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Everybody is different. Whether we're comfortable in our skin or not, body confidence plays a significant part in how we feel about ourselves and our self-esteem. Despite understanding that penis size isn't as important as how they're used or our sexual practices, many men still seek the confidence of presenting as big a bulge as they can.

Today, we're looking into several ways to help your bulge look bigger and build self-confidence—from package-enhancing underwear or penis packing to wearing a penis ring for perfect positioning.

1. Wear bulge-enhancing underwear

Women hold all the aces regarding underwear, and the market space is vast—from practical or pretty to the most provocative and explicit. You'll find push-ups and padded bras and pants among all ranges, helping make the most of every size and shape.

With such items being so mainstream, why shouldn't men wear underwear that serves the same purpose?

Ensure optimum fit and support for the best results

Appearing to have a big bulge means getting the proper support where it matters. For example, a snug-fitting boxer brief with a well-placed pouch presents a well-contained bulge front and center, whereas a pair of traditional boxer shorts will only leave you hanging. Choosing the proper underwear for the job is just as important as the fit, helping you to feel more confident wearing them than your other pants.

Boxers or briefs?

When looking for comfortable underwear, the traditional boxer short wins out as many men's personal preference, but they don't do anything to make your bulge look bigger. If you want to make the most of what you've got, you need the right underwear for the job.

The size of your bulge is relative to what's happening around it. Smaller underwear is easier to fill, which will fhelp your bulge appear bigger

Speedo-style briefs, thongs, or jockstrap underwear all consist of the least amount of material, maximizing the effect. It can take confidence to carry off this type of underwear, but fear not; plenty of alternatives are available for those a little less bold.

Push up briefs

These underpants contain and lift the position of your package, pushing everything up and out. They deliver great definitions right down the middle, pulling everything in from the thighs. Many push-up briefs feature removable polyester padding shaped like a horseshoe that fits underneath the genitals.

They work the same way a padded bra or the back of women's butt-lifting pants do. Further options utilize straps that work like a cradle. Whatever your preference, they will help make your bulge look bigger.

Pouch boxer briefs

If you're not overly keen on underwear as minimal as a pair of skimpy briefs, pouch boxer briefs are an ideal alternative. With a little more material to help keep things nicely covered, the design delivers a front pouch to contain your bulge and make it look more well-endowed.

Dual pouch boxer briefs feature a pocket where padded inserts enhance your natural size. Speaking of padding...

Padded underwear

Available in various styles, their padding tends to be soft, washable foam—and the more padding, the bigger the bulge. Padded underwear positioned at the front doesn't help lift your bulge; it only increases the size of what's in your pants. The type of padded underwear that pushes everything up from underneath delivers the appearance many men love. However, any padding will add size and confidence for the wearer.

Considering color

When picking out underpants that enhance the size of your bulge, it makes sense to buy them in lighter colors. Despite its fashionable reputation, black absorbs light and works as a disguise. Black is stylish and always on trend, especially if you hope to hide a multitude of sins; that's why it's used so regularly to help us look and feel thinner. When it comes to bulge-boosting underwear, however, that's the last thing we want.

We want everything to stand out, so any shadows and shapes will help, not hinder.

Classic white briefs are the perfect example, but pale greys and pastel blues will deliver the same enhancing effects.

Finally, remember that quality counts. No underwear lasts forever but paying a little more for better materials and construction will get you the pants that do the job you need for longer and more comfortably.

2. Use a bulging cock ring (with caution)

Cock rings are regularly used to help maintain erections and fend off premature ejaculation. But, for those looking to give their bulge a lift—enhancing the size and position of their package—there are c-rings perfectly placed to do just that.

Why wear a cock ring? Restricting blood flow and trapping it in the penis's blood vessels allows the wearer to retain erections for longer and enhance sexual performance. This makes them a preferable alternative to erectile dysfunction medication for many.

This makes them a preferable alternative to erectile dysfunction medication for many.

For today's topic, we'll look at how they're used to make your bulge look bigger by repositioning your package and stretching your scrotum for greater hang and swing.

Dual cock slings and testicles enhancers

Adding the maximum size and lift to male genitals requires a combination of packing and placement. Wearing the correct type of penis ring projects it outwards instead of letting it hang down, making it more prominent than in its natural form. By adding an extra silicone layer around the testicles, both size and support are well-catered for.

The Oxballs Sacksling 2 is a perfect example. Designed to enhance erections and sexual performance, it also creates the illusion of a much more prominent bulge when worn under clothes. And, because of its material and size, it's safe to wear for extended periods.

Oxballs Sacksling 2  Dual Cocksling and  Ball Stretcher

Features include:

  • Enhances appearance when worn under clothes
  • Provides additional sensations by stretching and squeezing the testicles
  • Stretches to fit almost all sizes
  • Prolongs erections and ejaculation
  • Made from super-stretchy, ultra-soft SuperFLEX tpr
  • It can be worn for extended durations

    Scrotum enhancement ball-stretchers

    For those looking to enhance the size of their scrotum, then a testicle enhancer fits the bill flawlessly.

    The Bull Bag XL by Perfect Fit is a perfect example of a scrotum enhancement and stretching system. Without a penis ring, it fits over the scrotum adding size and weight. Not only does it add size to any package and is suitable for wear over extended periods, but the added weight and pressure also deliver new pleasures.

    Perfect Fit Bull Bag XL  Scrotum Enhancing Ball Stretcher

    Features Include:

    • Creates a vast difference in the size of your bulge
    • Pleasures by stretching and squeezing
    • Stretches to double its original size
    • Designed to fit all sizes of scrotums
    • Made from ultra-soft and stretchy SilaSkin
    • It can be worn for extended periods

      Cock sling and ball stretchers

      Ball stretchers became a great addition to traditional penis rings, creating a pulling sensation on the scrotum, whether worn during sex or not.

      If your looking for something that changes the position of your package without adding extra size, then an option that doesn't include a bag around your scrotum is what you need.

      The original Oxballs Oxsling is an excellent example, developed to be one of the most comfortable cock rings on the market. Made with a sizeable base designed to push the penis and scrotum where you want them to sit, each one is reinforced with a thick ring to keep the blood where it needs to be.

      Oxballs Oxsling Silicone Cock and Ball Stretcher Black

       Features Include:

      • It provides a tight-fitting grip on the penis and scrotum
      • Enhanced erections
      • Increased pleasure through added pressure
      • Made from skin-friendly Oxballs patented Plus+Silicone
      • 3 different sized hole circumferences for multiple fits and options

        Alternatively, you could upgrade to the Oxballs Cock Sling 2.

        The Cock Sling 2 is Oxballs' upgraded version of the same-name toy. With many of its original features, the upgrade is made from a new premium material, making it thicker, lighter, and stretchier.

        Oxballs Cock Sling 2  Ultra Soft  Cock Ring & Ball Stretcher

        Features include:

        • Instantly increases the size and appearance of your package
        • Improves size and strength of erections
        • Ultra-lightweight and extremely stretchy
        • It can be worn all day or for extended periods
        • Made from body-safe FLEXtpr
        • 3 different sized hole circumferences for multiple fits and options

          Cock ring and ball stretching kits

          Traditional hoop-shaped penis rings come in various widths and sizes. By stacking multiple rings, the wearer can choose different setups that achieve different results.

          The Lynk Pleasure Loop XL silicone cock ring set provides all that and more. Each kit contains three different-sized rings, which are 200% thicker than standard options. The added width allows the wearer to stack and position them to reposition the penis and stretch the scrotum.

          Lynk Pleasure Loop XL Silicone Cock Ring Kit & Ball Stretching Set

          Features include

          • Stacking rings in 3 sizes aids ball stretching with a pleasurable pulling sensation
          • Stretches to 3 times its original size
          • Does not pull, pinch, or scratch sensitive skin
          • Made from medical-grade liquid silicone

            3. Wear tighter jeans and trousers

            It's a no-brainer, but big baggy sweatpants and loose-fit jeans aren't going to help. They merely offer more room to hide away any shape you have.

            Tight-fitting clothes give your package a better chance of standing out and being noticed.

            More women than not love the idea of a man who takes care of his appearance, so why not invest in some tight-fitting dress trousers or light-colored casuals? Not every woman loves a bad boy, after all.

            4. The tuck-and-lift modeling trick

            If you're concerned with the size of your bulge, you've probably already stood in front of a mirror, trying to find the best way to present your package. Of course, having it all slip down the side of one leg doesn't help, so the tuck-and-lift modeling trick is something that many consider helpful.

            To try it yourself, lay your penis straight down over your scrotum, then pull the entire package up. Tight-fitting, supportive underwear should hold things in place; better still, push-up padded underpants will make the best of the modeling practice.

            5. Pack your penis and balls before putting your underwear on

            Penis packing is another way to boost your bulge. Plenty of young boys will have experimented by wrapping a sock around their penis to build size or wearing a sports guard. However, there are far more fitting ways to achieve the same results today.

            Cup-shaped, bulge-enhancing sponge pads are available from mainstream outlets, online retailers, and sex shops, working the same way as bikini bra pads.

            6. Penis sheaths add a layer of size to your package

            Another option is to wear a penis sheath. Most often used as a sex toy or aid, silicone or latex sheaths slide over your penis and testicles, designed to deliver more length and girth during sex—like a strap-on that slides over your penis. They stretch to fit most sizes and are comfortable to wear with a suitable lube. Wearing one with your clothes is guaranteed to improve the size, and it won't shrink in the cold weather!

            7. Use a penis sling or 'testicles suspensory'

            A testicle or scrotal suspensory is a medical sling, typically used to help relieve discomfort from injuries or after surgery. They lift the scrotum as any good sling would, lifting the testicles to ease unnecessary pressure.

            Given the type of lift they offer, and they're designed to be worn all day comfortably, they're another option that presents your bulge at its best.

            8. Get in shape

            Easier said than done, but getting in shape will help magnify your bulge's appearance and improve confidence. Extra body fat will work against you and make your package look smaller than it is. Those big bellies obscure what's happening underneath, so any effort to lose body fat will work to your advantage.


            Men's insecurities have a lot to answer for. Yet, with the help of some well-designed underwear, better clothing choices, or the addition of a sex aid to add a little boost where it matters, it can raise self-esteem and help us all to walk with a little more of a skip in our step, boosting the confidence we crave.

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