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Listen to an audio summary

Living with a Micropenis and Micropenis Sex

Enter the word 'micropenis' into Google and you're going to see a weird and wonderful set of results - from legitimate health information right through to a wide selection of PornHub offerings.

The thing is, in-between these two things there's, well ...not much. 

Sure, there's plenty of data, medical terms, and adult videos - but what about real people with real-life experiences of smaller penis sizes? What about people who are worried about having a micropenis - or lovers who are with someone with a smaller than average member?

See, penises aren't something people talk about in polite conversation - and, even though it would make for a Thanksgiving to remember, we definitely don't sit down at the dinner table and discuss things like the best sex positions for guys with a smaller penis or whether or not a micropenis can get you off.

But why not? 

Why talk micropenises?

Hundreds of thousands of guys have very small penises - and in turn, millions of partners will, at some stage, experience a micropenis. 

It'll come as no surprise to learn that no one chooses to have a micropenis - just like no one chooses their height - so why should it be something we talk about with embarrassment or a sense of shame?

The answer is, we shouldn't.

With this in mind, we've decided to lead the way and talk frankly and openly about everything there is to know about the micropenis condition - including plenty of questions and answers you will not see anywhere else. 

Who have we talked to

We started our micropenis questions with a doctor - to get actual medical information on micropenises. After that, we interviewed a bunch of guys and girls about their real-world experiences around small penises. 

We've talked to people with a wide range of orientations - to give you a realistic view of how partners view a micropenis. We also talked to a real guy with a micropenis to get a feel for what life is like when you're smaller than average. 

Questions for a doctor

Want medical information and micropenis data? We posed 7 micropenis questions to an American doctor.

a doctor holding a cucumber

"What size is a micropenis?

The actual medical definition of micropenis and micropenis length varies a little depending on what information you're reading - but the quick answer is 'around 3.6 inches or smaller'

That size is based on research looking at micropenis length and treatment approaches. The authors of that research considered an average penis length to be 5.2 inches - and say that a micropenis is one that is at least '2.5 standard deviations' smaller. 2.5 standard deviations work out to be 1.6 inches, so anything smaller than 3.6 inches would be considered a micropenis.

In reality though, 3.6 inches is where the micropenis condition starts - the data suggests that some guys with micropenis will have a penis size of less than 1 inch.

"What does a micropenis look like?"

Just like every penis is slightly different - every micropenis is too.

Some look short and wide, while others have a width that's proportionate to their length, so they can look short and slim. Aside from the size, a micropenis is formed in the same way as any other penis. 

"What causes a micropenis?"

Usually, it's a hormone issue during pregnancy that causes a child to develop with a micropenis. 

There's a specific part of the brain (the 'hypothalamus') that stimulates the testicles into producing testosterone. If there's a testosterone deficiency during pregnancy, a boy's genitalia may not develop as it should.

If you wonder when does your penis stop growing? Check out our post.

"Do I have a micropenis?"

If you've measured your penis and it's less than 3.6 inches, you might have a micropenis.

That 'might' is important though - because there are a lot of other conditions that can affect your length.

One of those conditions is referred to as a 'buried penis' - where fat can build up around the penis, making it seem smaller than it actually is. Over 40% of adult men in the United States are overweight - so it's not at all uncommon for the bottom of the penis to be surrounded by fat.

A smaller-than-average penis can be the sign of a muscle condition too - where the pelvic floor muscles weaken slightly and let the penis recede inside the body a little. This can happen naturally with age.

There are also conditions where the penis is 'webbed' slightly - i.e. the skin around it connects a little higher up the shaft than usual. This can make the penis look smaller than it actually is. This is fairly rare - but it does occur.

Ultimately, if you're concerned about the size of your penis, it's really not a bad idea to talk to your doctor - there could be a number of issues at play and a range of treatment options that may help.

"Are micropenises common?"

No, although lots of men think they have it, having a genuine micropenis disorder is a very rare event.

Data from The Cleveland Clinic suggests that just 0.6% of men in the world have the condition - and the same website says fairly recent studies show than only 0.015% of men have the condition in the United States - that's around 1.5 boys out of every 10,000 born. 

"Can a micropenis be made any bigger?"

It depends on when the disorder is spotted. Blood tests can pick up on testosterone deficiencies in pregnancy - and, if there is any sign of hormone issues in a baby boy, doctors can be ready to begin testosterone treatment in early childhood.

banana wrapped in a tape measure

In cases like this, testosterone injections can make the penis develop - and, even if testosterone doesn't work, there are other types of hormone treatment that could help. 

Unfortunately, the type of testosterone treatment isn't suitable for grown men.

The professional penis pump brand Bathmate has created a hydro pump designed for micropenises, called the Hydromax3.  When combined with a pumping regime, size increase can result.  

Curious about penis stretching and extenders?

"Does someone's weight affect a micropenis?"

Yes, almost certainly.

This isn't unique to men with a micropenis though - even carrying a few extra pounds can add body fat around the groin, which effectively swallows the bottom of the penis. It is more noticeable in a man with a micropenis though - simply because there isn't as much length to lose.

What do partners think of a micropenis?

Now you've got some medical info; are you interested in hearing what a potential partner might think about sex with a smaller penis? Maybe you're wondering if a small penis orgasm is as good as a longer length? Or whether a micropenis can hit a G-spot?

We've asked girls and guys what they think - and asked for honest answers only.

"Would you date someone with a micropenis?"

"Sure. Fulfilling sex is an important part of a relationship - but there are plenty of ways to make my vagina happy without a big dick!

To be honest, I very rarely get off through penetration anyway - so I'd much rather be with a man who's good with his tongue and hands - instead of a guy with a big penis that thinks that's all he needs.

The only thing that would put me off a guy with a micropenis is if he was really insecure about it. I can understand why someone might be - but honestly, it's not a deal-breaker, so yeah, I'd date - or even marry someone with a micropenis."

"Do you know how to satisfy a man with a small penis?"

"I don't think penis size matters when it comes to getting a guy off.

Small penis oral can actually be even more satisfying for men. After all, who doesn't like to see their dick disappear completely into someone's mouth?! There's no limit to the positions you can try either - a big penis might look good, but too much size can actually hold you back from vigorous sex in some positions, especially doggy style.

Also, there are plenty of guys who don't feel satisfied with sex unless their partner's orgasmed at least once. If this is the case, there are plenty of interesting toys that can help."

"Can a guy with a micropenis satisfy you?"

"Yes! For me, penetration is more for the man - I'm more likely to get off during foreplay and oral sex.

man and woman on bed

Besides, penetrative sex isn't just about feeling 'filled' - it's the whole experience. I like men who kiss me passionately, hold me tight against their body, and wrap my legs around their back. Deep penetration isn't nearly as important as it's made out to be in porn!"

"Which positions do you recommend for sex with a micropenis?"

"Well, doggy style is always good - if you bring your knees forward and push your ass back, you make sure the guy can get as deep as possible. 

Frankly though, any position where I'm on top of a guy works well. Even if they're on the small side, they can usually still hit my G-spot. Of course, grinding back and forward stimulates my clit too - and as long as that's going on, size is the last thing on my mind!"

"How would you react if a guy has a micropenis?"

"As long as it's not a big deal for him, it's not a big deal for me.

The trouble is, a lot of guys see it as a weakness - something they should be worried about or ashamed of. Honestly, I'd rather have a guy with a small dick and plenty of confidence in the bedroom rather than a hung guy who doesn't know what he's doing.

As a woman who's had lots of girl-on-girl encounters, I've used my fair share of strap ons - and honestly, I've never used one over 5-6 inches long. Length is over-rated." 

"Could a micropenis be a positive thing?"


Firstly, a man who's got a smaller penis usually knows what he's doing with his tongue and his fingers, so that's great news. Then, there's the fact that a micropenis blowjob doesn't involve any choking, coughing, or running makeup!

You can be a bit more adventurous with a micropenis too. Anal is way more comfortable if the guy's not packing a big Los Angeles pornstar cock - and it's fun to play with each other with vibrators, dildos, and internal sex toys at the same time as being penetrated. That kind of thing is a lot more practical if a partner has a smaller penis."

Questions for a guy with a micropenis

Curious to know what is life like with a micropenis? We figured the best way to find out was to talk to a guy with a micropenis and ask him some questions.

"What will a partner think of a smaller than average penis?"

"You know, it never goes as badly as you think it's going to!

When I was in college and having sex for the first time, I worried that people would freak out and think I was weird. It didn't happen like that though - the first few partners I had didn't even mention it. 

The thing is, you never find yourself in a situation where you take your penis out of your pants before there's been some serious kissing and getting worked up. So, when it's time to lose the pants, passion has taken over - and no one's measuring.

Of course, there's always going to be a small number of people who aren't going to be happy if you've got a small dick - just like some people aren't going to be happy if you're less than 6"2' or don't have great biceps. If the idea of a smaller penis is going to put them off, then it was never going to work seriously anyway."

"Is micropenis masturbation different?"

"Yeah, I think so. I see hung guys in porn movies wrapping their whole hand around their shaft and working it like that - but I don't have a handful really! 

Instead of using my whole hand, I just use my thumb and forefingers. The thing is, all the nerve endings are at the tip of the penis anyway, so as long as I'm working that area, I'm happy!"

"Do you have any small penis masturbation tips?"

"I'd start by saying that masturbation is great. It's obviously a good way to unwind - but it's also a great way to work out what kind of sensations you like. Fast, slow, tight, loose, wet, dry - there's a lot of variety out there!

I'd also say that it can be good fun getting toys involved in masturbation - whether you're with a woman, a man, or alone. You can tell there's been a lot of product development gone into male masturbators and toys in the last 5-10 years. There are smaller toys designed specifically to make a micropenis cum - which is great."

"Does jerking off make your penis smaller?"

"Ha! I've heard people wonder about this before.

No. Definitely not. I've had the same size penis since I was at high-school - and there's been a lot of jerking off since then!"

 bathmate hydromax3 micro penis pump

"Can you give any tips on how to have sex with a micropenis?"

"Honestly, a hard micropenis is just like any other penis I suppose!

From my point of view, being inside someone's vagina or ass feels great, whether I've got one inch to give, or ten! Obviously though, there are some people who like to feel deeply penetrated. I'm not offended by that - and me and my partner have got some great penis sleeves that I can wear to give that deep penetration feeling.

Obviously, I'm not a sex educator, but I think I'd recommend almost 'taking turns' in sex when you have a micropenis. Penetration might not get your partner off like it does you, but there's a lot of pleasure to be had in making your partner cum, whether that's with your mouth, your hands, or using a toy. You don't have to orgasm at the same time to satisfy each other."

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"What's it like living with a micropenis?"

"When I was younger, it felt like it was going to be a problem - but looking back, the issues were really more about the amount of porn I saw.

 a tape measure hanging from a man's zipper

The average man has between 5-6 inches - but even that would feel inadequate if you watched enough adult content online. When you realize that size is only really to look good in movies, you start to feel better about what you've got and focus on all the other ways you can satisfy a partner. I think I'm a better lover because of my micropenis - and I've never had a partner complain.

"Do condoms work if you've got an extremely small penis?"

"Yes, they do. 

Obviously, safe sex is really important - but it's not safe if a standard condom slips off. Most of the major condom manufacturers make snug or secure fit condoms for smaller size men. My penis size is small, even in micropenis terms - but LifeStyles, Durex, Kimono, and Okamoto all make small size condoms - and Glyde actually makes a condom specifically for micropenises." 

"Do toys help to spice up sex with micropenis?"

"I can confidently say that sex toys for men have changed my life completely!

In the past, there was always a sense that no matter how fulfilled a partner claimed to be, a micropenis cumming inside them didn't hit quite the same spot as a bigger dick. Penis extension sleeves have really helped with this - we still get all the physical connection of sex, but my partner feels more content if they want that kind of satisfaction. 

I have to be honest though and say it's not all about my partner! Like any guy, I love the way masturbators feel - and there are plenty of tight-fitting options that do a good job of gripping a micropenis hard."

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