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Lasting longer in bed is something that a lot of men express interest in, often regardless of how long they're actually capable of going before they reach the point of no return and ejaculate.

Some men, though, really do struggle to last long enough in bed to have satisfying sexual encounters. Around 30% of men struggle with premature ejaculation, ejaculating in fewer than one to three minutes of penetration.

The root causes of premature ejaculation, which include anxiety, self-esteem, hormone imbalances, and sexual trauma, are best discussed and treated with the help of medical professionals. However, there are many products on the market that can give you in-the-moment solutions, as well as items that can help you out over time with practice.

Here, we'll list some of the products that we feel are the best ejaculation-delay products out there, each of which uses different techniques to help you delay ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourse. At the end of the article, we'll go over some of the things you need to consider to find the best product for your circumstances.

Our recommendations were selected based on the following:

  • Effectiveness
  • Quality and reputation
  • Simplicity of use
  • Safety and hygiene
  • Customer reviews

Best Ejaculation Delay Products for Men at a Glance

Best Overall Delay Product

Promescent Spray for Climax Control | Lidocaine Delay Spray

Most Cost-Effective Delay Spray

Stud 100 Male Penis Desensitizing Delay Spray with Lidocaine

Best Delay Cream

China Brush Suifan's Kwang Tze Solution for Male Enhancement

Best Numbing Condom

Trojan Pleasures Extended Climax Control Condom

Best Stamina Training Masturbator

Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit) Endurance Gold Discreet Stroker

Best Numbing Lube

Stay Hard Water-Based Delay Lubricant

Best Penis Sleeve

Clearly Ample Penis Extension Sleeve 6.5 Inch Cock Sheath

Promescent Spray for Climax Control | Lidocaine Delay Spray

Promescent Spray for Climax Control | Lidocaine Delay Spray
Price: $$ Ingredients/Material: Lidocaine
Product Type: Numbing spray Size: 2.6ml, 7.4ml
In-the-moment or practice-based: In-the-moment Features: Reduces sensitivity, Fast-Absorbing, Long-Lasting

Taking the crown of being our preferred product overall for helping delay ejaculation is this Promescent Climax Control spray. It's designed to combat penile hypersensitivity which can help you last much longer while having sex that feels much better.

This ejaculation delay spray absorbs into your penis' skin nice and fast and doesn't leave behind any sticky residue meaning it won't interfere with the sex itself by adding any excess friction. The numbing agent used in this spray is lidocaine - unlike many sprays though, this one is FDA-approved, meaning it's less risky to use.

It's designed to combat penile hypersensitivity which can help you last much longer while having sex that feels much better.

Absorption Pharmaceuticals (the creators of the spray) suggest starting with a minimum of 3 sprays directly to your penis' head and shaft and recommend waiting 5 to 10 minutes after application before getting down to business. If you need to use more, make sure you don't exceed 10 sprays - this is the urologist's recommended safe amount.

How can it help with PE?

By reducing the sensitivity in your penis, you'll need more stimulation to achieve orgasm, which is how this premature ejaculation spray helps you last longer, fighting against premature ejaculation.

You could even build up a routine of using progressively less of the spray in order to slowly get used to more and more stimulation, which could help in treating premature ejaculation in the long run, depending on its causes. Combine it with a cock ring and you'll be able to last longer even when the numbness wears off.

There are also psychological benefits. Even with just a few sprays of the numbing solution, you'll be able to last longer than you usually would, which then has the knock-on effect of positively impacting your confidence, which can help you last even longer in the future.

Results From Our Testers

  • It absorbs very quickly - you only need around 10 minutes before you're ready to go
  • The fact it's expressly FDA-approved is nice peace of mind
  • You only need 3 or 4 sprays for a good reduction of sensation
  • Doesn't leave behind residue
  • Great for pairing with cock rings

Pros and Cons

Overall best delay product on our site
Reduces penis sensitivity to delay ejaculation
Absorbs in 10-15 minutes
Once absorbed it won't numb your partner
Doesn't leave residue
Lasts upwards of 30 mins
Easy to cover the whole penis
Isn't as accurate as numbing cream
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Customer Reviews


The Delay Spray The Doctor Ordered. I always have a bottle in my nightstand. Works amazing as long as you follow the instructions. The first time I used it I didnt notice a difference but I talked to their customer service team and read the instructions and BOOM! Forever a fan of the Promescent Delay Spray!!!



great product. Spray works fast and Helps Prolong activities

TThat d.

Stud 100 Male Penis Desensitizing Delay Spray with Lidocaine

Stud 100 Male Penis Desensitizing Delay Spray with Lidocaine
Price: $$ Ingredients/Material: Lidocaine, Fragrance, Isopropyl myristate, Solvent, Stearic acid
Product Type: Numbing spray Size: 7/16 fl. oz.
In-the-moment or practice-based: In-the-moment Features: Reduces sensitivity, Fast-Absorbing, Long-Lasting, Very cheap

Here we have another ejaculation delay spray solution that features lidocaine as its numbing agent. Stud 100 is a penis desensitizing spray that basically works in the exact same way as our best overall ejaculation delay product, but with one key difference: it's much cheaper.

You should find that this spray also absorbs into your penis' skin fairly quickly and with minimal residue.

While it's similarly powerful as our best overall spray, requiring only a few sprays, we found that it doesn't last quite as long. This small downside is made up for by the lower price point though.

As we mentioned, you should only need a few sprays of this on your penis for it to provide a good amount of numbing - about 3 or 4 sprays should be fine. Feel free to use a little more but as with most lidocaine premature ejaculation sprays, don't go beyond 10 sprays for safety. You'll need to wait 10 to 15 minutes for it to take full effect, and for it to fully absorb so you don't numb your partner.

How can it help with PE?

As it's another lidocaine spray, it helps with PE in the same way as our previously mentioned product - it reduces sensitivity in your penis, meaning you'll be able to handle more stimulation before you reach ejaculation.

Being able to last longer in bed using the spray should help boost your confidence, which then feeds right back into your sex life, helping you last longer and longer. It works especially great when used with a cock ring as this will allow you to keep going for a while after the effect of the spray subsides.

We'd recommend slowly reducing the amount of spray you use in your penis in subsequent sexual encounters in order to build up your resistance to stimulation, helping you last longer in the future.

Results From Our Testers

  • Only needs 3 or 4 sprays to get the full numbing effect
  • Absorbs quite quickly, 10 to 15 mins
  • It's a super choice for the low price
  • The formula is strong and has a bit of a smell - it soon dissipates though

Pros and Cons

Very cheap numbing spray
Reduces penis sensitivity to delay ejaculation
Absorbs in 10-15 minutes
Once absorbed it won't numb your partner
The numbing effect lasts quite a while
Easy to cover the whole penis
A strong formula means you only need 3 sprays
Not as accurate as numbing cream
Smells at first but not for long
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Customer Reviews


Works very well. This is one of the more powerful desensitizing sprays available. Only need 3-4 quick sprays to do the job.


China Brush Suifan's Kwang Tze Solution for Male Enhancement

China Brush Suifan's Kwang Tze Solution for Male Enhancement
Price: $ Ingredients/Material: Water, Garro wood, Bezoar, Bovine gallstone, Aloe Vera, Clove, Ginseng, Cinnamon, Herbs
Product Type: Numbing cream Size: Small bottle
In-the-moment or practice-based: In-the-moment Features: Reduces penis sensitivity, Can be applied exactly where you need it, Takes a while to absorb, Natural ingredients

China Brush Suifan's Kwang Tse Solution for male enhancement is our pick for the best ejaculation-delaying cream. Unlike most delay sprays and creams which use numbing agents such as benzocaine or lidocaine, this cream uses traditional Chinese medicinal ingredients - herbs, spices, and oils - meaning it's safer to use while being just as effective.

This cream contains a mixture of ingredients including aloe vera, ginseng, and cinnamon - you can find a full list on the product page.

The solution is safe for sensitive skin, and for use with latex condoms, but we would advise against using it if your partner is pregnant.

As it's a cream, it takes a longer time to absorb into your skin - around 30 to 90 minutes. This is quite a long time, but you do get the benefit of having much more control over where you apply it than with a spray. Though traditional medicines are often overlooked in favor of modern chemicals, this stuff really does work - it prevents overstimulation and draws blood to where it's applied, strengthening your erection.

How can it help with PE?

China Brush's ejaculation delay cream works very similarly to the numbing sprays we've already discussed. Though it doesn't contain the usual numbing agents, the traditional ingredients work to reduce penis sensitivity, meaning you won't ejaculate as quickly as usual.

The confidence boost you receive from lasting longer with this cream will also contribute to you lasting longer in future sexual encounters, even in those where you don't use any additional means - though we'd never argue against using a cock ring anyway.

Like with the sprays we've mentioned previously, what you can do is use progressively less cream over a while, helping you get used to more and more stimulation and lengthening the time it takes you to ejaculate naturally over time.

Results From Our Testers

  • Feels nice to apply and numbs very well
  • Takes a long time to absorb - 30-90 mins
  • Can be applied accurately where you need it
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • It's nice to have a herbal alternative to synthetic solutions

Pros and Cons

Herbal numbing cream
Numbs very effectively
Accurate to apply where you need it
A good alternative to synthetic chemicals
Safe for sensitive skin
Easy to wash off
The small bottle goes a long way
Takes 30-90 minutes to fully absorb
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Customer Reviews


The Truth!!! Do yourself a favor and invest into this. It really does work!

MMichael L.


Go long and Strong! Hadn’t seen this product(the real kind) in years, took a chance on ordering it and it’s amazing as I remembered it. China brush will turn you into a porn star.

SShawn H.

Trojan Pleasures Extended Climax Control Condom

Trojan Pleasures Extended Climax Control Condom
Price: $ Ingredients/Material: Latex, Benzocaine
Product Type: Numbing condom Size: Standard
In-the-moment or practice-based: In-the-moment Features: Reduces penis sensitivity, Includes 12 condoms, Won't rub off on partner, Lined with Benzocaine lube

Trojan is a famous name in the world of condoms, and their Trojan Pleasure Extended Climax Control condoms are some of the best numbing condoms on the market right now. They're made from high-quality latex and feature a layer of climax control lubricant which contains a numbing agent to delay your ejaculation.

The numbing agent in question here is benzocaine; each condom contains a solution of 4% benzocaine which gives a mild numbing effect.

It's designed to help you last longer in bed while not rubbing off on your partner, meaning they'll be able to experience all you have to offer for even longer.

These condoms are a neat all-in-one sexual solution as they help delay ejaculation, keep you safe from STDs and unwanted pregnancy, and add a layer of lube to keep your sex nice and smooth. You get 12 condoms here meaning you don't have to worry about saving any for special occasions.

How can it help with PE?

Trojan Pleasure Extended Climax Control condoms help with premature ejaculation in numerous ways. The main method is with the numbing agent benzocaine. This makes your penis less sensitive meaning you'll require a lot more stimulation before you cum.

Additionally, lube in general is something that can help you last longer in bed. This makes perfect sense when you think about it; lube reduces friction, meaning that depending on what you're doing, your penis will be receiving less stimulation, delaying ejaculation.

You also don't have to wait for any of the ingredients to absorb into your penis before having sex. This is useful as the wait gives your brain time to overthink the situation which can have a detrimental effect on your confidence.

Results From Our Testers

  • Numbing gets to work very fast
  • Condoms feel high-quality
  • Kills two birds with one stone - helps with PE, and provides contraception
  • The lube also helps with PE
  • Comfortable size for most men

Pros and Cons

Contains 12 numbing condoms
Benzocaine reduces sensitivity fast
High-quality latex condoms
Lube reduces friction, which also helps with PE
The numbing formula won't get on the partner
Includes reservoir tip
Perfect for safe sex
Only compatible with water-based lube
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Customer Reviews


Great Condoms. These condoms are great. They fit nice and firm, are thin enough and are actually slippery too. I would recommend.


Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit) Endurance Gold Discreet Stroker

Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit) Endurance Gold Discreet Stroker
Price: $$$$$ Ingredients/Material: Fleshlight SuperSkin, ABS
Product Type: Stamina training masturbator Size: 8.5 inches (Insertable length)
In-the-moment or practice-based: Practice-Based Features: Overstimulating canal, Realistic orifice and material, Hard plastic case

The best stamina-training masturbator on the market was designed with stamina training in mind, so much so that it's in its name. This is the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit - Fleshlight STU for short.

This masturbator is one of the tightest that Fleshlight offers, and it's one of the most heavily textured too.

The idea behind such a tight and textured design is that by repeatedly overstimulating your penis to a much higher degree than you'd get with a partner, you'll find the real thing a lot easier to deal with in the long run.

You get all the usual features of a Fleshlight with this masturbator. As always, there's the iconic hard plastic case which helps keep it safe in storage. At the bottom of the case is a twist cap which allows you to alter the pressure inside for a sensation of suction. The sleeve itself is made from Fleshlight's Super Skin material which is very realistic and helps with the stamina training.

How can it help with PE?

You've probably gathered this already but the way the Fleshlight STU helps with premature ejaculation by increasing your sexual stamina over time.

The canal is specifically designed to overstimulate you in a way that sounds counterproductive at first, but it really does work. It'll take some time, but away from the pressure of real sex you'll inevitably get more and more used to the STU, and a real vagina/anus will feel less stimulating in comparison. It's also a great toy to try out edging with, which you can then apply to the real thing.

Practicing without the pressure of real sex is something that can help even without the specific overstimulating design of the STU. The more you practice with a realistic toy, the more prepared you'll feel for the real thing which will help with your confidence which can in turn help you last longer.

Results From Our Testers

  • The overstimulation really works for stamina training - takes a few weeks but you'll get there
  • SuperSkin material feels soft and realistic
  • The canal feels nice and tight
  • Hard case is great for storage
  • The adjustable suction is neat

Pros and Cons

Excellent stamina training masturbator
Trains you to get used to overstimulation
Realistic vagina orifice
Made from soft, lifelike SuperSkin
Canal is heavily textured and feels fantastic
Includes classic gold flashlight-style case
Perfect for stamina training or just masturbating
Sleeve is removable and easy to clean
Only compatible with water-based lube
Takes a while to see the results
Check Price Now

Customer Reviews


Best I’ve tried. Gotta say this is pretty amazing. I’ll admit that it makes things happen very quickly! Endurance training for sure.

AAnthony S.


Would Recommend to ALL GUYS. I bought this for myself since I am single. The fleshlight feels so real its incredible

DDaniel G.

Stay Hard Water-Based Delay Lubricant

Stay Hard Water-Based Delay Lubricant
Price: $$ Ingredients/Material: Benzocaine, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Methylparaben, Polyethylene glycol, Propylene glycol, Propylparaben, Deionized water
Product Type: Numbing lube Size: 2.3 fl oz
In-the-moment or practice-based: In-the-moment Features: Reduces penis sensitivity, Removes friction, Body-Safe ingredients, Compatible with latex condoms and sex toys

Stay Hard is a water-based lubricant that contains, amongst other things, benzocaine - which is what provides a gentle numbing effect in the area where you apply it. The formula stays nice and slick for a long time which is appropriate as you'll be lasting longer too.

The formula only contains 3% benzocaine which means the numbing sensation is mild, but it's also hard to use too much of it, so feel free to go nuts with the application.

As it's a gel-like substance, you get more control over where you're applying it, unlike with a spray.

As we expect from the best lubes, the formula is made from high-quality body-safe ingredients - it's also odorless and flavorless for safety. In addition, it's compatible with latex condoms which helps if you'd rather use it as an ejaculation delay cream, without getting any on your partner. It's also compatible with sex toys!

How can it help with PE?

Numbing lubes such as Stay Hard help with premature ejaculation by including a small amount of a numbing agent, which is generally lidocaine or, as in the case of this lube, benzocaine. These numbing agents reduce the sensitivity of your penis, delaying ejaculation by increasing the amount of stimulation you can withstand before cumming.

They also help with PE simply by being lubricants. Lube works by reducing friction, making sex more slippery, safe, and in many cases, more pleasurable. However, as we mentioned earlier, many men find that lube helps delay ejaculation too thanks to its friction-reducing properties.

You can also use this lube as if it were an ejaculation-delaying cream, as its consistency makes it easy to apply exactly where you need it. Once applied you should find it gently numbing your penis within 5 to 10 minutes - after this, you can slip on a condom to make sure you don't numb your partner too.

Results From Our Testers

  • It's nice and slippery and lasts a long time
  • Numbing gets to work fast, under 15 mins
  • It's a mild formula so you can go pretty crazy
  • Could be used as a cream if you like
  • It's good that it's compatible with latex and sex toys

Pros and Cons

Water-based lube with benzocaine
Gently numbs your penis
Body safe ingredients
Reduces sensitivity and friction helping you last longer
Compatible with latex condoms and sex toys
Odorless and flavorless
Easy to clean, doesn't leave residue
Especially good for anal sex
Not the strongest formula
Needs reapplying every so often
Check Price Now

Clearly Ample Penis Extension Sleeve 6.5 Inch Cock Sheath

Clearly Ample Penis Extension Sleeve 6.5 Inch Cock Sheath
Price: $$$ Ingredients/Material: TPR
Product Type: Penis extension sleeve Size: 6.5 inches (Length), 1.5 inches (Internal diameter)
In-the-moment or practice-based: In-the-moment Features: Adds length and girth to your penis, Great for PE and ED, Stretchy and durable, Lined with pleasurable bumps

If a penis sleeve sounds like it'd be up your alley, the one we'd recommend to anyone looking to delay ejaculation is the Clearly Ample 6.5-inch cock sheath from Size Matters. It's nice and soft and stretchy making it very comfortable, but still made from strong enough material to be durable.

A penis sleeve or cock sheath basically a strap-on that's designed to cover your penis, adding a few inches to your length and girth.

It's super easy to use and gives instant results, which is more than can be said for essentially every other PE product.

The Clearly Ample penis sleeve is made out of transparent TPE (hence the fantastic name) that feels quite realistic, which your partner should love. While the outside is penis-textured, the inside is lined with nubs, providing you with more stimulation which also helps you stay hard. There's a ring at the base that stretches around your balls, helping keep the sheath in place.

This cock sheath is only compatible with water-based lube, so keep that in mind before getting down to business.

How can it help with PE?

The ways the Clearly Ample penis helps with PE are twofold. Firstly, when you're wearing the sleeve, you'll be receiving a little less stimulation than usual. This will ultimately depend on your penis size, but most men should find that as they're being stimulated less, you won't ejaculate as quickly as usual.

Secondly, it can help you out if you've already ejaculated, as you can just use the sleeve as a strap-on while still receiving some pleasurable stimulation in your flaccid or semi-erect penis. This is how the sleeves also help with erectile dysfunction.

Using this sleeve to pleasure your partner can also help you regain some of the confidence you may have lost due to premature ejaculation. This will help with the mental side of things - with higher confidence and lower anxiety, you won't cum as quickly.

Results From Our Testers

  • It's a brilliant instant solution that requires no waiting around
  • The sheath is textured like a real penis
  • Reduces sensation and adds length and girth to your penis
  • Can be used if you have ED or if you've already ejaculated and have gone soft
  • Helps you regain confidence as it's super easy to pleasure partner

Pros and Cons

Realistically textured penis extension sleeve
Made from soft, stretchy, and durable TPR
Reduces sensation while remaining pleasurable
Crystal clear design
Will fit most men's penises and includes a ball ring for support
Great for men with PE or ED
It's an instant solution unlike sprays, creams, and stamina-training toys
Adds length and girth
Waterproof and easy to clean
Might be too small for some men to use
Only compatible with water-based lube
Check Price Now

Customer Reviews


Purchased to help make up for some erection problems and hope the wife enjoys it. Very satisfied and she takes it no problem and I am able to last a long time. Good quality

PPeter S.


A little too BIG!! My wife loves the extra length but the girth is a little too much for her. We are so happy with the product quality and the customer service was superb!!!!!

AAlvin A.

How to choose a product to deal with Premature Ejaculation

1. Research on how each works

This point influences all the other points in this list - you need to be aware of how exactly each of the products works to be able to find the right solution for you. This is particularly important for sprays and creams that are putting chemicals on your penis.

Knowing how a product works allows you to exercise your personal preference with regard to sex toy-style products and also allows you to stay safe when it comes to products that use desensitize your penis using numbing agents such as benzocaine or lidocaine.

To find out exactly how a product works, we'd recommend checking the product pages on our site, as well as the reviews.

We always include detailed information about the products we sell, and reviews let you see how others are using the products to get extra tips or information.

2. Choose between solo practice or in-the-moment solutions

Once you know how each product works, you can start getting into whether you want something that offers an instant, in-the-moment solution to PE, or something that gives you results over time.

In-the-moment solutions such as penis sleeves, numbing condoms, and numbing sprays and creams (if we're talking minutes vs weeks and months), but they don't address the actual cause of your PE - you'll still struggle without the assistance of products.

Solo practice toys can work wonders, as long as your PE is related to being too sensitive to stimulation - which it is, at least partially, in most cases. Using a stamina training toy gets you used to overstimulation over time, meaning you'll be able to last longer with a real person.

If the root cause of your PE is physical or mental health issues, these toys will still help, but they likely won't fully cure your PE. If you're struggling we'd suggest seeking help from a medical professional - they'll be able to help you get to the bottom of it.

3. Visualize how you will use it

You need to be thinking about both the ways you'll potentially be using each product - this includes thinking about what kind of sex you'll be having while using them.

If you're having vaginal or anal sex, the world is your oyster when it comes to these products. They can all be used for these purposes whether they help you in the moment or over time. There are still a couple of things to think about though.

If you always use condoms, for instance, a numbing condom might be a better choice than a spray or cream

Additionally, depending on who you're having sex with, you may have more or less time to prepare - remember that creams, while more accurate, take longer to absorb than sprays.

If you're more into receiving oral sex, or anything else where it's only really you receiving stimulation, a spray, cream, or numbing lube will be a better choice than a penis sleeve, as sleeves are more useful for vaginal or anal sex where you're looking to pleasure your partner with your penis. You may also want to choose different numbing agent percentages depending on how much you'd like to feel.

4. Don't be scared to try several solutions

Premature ejaculation is a complex problem, which means that you may find that applying a single solution or going with a single product doesn't quite get you to where you'd like to be.

The easiest solution here is just to try out another product, as something else might work much better for you. Most of the products on this list are on the cheaper side, so while it can be discouraging to have something not go as planned, you'll be able to try something else at a low cost.

Furthermore, why not try a few solutions at the same time?

Using numbing lube, cream, or sprays while using a penis sheath will mean you're receiving even less stimulation, meaning you'll last even longer. Eventually, you can slowly start using less numbing products as you get used to more and more stimulation.

You can also use numbing products with stamina-training toys, as it's likely that the overstimulation will cause you to ejaculate very quickly before you have a chance to get used to it. Make sure whatever numbing products you use are compatible with sex toys though.

One thing we wouldn't recommend mixing, though, is the numbing products themselves. They contain active ingredients that can have negative effects if you use too much - always check the product pages as well as the instructions on the containers to ensure you aren't using too much.


There isn't a single, one-size-fits-all solution to premature ejaculation. What there is, though, are numerous products that will help you get some of the way to overcoming it, or have some great sex despite it - and we've listed our favorites in this article.

Which product is the best for you is really up to your own personal preferences, and circumstances.

Whether you want an instant but non-permanent solution, or something that'll give you permanent results over time, as well as how exactly you plan to incorporate an ejaculation delaying product into your sex life all should play a role in your decision.

Additionally, make sure you know how each product works to ensure you're getting the most out of them, in a safe way. Once you know how they work, why not combine a few to maximize your results? There are a lot of possibilities with these products, and we reckon you'll find they're all capable of helping immensely with PE.

Side Note

This best ejaculation delay product list will be periodically updated as better products become available or products simply no longer perform as well. As with all best of lists, this will be a living document.

We take our recommendations very seriously

We have worked intensively on developing a product evaluation system that takes in consideration the following factors:

  • Materials
  • Electronic Components
  • Safety Testing Data
  • US Regulatory Information
  • 510(k) Certifications
  • Our Experts Evaluation

Learn more about our selection process

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