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Listen to an audio summary

Most people who are even the slightest bit interested in male sex toys have heard of the classic Fleshlight. With its iconic flashlight-style design and wide range of attractive, realistic openings, the company has really built up a reputation as being a reliable provider of perfect pocket pussies.

However - Fleshlight isn't the only sex toy company in these parts. Have you heard... about Tenga?

A Japanese brand that has been making a name for itself by creating sleek, modern, innovative, and exciting new sex toy experiences, Tenga is shaping up to be a real rival to the American titan. Healthy competition is good for companies as it encourages them to make their products better and better - which is brilliant for us, as it means the male sex toy industry is growing even bigger, leaving us with more and more amazing masturbators to try out!

Whenever there are competitors, there's one question that everyone wants the answer to - which is the best?

That's where we come in! We pride ourselves on being a trusted and knowledgeable sex toy retailer and as such have taken it upon ourselves to help our customers get to the bottom of the Fleshlight vs Tenga debate. In this article, we'll compare every area of these two companies and their toys to assist you in coming to a decision on which to give your hard-earned cash.

There's a lot to cover, so let's not waste any time, and get right into it!

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Fleshlight vs Tenga at a Glance

Tenga and Fleshlight are prominent brands in the realm of male pleasure. Tenga offers sleek and discreet masturbators, while Fleshlight provides lifelike sensations with a variety of textured sleeves. Both brands cater to adventurous desires, providing a range of options for personalized satisfaction.

Fleshlight Best Contenders

Fleshlight STU | Stamina Trainer Masturbator
Fleshlight Turbo Trust Blue Ice Masturbator
Riley Reid Fleshlight Girls Utopia Pocket Pussy

Tenga Best Contenders

Product Name
Tenga Flip Zero 0
Tenga New Standard Easy Beat Egg 6 Pack
Tenga Crysta Ball

Material Quality

Why is this important?

The quality of the materials that go into a product is often responsible for how good they feel, as well as how safe they are to use. Most of the best sex toys are built using high-quality, premium materials that feel great to the touch as well as being body-safe and free of harsh chemicals.

Believe it or not, Fleshlight and Tenga actually use fairly similar materials in their toys. So how do they compare?


In their sex toys, Fleshlight uses their very own patented SuperSkin material. This material is utilized with a specific goal in mind - to "simulate the feel of real sex." We can't tell you exactly what SuperSkin is made of as it's a protected secret formula, but what is generally thought is that it's a blend of high-quality mineral oil and thermoplastic elastomers - also known as TPE.

What we can tell you is that Fleshlight SuperSkin is both known for and heavily marketed as being incredibly realistic (thanks to the TPE), soft (thanks to the mineral oils), and body-safe, all of which contribute to the popularity of these toys. That realism is no joke either - Fleshlight has numerous toys designed to look and feel as close as possible to a real pussy, so SuperSkin is essentially required to be as hyper-realistic as it can be.

In their sex toys, Fleshlight uses their very own patented SuperSkin material. This material is utilized with a specific goal in mind - to "simulate the feel of real sex."

SuperSkin's unique blend of TPE is believed to be a little more porous than silicone, meaning that without proper care, cleaning, and drying, it will begin to harbor bacteria - this is probably why Fleshlight came out with a drying rack built specifically for their strokers!


Tenga on the other hand isn't shy about revealing what their sleeves are made out of, and it turns out that they also use forms of TPE. This material is less expensive to produce than silicone, so it makes sense that Tenga uses it as many of their toys are disposable, meant to be thrown away after a couple of uses. Since TPE is more porous than silicone, it may eventually harbor bacteria over time, even with attentive washing and drying.

Luckily, this isn't really an issue for Tenga's disposable toys as you'll get rid of them before poor hygiene can do any harm.

Additionally, unlike sex toys such as dildos, strokers aren't going inside your body meaning bacteria will usually stay on the surface of your skin where they can be washed off. That doesn't mean that TPE is bad though. It's one of the most commonly used materials in sex toys for multiple reasons - it's comfortable and cushiony, body-safe, fairly environmentally friendly to manufacture, and as we already mentioned, it's less expensive to produce than many other materials. This means toys that use it usually won't break the bank!

Which is better?

Fleshlight SuperSkin and other kinds of TPE have similar benefits, as chemically they're believed to be very close together. The main addition SuperSkin has is that extra mineral oil, which contributes to it being extra soft and pleasant to the touch, and means it warms up quicker than other kinds - adding even more realism!

Fleshlight SuperSkin and other kinds of TPE have similar benefits, as chemically they're believed to be very close together.

Keeping hygiene a priority and fully washing and drying your masturbators and yourself after using them is the best way to ensure they last a long time (even the disposable toys, according to some), and you don't get stuck with an infection. Always trust your gut though - if you think it's time to acquire a fresh toy, you're probably correct!

Design & Extra Features

Why is this important?

How a sex toy is designed, as well as the extra features it includes, dictates how it looks, as well as how exactly it'll be stimulating you. Knowing what features companies specialize in, as well as the methodology behind their designs, can be key to figuring out which toys are the best for you.

Here's where these two companies really start to diverge. Both are fairly unique in regard to design, taking a completely different approach to pleasure - let's take a look!

Diagram of the Fleshlight Design & Extra Features


If the earlier mention of their patented SuperSkin material didn't already tip you off, Fleshlight is a lot more interested in providing a realistic experience than their rival. Plastered all over the Fleshlight website is the phrase "simulate the feel of real sex" - and the company's many satisfied customers seem to agree that this goal has totally been achieved thanks to SuperSkin.

SuperSkin sleeve

Many of Fleshlight's strokers feature openings that are modeled to look like lifelike vaginas, buttholes, and even mouths - there's something for everyone, whatever you're into! Combining these visuals with its SuperSkin material is the secret to creating male masturbators which both look and feel incredibly soft, supple, and lifelike, making the experience all that much more immersive, and closer to real sex than your average pocket pussy.

If you'd prefer a toy without an anatomically correct opening, Fleshlight has you covered there too. Several of their toys feature openings that aren't reminiscent of any body parts, making them the perfect choice if you're looking for something a little more discreet. You'll also find a range of toys that utilize small bullet vibrators that slot into the case and provide additional tantalizing stimulation!

Many of Fleshlight's strokers feature openings that are modeled to look like lifelike vaginas, buttholes, and even mouths - there's something for everyone, whatever you're into!

Fleshlight toys also feature a wide variety of heavily textured inner canals designed to target specific areas of your penis with different combinations of ribs, grooves, and nubs. Some specific models are designed to be so overstimulating that masturbating with them can improve your sexual stamina during real sex, which is especially useful for guys who suffer from premature ejaculation.

Flashlight-style case

An iconic design element of the Fleshlight brand is its flashlight-style hard plastic outer cases. This case has numerous awesome advantages!

Firstly, it protects the soft internal sleeve from harm. Though the SuperSkin sleeve, along with most other forms of TPE, is very durable, it's not designed to be left among objects that might scratch or puncture it, or to survive being crushed by heavy belongings! Thanks to the hard case, this is a total non-issue.

An iconic design element of the Fleshlight brand is its flashlight-style hard plastic outer cases. This case has numerous awesome advantages!

Secondly, following on from the previous point, the case means you don't have to worry about where you store the toy. Even if your drawer or cabinet is free from sharp objects, the wrong storage conditions can lead to other problems, such as a build-up of moisture. The hard, lidded cases of Fleshlights make storage simple as they're kept safe inside.

Finally, the case means they're great for traveling with. Looking just like a flashlight (when the lid is on, at least) means they're discreet enough to not draw too much attention. Additionally, the case means the toy is safe from being damaged by the other objects in your travel luggage.

Adjustable suction

Aside from protection, storage, and travel purposes, the flashlight-style case also has a use when it comes to pleasure. The back end of the case features a venting control system that you can twist to alter the internal pressure, which provides additional pleasurable suction that can be varied to your taste.

Adjusting the suction effectively makes the sleeve tighter, thus increasing how intense it feels to use - this makes it a great feature for mixing up your stroking sessions to keep things interesting. It's also useful for stamina training, as you can easily increase the pressure at will, and decrease it when you need to hold off from climaxing.

Being able to alter the tightness and suction of the sleeve also makes the sleeve useable even if you struggle to stay hard

Fleshlight Accessories

Though the main attraction of Fleshlight is their masturbators, they also offer a whole host of accessories meant to make your stroking even more pleasurable. These accessories include, among others:




This Fleshlight branded lube has numerous variants of water-based lube including, classic, warming, cooling, and lube specifically designed for anal sex.

Fleshlight mounts

Mounts let you turn your Fleshlight into a hands-free toy with ease. The Shower Mount is a popular mount that sticks to your shower wall with a suction cup.

Fleshlight PhoneStrap

This device allows you to strap your phone to your leg, making it extremely easy to watch adult videos while stroking.

Fleshlight Sleeve Warmers

These rods let you warm up your Fleshlight sleeve prior to using it for increased pleasure and realism.

Fleshlight drying racks

There are multiple different products that make drying out your SuperSkin sleeve simple. Some are simply stands and hanging racks, and the Fleshlight Air is a stand that directs hot air into the sleeve for quick drying.

Fleshlight product care

Fleshlight offers both Fleshlight Wash, an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner, and Fleshlight Renewing Powder, which helps keep the sleeve in good shape for longer.

Fleshlight Launch

This is a device that holds your Fleshlight and strokes it up and down hands-free, in sync with interactive content such as adult videos and VR experiences.

Fleshlight even creates specific accessories such as those listed above for their different ranges, so whatever toy you choose, there'll be an accessory it's compatible with. Essentially, if you can think up any kind of accessory that would make a masturbator even better, Fleshlight has probably already had that thought!


Tenga takes a slightly different approach to their toys, prioritizing innovative new ideas as opposed to creating toys that serve as a replacement for a real vagina, butthole, or mouth. The result of this is toys that really make the most of the fact that they aren't limited to emulating real orifices, including uniquely pleasurable features that can only be achieved with sex toys.

The company has been described as the "Apple of the sex toy industry" due to its approach to modern and non-anatomical designs, and once you've taken a look at its masturbators, it's hard to disagree!

Diagram of the Tenga Design & Extra Features

Single-Use Tenga Toys

One of Tenga's greatest innovations is its plethora of single-use toys that come in a few different ranges, each of which having unique features. These toys, being single-use, are designed to give you one incredible session of intensely pleasurable masturbation - after which, you're meant to dispose of them.

So - what benefits do Tenga's single-use toys have to make up for the fact that they're meant to be used once and then thrown away? There are actually quite a few! For one thing, they're super convenient. Each disposable toy comes pre-lubricated, and in its own wrapper - so it's ready to use as soon as you tear that thing off.

One of Tenga's greatest innovations is its plethora of single-use toys that come in a few different ranges, each of which having unique features

This convenience extends to discreetness and portability - being on the smaller size, and wrapped up all nicely, these strokers are able to be easily hidden in a drawer, or tossed in a bag for traveling with.

Also... though they're designed to only be used once, some users claim to have reused them after being washed and dried. This goes against Tenga's advice, so only do so at your own risk!

Reusable Tenga Toys

Are disposable toys not to your taste? Don't fret, as Tenga also offers an ever-growing variety of reusable masturbators. In fact, among their reusable toys is where you'll find some of the company's most interesting designs!

There is a truly insane amount of variety here. Some of the most well-received masturbators include:

  • Toys that flip open to allow for easy cleaning and drying

  • Toys with squeezable pads and soft sleeves that allow you to affect the tightness

  • Toys with buttons, dials, and coverable air holes that let you adjust the inner pressure for varied suction

  • Toys that stimulate your penis using shapes suspended in crystal-clear TPE

  • Electronic toys that vibrate

  • Toys that spiral around your penis as you stroke without the use of a motor

If variety is the spice of life, Tenga provides a ridiculous amount of heat. Anyone who's tired of (or simply not interested in) toys that attempt to simulate real sex is sure to find something that piques their interest in Tenga's catalog.

Tenga Accessories

Similarly to Fleshlight, Tenga also offers a range of lotions and lubes that can be used with most of their toys, including some lube that is meant to be used with specific products like Tenga eggs. They also offer merchandise such as T-shirts if you ever feel like sharing your favorite Japanese sex toy brand with the general public!

On their website, you'll also find a couple of Tenga attachments. These are quite pricey devices that work with specific Tenga toys, providing additional vibration and rotation features once the toy is inserted inside. While additional features like this are always welcome, and by all accounts these products are excellent at providing even more powerful orgasms, paying upwards of $300 USD for them may not be worth it for the average user, especially considering most of Tenga's toys are very affordable.

Which is better?

This mainly comes down to what you're looking for in the design of a sex toy. Are you after a reliable stroker that is designed to come as close as possible to replicating the feeling of real sex? If so, Fleshlight is the one to choose. Or, are you looking for something that focuses less on realism and more on providing one-of-a-kind sensations that only sex toys are capable of? In this case, a Tenga toy might be more to your liking.

In most cases, Fleshlight toys are a lot more straightforward in design, hence the wide range of accessories that work with their sleeves.

Tenga toys are much more off-the-wall, with more focus on uniqueness, and a little less focus on providing great, consistent experiences. As long as you evaluate your specific needs, choosing between the two male masturbator brands becomes less of a challenge.


Why is this important?

Material choice and product design are both incredibly important, but if a toy doesn't feel amazing, there's really not much point to it existing in the first place!

Pleasure is the name of the game here, so let's compare just how much of it these brands provide.


By all accounts, Fleshlights feel fantastic. This makes perfect sense considering that the company has been around for a good two decades at this point meaning they've had plenty of time to perfect their designs - they're one of, if not the most ubiquitous male sex toy brands for a reason!


The patented SuperSkin sleeve is what does a lot of the heavy lifting here. As we already mentioned, it is both marketed as and widely known for being incredibly realistic, sumptuously soft, and very durable - meaning it easily accomplishes its goal of simulating real sex and continues to do so for many sessions.

The patented SuperSkin sleeve is what does a lot of the heavy lifting here.

Users have also pointed out that its ability to retain heat more quickly and easily than other TPE blends adds an extra pleasurable dimension of realism.

Aggressive textures for intense stimulation

Inside of Fleshlight sleeves, you'll find a multitude of textured canals, all of which provide even further pleasurable sensations. Full of ribs, ridges, grooves, nubs, or a combination thereof, these canals are designed to squeeze and stimulate your entire penis, and users attest that they do the job very well.

Sometimes, the goal of this is to provide so much stimulation that with enough use, your stamina during real sex will shoot through the roof - so to put it simply, they need to feel good!

Variable suction that lets you control the intensity

There's also the feeling of suction that can be altered using the valve on the end of a Fleshlight's plastic outer casing - leaving this valve shut creates the tightest suction, which can be lowered by opening it further and further.

While this sensation isn't for everyone, some users really love it, especially since it doesn't require the use of batteries.

Anyone who doesn't love it can simply open the valve and release the pressure, leaving them free to enjoy all the pleasures of SuperSkin with nothing to hinder them.


Though not quite on the same level of popularity as Fleshlight, Tenga still has its fans who argue that its toys feel as good as, if not better than Fleshlight products. Since Tenga sells such a wide range of quirky toys that offer many different sensations, we can't say for sure that any one toy will feel better than a reliable Fleshlight, but it's fair to say that the classic sex toy juggernaut has been given a run for its money!

1. Soft and realistic sleeve

As they're made using regular TPE blends, the sleeves of Tenga toys feel like a slightly less luxurious version of Fleshlight's SuperSkin. That's not to say they feel bad - far from it, in fact; like SuperSkin, TPE is known for being supple and realistic, nice and soft to the touch, and pretty durable, which is why it's a very common material for sex toys.

As they're made using regular TPE blends, the sleeves of Tenga toys feel like a slightly less luxurious version of Fleshlight's SuperSkin.

Your average TPE blend does however lack the specific mineral oils and whatever other secret sauce goes into SuperSkin, contributing to it feeling a little less premium. Do Tenga's users still enjoy the feeling though? Absolutely - and the fact it makes toys a bit cheaper also sweetens the deal!

2. A huge variety of unique sensations

The sensations given by Tenga's internal canals massively vary. Utilizing similar ribs, grooves, and nubs to Fleshlight, Tenga offers a good range of more standard-feeling toys. While these toys are definitely pleasurable to use, it's difficult to beat how Fleshlight has mastered these simple design elements.

Luckily, Tenga also offers much more eccentric designs which feel wholly unique to the company, many of which feature geometric shapes with thick yet soft edges, squeezable cases that let you change tightness on the fly, and corkscrewing spiral sensations, unlike anything you'll have felt before.

3. The tendency for tackiness

Something that reviewers and customers keep pointing out though is that after a few uses, Tenga toys can start to feel a little tacky. While this is perfectly acceptable for toys designed to be single-use, this isn't ideal for reusable toys. Sure, you can sprinkle on some renewing powder (this is actually good practice for any soft stroker) but reviews for Fleshlight don't mention tackiness nearly as often.

Nevertheless, users are often very enthusiastic that for as long as these toys last, they feel awesome!

Which is better?

Fleshlights are extremely reliable toys that have gained immense popularity from the simple fact that they feel sensational. Tenga toys, on the other hand, are a little less reliable and consistent but offer totally unique sensations to basically every other sex toy on the market.

How much each of these traits matters will vary from user to user, but it's hard to argue with a sex toy that has somehow almost become a household name based on consistently feeling so good.

Ordering & Delivery

Why is this important?

It's always good to know the details of how a product ordered online will be delivered. If you're purchasing a sex toy, wanting it to be delivered discreetly is completely understandable - your sex life is your own business! Additionally, knowing when to expect your order to be shipped, and when it should arrive, means you're not sitting waiting around for too long, or running into any issues.

It's always good to know the details of how a product ordered online will be delivered. .

Both the Tenga and Fleshlight companies (and most other respectable sex toy brands and retailers) are quite similar in this regard - let's compare.


You can order Fleshlight sex toys both over the phone and directly from their website, where you can place domestic and international orders. If you are ordering from within the continent of the US, your order will be eligible for free shipping as long as it's over $100, which is a nice touch, especially for those interested in pricier products.

Fleshlight claims that all of their orders are shipped in nondescript cardboard boxes, inside of which you'll find the real branded box. There should be no reference to Fleshlights or sex toys anywhere on the box or shipping label, which should identify the shipper as simply "ILF, LLC.". All of this is fantastic, as nobody wants nosy neighbors or mailmen prying into their shopping habits - even more so when the items in question are masturbators!

You can order Fleshlight sex toys both over the phone and directly from their website, where you can place domestic and international orders.

Thankfully, reviewers all seem to back up these claims, noting that the packages, as well as credit card statements, were all discreet. Reviewers also mention that their products were shipped and received on time. According to Fleshlight's website, priority orders are shipped the same day, or the next business day if placed after 1 pm, and other orders are generally shipped between 1 and 3 business days after the payment has been finalized.


Tenga's US store is where American citizens have to order their products. In the US and Canada, you'll be able to get your product shipped out for free if your order is over $75. It's great that this threshold is $25 dollars lower than Fleshlight's but since the majority of Tenga's products aren't as costly as their rivals, this probably isn't going to make that much difference. Still, it's a nice bonus if you do happen to be placing a larger order!

The company, similarly to Fleshlight, also claims that all its products are shipped out in discreet cardboard boxes that don't feature any Tenga branding, logos, or references to sex toys. The boxes do however include the phrase "TENGA USA" on the shipping label. This shouldn't necessarily draw any attention, but it's worth noting that the brand name does feature somewhere on the packaging if that matters to you.

Tenga's US store is where American citizens have to order their products.

Credit card statements have a similar issue - the purchase is listed as "SP * USA TENGA STORE". Like with the shipping label, this isn't likely to draw attention but is a little easier to Google compared to how Fleshlight does it, making it slightly less discreet. Generally, customers seem happy with the discreetness of the packaging as well as delivery times - Tenga claims all their packages are shipped within 24 hours of the payment being finalized, arriving between 1 and 5 business days.

Which is better?

This one is honestly a toss-up between the two. Both companies ship out their products in discreet packaging, and while Tenga's might be ever so slightly less discreet due to the brand name appearing on the shipping label, the boxes themselves are totally nondescript.

However, if you need your toys to be as discreetly packaged as possible, Fleshlight is probably the way to go.

In terms of shipping times, reviewers rarely seem to have any issues at all, with all their orders arriving on time or even faster - anything out of the ordinary is usually a total outlier. The only other thing worth mentioning is that one reviewer that placed an international order on Tenga's store found doing so a little more complicated than on Fleshlight's website, but noted that in the end, they were still pleased with the packaging.

Cleaning & Durability

Why is this important?

Cleaning and taking good care of your sex toys is the key to ensuring they last a long time. This goes hand in hand with durability - even if a toy is durable when it's fresh, it'll need proper maintenance to last as long as you need it to last. You want to make sure you get your money's worth, especially if you're making an investment, so it pays to know if cleaning will be a pain.

Cleaning and taking good care of your sex toys is the key to ensuring they last a long time

Fleshlight and Tenga have a couple of notable differences when it comes to cleaning and durability, which might be enough to greatly affect your decision of which to choose from!


Cleaning and drying

With most Fleshlight products, cleaning is relatively straightforward. As the sleeves can easily be removed from the plastic outer case, both elements can be cleaned separately without too much hassle. SuperSkin can be cleaned with warm soapy water in a pinch, but the best option is always to use an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.

The Achilles heel of Fleshlights used to be that they were tricky to dry - you'd have to leave the sleeve out for some time in order for it to fully dry, which isn't particularly discreet! This can lead to hygiene issues, as SuperSkin's porosity necessitates that it be fully dried so it doesn't begin to harbor nasty bacteria.

SuperSkin can be cleaned with warm soapy water in a pinch, but the best option is always to use an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.

Luckily, Fleshlight addressed this issue head-on and created a range of drying units to streamline the process. While these aren't the priciest products in the world, it is an extra purchase - except for the occasional toy that includes drying apparatus. It would be nice if every Fleshlight was quick and discreet to dry with what was included in their packaging, but it's still nice that there are options to make life easier, especially as it means your Fleshlight will last a good long while.


With their hard plastic cases and supple, pliable SuperSkin sleeves, Fleshlight products are very durable indeed. SuperSkin is thought to be a patented form of TPE, which is actually known for its durability - it's strong, flexible, and can take a beating.

SuperSkin's ease of cleaning contributes a lot to its durability. Proper maintenance and care of a sex toy go a long way towards helping them last a long time, and with Fleshlight's removable sleeves, maintenance is simple. Sprinkle on some Fleshlight renewing powder, and your Fleshlight toy should stay fresh and durable for at least a couple of years of regular use.

With their hard plastic cases and supple, pliable SuperSkin sleeves, Fleshlight products are very durable indeed.

Users tend to agree that Fleshlights are indeed super durable. A simple Google search brings up dozens of posts and comments in which satisfied customers note how long their masturbators have lasted for them, which is often multiple years.


Cleaning and drying

The ease of cleaning Tenga toys depends on the specific product a lot more than it does with Fleshlights, as Tenga offers a more varied range of designs. Though some users clean their single-use toys, it seems unfair to compare them to Fleshlight as they aren't designed to be cleaned, so we'll mainly refer to reusable products here, all of which should be cleaned with either anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner, or warm soapy water.

Cleaning and drying certain ranges of Tenga products is a breeze, as some of them flip open to allow easy access inside the toy, as well as quicker drying, allowing them to dry at a much more rapid pace than a Fleshlight, and more discreetly. Like with certain Fleshlights, a few of Tenga's products come with a drying rack.

The design of the toys makes them a lot more discreet than your average Fleshlight, so leaving them out isn't as much of an issue here.

Though we can't really compare how easy it is to clean a disposable toy to Fleshlight's reusable strokers, it is worth noting that being able to throw away a toy after using it without having to worry about cleanup is very convenient!


Obviously, Tenga's single-use toys are not very durable, since they're only designed to be used once. Unfortunately, it seems like many of their reusable toys aren't all that durable either, despite being made from a similar TPE to Fleshlight toys.

It's not hard to find multiple reviews that mention how Tenga toys start to get tacky after a few uses. Sure, this could be due to poor cleaning and drying, but many Tenga toys are easier to clean and dry than Fleshlights, so that doesn't sound like the whole story. Tenga even recommends that some of their reusable should be used no more than 50 times - comparing this to the numerous Fleshlight users claiming their toys survived multiple years of regular use is quite disappointing.

Which is better?

While Tenga toys can be easier to clean and dry than Fleshlights, which is extremely important because both of their porous materials can become unhygienic without proper care, cleaning a Fleshlight really isn't all that much hassle. Throw in the fact that Fleshlight toys seem to be a lot more durable than their rival, and a little extra effort to clean and dry them starts to feel pretty worth it!

As we said though, the convenience of not having to clean a disposable toy is very nice.

Tenga's single-use toys are also extremely cheap, which is even better! Does that make them better than a Fleshlight though? We don't think so.

Customer Feedback

Why is this important?

User reviews are the best way to answer your questions about any kind of product. Customers have nothing to lose by giving their honest and uncensored opinion, meaning all the good and all the bad is plainly laid out for you to see, making it easier for you to make an informed decision.

Here, we'll address some of the most common benefits and drawbacks that customers highlight with regard to these two brands' sex toys.


The good

SuperSkin material

Customers often comment that Fleshlight's patented Superskin is indeed very realistic and really does replicate the feeling of real sex.

Trusted brand

Customers would much rather purchase sex toys from a reputable company such as Fleshlight, as their reputation is a good indicator of quality.

Wide range of models

Fans of Fleshlight love the fact there are so many modelsand textures to choose from - especially with their range of collaborations with adult performers.

High durability

Reviews point out that most products are durable enough to last users a couple of years with good care and maintenance.

Intense stimulation

Many customers happily report that the textured canals of Fleshlights are extremely stimulating and pleasurable.

Fun and easy to use

Customers are fans of how many products are very simple, making them perfect for beginners, as well as making great simple additions to sex with a partner.

Brilliant extra features

Among positive reviews for Fleshlights, it's common to see customers mentioning the adjustable suction and capacity to retain heat.

Stamina training

Increasing sexual stamina seems like a big ask, but customers report that with enough practice, your performance really can improve.

Flashlight-style case

Customers are happy with the discreet appearance of the hard plastic case.

The bad

Drying can be tough

Customers feel that Fleshlight products often take a while to dry without optional drying products, and these can be costly.

Cleaning difficulties

Customers reported that taking apart the components of their toys to ensure a thorough clean takes more time than they had hoped - cleaning the more intensely textured sleeves can be extra difficult.

Maintenance can feel like a chore

Some customers wished that their toy didn't require so much maintenance, as thorough cleaning, drying, and the use of renewal powder is necessary to keep them in good condition.

Simplicity can become monotonous

Some customers felt that though the textured SuperSkin sleeves feel great, and the adjustable suction adds to the experience, it can get a little boring after an extended period of use.

Bulky cases

Some customers feel that some of the larger Fleshlight products are quite large and bulky, meaning discreet storage isn't always possible even with the hard case.

Tight interior sleeves

The canals are often quite tight, which can sometimes be too much for more well-endowed men. Customers also report that the tightness necessitates more lube, which is an additional expense.

Designer prices

Customers lamented that though the company itself is reputable, this has driven up the prices of toys when compared to other brands.

Case-less products can get tacky

Customers weren't keen on how products that lack a hard case can get a little sticky on the outside.


The good

Decent realism

Customers felt that Tenga's TPE sleeves are very soft and realistic, making them very pleasurable 

Intense stimulation

Customers were happy with the more heavily textured canals, reporting that they are super stimulating

Many unique experiences

Tenga fans love that the company offers so many unique features that make for an interesting experience every time.

Collectible ranges

Customers like that the various collectible ranges of toys means you're never short of something new to try.

Ease of cleaning

Customers are often pleased with how some products are very easy to clean and dry due to how they flip open.


Many customers like how the disposable toys are extremely convenient as they come pre-lubed, and require no cleaning up.

Not just single-use

Customers claim that even single-use toys can be reused after being washed and dried (Tenga doesn't officially recommend this - but customers are free to do what they want with their toy, at their own risk).

The bad

Small sizes

Customers report that various products are slightly smaller than even average-sized users had hoped. 

Noisy when in use

Customers felt that some toys were noisier than users expected, lamenting how this made them less discreet.


Many users complain about how the toys get tacky fast, even with cleaning.


Tenga recommends that even reusable toys shouldn't be used for too many sessions - they're not very durable, and users often comment on the durability.

Pricey for disposable toys

Customers complain that some of the single-use toys can be a bit pricey for one masturbation session.

Usually not hands-free

Some customers wished that more of Tenga's toys were able to be used hands-free.

Expensive accessories

Customers felt that the Tenga accessories are far too overpriced for what they add to the toys.

Which is better?

Glancing at these bullet points, you can see that Fleshlights have more pros, and Tenga toys have more cons, suggesting that there's a clear winner when it comes to which brand makes the best products. The truth is though, Fleshlight products have many advantages where Tenga toys are lacking, and the same is true vice versa - to a certain extent.

Final Verdict

Fleshlight has, over many years, built up a reputation for producing strokers that are the next best thing, if not even better than real sex. They're extremely reliable, they feel amazing to use, and they last a long time thanks to the quality of their materials - as long as you take care of them right!

They offer something for basically everyone, and while their toys aren't always the most unique, they'll blow you away every time.

Tenga toys are like the more eccentric and unpredictable cousins of the Fleshlight. They offer more innovative masturbation experiences and are capable of providing sensational orgasms, but they're not quite as reliable or durable. Some of them are easier to clean and dry, and many of them are cheaper than Fleshlight toys, but they're just not on the same level of luxury - at least not quite yet.

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