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Best Holiday Gifts for Men

You don't have to look far to find gift ideas for the man or men in your life this holiday season - but what happens if your idea of the perfect gift is a little spicier than socks?! 

If you're looking for a more adult-themed gift-giving guide - we're here to help.

Whether you're shopping for something that'll keep a single man happy - or you'd like something that's going to be a game-changer for you both in the bedroom, we've got a range of fun gifts that'll put a smile on anyone's face!

Here, we've listed 20 of our best-selling toys for the man in your life - covering a range of tastes and budgets.

And don't forget, if you need any more information on anything listed here - drop us an instant message - we're not shy.

We know everything there is to know about sex toys for men, so we promise we'll help you find a gift he'll love! 

man holding holiday gifts


Adult Holiday Gifts for Men




Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Male Masturbator


Dr Joel Beginners Prostate Massager

Prostate Massager


Hot Octopuss

Male Vibrator


Man Wand Vibrating Male Masturbator

Male Vibrator


Optimale P-Curve

Prostate Massager


Kendra Lust Life Size Booty Masturbator

Male Masturbator


Mega Penis 9" Extension Sleeve

Penis Sleeve


Penis Tip Vibrating Teaser

Male Vibrators


Loop XL Silicone Cock Ring Kit

Cock Ring


11.5-inch Realistic Performance Penis Sleeve

Penis Sleeve


The Milker Deluxe Masturbator

Male Masturbator


Aneros Vice Remote Controlled Vibrating Prostate Massager

Prostate Massager


Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Blue Ice

Male Masturbator


We-Vibe Verge Vibrating Cock Ring

Cock Ring


Silicone Power Couples Vibrating Cock Ring Penis Enhancer

Cock Ring


Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Guybrator

Male Vibrator


Healthy Vibes Lifesize Male Masturbator 3D Sex Doll

Male Masturbator


Nu Sensuelle Homme Prostate Massager

Prostate Massager


We-Vibe Remote Controlled Prostate Vibrator

Prostate Massager


Hot Chocolate Alexis Black Vibrating Pocket Pussy

Male Masturbator



Okay, we hear you; sex toys might not be the first thing on everyone’s mind during the holidays.

It’s the perfect time to gift something sexy to a partner or loved one.


Well, perhaps the biggest reason is how easy it is to laugh off any potential awkwardness around introducing a new toy into a relationship.

Whether you’re keen for your man to wear a big penis sleeve or just enjoy himself with a masturbator, you can add it to a pile of presents.

Just say it was a spur of the moment naughty idea after you saw it in a couple of gift guides online!

Our top 20 gift ideas

We’ve put together a list of the 20 best and most popular gifts for men here at The Enhanced Male.

This list is based on popularity around the holidays – as well as a few new items that are already proving popular this year.

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Value Pack

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit


If the man you’re buying for doesn’t already have a Fleshlight, then you’re doing him a huge favor by introducing him to this incredible range of toys.

Fleshlights are, without question, the most famous and successful range of male masturbators available today – and this success is fully justified.

Fleshlights feel downright incredible – and their development over the years has led to material innovations that make the latest products feel unbelievably realistic.

The only criticism you’ll ever read about a Fleshlight is that they feel TOO good – which actually makes them perfect for building stamina and combating premature ejaculation.

Perhaps the best thing about a Fleshlight is how discreet it looks when it’s not in use.

With the top on, this is something that could easily live in a bedside cabinet or drawer and look just like a flashlight if anyone happens upon it. 

Whether it’s a toy you plan to use together this holiday season – or something he can use when you’re not there.

We promise you this is a gift that will be appreciated for a long time!

Explore our guides about Fleshlight Masturbators in detail

Dr Joel Beginners Prostate Massager

6.7 inch prostate massager


Prostate massaging is something that a lot of guys are unsure about – until they try it, that is.

There’s an idea that anything related to the butt is strictly for guys who like other guys, but this simply is not true.

Whatever their preference for partners, the man in your life will thank you forever for introducing him to the Dr Joel Beginners Prostate Massager.

Discreet, well-made, and not too large, this 6-inch prostate massager isn’t at all intimidating.

The fact that it’s waterproof means that you can play around with it in the shower as well as in the bedroom.  

If you’re not sure what to expect from a massager like this, think bigger, harder, longer-lasting erections.

Not to mention cumshots that any pornstar would be proud of.

We promise you this is a present that’s going to become a firm favorite!

Hot Octopuss Jet Penis Vibrator


Hot Octopuss Jet Penis Vibrator

If you thought a vibrator was a toy exclusively designed for women, think again. 

The penis is packed full of sensitive nerve endings – and the traditional ‘jerking off’ up and down motion is just one way to create stimulation.

The Hot Octopuss Jet Penis Vibrator brings a whole load of new sensations to the bedroom, and your man will be delighted you’ve introduced him to them.

The super-flexible design of the Hot Octopuss Vibrator means it can be placed anywhere on the penis – so your partner’s size doesn’t matter.

You’ll find the penis is generally more sensitive towards the end, so this is a great way of training for more stamina.

If he’s getting close, he can move it or turn it down quickly to reduce the sensitivity, taking him close to the edge without going over.

Of course, the control unit can be operated by gift giver or receiver, so it’s also a fun way to introduce a little control-play into the bedroom this holiday season too!


Man Wand Vibrating Male Massager


man wand vibrating male masturbator


Although it might not look it at first glance, this is a toy that you can give knowing it’s got something for everyone.

Feel free to use it when your man isn’t at home too!

The Man Wand Vibrating Male Massager is shaped to wrap around the penis. 

Its soft silicone ergonomic design means it’ll feel fantastic no matter where on the penis it’s used or how big your partner’s member is.

When wrapped around the penis, the vibrator has 8 speeds and 20 different vibration modes.

You can guarantee you’ll be able to cycle through the patterns and intensities to find the sweet spot.

Another toy that’s ideal for helping a guy get hard, stay hard, and not finish too soon.

When it’s time to mix things up a little, turn the Man Wand around and it becomes a more traditional vibrator.

Its ideal for anal or vaginal play – making this a real something-for-everyone toy! 

Optimale P-Curve Vibrating Prostate Massager


Optimale P-Curve Wireless Vibrating Prostate Massager


The Optimale P-Curve Vibrating Massager is a slightly different take on the traditional prostate massagers you’ll see elsewhere on this list. 

Rather than being a simple, slightly curved toy, the shape allows for the toy to be rested against the perineum.

Adding extra sensations to the prostate massaging experience.

With a remote control, your loved one can take a totally hands-off approach too.

Meaning his hands are free to tend to your needs too.

There are almost too many features in the Optimale P-Curve to mention here.

The slightly larger design means the head and the shaft vibrates independently, so you can really tailor the sensations until they’re just right.

It's great, whether you’re looking for extra endurance or a fast huge cumshot.

Prostate massagers are a great gift for guys over the age of 30.

Especially if they’re not quite as fit as they once were.

By stimulating the prostate and the perineum, blood flow to the penis is increased, giving stronger and longer-lasting erections.

It's great even when nature is trying to do the opposite.

Curious about giving a prostate Massage to your Partner?

Check our related blog for more insights:

Kendra Lust Life Size Booty Masturbator


Kendra Lust Life Size Booty Masturbator


Bringing someone else into the bedroom with you and your partner opens up a world of new possibilities.

If you’re not quite ready for that third person just yet, you can get somewhere very close with the Kendra Lust Life Size Booty Masturbator.

Modelled on the stunning Kenda Lust’s equally stunning pussy and ass, this masturbator is as close as you’re going to get to having the porn star of your dreams join you in the bedroom.

When we say that you’ll get a real feel from this masturbator, we’re not kidding – slap the lifelike skin, and it even sounds authentic!

An absolutely accurate recreation of Kenda’s ass, the whole toy weighs an impressive 18lbs.

If the idea of watching your man really go for it with someone else is your kind of fun, then this is a toy that’ll offer a seriously good time.

There’s a gorgeous soft pussy to slip into – or an extra tight ass if he wants a tighter grip.  

The Kendra Lust masturbator isn’t cheap – but for a toy of such amazing quality, it represents incredible value for money and offers an unforgettable lifelike experience. 

Mega Penis 9" Extension Sleeve


Mega Penis 9" Extension Sleeve


If you’re buying a gift for someone you’re planning on having sex with – this is the kind of present that you’re going to enjoy just as much as they will!

The Mega Penis 9” Extension Sleeve’s trim-to-fit design will work for any size penis.

The sleeve offers an immediate pornstar cock and all the confidence that goes along with one.

The sleeve will add around 3 inches and pack on 66% extra girth.

Not to mention the fact that it’ll mean he can keep going and going without finishing too soon.

The Fanta Flesh material X-Tensions have used to create this sleeve is amazingly lifelike.

The result is indistinguishable from the real thing.

Fanta Flesh even warms to the touch as you’re using it too – you really won’t know the difference when it’s inside you.

When the fun is done, it’s really easy to clean too.

If the man in your life could use a size boost or if you’d just like to experience the kind of screaming orgasm that comes from enjoying a monster size cock, this really is a gift that’ll keep giving

Penis Tip Vibrating Teaser


Penis Tip Vibrating Teaser


If you could gift the best male orgasm ever this holiday season, who would you give it to?

If a name sprung to mind, this is what you need to be wrapping up for them this year.

The Trinity Vibes Penis Tip Vibrating Teaser is mind-blowingly good.

In fact, we virtually guarantee that it’ll make the man in your life cum harder and longer than he ever has before.

 This is a glans vibrator – so it fits snuggly over the tip of the penis.

The stretchy material suits virtually any size cock, and when it’s on, there are dual removable bullets that provide the sensations.

As we’ve mentioned before in this gift guide, there’s more than one way to make a guy cum .

This teaser is proof that we can all be guilty of focusing on jerking off when there are plenty of other really intense sensations possible.

From the one-handed control, you can adjust the pulsing patterns and speed of the bullets.

You decide whether you’d like a powerful experience and a fast orgasm – or a slower vibration that builds to a bigger cum shot.

Whichever you choose, you won’t get bored trying out the alternatives.

Oh – and if there wasn’t already enough going for it, the Trinity Vibes Teaser is also pocket-size too – so it’s perfect as a discreet travel toy.

Loop XL Silicone Cock Ring Kit


Loop XL Silicone Cock Ring Kit


Whether the person you’re buying for is new to cock rings or simply wants a versatile set to add to their collection, the Loop XL Silicone is a fantastic gift to give.

There are two reasons these cock rings stand out from the rest.

Firstly, there’s the thickness to think about – these are extra wide, so there’s no discomfort whatsoever.

Just a firm, snug fit that’ll help keep him hard for longer than ever before.

 Aside from the comfort factor, the set of three different-size rings means you’ve got endless versatility too.

He can use the largest of the set around his cock and balls, use a smaller one around his shaft only, or even stack all three to create a ball-stretching toy.

If he’s open-minded, he’ll find plenty to do with these rings!

Of course, cock rings are also ideal if your partner struggles to get or maintain an erection.

The Loop XL set will allow you to play around with different sizes to see what helps if your man is struggling with keeping his cock hard.

If getting the blood flowing in the first place is proving tricky, then pairing these with a penis pump is a way of using the holidays to reinvigorate your sex life. 

Video Review

11.5-inch Realistic Performance Penis Sleeve


11.5-inch Realistic Performance Penis Sleeve


If you took a look at the Mega Penis Extension sleeve above and it didn’t quite give off enough big dick energy, then say hello to the Performance Plus 11.5 inch sleeve.

This is a sleeve that’ll give your partner the kind of cock that makes it difficult to shop for jeans.

Say hello to over 11 inches and an extra 75% girth – delivered in a package that is made from one of the most impressive silicone skin materials on the market today.

Since the high-grade silicone warms up to a natural body heat as it’s worn, you genuinely will not be able to tell the difference between this and the real thing.

It’ll slip over any size penis and deliver the kind of confidence boost that most guys didn’t think was possible without some serious surgery. 

Is this the perfect gift for the man in your life this holiday season?

The only thing you’ve got to decide before you gift this monster is whether you’re going to be able to handle what he wants to do with it! 

The Milker Deluxe Masturbator


The Milker Deluxe Masturbator


If you’re looking for a small and discreet gift for your man this year, you’re going to want to skip The Milker Deluxe Masturbator.

If you want to gift the most jaw-droppingly amazing masturbator ever made, then read on!

You can tell from the price tag that this is a serious piece of kit – but if you’re looking for an amazing pleasure investment, then this toy will really hit the jackpot.

Consistently ranked as THE best male masturbator in the world, it’s so good it needs to be plugged into a wall outlet to give it the suction and milking power it needs!

As a fully automatic toy, The Milker can be slipped on the penis and left to work its magic.

The twin cylinders provide the most incredible sensations possible.

In fact, we’ve had plenty of feedback from very happy customers saying The Milker offer a more intense experience than even the best sex.

If you decide that you’d like to have some control over your partner’s milking fun, you definitely can.

Making the Milker a great choice if you’d like to introduce some edging and control play into the bedroom.  

Aneros Vice Remote Controlled Vibrating Prostate Massager


Aneros Vice Remote Controlled Vibrating Prostate Massager


If you’ve looked at other prostate massagers on this list and decided they’re not quite the level of luxury that the man you’re buying for is used to, then you’re in luck.

The Aneros Vice 2 is the Rolls-Royce of prostate and perineum toys.

Firstly, the natural shape feels fantastic.

It's ideal for beginners and seasoned prostate massage pros alike.

Then, there’s the perineum stimulator – offering dual pleasure and giving the toy a reassuringly safe shape if your partner isn’t 100% sure about anal play.

Even if the man in your life is hesitant at first, when the Aneros Vice 2 makes him cum, he’ll be converted forever.

We’re talking about seriously powerful orgasms here – cumshots any pornstar would be proud of, and it’s not out of the question that he could get there totally hands free too.

This thing really does the trick!

Prostate massagers are great for guys who are fighting erectile dysfunction too, as they add a new level of stimulation and often work to get even older guys harder than they’ve been for years.

Oh – and there’s a remote control too, so you can slow things down if it looks like he’s having too much fun before you’ve cum too!

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Blue Ice

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Blue Ice


Fleshlights are discreet – but the Turbo Thrust Blue Ice takes things to the next level.

If you’re looking for one of the world’s very best sex toys but without a lifelike vagina, ass, or mouth attachment, then this is the toy you should be gifting this holiday season.

Don’t misunderstand though.

Just because the Blue Ice looks more like a slushie than an inviting mouth; it does an amazing job of recreating a deep, eye-poppingly good blowjob.

Fleshlights are generally sold as straight-up masturbation devices – and sure, if that’s what you’re looking for as a gift, your man isn’t going to be disappointed.

But there’s more to Fleshlights than just luxurious jerking off.

Fleshlights also work as an incredible way to delay premature ejaculation.

By slowing yourself down and learning how to keep yourself from climaxing too soon, a masturbator like this can be an outstanding way to build bedroom stamina.

We-Vibe Verge Vibrating Cock Ring


We-Vibe Verge Vibrating Cock Ring

Winner of our Best Overall Cock Ring award for 2021, the We-Vibe Bluetooth Vibrating Ring is one of the very best on the market.

If the man you’re buying for likes the joy of unboxing premium products, this is going to be his favourite gift this year.

We-Vibe makes elite sex toys – and when you get your hands on the Verge, you appreciate what your money has bought.

It’s extremely well made – and it’s completely smooth – no switches or charging points to contend with.

A magnetic charging cable snaps on when the long-life rechargeable battery needs a boost.

If this is a toy your man is going to play with solo, then he won’t be disappointed.

The ring will have the nerves in his cock bristling with excitement – and the vibrating massager will sit against his perineum for a mind-blowing orgasm.

Of course, if you’d like to get involved in the action too – the vibrating stimulator will rest against your clit or perineum while he’s inside you, an absolute win-win!

We also have to mention the We-Connect app that this cock ring connects to.

There are more features than you’d ever imagine – and as long as it’s connected to the app, you can even control the vibrations from your device.

Adding a new level of spice to phone or cam sex if you can’t be together.

Video Review

Silicone Power Couples Vibrating Cock Ring Penis Enhancer


Silicone Power Couples Vibrating Cock Ring Penis Enhancer

The Lynk Pleasure Silicone Power Vibrating Black Cock Ring proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune this holiday season to show your love (or lust) for the man in your life.

At under $20, this is a lot of sex toy for the money – and it’s a sure-fire hit whether you’re joining in or he’s playing alone.

As a cock ring, this does the job beautifully.

It’s firm enough to make sure the blood is held where it’s needed – but it’s wide enough to feel comfortable for a lengthy play session.

The vibrations from the built-in bullet section tingle all the way through the ring and into the ball-ticklers too – so even solo masturbation sessions are enhanced.

If you’re planning on using this Vibrating Cock Ring together, things get really interesting.

Not only will it help it last longer and stay harder – the perfectly angled design of the vibrating bullet means you’re going to get spine-tingling sensations too.

If you’re on your back, the vibrations will be felt in your clit or perineum – and if you’re on your knees, he can flip it upside down so it still hits your sweet spots. 

With 10 speeds, medical-grade silicone, and a USB recharging point, this is a champagne sex toy with a lemonade price tag.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Guybrator


Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Guybrator


The Hot Octopuss III Duo is an outrageously good toy that’s going to stimulate its new owner in ways he didn’t think possible.

Give this gift carefully – because if he wasn’t in love with you before, he will be after slipping his cock into this.

It’s fair to say that this is the most advanced sex toy in the world.

That’s not to say you need to be an expert to use it – more that it’s packed with the latest technology that you will not find anywhere else.

The patented Pulse Plate vibrating element is truly next level.

When it’s twinned with soft silicone that feels like it’s custom made for whichever cock it’s wrapped around, it really delivers a world-class masturbator experience.

The sensitive spots this toy hits specifically are the glans and frenulum (the underside of the tip of the penis).

These are the areas where most of the nerve endings in the penis are found – so the perfect spot for stimulation.

In fact, slip the Pulse III into place and you can virtually guarantee an intense orgasm hands-free!

As you’d expect from an elite sex toy, it’s got a premium price tag – but we can assure you it delivers an experience that he will not find anywhere else!

Video Review

Healthy Vibes Lifesize Male Masturbator 3D Sex Doll


Healthy Vibes Lifesize Male Masturbator 3D Sex Doll


If you liked the idea of the Kendra Lust masturbator earlier in the list but couldn’t justify the price, then you’re in luck.

The Healthy Vibes has delivered an incredible alternative at a fraction of the price.

The Life-size Male Masturbator 3D Sex Doll doesn’t have the porn star endorsement or molding.

It’s extremely lifelike and will feel every bit as convincing when he slips into the tight soft pussy or extra-tight ass.

At a realistic size and made of ultra-realistic Cyberskin, this is a truly lifelike sex experience and can be laid at a range of angles to replicate any position he likes.

As a fully waterproof sex toy, this goes in the shower, bathtub, hot tub, or pool perfectly too – and is easy to clean after a fun session.

If the idea of enjoying adding an extra woman to your sex sessions turns you on, then this is an incredible way to make it happen without breaking the bank.

Interested in sex dolls?

Learn all about sex dolls in our detailed information and buying guide:

Nu Sensuelle Homme Prostate Massager



Nu Sensuelle Homme Prostate Massager


When you start out with a prostate massager, it sometimes feels like it makes sense to go with a shorter, smaller toy.

This can sometimes be a mistake, especially if it doesn’t quite hit the sweet spot.

At 7.5 insertable inches, you’re going to have no problem hitting said sweet spot with the Nu Sensuelle massager though.

With 15 functions, it’s going to take prostate play to the next level.

This is an extremely high-quality massager with a soft, slightly flexible body for the ultimate comfort.

There’s one motor in the head of the toy to stimulate the prostate – and one in the base for anal stimulation when it’s in place.

The Homme Ace really delivers a mind-blowing experience – so if you’re looking for a gift that’s going to get him harder and more turned on than ever before, this is it.

Don’t worry that the pleasure is going to be all his though – if you’d like to use this for vaginal play you will be seriously impressed too.

It’s perfectly curved to hit the female g-spot too.

We-Vibe Remote Controlled Prostate Vibrator


We-Vibe Remote Controlled Prostate Vibrator


As you can tell already from this list, we’re fans of the prostate massager here.

If you’d like to take prostate play up to a new level, the We-Vibe Remote Prostate Vibrator is the toy for you and the man you love.

Like most high-quality remote-controlled toys, this one from We-Vibe is at the top end of the price scale.

If you’re willing to make the investment, you’re going to get a toy that will provide some of the most intense orgasms known to man!

This can be in place in seconds – and it’ll lead to bigger and harder erections immediately – as well as the most powerful orgasms you’ve ever seen.

As with other We-Vibe toys, the shape of the Vector Vibrator is nothing short of exquisite.

The shape is balancing absolute comfort with dual motors that simultaneously massage the prostate and the perineum.

The power and adjustable intensity of the motors is enough to bring most guys to a hands-free orgasm – so if you combine it with sex, you’re in for a night you won’t forget.

Again, as a We-Vibe toy, this connects to the We-Connect app – opening up no end of possibilities, no matter how far you are from the person you’re lusting after…

Hot Chocolate Alexis Black Vibrating Pocket Pussy


Hot Chocolate Alexis Black Vibrating Pocket Pussy


There aren’t many hetero men who don’t fantasize about what it would be like to experience slipping inside a tight pornstar pussy.

There aren’t many partners who realize that’s an experience that can be gifted to the man they love.

If you like the idea of seeing your loved one enjoying a tight pussy without someone else joining you in the bedroom, the Blush Novelties Alexis Black Vibrating Pocket Pussy is the perfect gift this holiday season.

Modelled on the beautiful adult star Alexis Black, this is a perfect recreation of her tight pussy.

The super-soft internally-ribbed body-safe TPE will feel unbelievably lifelike as it squeezes a hard cock.

As if that didn’t already sound like a recipe for an explosive orgasm – the pocket pussy actually vibrates to send tingles down every inch of your man’s length. 

As a simple, easy-to-clean toy that will accommodate any size guy, this is a great addition to your sex life.

If you’d like to spice things up even further, why not be the person that first guides him into the pocket pussy?

Or take things at your own speed and see how long he can last while you slowly tease him with it? Whatever you decide is right, this is a gift he’s going to love!

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Final Thoughts On Buying Sex Toys for the Holiday Season

best holiday gifts for men

The holiday's bring fun, love, and memories to everybody but that does not mean you can't get a little naughty as well.

Each of the toys listed will make you or your man smile from ear to ear.

Don't just limit your gifts to the G version!

Side Note

This best of list will be periodically updated as better sex toys become available or products simply no longer perform as well. As with all best of lists, this will be a living document.

    We take our recommendations very seriously

    We have worked intensively on developing a product evaluation system that takes in consideration the following factors:

    • Materials
    • Electronic Components
    • Safety Testing Data
    • US Regulatory Information
    • 510(k) Certifications
    • Our Experts Evaluation

    Learn more about our selection process

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