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Listen to an audio summary

Whether we admit it or not, most guys would love to see a bit of extra length and girth when they get dressed in the morning.

Being confident of your penis size doesn't just mean impressing partners in the bedroom either - it's also likely to give you an overall air of confidence in your day-to-day life. In fact, a penis extender can even help to fight the symptoms of erectile dysfunction - not least because size and performance anxiety can significantly add to the symptoms.

So, what can you do about your penis size? Well, rather than hoping for the best with one of those spam emails that fill your junk inbox, you can take a scientific look at a penis enlargement device. Not sure where to start? Don't panic - our certified expert Danny Garrett helped us put together a list of the best enlargement devices available, updated for 2024.


This guide was originally published in January 2023. As part of our yearly quality assessment process (in early 2024), we evaluated every product recommendation to make sure it was up to the standards necessary to make it to this list. Here are some things we took in consideration:

  • Feedback on each product throughout 2023.
  • Usability and overall comfort of each penis extender.
  • Overall trends and new emerging products.
  • Industry trends and innovation.

Best Penis Extenders At A Glance

Best Overall Penis Extender

Male Edge Pro Cock Stretching Penis Enlargement System Red Edition

Best Penis Extender for Beginners

Cal Exotics Professional Grade Penis Stretching System

Best intermediate Penis Extender

Male Edge Extra Penis Extender Cock Stretching System Green Edition

Best Penis Extender for Length and Girth

Jes Titanium Penis Extender Cock Stretching Device

Best Penis Extender for Penis Curvature

Original Jes Penis Extender Cock Stretching Device

How We Put Together Our List Of The Best Penis Extenders

  • Overall effectiveness
  • Safety features
  • Quality & Reputation
  • Product Features
  • Peer reviews
  • Market value

Male Edge Pro Cock Stretching Penis Enlargement System Red Edition
Male Edge Pro Cock Stretching Penis Enlargement System Red Edition

Price: $$$$$ Materials: Medical-Grade Polymer
Adjustable: Yes Accessories Included: Various
Insertable Length: Up to 11 inches Recommended Use: Up to 6 hours a day
Safety Features: Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free, Waterproof, Scientifically tested Features: Lightweight design, Designed to fit most penises, Great for straightening curved penises

The Male Edge Pro penis extender is an excellent all-around device that also comes with numerous useful accessories (including two protection pads, and four extra rubber straps) that differentiate it from both Male Edge's basic and intermediate models, as well as other penis extenders available on the market. That's why we've crowned it our Best Overall Penis Extender for 2024!

This is a well-designed penis extender that's constructed with comfort in mind.

The plastic components make it ultra-light - which helps with prolonged use, and the incremental clicks on the extension rods do away with the need for awkward turn screws.

Though its materials and build quality are more premium than your average extender, its design is essentially the same, featuring a ring that sits at the base of your shaft, two extendable rods that your penis sits between, and a comfy strap to secure the rods to the head. Its design is actually the exact same as Male Edge's basic and intermediate models, but the accessories set it apart.

All of those aforementioned elements work together to apply a constant stretch to your member, creating tiny, tiny tears that heal through the processes of mitosis (cell separation) and, more importantly, cytokinesis (cell division). This is the exact same process that allows you to build muscles by lifting weights, only this time it's your penis that's getting ripped! As a result, every part of your penis increases in size, including blood vessels, which has the added bonus of boosting your erections.

Male Edge team has made sure that every component is molded for comfort when up close to your most sensitive skin

You might worry that constricting your penis with a device such as this would be uncomfortable, but the Male Edge team has made sure that every component is molded for comfort when up close to your most sensitive skin. Additionally, the narrow central channel allows your penis to straighten out as it grows, meaning it's also a good choice for anyone looking to straighten a curved penis.

The fact that this device is comfortable, easy to use, and also one of the safest ways to permanently increase your penis size almost sounds too good to believe, but the use of it (and, to be fair, the use of other penis extenders) is actually backed up by science.

According to BJU International (formerly known as the British Journal of Urology), penis extender devices of this type "represent the only evidence-based technique of penile elongation."

All-in-all, this is an excellent, well-put-together device that boasts a little more than most ordinary extenders. Sure, it doesn't have the 'bling' factor of a titanium device - but it'll leave your penis looking its best long after it's gone back into the box in the closet.

Results from our testers

  • It's nice and easy to put together
  • Over time you will see real results, as well as reduced curvature of your penis
  • Getting the right fit can take some time but it's worth it
  • All the accessories are a nice touch, especially all the replacement parts, making it a decent upgrade over the intermediate model
  • During vigorous activity it can slip a little bit - you'll probably need to readjust a few times if you're using it while active
  • Would've been nice to see design improvements for this ultimate model as opposed to just the accessories

Pros and Cons

The best penis extender on the market
Very light - virtually unnoticeable under clothes
1-year warranty covering normal use
Body safe components
Incremental 'click' extension rods are very easy to use
The company claims length increases by up to 28%
Supplied cohesive gauze helps to make sure the device doesn't slip
Great for straightening curved penises
Claiming the money-back guarantee requires the use of the Male Edge online measurement tool
Plastic components might not be as long-lasting as metal
Slightly narrower rods might not be comfortable if you're very wide
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Customer Reviews


"This is my second time buying a penis extender, the first time actually buying an expensive one. The quality difference is incredible. This Male Edge Extender feels very nice in the hand and is exceptionally comfortable when wearing. The kit comes with everything you need for results. I have been using it for 6 months now and I have seen an inch and a half in length and half an inch in width gains.."

KKyle T.

Cal Exotics Professional Grade Penis Stretching System
Cal Exotics Professional Grade Penis Stretching System

Price: $ Materials: Silicone, Brass, Polyurethane 
Adjustable: Yes Accessories Included: Single accessory
Insertable Length: 6.50 Inches Recommended Use: Up to 6 hours a day
Safety Features: Water-Resistant, Phthalate-Free, Easy to use and clean Features: Mimics the ancient method of penile stretching, Safe to use daily, Comfortable to wear

If you'd like to get a feel for what a good penis extender can do without spending a lot of cash, it's useful to know which low-budget beginner option you can trust.

At a fraction of the price of some other permanent penis enlargement devices, the Cal-Exotics Professional Grade Penis Extender is a no-frills device - but it doesn't cut corners on comfort or effectiveness, which is why, for 2024, it's still our Best Extender For Beginners.

Four elongation rods are provided with the kit - which means the length can be adjusted to suit your natural penis size without protruding through any clothing.

At a glance, you'll see that the Cal-Exotics devices are essentially the same design as the more costly products on this list. There's a base section that sits around your shaft, two extender bars, and then a front section and strap that keep your penis head in place. If this setup isn't as comfortable as you'd like, you can swap to a silicone tube that goes completely around your shaft which is then held in place by another slimmer silicone tube.

The silicone tube addition actually makes this perfect for people with foreskins. If you're uncut, the ridge between your penis head and shaft won't be so pronounced, which can make it tricky to secure the strap. However, the grippy silicone tube will firmly but comfortably hold your penis while also providing the perfect surface for securing the additional slimmer tube. This is worth noting, as less favorable reviews elsewhere seem to come from people who are struggling to get a comfortable fit around a foreskin.

While some elements of the Cal-Exotics extender system are plastic, the elongation rods and adjusters are steel - which prevents any flex or bending

Four additional elongation rods are provided with the kit - which means the length can be adjusted to suit your natural penis size without protruding through any clothing.

This discreet and minimal design is ideal, making Cal-Exotics penis extenders safe to wear under clothing throughout the day. With your underwear and trousers over the top, the extender becomes completely invisible - meaning the penis stretcher can be worn to work or during your daily routine for maximum effectiveness.

Results from our testers

  • Feels pretty good to use and of decent quality, especially for the price
  • Does feel slightly less premium than the other extenders on the list
  • You'll definitely see some results after using it for a while, but only really if you started out with a penis length that is under 7 inches
  • Silicone tube helps it keep a good grip on your penis even if you're uncut
  • Comfortable to wear for a good few hours once set up correctly, which is quite easy to do - as long as you're not being any vigorous activity
  • Foam protection pad is one-size-fits-all meaning it'll work fine for some, but might not fit properly for others

Video Review

Pros and Cons

Fantastic price for people looking at their first penis traction device
The silicone tube and strap make it perfect for people with or without a foreskin
Comfortable enough to wear for an extended period
Plenty of size flexibility with four additional rods
Small enough to wear under clothes with confidence
Body-safe materials
Less-premium materials might mean the extender doesn't last as long as some others
One size fits all padding isn't quite as well as a custom pad
May not be suitable for people who are already over 7 inches
Might not stand up to impacts or sudden bending force to the rods
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Customer Reviews


"Excellent product. I’ve never been a “low hanger” but in recent years I think my penis actually shrunk. Daily stretching has brought my penis back to its previous length and girth. My hardons are stronger too. 5 Stars!"

DDaniel S.

Male Edge Extra Penis Extender Cock Stretching System Green Edition
Male Edge Extra Penis Extender Cock Stretching System Green Edition

Price: $$$$ Materials: Medical-grade polymer, Rubber
Adjustable: Yes Accessories Included: Various accessories
Insertable Length: Up to 11 inches Recommended Use: Up to 6 hours a day
Safety Feature: Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free, Waterproof, Scientifically tested Features: Lightweight design, Designed to fit most penises, Comfortable to wear 

Beginner-friendly penis extenders are all well and good for those who have never ventured into the world of penile stretching, but the truth is, they can only get you so far. Even with the best device, there will come a time when you've achieved all the penis gains your entry-level extender can give you.

At this point, it's time to upgrade to a slightly more intense model - and the MaleEdge Extra Green Edition aims to be just the thing for the job. In typical penis extender fashion, this device features a base that fits around your shaft, and two extender rods that run parallel to your penis all the way to the end, where you'll find a strap that fits snugly under the ridge of your penis head.

Though it's built like any other extender, the high-quality medical-grade polymer Male Edge uses to make these things is what makes them stand above the rest.

This plastic polymer material is comfortable and very durable, and is also nice and light making it easy to wear for an extended period of time. Wearing the device for a lengthy time, even while you're out and about, is totally feasible thanks to how the extender is virtually undetectable underneath your clothes.

What makes this penis extender such an upgrade over more basic devices are the high-quality accessories that come included with the device - these accessories are literally the only thing that makes this extender different from the basic and pro versions. As with most Male Edge penis extenders, this product comes with a sleek green and black case and travel bag, instruction materials to help you get the most out of it, and a useful ruler to help you track your penis size over time.

Those extras aren't the whole story though, as you'll also receive three comfy rubber straps that help keep your penis nice and straight and in place as you stretch for as long as you like. Thanks to the extra units, you'll never be short of a supple strap even as your growing penis stretches them out.

Additionally, this extender comes with a comfortable protection pad - this can be a lifesaver when stretching for long periods of time!

Overall, the Male Edge Extra Green Edition combines excellent build quality and premium materials with a plethora of awesome accessories, all of which add up to this extender being the Best Intermediate Penis Extender for 2024.

Results from our testers

  • It's simple to assemble
  • Will give you results and prevent penis curvature over time
  • The included accessories make it an improvement over the beginner model, but there aren't quite as many as with the ultimate model
  • Slips a little during activity meaning you'll have to readjust it every now and then if you're planning to wear it while active
  • If you get the fit wrong it can pinch your sensitive skin
  • Would have been nice to see a design improvement over the beginner model for the increase in price

Pros and Cons

Excellent penis extender for those ready to move on from beginner devices
Scientifically engineered to give real, permanent penis growth
Essentially undetectable underneath clothes
Made from a medical-grade polymer material for comfort
Helps you grow in both length and girth
Contributes to improving your blood flow for stronger, harder erections
Includes various accessories including measuring device, case, travel bag, three rubber straps, and comfortable protection pad
Rubber straps add friction meaning the extender stays put even if you're uncut
Comes with one year warranty
Quite a large price increase over our best basic penis extender
The extender itself is basically the same as Male Edge's basic version - the main difference is the amount of included accessories
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Customer Reviews


"OOOOH it works ha! After just 2 weeks I am already seeing a length change- for the better! This is really a simple, functional product. I look forward to putting it on every day to watch it grow."


Jes Titanium Penis Extender Cock Stretching Device
Jes Titanium Penis Extender Cock Stretching Device

  Price: $$$$$ Materials: Highest grade titanium, Silicone
Adjustable: Yes Accessories Included: Yes
Insertable Length: Up to 9.1 Inches Recommended Use: 5-6 hours per day
Safety Feature: Hypoallergenic, Easy to use, FDA-Approved, Scientifically tested Features: Lightweight design, Comfortable to wear, Engineered for penises of all proportions

The Jes-Extender Titanium Stretching Device is a penis extender device that is capable of boosting your member's length as well as its girth. It's so effective at adding extra width that for 2024, once again we're bestowing it the title of Best Penis Extender for Length and Girth.

Though many penis extenders work great for increasing length, not many do the same for girth. At some point, the team at Jes realized this and designed this extender to fill the gap in the market and allow guys to effectively increase their girth and length at the same time. To do this, it employs a similar 'traction' technique that you see used medically when people are recovering from back and neck injuries.

This traction technique means the cradle that sits under the head of your penis is slightly wider than some other penis extension devices.

When the strap is tightened adequately, your penis is stretched longer and wider than it would normally be when flaccid. Again, the principles of cytokinesis (cell division) come into play as a result - meaning, given time, the tissue that forms the penis is given the chance to expand.

The high-quality build materials add to the luxurious feel of this penis extender.

Built using titanium - one of the most biocompatible metals available, even more so than stainless steel thanks to its low electrical conductivity - you can rest assured that your penis is being well looked after here.

This penis extender also comes in its own aluminum flight case which is of comparable quality to a premium watch or gun case - so you can be confident that your investment is well protected even if you intend on taking it with you on the road or on flights.

Sure, the titanium Jes-Extender isn't cheap - but if you want an outstanding quality product that will offer natural penis enlargement in both the length and girth departments, we believe this device is a worthy investment in your sex life.

Results from our testers

  • You'll see good results over time, we were surprised by how effective it was at increasing girth
  • Feels extremely premium with very solid construction, the aluminum case is also a very nice touch
  • Wider-set elongation bars mean that the exatender works well for increasing girth but isn't narrow enough to straighten a curved penis
  • The titanium build feels nice to hold and is comfortable to use but it can get cold
  • It's not the most discreet extender to wear whilst out and about, try with heavier clothes

Pros and Cons

Can very effectively improve both length and penis girth
Suitable for penis sizes of up to 9.1-inches (24cm)
No expense-spared presentation box and carry case
Medical-grade titanium will not react with your skin or degrade
Flexible materials make it suitable for lengthy daily use
Can help blood flow and confidence for people with erectile dysfunction
Stand-alone product - so no pills to take alongside the use
It comes with a 2-year warranty and a money-back guarantee
Easy to clean and keep clean
The silicone tube and strap make it perfect for people with or without a foreskin
The most expensive extender on this list
The wider design helps with girth but might not be as effective at straightening a curved penis
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Customer Reviews


"First of all, this is a very high-quality product - the case is perfect for my business trips. The extender is amazing; excellent product and has excellent results - my wife has noticed the extra thickness. Worth every cent."

CCharles P.

Original Jes Penis Extender Cock Stretching Device
Original Jes Penis Extender Cock Stretching Device

Price: $$$$$ Materials: Metal, Silicone
Adjustable: Yes Accessories Included: Yes
Insertable Length: Up to 9.1 Inches Recommended Use: 5-6 hours per day
Safety Features: Hypoallergenic, Phthalate-Free, Scientifically tested Features: Highly-Effective traction method, Comfortable to wear, Designed for penises of all shapes and sizes

According to recent studies, around 19% of men have some level of penile curvature. This essentially means that nearly 1 in 5 adult men have a curved penis - and out of those people, around a third say their manhood curves by 30° or more!

Although having a curved penis is a very common condition, it's understandable that lots of people would like their manhood to hang straighter - both for reasons of comfort and aesthetics. There are also lots of sex toys and devices that are difficult to use with a significantly curved penis - not least penis pumps; important tools in the fight against erectile dysfunction.

Penis extenders like the Original Jes Extender are another safe and extremely effective method of straightening out a curved penis.

This original Jes-Extender is presented in its own mahogany case, which presents it well and makes the device feel very premium. Inside, you'll find the base unit, a dual-function front piece, a silicone tube, a comfort strap, four 2-inch (5cm) elongation bars, two 1-inch (2.5cm) elongation bars, a protection pad, and a set of keys to help with adjustments.

Included with the penis extender and accessories are a set of very clear instructions (both paper and digital) on how to put the whole thing together. The variety of elongation bars means Jes-Extender's penis extenders can accommodate penises of up to 9.1 inches (24cm).

When secure, you can adjust the elongation bars to start putting some adequate tension on your penis. The width between these bars is what makes this extender perfect for straightening curved penises!

Unlike many other extenders, the space your penis occupies here is narrow enough so that as cytokinesis activates and your cells begin to divide, your member won't just be lengthened; it'll also be increasingly straightened out as it is extended through the thinner channel.

When you combine these penis-straightening qualities with this device's premium build quality and comfort, you'll understand why we've crowned the Original Jes-Extender our Best Penis Extender for Penis Curvature for 2024.

Results from our testers

  • Very effective at straightening curved penises over time
  • Feels premium and very sturdy, like it can take a lot of use
  • Comfortable to use but metal design means it can get cold
  • Slightly more discreet to use than some of the other premium extenders we tested but still shows up a bit under less heavy clothes
  • Has a lot of room to accommodate penile growth - it'll fit you as long as you're under 9.1 inches, which is most of us

Pros and Cons

Perfect for straightening curved penises - works to combat symptoms of curvature, Peyronie's disease, and Chordee
Flexible materials make it suitable for lengthy daily use
Can help blood flow and confidence for people with erectile dysfunction
Stand-alone product - so no pills to take alongside the us
Very high-quality products - great long-lasting materials
A discreet box is perfect for privacy-conscious users
It comes with a 1-year warranty and a money-back guarantee
Easy to clean and keep clean
The silicone tube and strap make it perfect for people with or without a foreskin
Metal construction might not be suitable in some conditions
Slightly more expensive than some other penis extenders
Check Price Now

Customer Reviews


Amazing results!

CChristobal M.

Become a Sex Toy Reviewer: Your Path to Free Sex Toys

How To Choose A Penis Extender

Although we've catered to a range of requirements in this list of the best penis extenders, there are some other factors to consider if you're starting to explore the world of penis enlargement devices.

We've taken a more detailed look at some of those factors here:

1. Think of your comfort

Penis extenders work best when used for between 4-6 hours each day. Needless to say, anything you're going to wear for this amount of time has to be comfortable.

Weight is a big factor in comfort - as is compactness. Some reviews comment that certain penis extenders are much smaller than expected - but this is a definite benefit if you're planning on wearing the extender under your clothes during the day or need to get comfortable wearing it as you sleep.

2. Factor in the ease of use

Some penis extenders require careful turning of adjuster screws to slide move the penis head cradle further along the extension rods.

Given that nearly 60 million adults in the US have some form of arthritis, you might find it's more convenient to use an extender that doesn't rely on this method of stretching. Instead, looking for a penis extender that offers rods with incremental clicks can make life easier and more comfortable.

3. Consider your budget

As with all male enhancement devices and sex toys, you're only going to really enjoy the results if they don't add any financial stress to your life.

The good news is, effectiveness and price don't go hand-in-hand. Many people find they get excellent results from even the most cost-effective penis extenders.

Price really only becomes a factor if you're buying a device that you're hoping to keep for years.

If you're new to the world of penile traction devices, it's a good idea to start with a product that's affordable, before deciding if you're like to take the next step and invest in a higher-end product.

The only exception we'd make to this rule is if you plan to travel a lot with your device or if you'll be wearing it in situations where it could get bumped or bashed. In cases like these, you might decide to spend a little bit more for the peace of mind that comes with more robust materials.

4. Measure your penis before choosing an extender

The design of some extenders means that they have an upper and lower limit of penis length and girth they can accommodate.

Before you order, measure your penis accurately. If you find that you're smaller or larger than is suitable for the device, keep looking. It's important to do this before you order, as the nature of penis extenders means they often can't be returned unless they're defective.

5. Think about the timescales required

As well as the daily time-wearing time required, you're also going to be looking at between 6-8 months of daily use to get the most from your penis extender.

For lots of people, this isn't a problem - but if you're finding that issues with erectile dysfunction are stopping you from enjoying your sex life right now, you might want to consider supplementing your extender use with a penis pump.

No matter what you read elsewhere, a pump won't offer permanent penis enlargement - but, when used with a good cock ring, it can offer impressive short-term results.

Think about what you're hoping to get from an extender or enhancement system and choose your device based on whether longer or shorter-term gains are more important.

6. Does your penis have a curve?

Some penis extenders will help you straighten or minimize any curve you may have in your penis. However, these devices are sometimes a little narrower or more constricting than general extenders.

Think about your goals. Is it more important to have a longer penis? Or would you be happy with the enhancement that comes from having a straighter-hanging manhood that's more pleasing to your partner's eye?

7. Keep an eye on the materials

We've touched a little on materials when we've talked about prices above - but it's not just toughness that you'll need to think about.

Firstly, there are skin sensitivities to consider. While all the penis extenders on this list are made from skin-safe components, it's worth remembering everyone's body is unique. If you're aware of any particular sensitivities you have, make sure you avoid those materials, even if the price is appealing. Remember, this is a product you're going to have in contact with your penis for long periods of time - so you don't want to take a risk here.

Also, it's a good idea to consider the environments you'll be in while wearing the device

If you're likely to get especially hot (we're thinking saunas, hot workplaces, etc) then you might find a metal penis extender is a complete no-no. Likewise, if you anticipate any chance of bumping or squeezing the extender, you might want to avoid any brittle plastics.

The Best Penis Extenders: A Summary

Whether it's purely for the way it looks, to help please our partners, or for confidence-boosting reasons, penis size is a big deal for most guys. While people generally think they have no option but to work with what they've been given, this simply is not true.

Academic studies have proved that penis growth is possible - and penis traction devices are the best way to achieve that permanent growth without surgery.

This is why penis extenders can be a dream come true. They're simple to use, offer impressive results when used correctly, and won't break the bank.

While most penis extenders can claim excellent results, you can probably now tell that there is a range that offers slightly different additional benefits - from some that are made of ultra-premium materials, to those that are designed specifically for straightening your penis.

If you're interested in seeing if growth is possible for you in 2024, choose an affordable device that's going to be comfortable and easy for you to use. Also, think about how it'll fit into your day-to-day schedule. It might be a mild inconvenience thinking about those things now - but with proven, permanent results, the best penis extenders can offer the kind of permanent life-changing growth that most people don't think is possible.

Side Note

This Best of Penis Extender list will be periodically updated as better products become available or products simply no longer perform as well. As with all best of lists, this will be a living document.

We take our recommendations very seriously

We have worked intensively on developing a product evaluation system that takes in consideration the following factors:

  • Materials
  • Electronic Components
  • Safety Testing Data
  • US Regulatory Information
  • 510(k) Certifications
  • Our Experts Evaluation

Learn more about our selection process

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