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MaleEdge Pro Penis Extender System Red Edition

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    • Get hung like a horse with our no-compromise, top-of-the-line Male Edge Pro
    • Grow in both length & girth so that you can feel new levels of confidence
    • Enjoy the satisfaction of using the highest quality top of the line penis extension system
    • Includes all the accessories you might ever need for smooth and hassle-free penis growth
    • Provides effortless  extension experience by being so comfortable you might even forget it’s on you
    • Don’t need anything else to grow, everything is provided for you because this is the Cadillac of penis extenders
    • Corrects up to 90% of penis curvature so that you also become aesthetically beautiful
    • 100% safe and scientifically tested, it works by the natural process of cytokinesis (cell division)
  • The Male Edge Pro is the ultimate version of the best-selling Male Edge Extra, and it’s a scientifically engineered tool for permanently growing your penis, both in length & girth.

    This complete penis enlargement system is designed to give you jaw-dropping results, without sacrificing comfort and being nearly invisible while wearing it.

    How does it work?

    It utilizes the proven traction method and by using it for a few months, it creates tiny microfiber tears in the penile tissue that activate natural cell division for impressive and scientifically proven results.

    According to the British Journal of Urology, traction will encourage cytokinesis (cell duplication) which, given enough time, increase both your length and girth.

    In fact, the average users report a 28% increase in length and 19% increase in girth!

    And these are permanent gains too…

    Wouldn’t that feel great?

    Picture this: You’re at this crazy house party and after 5 years you meet your hot ex, the one you were head-over-heels in love with, but who you couldn’t quite satisfy sexually… the old sparks immediately awaken between the two of you, and you up in bed together…

    Imagine the look on your partner’s face saying “Wow, were you always this big?!” – when you take out your supersized monster of a cock…

    That look is priceless.

    You can get that look with the Male Edge Pro.

    And that look pretty much sums up what the Male Edge Pro can do your you…

    Order your Male Edge Pro TODAY and transform your sex life and no longer feel embarrassed in front of your partner.

    The Male Edge Pro comes in an ultra-premium red and black case and it’s presented in an elegant red gift box. But that’s not all! This version also includes tons of amazing extras for the absolute best results in growing your penis.

    The box includes:

    • Male Edge Penis Enlarger
    • Ruler/Measurer
    • Male Edge Product Box
    • Male Edge Travel Bag
    • Official Male Edge Program
    • Four extra Rubber Straps
    • Two protection pad
    • Cohesive Gauze
    • Instructional DVD
    • Double Money Back Guarantee (read more)
    • One year warranty
    • My Male Edge Training Diary
    • Forum Access / Community
    • Online instructional video

    Supersize your penis and make your partner’s jaw drop from your size! Once you do, you’ll never see the world the same way again…

    Order your Male Edge Pro TODAY!

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Customer Reviews

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You Definitely Get What You Pay For!!!

This is my second time buying a penis extender, the first time actually buying an expensive one. The quality difference is incredible. This Male Edge Extender feels very nice in the hand and is exceptionally comfortable when wearing. The kit comes with everything you need for results. I have been using for 6 months now and I have seen an inch and a half in length and half inch in width gains. This stuff is real people, it really works.