sure to be your favorite new go-to.  The inner canal is lined with a ribbed texture to stimulate your penis tip and shaft with every inch you slide in.

About the size of a grown man's hand, this sleeve fits perfectly and gives you so much more than your hand ever could.  Make sure to use a bit water-based lubricant as any other lube might ruin Sasha.  One of the great features of this toy is the closed end that creates a suction that takes this sleeve to the next level.  The sensations can be described as sex meets a blowjob, at least that's what the reviews say!

What should I look for when buying a Fleshlight Alternative?

When exploring your options for sex toys it’s important to always check for quality.

Research what material is used to make the product to ensure you’re not allergic, as well as to know what kind of lube you need to buy. (Nearly always you’re going to need water-based.)


Product design is always something to factor in. At the end of the day, money is money. Even if the product is affordable, you want to make sure it’s going to provide you with the experience you’re hoping for.

Toy designs will range from totally discreet to more realistic shapes such as a mouth,  pussy, or even butts.  Chose whatever real-life body part will fill your fantasies.  Internal length is also important, especially if the toy is not stretchy.  You need to make sure that you will fit your penis inside.

Canal shafts should also be considered. Do you want different textures that will provide ample stimulation during masturbation or something less stimulating such as a smooth tunnel? 

I also suggest reading product reviews before blindly committing to a picture of your toy.

Most importantly, ALWAYS buy your toy from a reputable store. Here at TEM, we always source high-quality products made from body-safe material and pride ourselves on hooking you up with fun, reliable, amazingly orgasmic toys. 

Expand your sexual repertoire.

Everyone knows about Fleshlight. They have earned their popularity by consistently pumping out high-quality products for decades. But there are so many fantastic cheap Fleshlight alternatives out there.

Be adventurous and check out a few for yourself at The Enhanced Male. One of them may just be your glass slipper.

We take our recommendations very seriously

We have worked intensively on developing a product evaluation system that takes in consideration the following factors:

  • Materials
  • Electronic Components
  • Safety Testing Data
  • US Regulatory Information
  • 510(k) Certifications
  • Our Experts Evaluation

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