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Male sex toys have come a long way in recent years.  No longer are we limited to unsafe materials, unrealistic looking (or worst, unrealistic feeling) toys and ones that flat out just don’t feel good.  Thanks to the fact that we are in the 21st century and have seen great advances in sex tech, there is now a wide range of sex toys for men that can far exceed even our greatest expectations.

Deciding on the best sex toys for men is a difficult job. After all, a toy that's a huge turn-on for one person might do nothing for someone else.  As men (or people who have male genitalia) we have several areas of our body that, when stimulated, can provide unbelievable pleasure and explosive orgasms.  From your penis and balls to your butt and prostate, finding the perfect sex toy for you can be the difference between an average orgasm to the best fireworks finale on the 4th of July.

So, where do you start?

A good place to begin (or expand) your journey into finding the best male sex toys is by looking at the best products from a varied range of toys - which is exactly what we've done here.

From cock rings and masturbation sleeves to prostate massagers and 3D sex dolls - we've covered a huge range of sex toys for men, so you can get a feel for what pushes your buttons and adds to your sex life.

Interested in sex dolls?

If you're still not sure - or spoiled for choice - we've also put together a quick glance list that'll help you choose based on the kind of play that you're interested in exploring...

How We Put Together Our List Of The Best Sex Toys For Men

Rather than rely on one person's opinion, we considered a number of factors when we put together our list of the best sex toys for men. They include:

  • Overall effectiveness and personal enjoyment

  • Safety features

  • Brand quality & reputation

  • Product features & functions

  • Verified peer reviews

  • Market value compared to similar products

Best Sex Toys for Men at a Glance

Best overall sex toy for men

Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Male Masturbator And Penis Vibrator

Best vibrating cock ring

We-Vibe Bond Vibrating Stimulating C-Ring For Couples

Best male masturbator

Fleshlight STU | Stamina Trainer Endurance Masturbator

Best prostate massager

Aneros Vice 2 Remote Controlled Vibrating Prostate Massager & Perineum Stimulator

Best budget sex doll

Realistic Lifesize Male Masturbator 3D Sex Doll For Men - Handsfree Vagina & Ass By Healthy Vibes

Best full body orgasm

Nexus Simul8 Dual Prostate & Perineum Silicone Cock Ring For Me

Best penis vibrator

Hot Octopuss Jett Penis Vibrator | Multi-Speed Vibrating Masturbator For Men

Best automatic sex toy for men

Alex Neo Automatic Smart Interactive Thrusting Masturbator By Svakom

Best sex toy to enhance performance

Advanced Automatic Smart Electric Penis Pump Optimum Series By Cal Exotics

Most powerful vibrating masturbator

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Guybrator Penis Vibrator | Multi-Speed Vibrating Masturbator For Men

Now you've had a quick glance at the list, why not read a little more about the toys that sound appealing? We've put together detailed reviews that explain how the type of toy works, what makes each specific toy so good, and a few pros & cons to consider.

Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Male Masturbator And Penis Vibrator

Price: $$ Material: ABS, Silicone
Functions: Manual handheld vibrations, Pulsing Noise Factor: Quiet
Insertable Length: 3.15 inches Inner Diameter: 1.69 inches
Hands-Free: No, single hand use Realism Ranking: 7
Run Time: Up to 2 hours (rechargeable) Speed: 11 patterns and speeds

Penis vibrators are an exciting prospect because they deliver a kind of sensation that sex with a partner doesn't. All the thrusting and grinding in the world doesn't compare to the kind of feeling you get when you've got a vibrating sex toy sending waves through the tip and down the shaft of your penis.

This is exactly what makes the Cobra Libre II such an incredible toy. This accurately mimics that tingle that you get as you're orgasming - but you can play around with the intensity to suit your play. Want to cum quickly? No problem. Prefer to dial the vibration settings down and lay back and unwind? Again, no problem.

All the thrusting and grinding in the world doesn't compare to the kind of feeling you get when you've got a vibrating sex toy sending waves through the tip and down the shaft of your penis

It's accurate to call this a discreet toy. It doesn't offer much in the way of visual stimulation - but it more than makes up for that with the sensation it delivers when the soft silicone insert is wrapped around you. Two extremely well-placed quiet but powerful European motors deliver vibration that you just will not experience with any other kind of sex play.

We've crowned the Cobra Libre II the overall winner in our best men's sex toys list - and that's down to versatility. With some toys, you have to be hard to enjoy them - but that's not the case here. Slip the penis head vibrator over a soft or semi-erect cock and it'll deliver the same kind of stimulation - for heart-pounding orgasms even when you're flaccid.

Then again, if erections are no problem but you'd like to prolong sex a little, you can do that too. 11 vibration settings mean you can find a sweet spot and - if you find yourself close to the edge - dial things back a little to keep going.

Oh, and it's waterproof too - rare for a toy with such powerful motors. This means fantastic play wherever and whenever you want - from the bedroom to the bathtub.

Pros and Cons

Whisper quiet (but powerful) motors
Can be used whether you're hard or soft
100% waterproof
Fully rechargeable
11 great vibration settings
Easy to handle and use
Very long battery life
Discreet design
Exceptionally soft medical grade silicone sleeve
Great for stamina training or encouraging blood flow
Doesn't provide visual stimulation
Might not be suitable for very well endowed guys
No alternative insert options
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What our customers say


I love this product! I can’t believe the amount of good feelings you get from such an amazing product. Love this thing!

G G N.

We-Vibe Bond Vibrating Stimulating C-Ring For Couples

Price: $$$ Material: ABS, Silicone
Functions: Vibrating, adjustable Noise Factor: Quiet
Size: 3 inches Inner Diameter: 2 inches unstretched
Vibrating Strength: Very powerful Waterproof: Yes
Run Time: 2 hours Speed: 10 speed, app controlled

For a lot of people, the phrase 'sex toys' conjures up images of something we'd use alone - but this couldn't be further from the truth. Today, sex toys are often designed to be used with a partner - and We-Vibe is a master in this field.

The We-Vibe Bond Vibrating cock ring isn't just the best cock ring on the market - it's packed with features that make it perfect for adding spice to a couple's sex life. To understand how, we need to take a look at the We-Connect app - a free downloadable phone app that connects you and your partner to any compatible toys.

The We-Connect app "creates intimacy, even when you're miles apart" by giving someone Wifi or Bluetooth control over the toys you're playing with. In terms of this cock ring, that means you're able to wear it (even under your clothes) and your partner can tease you with it remotely.

The We-Vibe Bond Vibrating cock ring isn't just the best cock ring on the market - it's packed with features that make it perfect for adding spice to a couple's sex life

Of course, you don't have to be miles apart. Slip it before penetrative sex and the fantastic selection of vibration modes mean you can stimulate your partner's clitoris or perineum (or your own perineum) while you're inside them. Naturally, this is just part of the picture - the fact that this is a comfortable cock ring means you get harder, longer-lasting erections too. It can also be re-sized as a cock ring or cock and ball ring too.

You'll struggle to find a c-ring that packs this many features into such a small and easy-to-use package. It's waterproof, offers 2 hours of battery life, is made of silky smooth silicone, and is almost silent too. The handsome design is also adjustable so it will fit almost all size penises.  This is a sex toy you can buy with only your own pleasure in mind - and it'll still be the best present your partner could receive!

Video Review

Pros and cons

2-year warranty
Use with the incredible We-Connect app
100% waterproof for use anywhere
Can be turned around to provide vibrations for any position
Discreet enough to wear under clothes in public
Extremely comfortable
2 hour battery life
Custom adjustable fit link makes it perfect for virtually all penis sizes
10 different vibration patterns
At the top of the price range for cock rings
Vibrating might not be enough for orgasm alone
Remote control isn't rechargeable (takes a button cell battery)
Some people report connectivity issues with the app
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What our customers say


Love love love We-Vibe products and this one is no different. I can wear this when I'm away on business and my partner can let me know when she's masturbating and thinking about me. Vibrations aren't too strong so it's very quiet and discreet.

M Marco D

Fleshlight STU | Stamina Trainer Endurance Masturbator

Price: $$ Material: Fleshlight Super Skin
Functions: Manual handheld Suction, Extra texture Noise Factor: Silent
Insertable Length: 8.5 inches Inner Diameter: 1.5 inches
Hands-Free: No Realism Ranking: 9

No list of the best sex toys for men would be complete without a Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. This very toy tops the list of the most popular sex toys ever created for men.

There are plenty of Fleshlights out there that are designed to replicate porn stars or offer mind-blowing different sensations - but nothing seems able to top this ultra-tight version, created to be as intense and stimulating as possible.

If you want to improve on the sports field, you spend hours in the batting cages or running laps - but if you want to get better between the sheets, you spend a little time each day with your Fleshlight STU. By taking yourself close to the edge, then backing off before you hit that point of no return, you build stamina and help fight premature ejaculation.

The simple design might lead you to believe that the Fleshlight STU offers just the one experience (albeit an amazing one) - but this isn't the case. Tighten or loosen the cap at the bottom of the gold case and you adjust the amount of air that can get in - increasing or decreasing suction depending on your size and the intensity you want.

The dozens of raised bumps inside the Fleshlight sleeve are like nothing you've ever felt before

There really is no better way to make your penis feel incredible. The dozens of raised bumps inside the Fleshlight sleeve are like nothing you've ever felt before. What's more, the patented SuperSkin material used to make the sleeve looks and feels identical to real skin, so it doesn't take much imagination to picture yourself in the wild fantasy of your choosing.

Pros and Cons

Available in Lady, Butt, and Pure models
The patented SuperSkin material is as realistic as it gets
Clean up is simple and quick
Adjustable suction
Incredible feeling thanks to the internal texture
Free e-guide to help with training
Can help fight premature ejaculation
Additional sleeve warming rod adds realism
Fairly discreet - looks like a flashlight with a cap on
Might be a little too tight to penetrate if you struggle to achieve an erection
Can be overly stimulating at first
Not for very well endowed guys (9 inches +)
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What our customers say


Great product! The sensation is lifelike and pleasurable. The sleeve warmer is highly recommended to increase the similitude. It's worth the price.

S Samuel N.

Aneros Vice 2 Remote Controlled Vibrating Prostate Massager & Perineum Stimulator

Price: $$$ Material: ABS, Silicone
Functions: Dual vibrating functions Noise Factor: Quiet
Insertable Length: 4.25 inches Diameter: 1.3 inches
Waterproof: Yes Perineum Stimulation: Yes
Run Time: 1.5 hours (Rechargeable) Speed: 18 speeds & 4 patterns

There was a time when prostate play or "butt stuff" was something that was considered to be reserved for gay or bi-sexual guys - but times have changed.

Today, prostate massagers are one of the most popular male sex toys on the market - helping guys of all orientations explore anal play, unlock the joy of the prostate, and enjoy the most mind-blowing full-body orgasms.

When it comes to prostate stimulation, the Aneros Vice 2 is the best vibrating prostate toy money can buy. In fact, it significantly improves on the original Aneros Vice - which itself was considered the best prostate toy available before it was replaced. Aneros added two powerful motors (one in the base, one half way up) to the Vice 2 - offering 18 different vibration options alongside four speed options.

A big part of why the Vice 2 is stands out in a crowd of excellent anal toys is its shape. It's perfectly shaped to combine easy entry and an ideal angle for hitting that p-spot

A big part of why the Vice 2 is stands out in a crowd of excellent anal toys is its shape. It's perfectly shaped to combine easy entry and an ideal angle for hitting that P-spot. Since the motors are in the base of the Vice 2, it means the flared base also delivers amazing sensation to the perineum too.

The wireless controller deserves a special mention too. There's no awkward reaching involved with using the Aneros Vice 2 - just add plenty of lube, get it where you need it, then let the remote control do the rest. You can cycle through all the different speeds and patterns with ease - and if you need a little extra stimulation to take you over the edge, the joy button delivers exactly what you need...

Pros and Cons

18 vibrating patterns and 4 speeds mean there's something for every taste
One handed wireless remote is excellent and easy to use
Rechargeable battery
120 charging time offers 90 minutes of play
Excellent shape
Additional perineum stimulation
Perfect for beginners and prostate pros
Remote 'joy' button adds extra 'oomph' to help you orgasm
You can program custom vibration patterns with the remote
Can help with erectile dysfuction, encouraging blood flow or orgasms with no erection
Only water-resistant - so avoid showers and the tub
More expensive than a lot of other prostate massagers
Some beginners say this is a bit too thick
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What our customers say


OMG a friend suggested this for my ED; YOU will not believe how GREAT of an orgasim I had! I have NEVER cum so uncontrollably; BEFORE the final ejaculation! GUYS you are NOT GAY sticking this up your butt! If they call you anything, it will be Mr. Satisfied. I Swear to the Almighty!

S Sean M-C

Male Masturbator 3D Sex Doll For Men - Handsfree Vagina & Ass By Healthy Vibes

Price: $ Material: Realskin TPR
Functions: Realistic, multiple openings Noise Factor: Silent
Insertable Length: 8.5 inches Inner Diameter: 1.5 inches
Hands-Free: Yes Realism Ranking: 9

Male masturbators come in all shapes and sizes - from hand-sized 'pocket pussies' right through to ultra high-tech devices that use air pressure to stimulate your penis.

The thing is, even with an amazing lifelike insert, it takes a fairly vivid imagination to imagine a handheld device is a real person - and they don't provide much in the way of visual stimulation if that's what helps to get you off.

So, what do you do if you're looking for a tight masturbator that looks and feels like a real person? This is where the Healthy Vibes 3D Sex Doll comes in. Made from the same 'CyberSkin' that's used to create premium price adult toys, this weighs in at an impressive 5lbs (around 2.2kgs) - and when it's laid on a bed (or anywhere else you wish) it really feels like you're slipping inside a real person.

At first glance, the size of this toy might seem like an issue when the time comes to clean up - but since there are no electronic parts involved, she can accompany you to the shower or the bath, keeping things nice and simple

The realistic molding doesn't just feature a life-like vagina to enjoy either - there's an extra-tight anal opening too so you can mix up sensations as much as you want. The 11.5" x 9" dimensions make it possible to move this realistic sex doll into a variety of positions too - again adding to the lifelike experience. Add some warming lube and you'll add another level of realism again.

At first glance, the size of this toy might seem like an issue when the time comes to clean up - but since there are no electronic parts involved, she can accompany you to the shower or the bath, keeping things nice and simple. Oh, and did we mention the price? You'll struggle to find anything even close to being this realistic and stimulating at this price point.

Pros and Cons

Outstanding value for money for a larger and lifelike toy
Extremely lifelike feeling from the premium CyberSkin
Perfect for experimenting with different positions
The added weight makes it more stable to thrust into
100% waterproof for fun in the shower, tub, jacuzzi, etc
Very easy to clean
Will accommodate even the biggest guys
Great sex toy if you like visual stimulation
Not very discreet or easy to conceal
Only for use with water lubricant
Both openings might be difficult to squeeze into if you're not fully hard
Not as a large as a real person, most like small person
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What our customers say


had a few but wow shes amazing. love how you can put her in any position you want. Feels real when using warming lube. 5 stars, you should try

A Anonymous

Nexus Simul8 Dual Prostate & Perineum Silicone Cock Ring For Men

Price: $$ Material: Silicone
Functions: Cock Ring, Prostate Massager Noise Factor: Quiet
Insertable Length: 3.86 inches Diameter: 1.3 inches
Waterproof: Yes Motors: Dual motors
Run Time: 1.5 hours (Rechargeable) Speed: 48 speeds & patterns

It's not overly difficult to find a butt plug or anal beads that are attached to a cock ring - but a world-class prostate massager with attached cock and ball rings is much harder to track down.

As such, the Nexus Simul8 Duel Prostate and Perineum Silicone Cock Ring set is a bit of a unicorn. Where you can expect one or two points of pleasure from a normal prostate massager, this helps you hit four different zones. If prostate play is your thing - this is an anal toy that will genuinely take things to a level you didn't know existed.

Part of what makes this toy so special is the powerful (and whisper-quiet) motors that live in the base and the shaft of the massager. Where these would normally just vibrate the shaft of a normal prostate massager, they send vibrations through every part of this silky smooth silicone toy. That means glorious vibrating sensations through your perineum, around your balls, through your penis - and, crucially, against your prostate.

Part of what makes this toy so special is the powerful (and whisper-quiet) motors that live in the base and the shaft of the massager

There are a whopping 48 total vibrating speeds and settings to choose from too - so we can virtually guarantee that there's going to be an option that'll have you orgasm harder than you ever have before.

This really is a go-anywhere toy too. Not only is it completely waterproof (for up to 30 mins) and therefore suitable for the bathtub, shower, and even a hot tub - it's discreet enough to be worn under clothes too. Choose your setting carefully though - get the vibration settings just right and this will deliver a genuinely explosive orgasm!

Pros and cons

One of the only full stimulation male toys - covering the prostate, perineum, balls, and penis
6 shaft speeds and 6 perineum speeds give a total of 48 possible vibration combos
Rechargeable - and recharges very quickly
Cock and ball rings can be used with a pump to help you maintain an erection if you're an ED sufferer
Ergonomic fit will work for virtually all men
Medical grade silicone is very soft to the touch
Buttons are well placed
Waterproofing is limited to 3ft depth and 30 mins time
A wireless remote would be helpful for use under clothes
Getting it on takes a couple of practices
Cock ring may be snug on very thick penises
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What our customers say


This is a game-changer. No more fussing with separate cock rings and prostate toy - everything you need in one place. Easier to use if you put the rings on first. Makes oral sex better than ever. Great vibrations. Highly recommend. Great price too.

T Tom R

Hot Octopuss Jett Penis Vibrator | Multi-Speed Vibrating Masturbator For Men

Price: $$ Material: ABS, Silicone
Functions: Dual frequency vibrations, remote controlled Noise Factor: Quiet
Vibrating Strength: Very powerful Inner Diameter: 1.2 inches
Hands-Free: Yes Waterproof: Yes
Run Time: 1 hour Speed: 10 speeds, dual motors

All the vibration patterns and speeds in the world don't mean anything if they're not focused on a spot that feels good. This is why Hot Octopuss created the Jett Penis Vibrator - a sex toy for men that sends those good vibrations to the most sensitive part of your package.

The Jett Penis vibrator is designed to sit under the head of your penis - against the frenulum to be exact. And it's no small-fry battery bullet vibrator doing the work here - these are special motors that work on different frequencies. Both are wired to the single-hand remote - where you can control different speeds and patterns independently.

Now, if you've ever experienced any kind of vibrating cock ring or male vibrator, you'll know that any vibration is good - but the Hot Octopuss design team has really elevated these vibrations to a new level. Each bullet is tuned to a different set of frequencies - one dealing with bass and the other delivering the higher treble vibrations. Remember, all this is hands-free, so you can just lay back and enjoy the music.

Now, if you've ever experienced any kind of vibrating cock ring or male vibrator, you'll know that any vibration is good - but the Hot Octopuss design team has really elevated these vibrations to a new level

The bass sounds resonate through your whole body - whereas the treble vibrations really focus on your glans. The result is genuinely mind-blowing - two distinct vibration patterns that work their magic in harmony. When you orgasm (and trust us, you will orgasm) - you get a whole-body experience, significantly more intense than a usual masturbation ending.

With feelings like that it can be easy to forget about what a well-built toy you're dealing with. The silicone is extremely high-quality, the motors and remote control are built to last, it's comfortable to wear - and, importantly, it fits neatly on a flaccid penis, so you don't have to be rock hard to have fun. This makes it perfect if you sometimes struggle with the symptoms of ED.

Video Review

Pros and Cons

Very soft and flexible - will fit most penis sizes
Bass and treble vibrations give an incredible full-body sensation
Lots of vibration patterns and speeds to choose from on each bullet
Can be used single-handed or hands-free
Works just as well on a flaccid penis - ideal if you struggle to get a full erection
Can be used with a partner to enhance penetrative sex
Motors are powerful yet quiet
Made from medical grade silicone
Remote is nicely contoured and easy to use
Not waterproof, so the fun isn't for the shower or tub
The wired remote can sometimes get in the way if you're using it during sex
Wired remote requires batteries
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What our customers say


This is now my favorite toy! This is great for edging, or quick release. It gets the job done every time.

M M.H. 

Alex Neo Automatic Smart Interactive Thrusting Masturbator By Svakom

Price: $$ Material: ABS, TPE, PC, Metal
Functions: Thrusting, Interactive, App controlled Noise Factor: Moderate noise
Insertable Length: 5.5 inches Inner Diameter: 1.5 inches
Hands-Free: No Realism Ranking: 8
Run Time: 1 hour (rechargeable) Speed: 7 thrusting modes, 5 interactive scenarios'

For a lot of guys, the thought of a lifelike Fleshlight-style masturbator that automatically works its way up and down your penis would be a dream come true. If it sounds like your idea of fun, prepare to meet your new favorite object in the world - The Alex Neo Automatic Smart Interactive Thrusting Masturbator from the genius minds at Svakom.

This is an automatic masturbator - which means that when you slip inside it, there's no manual thrusting necessary. With the Alex Neo, you can choose from 7 different thrusting modes - and cycling between them on the remote or app keeps you guessing about what's coming next. This adds to the realism immensely - but it's not the only factor that makes this an amazingly life-like sex experience.

The internal sleeve is nothing short of incredible. Not only is the TPE material used extremely soft - but it's also very heavily textured, so whichever point is gripping your penis, it feels wonderful. There's plenty of room in there too - so even larger guys will get the full penis stimulation.

As if all these incredible-feeling features aren't already enough - the Alex Neo also has audio effects, which can be sent straight to your Bluetooth headphones. There's an outrageously sexy female voice talking you through a range of 5 scenarios - from the office to the beach - and including a plane scenario for your travel between the two.

Not only is the TPE material used extremely soft - but it's also very heavily textured, so whichever point is gripping your penis, it feels wonderful

Although this toy is designed so it can be enjoyed alone, there's nothing stopping a partner from getting involved, no matter where they are. With intelligent app control, you can synchronize with a partner using their device - or even use it with interactive websites, including cam sites and adult video sites.

It'll take you a very long time to get bored of the basic functions of the Alex Neo - but if you do, the audio and interactive features will get you hooked again immediately, taking you wherever your fantasies wish...

Pros and Cons

No batteries required - totally rechargeable with the included cable
Nice fit in your hand
7 different thrusting modes that can be controlled via the app or the unit
Sound effects add another level of stimulation
App connectivity makes it easy to use with a partner or website
Stroking motion can be synced to sound effects
The textured sleeve is big enough to stimulate most sized guys
Very well-built and will last a long time
Very realistic sensations from the beautifully moulded insert
Internal battery power is more user-friendly than a corded toy
Takes a little while to master the controls
A little louder than other toys
No option to change internal sleeves
No vibration option
A way the toy works means it's quite a large unit
1 hour's use requires 5 hours of charging
View product

What our customers say


The toy is great. For the price it is well worth it. But figuring out the controls and manual mode is tricky. Once you learn how to use them, the toy is incredible.

R Jeremy

Advanced Automatic Smart Electric Penis Pump Optimum Series By Cal Exotics

Price: $$ Material: Acrylic, TPE, ABS
Functions: Automatic pumping + Advanced smart exercise mode, masturbation suction sleeve Noise Factor: Moderate
Insertable Length: 7.5 inches Inner Diameter: 2.5 inches
Power: Rechargeable USB Quick Release Valve: Yes
Run Time: 2 hour Speed: 2 pumping modes

You might not be expecting to see a penis pump in a list of sex toys. The traditional view of penis pumps is that they're more of a functional device - designed to get you hard before the fun begins. This couldn't be further from the truth with the Cal Exotics Optimum Series Advanced Automatic Smart Electric Penis Pump.

Like all pumps, the most basic function of the Advanced Automatic Smart pump is to use suction to draw blood flow into your penis. To do this, it creates a seal around the base of your shaft and then begins to suck the air out of the cylinder that your penis sits in. This pulls blood into the penis - and, when used with a cock ring (medically termed a 'constriction ring') creates a solid erection. Not only does this make your penis harder than it might otherwise be - it can also add length and girth compared to your normal size.

With an excellent brand like Cal Exotics, it goes without saying that the pumping features are both effective and easy to use - but that's only part of the picture

With a normal penis pump, you're inserting your length into a vacuum tube. Comfortable - but that's as far as it goes. With the Advanced Automatic Smart Electric Penis Pump, you've slipped into a lifelike feeling stroker sleeve that replicates the feeling of sex. Add some lube and the sleeve feels nothing short of glorious.


Given this extra feature, you can see why this is the ideal toy for virtually any of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (or guys who just want to have a great time pumping). Not only does it get you very hard - but the masturbator sleeve helps you train for increased stamina. Get close to the edge and you can immediately release the pressure with the one-touch safety release or slow down your thrusting. When bigger erections and additional stamina feel this good, there's nothing not to love!

Video Review

Pros and Cons

Can help with lots of ED symptoms
LED screen is easy to read
Helps create thicker and longer erections when used with a cock ring
Quick-release air valve adds peace of mind
Very well made
Luxurious feeling sleeve
The cylinder and sleeve combo makes it easy to get air-tight
Built-in stamina training exercises will help you last longer
Can be used as a masturbation sleeve without any pumping function
Fully rechargeable battery
One-handed functions are easy to use
Includes suction-based exercises that feel like a BJ with the stroker sleeve
Not recommended for pumping sessions of more than 20 mins
Some people have experienced charging issues - with batteries not holding sufficient charge
Can be tricky to get a good seal sometimes
Not waterproof
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What our customers say


I’m very glad I did. This one takes the process to a new level for me and it is clearly helping with my ability to get and retain a normal erection AND seems to be helping with my overall sensitivity. And, with the gel insert it is very comfortable, unlike my previous one - which was not. I’m happy that I found this.

R Thomas M

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Guybrator Penis Vibrator | Multi-Speed Vibrating Masturbator For Men

Price: $$$ Material: ABS, Silicone
Functions: Remote controlled, pulse plate technology Noise Factor: Quiet
Vibrating Strength: Very powerful Inner Diameter: tension flaps for all penis sizes
Hands-Free: Yes Waterproof: Yes
Run Time: 1 hour Speed: 9 speeds, 6 vibrations patterns, 3950 RPM

There's been a trend in the world of male sex toys to refer to anything that vibrates as a 'guybrator' - but few people realize this was a term coined by Hot Octopuss for their original male vibrator, the Pulse.

At the time, the Pulse was definitely the original and the best when it came to guybrators - but after a few years of design and function tweaks, the updated Pulse III is now widely considered to be the best male penis head/glans vibrator available. Unlike a lot of sex toys, this is no reproduction of a widely available design - every element of this toy is designed in London, UK at the Hot Octopuss HQ - with their own materials and European vibrating motors.

As you can probably tell from the design, the Pulse is designed to wrap around the end of your penis - and it feels fantastic when it's there. Exceptionally soft silicone has been used to create the 'wings', so you couldn't ask for a more comfortable toy. It's worth noting that the Pulse is just as good on a limp penis - so this is one to consider if you suffer from ED.

Whether you struggle getting fully erect or not, this is a toy that brings something incredible to sex with a partner

When you switch the Pulse on, you'll quickly realize why this is the original and best guybrator. The magic comes from a 'PulsePlate' motor that sits under your frenulum and tantalizes the head of your penis with 9 speeds and 5 different vibration modes. Quite honestly, you don't have to move a muscle and the Pulse will likely still make you orgasm - but if you want to ramp things up, you can add a little lube and work it back and forth with your hand to act as a masturbation sleeve. Be warned - you probably won't last long if you do though!

Whether you struggle getting fully erect or not, this is a toy that brings something incredible to sex with a partner. Simply resting the Pulse with your penis inside it against their genitals and you can see who gets off on the intense vibrations first. There's no fiddly buttons to mess with as you're working each other up into a frenzy either - there's a handy remote that means you can both keep pressed against the wonderful vibrations from the PulsePlate.

We've crowned the Hot Octopuss Pulse III as our best male sex toy for glans stimulation - but it could have easily bagged at least 2-3 other 'best of' choices on this list too!

Pros and Cons

Considered the original and best 'guybrator'
Made to a very high standard
Quite recharging with enclosed lead
Totally waterproof for use anywhere
Great remote control
Very quiet for discreet use
Perfect for people suffering with extreme ED
Ideal for adding spice to partner foreplay or sex
Very soft wings feel extremely comfortable around your penis
Can be used as a masturbation sleeve with a little lube
Fits virtually any size penis
Some users say the buttons are a little tricky to press
Remote requires it's own batteries
Doesn't add enough features for Pulse II owners to upgrade
Might feel a little bulky for some couples to use together
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Sex toys in America are not regulated by any government body which means that you as the consumer need to be aware of the features, functions, and safety of each sex toy you own or want to buy.  While there is a risk when purchasing a cheap, low-quality item from an unknown retailer, most notable manufacturers use non-toxic materials and build to the highest quality standards.

S Steve P

What to look for in sex toys for men?


With that being said, some of the most important things you should look out for are as follows.

What type of toy are you looking for?

  1. Male Masturbators: A male sex toy that acts as a masturbation aid for men, producing sexual pleasure through the use of handheld, automatic or manual stimulation with various textures and customizable features. Most commonly used in stroking or thrusting movement.
  2. Prostate Massagers: A medically-endorsed male sex toy that stimulates the prostate gland (p-spot) through direct contact using vibrations, sonic waves or other types of movement directly on the gland.
  3. Sex Simulators: A toy that’s similar to a male masturbator but with more high-tech features that produce a life-like penetration and/or oral sex experiences through Bluetooth connections, virtual reality content, and/or sync technologies. It can be mounted with various pocket pussies which come in all kinds of shapes and forms giving you a different sensation every single time.
  4. Cock Rings: A simple device with or without vibrations that is worn around the base of the penis to instantly promote harder and longer-lasting erections without the need for pills or other erectile aids. With powerful vibrations, these are also considered couple’s toys.
  5. Anal Beads, Probes, and Butt Plugs: An anal toy that is an alternative to prostate massagers, suitable for beginners and experts alike, used to stimulate the p-spot or anal cavity through repetitive penetration and removal.
  6. Sex Dolls and Torsos:  A larger and more detailed version of a pocket pussy or male masturbator. These are usually able to be used hands-free and can be trusted into and handled like a real person.


Most safety issues with male sex toys come from the material used to construct the item.  To be safe, you will always want a toy made from high-quality materials such as silicone, glass, ABS, metal and the newer versions of TPE and PVC.  While TPE and PVC have in past had a bad reputation, new technology has been developed to remove the toxins that were once found in them

Avoid toys that contain

  • phthalates,
  • Trimethyltin chloride
  • Phenol
  • Carbon disulfide
  • toluene
  • Cadmium

Does it have a manufacturer’s warranty?

You wouldn’t get a TV without a warranty, would you?  Well, you shouldn’t get a sex toy without one either.  Like all consumer products, they can fail and break. Even the best and most expensive sex toys for men have been known to be defective.  The last thing you want is to be out of your money with a toy that does not work.  Any manufacturer that is worth buying will include a warranty to protect you against defects.

How discreet is it?

If you live alone, discretion probably isn't a big deal when it comes to choosing a toy - but if you share a house or want to use a sex toy quietly without anyone around you knowing about it, volume matters.

If you're worried about other people hearing you use a toy, you might want to think about a masturbator that doesn't require power. Then again, some toys have very quiet motors - but only you can decide on how discreet you'd prefer to be.

Does it work when you're soft?

A lot of sex toys focus on erections - but you don't have to be hard to have fun. As many guys with ED know, there are plenty of ways you can stimulate your penis and even achieve orgasm without being fully hard.

So, if you'd like a toy that doesn't require an erection, look for something that you can slip inside soft. A lot of masturbators (especially those designed for stamina training) are very tight, so opt for something that doesn't require much pushing to enter.

Are you using it solo or with a partner?

Sex toys are great fun - either used alone or introduced into foreplay or sex with a partner. The question is, which approach is right for you? Or would you like a toy that can be used solo and with someone else?

Some toys are functions that are designed especially for couples' play - like app connectivity that your other half can access, even if you're half a world away. If you're definitely just going solo, these features might be wasted - so think about who's going to be benefiting from the toy and narrow your choices accordingly.

How practical is it for your requirements?

Practicality might sound like a boring subject to bring up when we're otherwise talking about full-body prostate orgasms and interactive sex toys - but it's a real factor.

Some sex toys take a lot of cleaning and may require a specialist sex toy cleaner. Others will only need a quick rinse in the shower and an anti-bacterial wipe before they go back in the drawer. Think about the amount of effort you're willing to put it.

Also, think about power cords. A corded toy might offer more power - but if your nearest socket is at the other side of the room, searching for extension leads might kill the mood. That said, if you've got a socket nearby and don't like the idea of specialist chargers or charging toys being left out, then a corded toy might be just the ticket.

What turns you on?

Perhaps the most important part of choosing a new sex toy is thinking about what gets you off. For some people, the idea of a Fleshlight is a dream come true - but for other people, it might not feel like something that will turn you on at all.

The same is true for prostate toys or other anal toys. There's virtually no stigma involved with prostate play now - but if the idea of it just doesn't appeal, then don't force it - masturbation is supposed to be fun!

As you read through this list, let your imagination run away with you. Imagine what using a toy will be like - and think about whether it would be the kind of thing that will enhance your enjoyment of sex with a partner, taking a shower, watching online videos or however else you like to spend quality time with yourself. There's no right or wrong way to masturbate - just whatever feels good, so if you see a toy that you think will add to that enjoyment, then you've found your answer!

Side Note

This best of list will be periodically updated as better sex toys become available or products simply no longer perform as well. As with all best of lists, this will be a living document.

We take our recommendations very seriously

We have worked intensively on developing a product evaluation system that takes in consideration the following factors:

  • Materials
  • Electronic Components
  • Safety Testing Data
  • US Regulatory Information
  • 510(k) Certifications
  • Our Experts Evaluation

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