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Listen to an audio summary

For most things in life, the common perception is ‘the bigger, the better’.

But when it comes to penises, is bigger really better?

Well! In 2018, a Missouri State University professor began a study to find the underlying link between self-esteem and penis size. As in her experience, it affects how men interact with the world.

Unfortunately, she had to shut the study three days later after irresponsible media coverage.

But this sociology and anthropology professor did put across a thought-provoking point.

As a society, we are size obsessed!

It is this obsession that has led men who are below average (or perceived to be) to question their masculinity, to feel less than others.

If you are one of those men reading this article, know that you are no less. 

And if the size is everything to you, then there are ways you can size (spice) it up!

Need help with penis size

The penis enlargement industry

The perceived correlation between penis size and masculinity has led to the rapid growth of the penis enlargement industry.

An industry that has thrived and grown exponentially over the years because men are willing to go under the knife for a bigger, thicker penis.

As per Dr Jayson Oates, the primary cosmetic surgeon and medical director of Academy Face and Body in Perth, Australia “What we have found, certainly in the UK and Australia, is that the uptake of penis enlargement is rapidly increasing. The numbers we do now are considerably more than we were doing a year ago, and even two or three years ago,”

He further adds “Just as breast augmentation surgery has grown routine; the penis enhancement sector is booming” (source: scmp)

Now that is no light comparison. ‘The global breast implants market size was valued at USD 2.76 billion in 2019 and is projected to be USD 3.05 billion by 2027’ (source: fortune business insights)

Based on the above, it would not be wrong to say- penis enlargement surgery is to men, what breast enhancement surgery is to women.

And just like breast enhancement, when it comes to penis enlargement, the internet is full of all kinds of devices, techniques, and surgeries to help you ‘increase the size of your penis’ and in turn your confidence.

Now the bulk of these techniques suggest cosmetic surgeries, pills or devices for quick results; however, not everyone is comfortable popping pills or have resources to go under the knife to make it happen.

Hence, a substantial number of men depend on DIY (Do it yourself) penis growth techniques outside of penis pumps and cock rings.

penis enlargement pills

Interested about DIY pleasure products? 

This recommended blog might help you: 

Grow your penis - DIY

Here we are in 2020, a DIY era.

From designing our websites to building our cupboards to giving ourselves a haircut, youtube has enabled us to DIY everything.

It’s convenient, and it saves money.

So when it comes to the most intimate part of your body, DIY may not be such a bad idea.  We have compiled a list of great penis exercises here.

It's less invasive and certainly less expensive.

Popular DIY technique – Jelqing

A popular grow your penis DIY technique is Jelqing.

Jelqing’s popularity can be gauged by the fact that there are thousands of videos on YouTube and hundreds of Reddit threads teaching - how to Jelq?

Jelq is the method to do Jelqing, and the technique has some serious engagement and fan following across the world.

Let’s find out what it is and how to do it.

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing is a middle eastern technique that is similar to masturbation.

As per Wikipedia “The latinized name "jelqing" is the corrupt form derived from the Persian jalq zadan, jalq meaning "to masturbate" followed by an auxiliary verb zadan meaning "to strike, hit or throb".”

The scientific logic behind Jelqing is to expand the spongy tissue in your penis (corpora cavernosa & corpus spongiosum) and then, stretch the ligament.

The idea is to tear the microtissues at the cellular level and replace them with larger tissues which hold more blood and can lead to better erection.


jelqing and penis stretching

In layman language, Jelqing is a penis enhancement exercise that is done by stretching your semi-erect penis every day for a set amount of time (a few minutes).

It is done in the form of milking and is expected to grow your penis by creating tears on your penis’s tissue which leads to the growth of new cells on healing that – supposedly, makes your penis look enlarged.

Please note that there is no scientific study to prove the trend, and the majority of results around the technique are believed to be anecdotal.

jelqing hand sign

How to Jelq?

The art of Jelqing involves the following steps:

  1. Start by making an O with your thumb and index finger. The easiest way to do so is by imagining yourself making the ‘OK’ gesture using your hand
  2. Get your penis to a three fourth erect position (Don’t get hard, this can be harmful during jelqing)
  3. Now, place the base of your penis in the O formed in between your index finger and thumb.
  4. Slowly move the O towards the tip of your penis by exerting a mild pressure on the penis (please note – reduce the strain if you feel any pain in your penis)
  5. As soon as you reach the tip of your penis, reduce the pressure and loosen the grip

The above five steps can take anywhere in between 2 to 3 seconds and is referred to as a ‘Jelq’.

You need to repeat the above steps while going backwards as well.

The easiest way to relate to Jelq is to think of it as ‘milking’ a cow.

It may sound a bit weird, but milking the cow is really what it is 😊. Think of Jelq as milking where you do not go too hard or soft. Instead, you try and find the right balance that gets the job done.

It’s recommended to repeat the above steps for 20 minutes to 30 minutes daily.

How to Jelq effectively?

There are quite a few suggestions to help you Jelq effectively. Some of the most doable ones are

  • Using a good lubricant to remove any painful friction between your hand and penis
  • Wrapping a warm towel for five minutes to increase the blood flow in the penis

(source: Talksexwithsure)

Please note, Jelqing will not work and could be harmful if you achieve a full erection. As mentioned before, the aim is to achieve only three fourth (75% hard) erection to complete a proper Jelq.

semi erect penis drawing

List of top Jelqing exercises & how to do them

Here’s the list of some of the top Jelqing exercises and instructions on how to do it right, depending on whether you want to increase the girth or enhance the length of your penis.

Based on your ‘penis enlargement’ preference – you can use one of the listed exercises.


To increase the girth

  • V Jelq

    If you’re after thickness, you are in luck. V Jelq is an exercise that helps increase the girth of your penis. The exercise involves holding your penis with your index and middle finger in the form of a V, with the palm facing you.

 v jelq method hand

  • Lateral Jelq

    If you are looking to reduce your penis curvature, the lateral Jelq exercise is there to help you achieve your goal. It involves performing a Jelq in the opposite direction of the curve of your penis.

 lateral jelqing method hand


To increase the length:

  • One – hand Jelq

The steps to do the exercise are the same as explained above. The only thing that changes is that instead of two hands, you are to use one hand to Jelq. The task is easier to do as it is more relatable to masturbation, as most men use one hand to masturbate.

  • Wet Jelq

The Jelq exercise involves the use of lubricant while performing a Jelq. The idea is to make Jelqing smoother for you. 

Lubricants are used in this exercise to reduce friction and aberration. This smooths things out and makes the exercise much more comfortable.


jelqing lubricant

However, a potential disadvantage of this exercise is that the lubricant used can let you get carried away and cross the line between Jelq and Masturbation, thereby making you cum (Note – Jelqing requires 3/4th erection and not complete erection). Besides the cum, there is also the liquid mess to clean on your penis after the exercise.

  • Dry Jelq

A simple task of Jelqing minus the lube, that is dry Jelq for you.

The advantage of Dry Jelq is - it is straightforward and gives you more control over your penis. Also – it is less messy.

The disadvantage is that it might take you a long time to get that 3/4th erection and if you have a dry penis skin, you might damage some part of your penis skin without the lubrication.


does jelqing work

Does Jelqing work?

The worldwide web is quite equally divided over the success and failures of Jelqing.

Referring to the internet for Jelqing reviews as it is where the technique first became famous, and the internet users haven’t stopped discussing the method ever since.

On the one hand, there’s a group of users that claim to have increased the size of their penis by Jelqing making comments such as,

“Jelqing helps with length, but it's more a girth workout. Very good for erection strength as well.”

“I've added 1.5 inches to my length, so yes, a well-rounded penis enlargement routine works. But it takes time and effort.”

But then others have found the technique to be ineffective, stating-

“Based on my study, it seems to work for about 5% of men who try it.”

“Diligence, effort, time spent, etc., do not seem to be correlated with who got results and who didn’t.”

“Most gains were 1/2 inch and under— which in my opinion is within the margin for wishful thinking, or could be a stretch to the suspensory ligament and not the actual corpus hydraulics in the penis… but I did not conduct the measuring; these were self-assessments from a questionnaire of about 1000 of my male readers who tried it.”

(source: Quora)

While the internet is divided over Jelqing’s effectiveness, the doctors and researchers would rather have you not use a technique like Jelqing as it involves military level exercise regime (20 minutes every day) on one of the most sensitive and delicate body parts.

According to Seth D. Cohen, MD/MPH, a urologist and Director of Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction at NYU Langone Medical Center "I would never tell a patient 'yes' or 'no,’. All I would tell them is you’re more likely to do harm than achieve any benefits of 'stretching' your penis."

(source : Refinery29)

Although there’s a lot of chatter on the subject on the internet (as is for most sexual things in life), there are very few medical studies or researches to back up the argument on Jelqing.  

In fact, a medical research conducted on eight subjects over a period of 3 months (13 weeks) as cited on Phallo Gauge, does not state very encouraging results. The average length gained by the seven subjects (one dropped during the study) was .3 inches, an insignificant penis growth in the world of penis enhancements.

What are some of the risks of Jelqing?

As with all exercises, there are risks associated with Jelqing. Even more so, because it’s the most delicate part of your body. Hence, please use a bit of common-sense before you get down to Jelqing.

Of course, you want a long or a thick penis in one week but just like how you cannot get six-pack abs in a week – you cannot get a thick or long penis in one week.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and your penis, my friend is no less than Rome.

So, to increase the size of your empire (read penis), you need daily exercise – limited to 20 minutes daily with a Jelq taking no more than 2 to 3 seconds.

A word of caution- There may be some so-called ‘experts’ on the internet advising 4 to 5 seconds for a Jelq.

‘Do not listen to them’ - You only have one penis, and the poor fellow does not deserve to go through the agony of such an extended schedule. It already is overworked taking care of your body waste and sexual needs.

Coming to the risks of Jelqing - The most significant risk of Jelqing is ‘erectile dysfunctional’.

Imagine working out your penis to increase the length and girth and in the process, losing the power to make it stand tall. Hence, time to take two steps back and learn proper Jelqing before trying something that can take away your sex life forever.

However, no need to be scared! You only become risk-prone by overdoing it and trying to get quick results. Besides, you cannot become impotent overnight. There are bound to be symptoms before, however small or big. Just be mindful of it and take a step back from Jelqing if need be.

Some of the symptoms you should watch out for:

  • Itchiness: Itchiness could be a lubricant reacting to your skin (wet Jelqing) or your penis responding to your sweaty hands(dry Jelqing). Either way, you know what you are doing, and you should immediately stop and fix it before you start again. 
  • Redness on penis: Same as above. Redness is a form of reaction which could be to something that does not go well with your penis’s skin.
  • Swelling: Are you holding your penis too hard to the extent of hurting it? Stop immediately! This is an issue that can lead to an erectile dysfunctional problem.
  • Numbness: Similar to Swelling, this condition requires you to stop Jelqing immediately. If you’re experiencing numbness, call a doctor and get your penis checked. 
  • Ruptured vein: Do not call the doctor; instead, call an ambulance. You are in zone red! Stop Jelqing! And get yourself checked into a hospitcal immediately.

FAQs on Jelqing

Is Jelqing painful?

Jelqing is painful only when done inappropriately, which includes overdoing the exercise or not following the right steps to do the exercise.

What precautions to take while Jelqing?

Some of the necessary precautions you must take are

  • Do not do Jelqing for more than 20 to 30 minutes daily
  • Take regular breaks
  • Form a proper grip on the penis (not too hard)
  • Avoid using lubricants that react to your skin
  • In case you are using a hot towel, ensure the towel is warm not burning hot

Because you are dealing with the most sensitive part of your body, work out wisely and don’t shy away from taking two steps back if you are not getting the expected results.

Remember, unlike bodybuilding Jelqing does not lead to strong muscles by excessive workouts; and the risk of muscle tear is amplified, as your boner is more delicate than any of your bones.

Does Jelqing work?

The internet is divided on the success rate of Jelqing. However, it is the most widespread technique amongst all the DIY penis enlargement methods; most likely because it costs nothing and is even less invasive than masturbation.

How do I not cum while Jelqing?

This may seem like the biggest challenge for a novice in the initial days of Jelqing as you may end up cumming quite a few times before getting it right.

There is no hard and fast formula to stop yourself from cumming while Jelqing. It is something that you can only learn with practice. So, keep doing what you are doing, and you will get there.

cumming while jelqing

What lubricants can you use during wet Jelq?

The natural lubricants that work well during Jelqing are – olive oil, coconut oil or sex lubricants that are readily available in the market.

The only thing to remember is not to make the skin very wet; else it would be exceedingly difficult to form a grip while Jelqing.

Want more Lube options?

Does Jelqing cause erectile dysfunction?

Improper Jelqing can lead to erectile dysfunction as erectile dysfunction is nothing but a result of trauma or an injury that may happen when you are too rough with your penis. So, handle with care!

does jelqing cause erectile dysfunction

Can I use penis extenders instead of Jelqing?

Penis extenders and Jelqing are two opposite ends of a pole. While one is an artificial enhancer (penis extender), the other is a natural lifetime penis enhancer exercise.

You can make a choice depending on your preference, but penis extenders are an entirely different territory, they are no substitute for Jelqing.

penis extenders for sale

Curious about Penis stretching?

Explore our essential guides to the best penis extenders and how to use them:

Final word

So, does Jelqing work? Is it for you?

Well, only you can take that decision. The above article is to help you make an informed and educated decision on whether to Jelq or not.

In a world obsessed with all things big and shiny, you may be led to believe ‘size is everything’, but remember there is no medical science or study that states you need a bigger penis for a fulfilling sexual life.

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