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Listen to an audio summary

Let’s be honest here, as 21st century men, we’re regular recipients of spam emails promising to endow us with the biggest, and most satisfying dicks on the planet. Sadly, we know all too well that those emails belong in our junk boxes. But don’t give up hope; penis stretching as well as other similar penis exercises are common methods of male enhancement that can deliver the permanent, noticeable size increases that so many of us men crave.

Penis stretching and exercising takes many different forms, but we’re going to look at some of the most common techniques. So if you are wondering how to safely get a bigger dick, these exercises are for you.

Different Penis Stretching Exercises

  1. Jelqing (There are many different variations)
  2. Manual penis stretching (The top four different techniques for you to try)
  3. Stretching with weights and penis hangers
  4. Kegels
  5. Penis Extenders

We’ll assess each penis exercise and give you a frank opinion of how effective they are. We’ll also offer advice on some crucial warm-up and cool-down techniques as well as explaining how to maximize your results and showcase your new-found gains. But before we get to that, let’s look at some of the science and history of penis stretching.

Cock Stretching Science

Your penis is an organ, not a muscle

The science behind increasing penis size through penis stretching is sound, it’s not a scam or fake news—and it can work for you too. But there are some mixed messages and ‘bro-science’ about how to make your dick bigger that can cause confusion and lead to guys ending up with flawed advice. So, let’s set the record straight. 

Looking under the hood—understanding how you get hard

To understand why penis stretching works (and the techniques that can legitimately help you to gain some permanent size), we’re going to have to look inside your cock. Our dicks are made up of different tissue types. For our purposes, the most important are two columns of erectile tissue called the corpus cavernosum. They may sound like a spell from a Harry Potter film—and they are, in fact, pretty magical things.

When you get turned on, blood flows into spaces within the corpus cavernosum. Chemical, physical, and physiological processes kick in, ensuring that blood stays trapped inside your dick—making you harder and longer (and literally hotter).

 penis stretching

Stretching explained 

So, is there a way to expand the spaces that the blood flows into? Would that mean more blood is trapped in your dick? And could that increase the size of your cock? The answer to those three questions is yes. Absolutely. And that’s the premise of penis stretching. 

Many of the techniques we’ll look at, apply this logic—seeking to increase those gaps in the corpus cavernosum and, by so doing, increasing the size of your cock.  So, does penis stretching work? Let's find out.

 A short history of penis stretching

You might think that penis stretching is a new thing, but it’s not. History is full of permanent penis exercises or enhancement techniques. Maybe the most striking is the Topinama tribe in Brazil, who allowed poisonous snakes to bite them—believing the venom would make their dicks bigger[1]. At the other end of the scale, there’s a long-held tantric belief that guys can improve the size of their penis purely through the power of positive thought[2]—now, wouldn’t it be great if we could all make that work! 

Most ancient tribes and civilizations that practiced penis stretching, however, used a system of rings and weights (usually rocks) to extend their cocks[3]. You’ve probably seen photos of similar apparatus used to stretch earlobes, lips, and necks. We’re going to look at some of the modern equivalents a little later in this article.

The bro-science for stretching

Some penis stretching techniques fail the science test, however, as they misinterpret what happens to the tissues in the corpus cavernosum after they have been stretched. 

There are guys out there that think that their dick is a muscle and that you can pump it like a pec or a bicep to get the gains you’re looking for. But your penis is not a muscle—it’s an organ. It doesn’t respond to tension in the same way as your biceps or pecs might after a workout at the gym. 

Exercising your muscles creates tension inside them. That tension tears the fibers—hence the term ‘getting ripped.’ After your workout, those ‘ripped’ muscle fibers fuse together again with additional muscle protein strands, causing your muscles to grow.


But there’s no such regrowth with penis stretching. The gaps in the tissue will expand after several months of dedicated work. They’ll hold more blood in, but they won’t regrow and get stronger—they’ll just stretch. Not to scare you, but... at some point, because they’re constructed differently to muscle fibers, they’ll lose integrity. So, although you’ll have a long dick, you won’t be able to do very much with it. That is why it is very important not to overstretch. If you’re using a device or weights to stretch, always follow the manufacturers' recommended use, and if you’re using your hand, be careful not to pull too hard.

With that in mind, it’s essential to understand that although penis exercising will work if you find the right method, the gains are finite, this is one case where it's not the more the merrier. You can only achieve so much before you cause physical damage. To give some context, the best penis stretching techniques should help you gain around an inch in length.   

Warming Up

Although we’ve explained your penis is an organ and not a muscle, you still need to warm it up before you start stretching—just like you might stretch out your legs before a run. A pre-stretch warm-up will help you get the best results, encourage your blood to flow to your dick and offer some protection against over-stretching. It will take about 5-10 minutes, but it’s time worth spent.

Heating pads, rice socks, or wheat bags are best for a pre-stretch warm-up, but you can use an old sweat towel, face towel, or washcloth that’s been soaked in warm water too. Just be aware that towels and cloths lose their heat quickly, so it’s harder to keep the constant warmth you need—in fact, you can end up cooling your dick down by mistake. Pads, rice socks, and wheat bags start from around $5.00 on Amazon and eBay. They’re easier to work with, and we think they’re worth the investment.

  • Warm your heating pad, rice sock, or wheat bag in a microwave, being careful to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If you’re using a cloth or a towel, soak it in a bowl or in a sink to bring it up to temperature.
  • Whatever you’re using, make sure you don’t overheat it, or you’ll burn your dick. This is not something you want to do to one of the most sensitive parts of your body!
  • Sit down and make yourself comfortable—ideally in the place where you’re going to run through your stretching routine.
  • Get yourself semi-hard. It’s not always easy to judge this kind of thing, but you don’t want to be hard and tuned on—after all, this is not supposed to be a jerk-off session. Aim for 50% for jelqing and 30% for manual stretching. You’ll want to be totally flaccid if you stretch with any weights.
  • Wrap the pad or bag around your dick—or insert it into the rice sock.
  • Sit and relax for up to five minutes
  • Don’t think about sex! Seriously J

Now that you’re warmed up, it’s time to start stretching…

Best Penis Exercises 

Part 1: Jelqing

Jelqing is a precise penis massaging technique that claims to offer gains in girth and length. It’s sometimes called cock milking (like the cock milking machine) as it’s done in a similar motion to milking a cow, sheep, or a goat. Sexy eh? It involves messaging your cock from its base to just below the head (or glans) with an 'OK’ style grip. With this grip, your thumb should be on the top side of your cock, and your index finger should be on the underside.

jelqing grip

Some people claim it’s an ancient middle eastern method handed down from father to son, while others say it's a modern social media fad. Either way, jelqing has recently gained worldwide popularity as it doesn’t need any medication or equipment. Except, maybe, a bit of lube. Jelqing with lube is sometimes called a wet jelq, just so you know.

Lube will definitely help make jelqing a more comfortable experience, but you don’t want to get too into it. If you find you have trouble with over-stimulation, then you might want to ditch the lube—this is sometimes called a dry jelq. If you don’t use lube, you need to be more careful about putting too much strain on your dick.

Some guys also change things up by using a different grip—sometimes called a ‘pincer grasp’. You still use your thumb and index finger, but your thumb will be on the underside of your cock while your index finger is on top. You might see this referred to as a reverse jelq.

As you get more experienced with jelqing, there are some other techniques that you could try too. We’ve included two of the most popular for you to take a look at:

The V-jelq (or Spock jelq)

Make a V-shape with your dominant hand using your index and middle finger—just like Mr. Spock used to do. With your other hand, hold the base of your dick with a firm grip. Use the V-shape to massage down the shaft of your dick away from your body, towards the ground and towards your glans (Now we see why Spoke was so popular with other species!). Hold for a few seconds when you reach your glans and then repeat.

spock grip

The horse squeeze

With your dominant hand, form a tight OK grip at the base of your dick. Form a smaller OK grip with your other hand. Slowly slide your second hand down the shaft of your dick towards the base. When we say slow, we mean slow—this should take about 15-30 seconds. For an extra stretch, when you reach the base of your dick, squeeze and hold for 30 seconds. This jelq technique is designed to help increase penis girth, so it’s a good one to master.

Jelqing machines

It’s also possible to purchase different penile jelqing machines that mimic the massaging action of your hands. Manufacturers claim that using a machine prevents you from over-stretching your skin and delivers more even pressure for better results. It’s worth considering as an alternative if you’re struggling with the basic grip and massage technique. Jelqing machines are also known to be a more comfortable and consistent option.

Jelqing routine

Jelqing enthusiasts recommend to 4-5 sessions a week, with each session lasting no longer than 15 minutes. So that’s 75 minutes a week—quite a commitment. Those who endorse jelqing say you should see the first gains after a month or so—with full results visible around six-months[4].



Is it safe?

It’s important to realize that although jelqing may look a bit like masturbation, it’s not supposed to be a sexual activity or to be sexually stimulating. In fact, one thing that everyone can agree on is that you should never jelq a hard (erect) cock—it should be done when you’re semi-erect. If you get hard, you should stop right away as you can cause bruising and irreversible physical damage.

Does jelqing work?

At this time, there aren't enough formal medical studies to suggest that jelqing can increase your penis size. Some of the online testimonies we've seen claim that length gains of 1-4 inches are possible[5]. But remember much of this enthusiastic, positive testimony is anecdotal—and that ‘before and after’ shots can be easily faked with a photo-editing app on a phone.

There is some good news, however. Some medical sources that say jelqing has a positive impact on general penis health. That’s because regularly stimulating blood flow to your dick can improve erection quality in the long run. Especially if the stimulation takes more time than a quick wank. Others claim that jelqing to one side can correct mild bends in your dick and give you a prouder, more pointed erection—so that’s something to keep in mind too.

For all these reasons, jelqing could give you fuller erections. It could also create the appearance of greater length and girth—so you may end up feeling better about the size of your dick as a result. Other doctors say that, even if practiced with care, jelqing can cause permanent damage[6]—so consider this option wisely and carefully before giving it a go. 

Part 2: Manual penis stretching

One quick online search will show you that there are lots of different penis stretching exercises out there—some are for beginners, and some require more practice and experience. Unfortunately, some websites also offer rather dubious-looking activities with very little in the way of proof. If in doubt, don’t do it—you don’t want to damage one of the most important (and sensitive) parts of your body.

Whichever dick stretching exercise you pick, you should follow these few pointers to stay safe and prevent overstretching:

  • If you have a foreskin, make sure you retract it before you start each and every stretch.
  • Pull with enough force to feel a gentle stretch inside your shaft. No more, no less.
  • Never stretch to the point of significant pain or discomfort.
  • Do not cut off blood circulation for too long.
  • Take a short break between individual stretches if you need to.
  • You can perform most stretch routines twice a day—with a warm-up and cool-down each time. Remember not to over-do it!
  • Take rest days between stretching to allow recovery.

To get you started, we’ve assembled four of the most popular and best manual stretching exercises for you to try:

The basic stretch: 5-10 minutes

  1. Pull back your foreskin and grip your cock firmly behind the glans.

  2. Gently pull outwards, away from your body for up to 30 seconds.

  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 but pull your dick towards the ground.

  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 but pull your dick towards your belly button.

  5. Repeat steps 1 and 2 but pull your dick to the right.

  6. Repeat steps 1 and 2 but pull your dick to the left.

  7. Repeat the entire stretching routine for up to 10 minutes.

The opposite stretch: 3-5 minutes

  1. Pull back your foreskin and grip your cock firmly behind the glans.
  2. With your other hand, hold your shaft with an ‘OK’ style grip like the one you’d use for a basic jelq.
  3. You should be holding your shaft about an inch from its base.
  4. Pull your first hand upwards and your second hand downwards at the same time to create the stretch.
  5. Hold for up to 30 seconds.
  6. Begin with six repetitions and build up reps until you reach the maximum of five minutes.

The backward pull: 5-6 minutes

  1. Pull back your foreskin.
  2. Place both your thumbs on the top of your shaft just below the glans.
  3. Using both hands, place all your other fingers under your shaft to support it.
  4. Pull the skin on top of your dick towards your body using just your thumbs.
  5. Hold the position for up to 25 seconds.
  6. Repeat up to seven times but vary where you place your thumbs.

The thumb stretch: 2-3 minutes

  1. Pull back your foreskin and grip your dick firmly behind the glans.
  2. Gently pull outwards, away from your body.
  3. Place the thumb from your other hand at the base of your dick.
  4. While still pulling gently outwards with your top hand, press your lower thumb downwards towards your knees.
  5. You should feel a pull in both directions at the same time.
  6. Hold the stretch for up to 30 seconds.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 four times but vary the position of your lower thumb.

Is it safe?

As with jelqing, don’t attempt penis stretching when you have a boner. It’s also irreversible, so remember to be very sure, very specific, and very realistic about what you want to achieve before you start.



Does manual stretching work?

Unfortunately, most results of manual stretching are anecdotal—science hasn’t wanted or needed to get involved. As with jelqing, you’ll find plenty of before and after photos online, but we’re not sure that you can trust these as reliable information sources. If done correctly, the theory of stretching your penis to get more blood into the spaces between the tissue is sound, so it should deliver results—it’s just that these results aren’t currently documented scientifically or independently.

Part 3: Stretching with weights and penis hangers

At the beginning of this article, we looked at some of the earliest penis stretching techniques, including the systems of weights, rings, and rocks that were used by ancient tribes. These ideas have been brought up to date by several manufacturers who have invented different kinds of penis hangers. Penis hangers are devices that allow you to attach incremental weights to your dick and encourage length gains as gravity pulls the weights towards the floor. Manufacturers claim that their devices make this process more comfortable and safer. However, stretching your cock with weights is still a relatively high-risk, low comfort option.

Even when buying from the most reputable sources, hanging weights from your dick can be dangerous if you don’t follow all the instructions to the letter, or if you push for fast gains. Like all penis stretching techniques, weights and penis hangers require patience and perseverance, and most injuries occur when guys rush or try to cut corners.

The gains from penis weights are permanent—which is a big plus if you get it right. But that also means the changes are irreversible, so you should be sure it’s a path you want to go down before you commit and get started.

Is it safe?

If you follow the instructions and do plenty of your own research, then you can minimize the risks, but stretching your dick with weights is the least safe of all the options we’ve discussed in this article and has the most potential to go wrong if you don’t take precautions or are impatient. There are lots of safety rules you’ll have to follow, depending on the device that you buy, but in general terms, you should:

  • Only hang weights from a completely soft dick.
  • Always use weights that have been designed for penis stretching and are compatible with your hanging device.
  • Wear the weights for the time set out by the manufacturer and never exceed daily or weekly usage times.

Does stretching with weights work?

There are plenty of pictures from the past of ancient tribes with dicks that have been stretched using weights. However, we can’t tell from these photos if they could still achieve an erection or deliver sexual gratification. To date, there hasn’t been a lot of modern formal independent research into the effectiveness of weights and penis hangers.

That said, one manufacturer, Zen Hanger, quotes a study from the University of Turin that claims participants using a weight-hanging device reported an average flaccid penis growth of 0.7 – 0.9 inches (1.8 – 2.2 cm) and erect gains of 0.67 inches (1.7 cm). But this is the only scientific study we could find[7].

The study’s results suggest that we can be cautiously optimistic about length gains from penis weights. Many guys argue that stretching with weights is still less dangerous, less invasive, and has better outcomes than surgery. For that reason alone, it’s worth knowing about them and balancing out the pros and cons in your individual situation.

Part 4: Kegels

(While not actual stretching, hear us out)

Men's Kegels have excellent male enhancement credentials. There’s a lot of documented scientific research showing they help guys with premature ejaculation (PE) and erectile dysfunction (ED)[8] [9].

Kegels work your pelvic floor muscles bringing extra control when it comes to shooting your load. They also help with ED by stimulating blood flow to your cock as the muscles contract and expand. The logic goes that increased blood that’s flowing to your cock not only treats ED but also helps your dick reach its full potential size (in fact, that’s technically HOW it treats ED). In some cases, this means men who Kegel could see an increase in length and girth. So, even if you don’t have ED or PE, Kegels are worth a try.

Kegel routine

If you’ve never isolated your pelvic floor muscle before, stop yourself mid-way through a pee. Or wait until really need to pass wind and hold it back. You need to use your pelvic floor muscle to do both these things.

You can isolate those moves and perform two kinds of Kegels—in a variety of positions—if you get really good at them. The first needs you to contract the opening of your butt (that's the move that feels like trapping gas). The second requires you to move your dick vertically with moving the rest of your body (that's the one that feels like you're trying to hold in a pee).

You should aim for two sessions of Kegels per day, with each session made up of 10-30 individual contractions and relaxation exercises. Each exercise should last for 10 seconds. Guys generally start to see improvements to ED and PE from Kegels after six months, so we’d suggest that it would take a similar time to see size gains[10].  

You can find a full Kegel routine here.

kegel exercises

Are Kegels safe?

So long as you identify the right muscles, build stamina slowly, and don’t over-do it, then Kegels are safe. Basically, apply the same basic common sense as you would when exercising any other muscle.

Do they work?

Those who support the use of Kegels for permanent size gains say that they work in a similar (but far less harmful way) than jelqing. Kegel enthusiasts claim the exercise stretches the same connective tissues as jelqing, but from the inside. The jury is out on whether Kegels will improve the size of your dick—or just make it appear bigger because it holds more blood when it’s hard. Either way, you can be confident they will improve your stamina and the quality of your erection. You’ll certainly be more impressive in the bedroom as a result.

Part 5: Penis Extenders

Penis extenders (or penis traction devices) work by slowly and gently stretching your dick while it is flaccid. They were first created for medical-use after penis-enhancement surgery—to keep things straight and secure while they healed. Extenders are also used to treat Peyronie's disease (crooked penis).  Similar to having your leg in traction after a break. But doctors and patients soon noticed that the device was capable of delivering size gains in its own right. The rest, as they say, is history.

penis extender


Penis extender routine

Penis stretching with an extender needs patience, months of focus, and dedication. You will need to wear one for between four and nine hours a day—and it takes between three months and a year to see results. There are many different kinds of penis extenders available at a variety of price points and with various accessories. But all of them follow the same design principle.

Are penis extenders safe?

The higher-end models generally offer more comfort and more discretion—so you can wear one at work, for example, without anyone knowing. Still, you need to be aware that, although designers do their best to accommodate you, penis extenders can be uncomfortable in some situations.

It may be more challenging, for example, to stick to the required routine if you spend a lot of your day driving (getting in and out of a car with one on can be tricky).  You should also consider whether to use one if you have a manual or labor-intensive job. Manufacturers also tend not to recommend wearing a penis extender in bed, especially if you’re a restless sleeper. But, from what we’ve read, the most significant danger seems to be if you have had open surgery near the top of your dick—in that situation, you should avoid them.

Do penis extenders work?

Out of all of the options we looked at, penis extenders are the only non-surgical penis stretching method that delivers proven and permanent length gains. Indeed, a growing body of research has persuaded many doctors and healthcare professionals to recommend traction ahead of surgery[11] [12]. One study we looked at reported a 100% success rate. Another concluded that men who wore a penis extender every day for at least four hours, over six months, were able to increase the length of their cocks by up to 32%[13].

Curious about Penis stretching?

Explore these essential guide to the best penis extenders and how to use them:

Cooling Down

Regardless of which stretch (or set of stretches) you choose, it’s important to cool down too. Stretches can deliver length gains, but they can also put pressure on your dick. Although it’s not a muscle, your penis will benefit from a short cool-down. A good cool-down will keep blood flowing down there for a little while after you’ve finished stretching. It will also encourage larger spaces between the tissue to develop safely and, potentially, at a faster pace.

Some guys like to use a soothing lotion, lube, or balm and give their dicks a very gentle rub down for a minute or so. Remember, this is not about seeing if you’ve got bigger right away and shooting your load! Other guys like to reapply the heat pad, wheat bag, or rice sock that they used for their warm-up for a few minutes.

Final Thoughts

Penis stretching does work—but the results from each technique are different for every guy. One thing we can be sure of is that the results of penis stretching using a penis extender have been scientifically documented via several different sources. This does not mean that other the other methods we have covered in this article won’t work; it’s just that more research has been carried out on them at this time—probably because they penis extenders started out as medical devices.

It’s also worth noting that, although we have reviewed each exercise in isolation, so guys like to mix things up and try a combination of techniques simultaneously—rather like you might do at the gym by focusing one day on your chest, one day on your abs and another on your arms. We couldn’t find scientific evidence that this improves the chances of size gains, but varying the exercises might make it easier to keep the routine going for longer, and therefore increase the probability of success. 

Remember that although you want to add length to your dick, you also want to have great sex. With that in mind, there’s a finite increase in length and girth that you can achieve—even with penis extenders. Once you go past that point, your dick may get longer, but you’ll permanently damage it. This can make sex painful and, in some cases, impossible. So, with any kind of penis stretching—even the safest and most well-researched methods—it’s essential to start with the right expectations and know your ultimate limitations. 

As a final thought, you owe it to yourself to make the most of any size gains. That means trimming your pubic hair, losing some weight around your belly, and generally getting fitter. If you enhance the overall appearance of your body, you’ll present your newly-enlarged cock in the best light possible. You’ll give your overall confidence a boost too.  

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