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How does a penis pump work?  Do penis pumps really work?  These are both extremely common questions that we are here to answer.  The short is, yes penis pumps actually work but maybe not quite how you expect.  Penis pumps or cock pumps are penile enhancement devices that can be used by men to treat several different concerns that they may have about their penis size and functionality.

While you may tend to think of penis pumps as being used solely to increase the size of a penis, this is no longer the case, but of course, this is still a common use of the pump. Cock pumps can be used for purposes that are sexual, medical, aesthetic or a combination of two or all three. They have become increasingly popular as more people begin to understand how exactly these pumps work and how you can see results if you use the right pump for your intended outcome.

A Penis Pump Works To

  • Create a temporary increase in the size of an erection.
  • Create and maintain an erection for solo or partnered play.
  • Help those with erectile dysfunction (ED) obtain and maintain an erection.
  • To help straighten a curved penis for those with Peyronie's disease.
  • To create a permanent increase in penis size.
  • Keep your penis and erections healthy and avoid the formation of cavernosal fibrosis.

How Does a Penis Pump Work?

The medical term for a penis pump is a Vacuum Constriction Device and that is basically how it works. The pumping motion creates a vacuum on the penis which helps to create and maintain an erection.

When used together with a penis constriction ring, it can help those with ED to maintain that erection long enough to satisfy yourself and your partner. Some particular penis pumps can even help to create a larger penis over time if they are used correctly and consistently.

To ensure your pump works well, it's important to get the correct size penis pump.  Check out our penis pump size guide for more details.



penis pump


There are two different types of cock pumps: an air pump and a water pump or hydro pump. Each type works in a different way and has a different effect on the body.

How Does a Penis Pump Work with Air?

An air penis pump features an acrylic cylinder, a silicone, TPE or latex comfort seal and a pumping mechanism. This can be in the form of a squeeze ball, a hand grip or an electric device. This type of penis pump works by creating a tight seal between the pump cylinder and your skin.

Once your penis is inside the cylinder and the seal is created you start to pump the air out of the tube. As the air is drawn out of the cylinder, this creates a vacuum on your penis in the negative space that the air has left. This vacuum causes the corpora cavernosa, the erectile tissue, of the penis to increase in volume and allow more blood flow through these tissues. This increased blood flow results in an erection that can appear larger and stronger than one created without the use of a pump. 

This concentration of blood in the penis does create an engorged erection that may appear thicker and also harder, but this is temporary. As blood begins to flow back out of the penis, it will start to return to its normal size.  However, when used with a cock ring or constriction ring, you can slow the flow of blood out of the penis and maintain an erection for much longer.


blood flow from penis pump


Some users find that the erection created from a cock pump can feel somewhat different from an erection without pumping due to a spongy feel to the penis or slight numbness from the process of pumping. However, most men are still satisfied with the outcome of the product on their ability to create and maintain an erection. Some men even use these products for masturbation as the pressure can feel like an intense suction and create a similar sensation to a blowjob.

If you are using looking at an air pump, there are two options for how you actually pump. A manual hand pump option or an electric option. Electric pumps do the work for you, maintaining a safe and comfortable pressure for your penis. Using a manual pump tends to be easier to go overboard so lookout for a pump with a vacuum limiter or quick release. That way you can quickly remove the pressure if it starts to become uncomfortable.

Air pumps are great options for those with ED or men that want to create a temporarily engorged erection. However, they may not offer you the results you want if you are looking to permanently increase the size of your penis.

How Does a Hydro Penis Pump Work?

A hydro penis pump or water penis pump has all the benefits of an air pump but with an extra one too. It has actually been proven to create a larger penis with frequent use and users report increases in both the girth and the length of the penis with this type of pumping.

Hydro pumps can be slightly more difficult to use because they require water, meaning you will need to use it in the shower or bath. They work in a similar way to air pumps with the obvious difference being that they use water rather than air to create the vacuum effect on the penis.

As you pump with a hydro pump, your penis will be drawn into the space that the expelled water leaves, creating a suction, and again, the increase in the size of the penile tissues. This will fill with blood creating an erection that is larger and more engorged.

bathmate hydropump

But, unlike air pumps, this increase in the size of the corpora cavernosa created by the hydro pump actually starts to permanently stretch the penile tissue with frequent use. This allows more blood flow into the tissue over time and can increase the size of your penis in both its erect and flaccid states. For many, this increased size can be seen in both the girth and the length of the penis. To achieve this outcome, you will need to commit to a pumping schedule of doing it for 15 minutes every day.

Water pumps are also a safer penis pump option as they are less intense on the penis. Although the suction from the vacuum is just as powerful as an air pump, the impact on the skin of the penis is actually much less. The use of water also allows a more even distribution of pressure across the full penis which reduces your risk of injury. Using warm water is also going to soften the skin and facilitate the stretching of the penile tissues.

Why Are Penis Pumps So Popular?

As well as creating a temporary or permanent enlargement of the penis, they are also a reasonably low-cost treatment that is easy to use, doesn’t require a prescription and a non-invasive alternative to medication. And, you can also use penis pumps alongside other ED treatments like Viagra or Cialis without further risk of injury.

happy with penis size

For some men, regular use of penis pumps can actually help to achieve naturally occurring erections in the long run. Using a cock pump increases rich oxygenated blood flow through the penis which is great for your penile tissues and can help to preserve erectile function and the quality and frequency of erections.