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Sex and the Golden Years: Every man’s complete guide to over-60s sex and fulfillment

It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you’re healthy and you want to, you should be able to enjoy worry-free, fulfilling sex. This article offers advice to help guys looking to improve their sex after 60.  It also provides some frank advice on dealing with age-related erectile dysfunction and suggests a range of sex toys and male enhancement products to give your sex life a boost.

What Affects Sex Over 60 for Men

  1. Erectile Dysfunction vs. Erectile Dissatisfaction
  2. A positive view of sex and aging
  3. Male enhancement and sex toys for more mature guys
  4. Lube
  5. Penis plumping cream
  6. Male masturbators and vibrators
  7. Prostate massagers and stimulation
  8. Penis extender sleeves
  9. Pills and potions
  10. Sex and your health

These days, we're living longer. 60 is the new 40!  Cures have been found, and new treatments are available for conditions that would have been fatal for our grandparents—or even parents. We're not just living longer, importantly we're enjoying life for longer too. Today's over-60s are still taking holidays, having nights out with friends, exercising in the gym, and learning and studying at college. And of, course, plenty of them are still enjoying sex.

 aging men

It's true that for some guys, sex can be more of a challenge as they get older—but it's worth persevering. Sex may not be the same later in life, especially sex after 60 for males—but that doesn't have to be viewed as a bad thing. It's still as powerful, intimate, and life-confirming. In a recent survey, almost two-thirds of over-65s said that they still enjoy a fulfilling sex life[1]. A healthy sex life will keep couples happy and living longer. So, if you want to keep having sex, you absolutely should. No question.

Erectile Dysfunction vs. Erectile Dissatisfaction 

Speaking frankly, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) occurs more often in older men because of the body's aging process. But it's not inevitable—ED affects approximately 44% of guys aged 65-85[2]. That means over half of the male population never develop it.

Older men that develop ED often do so because of poorer heart-health and associated conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity—all the things we tend to be more susceptible to as we get older[3]. Indeed, ED can often be the first warning for a guy that he needs to get his health checked and, perhaps, make some lifestyle changes.

It's worth saying here that some older guys might think they have ED but may actually have erectile dissatisfaction. Symptoms of erectile dissatisfaction include losing the ability to get hard solely from sexual fantasies—you have to touch your dick to get it hard. For other men, it means you don't get quite as stiff as you used to, or it takes longer to get hard, or you don't cum quite as much as you might have—or a mixture of all those things. 

It's not all doom and gloom, however. Older men with a healthy lifestyle and no chronic diseases have a lower risk of ED and erectile dissatisfaction than their peers. And exercise and healthy living have a greater impact on preserving sexual function as you get older. It doesn't have to be a massive commitment—research shows that men aged 65-79 exercised at least three hours per week had a 30% lower risk of developing ED[4].

A positive view of sex and aging

A lifetime of experience can mean that guys over 60 have confidence and are more open to their sexual desires. They might be more willing to experiment and try new things. More downtime, a retired lifestyle, and freedom from children that have finally flown the nest—all means less stress, which can translate into a higher libido. Furthermore, younger men tend, on average, to cum faster than older guys. While older guys, by comparison, can enjoy longer and more intense sex—which, in turn, is sure to please their partners. All things considered, older guys may actually be hornier than their younger counterparts! You read it here first!

So, armed with the right attitude and equipped with a few secret weapons to get hard, stay hard, and still cum like a porn star. There's no reason why guys over 60 can't continue to enjoy a lot of outstanding sex.

Male enhancement and sex toys for more mature guys


First up, get some good quality lube. If you've never used lube before, you're missing out on an incredible way to stimulate your cock and balls. There's a massive range—all designed to heighten stimulation. Most guys start with water-based lube, but silicone, oil, or hybrid options are also worth exploring.

As a general rule of thumb, stick to water-based lubes if you’re planning sex toys. Silicone lube you can use with condoms as well as water-based lubes.  There are some amazing lubes around that can warm you up or chill you right down. Perhaps you might consider a flavored lube to make your dick taste even better; just the bit of encouragement your partner needs to give you an even more satisfying blowjob.

 sex lube

Lubes also give you an excellent excuse to re-focus on masturbation—either on your own or with your partner. Just the ticket if it takes a little longer to get hard, if you want to explore alternatives to penetration or if you just want to make full-on sex even more enjoyable.   

Penis plumping cream

Penis plumping cream may sound too good to be true, but the science behind the best of the brands is solid (if you'll pardon the pun). Plumping cream stimulates blood flow to your penis, which is essential for an erection. It also promotes a naturally harder, fuller, and thicker dick. Try some with a cock ring to trap the blood in your newly enlarged member for full-on, worry-free and fulfilling sex. You might also consider a penis pump as an alternative to getting your blood flowing down below.

 plumping cream

Cock rings

Cock rings (or constriction rings) are a superb sex toy with a very practical purpose. Once you have a hard cock, strap a cock ring around its base to trap the blood and give you a firmer, longer-lasting erection. It might just be that little bit of extra support you need. But even if you don't have any worries in that department, cock rings will give you a size and strength boost—and deliver even more stimulation. So you should absolutely check them out.

Modern cock rings are well-designed, hygienic, and easy to use—either with your partner or on your own. There are vibrating cock rings, as well as some that come with ball stretchers or remote controls. These versions provide even more intense pleasure. Give one a try with some lube for mind-bending sex or masturbation!

 cock rings

Male masturbators and vibrators

It doesn't matter how old us guys get, we still enjoy jerking off. Whether we’re doing it on our own or our partner is giving us a 'helping hand'. Although it's true that, over 60, erections aren't as firm, and take longer to stimulate, masturbation can still be a lot of fun. For many older couples, masturbation can often happen more regularly than penetration, and sometimes, by mutual consent, replaces it.

We've already talked about how lube can enhance this experience. But, male masturbators or pocket pussies could also deliver another level of stimulation and satisfaction. Some of the best on the market have discreet designs—and won't leave your partner feeling insecure or with thoughts that you’re trying to replace them. Some of the best-known makes include Fleshlight, Vulcan, and Zolo. With vibrating or warming options, you're bound to find the right one—either for your private use or to bring to the bedroom with your partner. You could even try one that's designed purely to stimulate the tip of your dick.

pocket pussy

Some younger guys use male masturbators in private for stamina training to help them deal with premature ejaculation. Older guys may find them equally useful for regaining sexual confidence. That’s because male masturbators could help older guys understand how their bodies now react to sexual stimulation—in private, and without fear or performance anxiety. 

Prostate massagers and stimulation

We men have our own G-Spot. Yeah, it's true! It's our prostate gland (or P-Spot). Unfortunately, a lot of men never get to experience the pleasure that comes from stimulating it as it's located a couple of inches inside our butt. And that’s a real shame.

If you can get past the social taboos that many men have around touching their butt (or having it touched) for sexual stimulation, then it's a superb way to get harder than you’ve ever done before. You'll also get a more enduring hard-on and discover a very pleasurable way of extending sexual encounters. Prostate stimulation will also make you cum with a lot more force and volume too!

Prostate massage stimulation offers a wealth of health benefits, including relief from some of the symptoms of an enlarged prostate[5]—which affects over half of men over 60[6]. With that in mind, it’s worth considering and discussing the idea with your partner. You can stimulate your own prostate in private too if you want. In fact, we’d recommend trying that first to get an idea of how your body reacts and so you can explain to your partner how you would like to be touched. 

Lots of men and their partners think that prostate stimulation is a gay thing. But that’s absolutely untrue—the degree to which prostate stimulation turns you on has no bearing on whether you’re straight, bi or gay. It really is just a man thing (Sorry ladies, no p-spot for you).

Curious about giving a prostate Massage to your Partner?

Check our related blog for more insights:

Penis extender sleeves

If your partner wants to be penetrated, but you are having difficulty in that area, it's worth considering a penis extender sleeve. Another option would be a hollow strap on for men. They're made from ultra-realistic materials, with a skin-type feel. Penis extender sleeves let you get deep inside your partner and deliver satisfaction, even if you can't get hard or have difficulty keeping hard. They can also be wonderful fantasy fulfillment toys, even if you can still get as hard as a rock. They can let you double-penetrate your partner, for example. Or can both experiment with different shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s a chance to get really wild if you want to!

Pills and potions

The sex toys and male enhancement options we've described in this article are worth some serious consideration as they're all pill-free options. Pills such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra interact with blood pressure, diabetes, and heart medication, so they're not an option for guys who are taking those pills—and, of course, a lot of guys over 60 are. The same goes for many 'natural' remedies—such as ginseng and DHEA. 

 ED pills

And don't be fooled by the cheap over the counter you can find in gas stations or liquor stores. Many of these contain unregulated levels of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra—as well as some natural supplements–so they could do even more harm than the official versions. 

The bottom line here is, make sure you talk to your doctor if you decide to take pills to help you get hard or shoot more cum. It's a tempting option and seems more straightforward as you don't have to have that awkward conversation with your partner. But that conversation will get a whole lot more embarrassing if you put yourself in A&E by taking pills that mess with your meds.

Our Senior Sex Kit

Experience ageless intimacy with our Senior Sex Kit, thoughtfully designed to enhance pleasure and connection for seasoned couples


Prostate Massager

- Stimulates prostate for enhanced pleasure and potential health benefits.
- Helps achieve stronger, longer-lasting orgasms.
- Facilitates safe exploration of new sensation
Dr. Joel Kaplan Slim Prostate Massager

Vibrating Cock Ring

- Boosts blood flow, aiding erectile function. 
- Provides extra clitoral stimulation for partners.
- Maintains erections for prolonged enjoyment.
Deus Vibrating Dual Cock Ring

Water-Based Sex Lube

- Relieves vaginal dryness for comfortable intercourse.
- Reduces friction, minimizing discomfort.
- Facilitates various sexual activities with ease.
JO H2O Water Based Lube

Waterproof Vibrator

- Versatile for use in different environments.
- Enhances solo or partnered play.
- Promotes sexual wellness and vitality.
Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Male Masturbator

Silicone Dildo

- Provides realistic and pleasurable experiences.
- Customizable penetration depth and intensity.
- Explores new positions and techniques.
Cal Exotics Silicone Studs Dildo with Balls

Sex and your health 

Whatever age you are, sex—whether that's penetration, a handjob, a blow job, or prostate stimulation—helps keep you healthy. It also keeps your immune system firing on all cylinders and is probably the most fun way you can think of to relieve stress. The good news is that it most definitely counts as exercise too, although the intensity will be down to you! Sex can also lower blood pressure, keep your heart healthy and may even help prevent prostate cancer[7].


But, as you age, you do have to pay more attention to your basic health and lifestyle to carry on enjoying sex. You don't need to go overboard, just take some light exercise, maintain a sensible diet, stop smoking, and watch your alcohol intake. If you follow those basic rules, keep an open mind and throw in a few toys and aides, you should be able to enjoy sex or masturbation for those Solosexuals for as long as you want to! 

[1] Over 60s still have sex in old age but many find it hard to talk about it, study suggests

[2] Erection changes after 50: The facts

[3] Erectile dysfunction in the elderly: an old widespread issue with novel treatment perspectives

[4] Erectile dysfunction common with age

[5] Are there health benefits of a prostate massage?

[6] Enlarged prostate: A complex problem

[7] The surprising health benefits of sex

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