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Listen to an audio summary

Male sex toys have come a long way in recent years. Thanks to the fact that we are in the 21st century and have seen great advances in sex tech, there is a huge range of sex toys for men that can far exceed even our greatest expectations.

Deciding on the best sex toys for men is a difficult job. As men (or anyone with a penis) we have several areas of our body that, when stimulated, can provide unbelievable pleasure and explosive orgasms.

A good place to begin (or expand) your journey into finding the best male sex toys is by looking at the best products from a varied range of toys - which is exactly what we've done here.

From cock rings and masturbation sleeves to prostate massagers and 3D sex dolls - we've covered a huge range of sex toys for men, so you can get a feel for what pushes your buttons and adds to your sex life.

If you're still not sure - or spoiled for choice - we've also put together a quick glance list that'll help you choose based on the kind of play that you're interested in exploring...


This guide was originally published in June 2023. As part of our yearly quality assessment process (in early 2024), we evaluated every product recommendation to make sure it was up to the standards necessary to make it to this list. Here are some things we took in consideration:

  • Feedback on each product throughout 2023.
  • Usability and overall comfort of each sex toy for men.
  • Overall trends and new emerging products.
  • Industry trends and innovation.

How We Put Together Our List Of The Best Sex Toys For Men

Rather than rely on one person's opinion, we considered a number of factors when we put together our list of the best sex toys for men. They include:

  • Overall effectiveness and personal enjoyment
  • Safety features
  • Brand quality & reputation
  • Product features & functions
  • Verified peer reviews
  • Market value compared to similar products

Best Sex Toys for Men in 2024: Our Recommendations

Best Overall Sex Toy for Men

Milker Pro Edition Automatic BJ Machine

Best Vibrating Cock Ring

We-Vibe Bond Vibrating Stimulating C-Ring for Couples

Best Male Masturbator

Kiiroo Keon + Feel Stroker Interactive Masturbator Combo Set

Best Prostate Massager

Magna Adjustable Tapping & Vibrating Prostate Massager

Best Budget Sex Doll

Realistic Lifesize Male Masturbator 3D Sex Doll - Handsfree Vagina & Ass by Healthy Vibes

Best Full Body Orgasm

Man Wand Xtreme Vibrating Wand Penis Masturbator

Best Penis Vibrator

Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Male Masturbator and Penis Vibrator

Best Automatic Sex Toy for Men

Milking Machine | Penis Milker Deluxe Auto Masturbator

Best Sex Toy to Enhance Performance

The Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump with Stroker Sleeve by Lynk Pleasure

Most Powerful Vibrating Masturbator

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Guybrator Penis Vibrator | Multi-speed Vibrating Masturbator

Now you've had a quick glance at the list, why not read a little more about the toys that sound appealing? In this updated list for 2024, we've put together detailed reviews that explain how the type of toy works, what makes each specific toy so good, and a few pros & cons to consider.

Milker Pro Edition Automatic BJ Machine
Milker Pro Edition Automatic BJ Machine

Price: $$ Material: ABS, Silicone, TPE, Metal
Functions: Sucking, Stroking, Glow in the dark Noise Factor: Moderate noise
Insertable Length: 7.8 inches Inner Diameter: 1.02 inches
Hands-Free: Yes Realism Ranking: 7
Run Time: Unlimited (A/C powered) Speed: Up to 3000 suction impulses per minute

The Milker Pro from Love Botz is the toy we've crowned our best overall sex toy for men in 2024. It's a pricey blowjob simulator that combines powerful, fully automated stimulation with a very nicely textured sleeve - if you've got the funds for it, we think you'll be very pleased with the intense sensations it provides.

Oral sex is hard to imitate but the Milker Pro gets very close. It's so powerful that it needs to be plugged into a wall to function properly, and while this increases the intensity, it means the toy isn't very portable, and not discreet in the slightest.

As its name suggests, this machine was designed for milking your penis, and it does so with 25 unique combinations of speed and intensity that can ramp up to 3000 RPMs of suction. The stroker is connected with a tube to the base unit, which features controls and a liquid chamber that helps with cleaning up.

The settings can also be controlled with the remote that enables hands-free stimulation.

The inside of the stroker is lined with grooves and nubs that provide additional stimulation. To add to this, there's a bullet vibrator inside the stroker section with 3 speeds and 7 patterns all to itself, which provides even further stimulation to your glans. This vibrator is charged with the included cable.

As it's made from soft silicone, there sleeve itself is quite stretchy and accommodating - most men should get a good fit. The stretchiness also makes it easier to clean. All of the included components can be taken apart, which further simplifies the cleaning process.

Results From Our Testers

  • It's very powerful and stimulating
  • All the power makes it quite loud
  • The penis head vibrator is a great bonus
  • Being plugged into the wall gives it essentially infinite battery life
  • It's a bit fiddly to set everything up, but overall quite easy to use

Pros and Cons

Super intense BJ machine - our best overall sex toy
25 combinations of speed and suction
Suction at up to 3000 RPM
Hands-free control with wireless remote
Includes penis head vibrator
Soft silicone sleeve lined with grooves and ridges
Easy to clean as everything comes apart
Plugs into wall for power
Includes liquid chamber to cum doesn't reach the motor
Sleeve is stretchy enough for most men
It's noise, not discreet
Can be fiddly to set up
Only compatible with water-based lube
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We-Vibe Bond Vibrating Stimulating C-Ring for Couples
We-Vibe Bond Vibrating Stimulating C-Ring for Couples

Price: $ Material: ABS, Silicone
Functions: Vibrating, Adjustable Noise Factor: Quiet
Insertable Length: 3 inches Inner Diameter: 2 inches unstretched
Vibrating Strength: Very powerful Waterproof: Yes
Run Time: 2 hours Speed: 10 Speed, App-Controlled

We reckon the We-Vibe Bond Vibrating cock ring is the best vibrating cock ring on our site for 2024. It's packed with features such as vibrations, interactivity, and all the erection-boosting capabilities of a standard cock ring. It's a great choice for both you and your partner.

The 10 vibration settings are controlled using a phone app. The We-Connect app "creates intimacy, even when you're miles apart" by giving someone Wifi or Bluetooth control over the toys you're playing with. You can also control them in person with the wireless remote.

In terms of this cock ring, that means you're able to wear it (even under your clothes) and your partner can tease you with it remotely.

You don't have to be miles apart though. By wearing it during penetrative sex, you and your partner will be able to share in all the stimulation as the ring vibrates against their clitoris or perineum.

Additionally, wearing a cock ring like this means you get harder, longer-lasting erections as a bonus. It can also be re-sized as a cock ring or cock and ball ring, depending on what you want.

There are a few more features to talk about too. It's waterproof, offers 2 hours of battery life, is made from soft silicone, and is very quiet during use. As we mentioned, it's also adjustable making it a good fit for most penises, which is vital if you're looking to boost your erections.

Results From Our Testers

  • Vibrations are pleasant but not too strong
  • More suitable for supplementary stimulation
  • Works great as standard cock ring thanks to vibrations
  • App works well for control but there can sometimes be connection problems
  • Remote is a good addition for hands-free use in person

Video Review

Pros and Cons

Advanced cock ring
Connects to phone app for control
Can be rotated to vary stimulation
Discreet under clothes
Very comfortable
2 hour battery life
Custom adjustable fit link makes it perfect for virtually all penis sizes
10 different vibration patterns
Expensive for a cock ring
Vibrations won't make you cum on their own
Remote requires battery
Some people report connectivity issues with the app
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Customer Reviews


Love love love We-Vibe products and this one is no different. I can wear this when I'm away on business and my partner can let me know when she's masturbating and thinking about me. Vibrations aren't too strong so it's very quiet and discreet.

MMarco D.

Kiiroo Keon + Feel Stroker Interactive Masturbator Combo Set
Kiiroo Keon + Feel Stroker Interactive Masturbator Combo Set

Price: $$ Material: ABS, Silicone, Realskin TPE, PC
Functions: Interactive/VR/Thrusting Noise Factor: Moderate noise
Insertable Length: 9 inches Inner Diameter: 1.5 inches
Hands-Free: Yes Realism Ranking: 10
Run Time: Up to 2 hours (Rechargeable) Speed: Up to 230 strokes per minute

This combo set includes the Kiiroo Feel Stroker (their answer to a Fleshlight) as well as the Keon, which is used to automatically thrust the stroker over your penis. It's our best male masturbator for 2024 thanks to all its advanced features including variable speed and depth as well as interactive connectivity.

The Keon thrusts the stroker in a way that is quite lifelike, and this is helped by how you're able to control the speed and the depth of the thrusting.

Though it feels great and is fairly realistic, it is a noisy device, not as discreet as some may want. Though it's quite bulky, its design is ergonomic and comfortable to hold - you have to balance it well to use it hands-free though. On the body, you'll find the control buttons and a set of LED lights that give you important information such as your current settings, connection mode, and remaining battery.

The Keon can also connect to other Kiiroo toys such as dildos and vibrators regardless of physical location, making it great for long-distance sex. Additionally, it can connect to Virtual Reality devices and other kinds of interactive media such as videos and music - the Keon will thrust along to what's going on.

This is a rechargeable toy (cable included) and a 4-hour charge gives you up to 2 hours of usage. We wish this ratio was a bit better, but overall it could be worse, especially considering all the positives of the device.

Results From Our Testers

  • Lots of fun features
  • The feel stroker is a neat bonus
  • It's quite bulky and heavy but it feels premium
  • The weight means balancing it isn't so bad as it stays in place
  • 4 hours of charging for around an hour use isn't great

Video Review

Pros and Cons

Realistically thrusting toy
Ergonomic design
Can be used hands-free
Multiple speed and depth settings
Simple button controls
Syncs up to sex toys, VR devices, and other media
Premium materials and build
Rechargeable battery
Body-safe, non-toxic, phthalate-free
Only compatible with water-based lube
Quite loud during use
4-hour charge time for 30mins - 2 hours of usage
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Customer Reviews


"Holy Moly Real. Wow, this is one of the most insane things I've ever experienced. My Fleshlight does not hold a candle to the Keon. The thrusting is so real, and the toy feels amazing. I connected to the VR device that I recommend. Seriously if you can find this item, do it. You will never regret it."


Magna Adjustable Tapping & Vibrating Prostate Massager
Magna Adjustable Tapping & Vibrating Prostate Massager

Price: $ Material: Premium-Grade silicone
Functions: 9-Speed, Tapping, Flexible body Noise Factor: Very quiet 
Insertable Length: 5.70 inches Inner Diameter: 1.22 inches
Hands-Free: Yes Realism Ranking: Yes
Run Time: 2 Hours play from 2 hours charge Speed: 9 Tapping speeds

Our best prostate massager for 2024 is the Magna by Lynk Pleasure. It's a high-quality massager with a unique method of stimulation - instead of just vibrating against your prostate, the Magna gives a 'tapping' sensation, to emulate the pulsing sensation of a prostate orgasm.

This tapping actually works very well in practice - the way it primes your muscles helps get you ready and guides you toward an orgasm with relative ease. This is assisted by the toy's vibrations, of which there are 9 settings - there are 9 tapping settings too.

Due to the shape of the massager, both your prostate and your perineum are being stimulated at the same time.

All of the settings can be controlled with the wireless remote that comes with the toy - it's very simple, only featuring a single button. The Magna also features a flexible neck which helps you get the perfect angle to direct stimulation to exactly where you want it - you'll appreciate this more the more you use it. The poseable neck also makes it easier to use the toy hands-free as you don't need to adjust it so much. You'll still need to adjust it a little, but it's a lot less irritating.

This massager is also IPX7 waterproof, despite all the technology that's packed into it. You're free to take it with you in the bath or shower or anywhere else where there is water. The battery is also rechargeable and will last you up to 2 hours on a single 2-hour charge.

Results From Our Testers

  • Tapping works very well, useful for achieving orgasm
  • Materials feel high-quality
  • Tapping and vibrations together feel great
  • Perineum stimulation feels good
  • It's quite powerful and quite large, not the best for beginners

Pros and Cons

Tapping prostate massager
Precise stimulation
9 tapping speeds
9 vibration settings
Includes wireless remote
1-year warranty
Free, latex-Free, body-Safe, non-Porous
Fully IPX7 waterproof
Rechargeable battery
Battery life isn't long
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Customer Reviews


"The tapping sensation is what really sets this apart. I actually cum too quickly if I have a vibrating cock ring on and the Magna's tapping function turned up high, it's next level. Flexible neck is a great feature too."

JJoe S.

Realistic Lifesize Male Masturbator 3D Sex Doll - Handsfree Vagina & Ass by Healthy Vibes
Realistic Lifesize Male Masturbator 3D Sex Doll - Handsfree Vagina & Ass by Healthy Vibes

Price: $ Material: Real Flesh Cyberskin
Body Part: Butt & vagina Hands-Free: Yes
Weight: 4.9 lbs Size: Slightly smaller than lifesize
Safety Features: Phthalate-Free, Latex-Free, Non-Toxic, Easy to clean

Features: Travel-Friendly, Textured vagina opening, Extra-Tight anal opening

The 3D Sex Doll from Healthy Vibes is our pick for the best budget sex doll for guys in 2024. Unlike many strokers, it looks the part, providing a good amount of visual stimulation alongside what you get from the internal canal. It's not a super high-tech toy, but it's a lot of fun.

This is a nice, tight masturbator/doll that both looks and feels like a real person. It's built from Healthy Vibes' CyberSkin material (which is a TPE) - this is the same material used to create much more premium-priced adult toys. This doll weighs 5lbs (around 2.2kgs) which really adds to the lifelike presence.

The realistic molding features both a lifelike vagina orifice as well as an extra-tight anal opening.

This means you have a decent amount of variation and can switch things up depending on your mood. Remember to use a bit more lube with the tighter opening - you'll need it.

Overall, the dimensions of this doll are 11.5" by 9". This size makes it nice and easy to move around meaning you can get it into all sorts of positions, which adds to the lifelike experience. We'd recommend using some warming lube with it to really ramp up the immersion.

At first glance, the size of this toy might seem like an issue when the time comes to clean up - but since there are no electronic parts involved, it can accompany you to the shower or the bath, keeping things nice and simple. This is quite a basic doll all things considered, but the price makes it quite a steal.

Results From Our Testers

  • It's weighty and has a good presence, feels good to use
  • Both openings feel great and give you options
  • It's easy to get it into different positions
  • Fairly easy to clean despite the size
  • It's not as large as a real person - some may find this distracting

Pros and Cons

Lifelike sex doll at a great price
Cyberskin material is realistic
Can easily be put in different positions
Quite weighty, has real presence and is stable to thrust into
Easy to clean
Size-accommodating orifices
Perfect for visual stimulation
Not discreet at all
Not quite as large as a real person
Only compatible with water-based lube
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Customer Reviews


had a few but wow shes amazing. love how you can put her in any position you want. Feels real when using warming lube. 5 stars, you should try


Man Wand Xtreme Vibrating Wand Penis Masturbator
Man Wand Xtreme Vibrating Wand Penis Masturbator

Price: $ Material: Silicone, ABS
Functions: Vibrations, Add-On penis masturbation sleeve, Usable as a regular vibrator wand Noise Factor: Quiet
Insertable Length: 11.61 inches Inner Diameter: 2.11 inches
Hands-Free: No Realism Ranking: 6
Run Time: 1 hour 45 min Speed: Adjustable vibrations

If you're looking to experience a full-body orgasm in 2024, your best bet is with the Man Wand Xtreme penis head masturbator. It's designed in a very similar way to women's vibrators but instead of targeting the clit, it targets your penis head.

Though the entirety of your penis is covered in nerve endings, a high concentration of these are found in the glans penis - the penis head, or tip. The Man Wand was designed with this in mind to take advantage of all these nerves and enhance pleasure.

Without the penis masturbator attachments, this device is a solid wand vibrator that anyone will find easy to use and get off using. The soft silicone tip lets the Man Wand Xtreme feel good when used to stimulate any one of you or your partner's erogenous zones.

The set contains 2 additional removable penis sleeve attachments, which have wings that wrap around your member.

These can easily be switched out from the standard vibrator tip. They're made from the same soft silicone as that tip, and focus all the vibrations around your penis head for extreme stimulation.

All the stimulation comes from the built-in motor that powers 5 vibration modes with 3 intensities that can be cycled through with one hand. These vibrations are pleasurable regardless of whether you're hard or not, which is great for men with ED. However, some users did wish that the vibrations were slightly stronger when not being used with the penis head attachments.

Results From Our Testers

  • The vibrations feel great but some users wished they were stronger
  • You can use it with any genitals which is great
  • Stroking with the penis sleeve is possible but a little awkward
  • The wings may or may not fully cover your penis, depending on your size
  • It's comfortable to hold but can't be used hands-free

Pros and Cons

Wand vibrator that targets penis head
Super pleasurable
Includes penis sleeve attachment
Includes classic vibrator tip
Soft silicone
5 vibration speeds and 3 intensities
Can be used one-handed
Rechargeable battery
Not fully waterproof
Some users wished vibrations were stronger
Some users found it a bit loose
Check Price Now

Customer Reviews


"Powerful and easy to use. High quality male masturbation wand for either solo use or for couples. Powerful penile vibrations for both head and shaft of penis, also great for vibrating and stimulation of your balls. Adjusts for using different vibrating speeds and patterns. Easy to use with or without the included attachments. Very quiet compared to most other vibrating toys and wands."


Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Male Masturbator and Penis Vibrator
Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Male Masturbator and Penis Vibrator

Price: $ Material: ABS, Silicone
Functions: Manual handheld vibrations, Pulsing Noise Factor: Quiet
Insertable Length: 3.15 inches Inner Diameter: 1.69 inches
Hands-Free: No, Single-Hand use Realism Ranking: 7
Run Time: Up to 2 hours (Rechargeable) Speed: 11 patterns and speeds

For 2024, the Cobra Libre II is the toy we consider to be the best overall penis vibrator on our site, as it's a super versatile toy. It features powerful vibrations, and its design means you don't even have to be hard to experience its stimulation, making it great for a wide range of guys.

It's designed to emulate the tingling feeling you get as you orgasm, which works in practice by encouraging you down that road. There are 11 vibrating settings, so it's easy to find a specific intensity to match your needs, whether you want to cum fast or just experience the vibrations for a while, making it a good toy for edging.

The Cobra Libre II is also a very discreet toy, as it's small and easy to hide away, and it isn't particularly noisy.

It doesn't really offer any visual stimulation (like most penis vibrators) but the vibrations and soft silicone materials make up for this somewhat. The vibrations come from two powerful motors that are strategically placed to target pleasure points, and they do the trick. The way they're placed, along with the shape of the toy, makes it easy to use whether or not you can get hard, which is great for guys who struggle with ED.

Despite the powerful motors, the Cobra Libre II is fully waterproof, so you can take it with you in the bath or shower. It also has a rechargeable battery and includes a cable, and there's a battery level indicator on the body of the toy that lets you know when it's ready to go.

Results From Our Testers

  • The vibrations feel great on the penis head
  • The targetted stimulation works very well
  • Nice and discreet, quiet motor
  • Works well for guys with ED
  • Might be too small for some men

Video Review

Pros and Cons

Powerful discreet penis vibrator
Quiet motors
Soft silicone
11 settings of vibrations
Easy to use and hold
Small, discreet design
Can be used hard or soft
Great for edging and stamina training
Rechargeable battery
Might be too small for larger guys
Only one silicone insert
No visual stimulation
Check Price Now

Customer Reviews


"I love this product! I can’t believe the amount of good feelings you get from such an amazing product. Love this thing!"


Milking Machine | Penis Milker Deluxe Auto Masturbator
Milking Machine | Penis Milker Deluxe Auto Masturbator

Price: $$$$$ Material: ABS, Silicone, Natural rubber, Metal
Functions: Intense milking, Interchangeable sleeves Noise Factor: Quiet
Insertable Length: 9 inches (Long cylinder), 2 inches (Short cylinder) Inner Diameter: 3 inches (Long), 2 Inches (Short)
Hands-Free: Yes Realism Ranking: 8
Run Time: Unlimited (Plugs into the wall) Features: With variable speed dial for easy control, Soft and stretchy sleeves adapt to most penis sizes

LoveBotz' Milking Machine is a blowjob machine which delivers an impressive amount of intense stimulation. It's a luxury item - as you'll be able to tell from its huge price tag - but if you're in a position to invest a lot of money in your pleasure, you won't be disappointed; it's our best automatic sex toy for men in 2024.

The Milking Machine is one of those toys that needs to be plugged into a wall socket to account for all of its power. Included in the set are two sizes of interchangeable milking cylinders - one that's designed to cover our entire penis and one that zeroes in on your glans for direct stimulation. It also works well on your (or your partner's) nipples and other erogenous zones.

Inside each of these milking cylinders is a sleeve made from soft silicone - this sleeve provides a solid vacuum seal that remains air-tight even if you wiggle around. The simulation comes from the main unit, which alternates air pressure to provide a sucking sensation that feels very good, and quite realistic.

You control the Milking Machine with the variable-speed controller that comes included and plugs into the main unit.

The knob controls are nice and easy to use and won't distract you mid-session. It's a great control scheme for hands-free play. Cleaning the Milking Machine is pretty easy thanks to how all the components (including the cylinders and hose) come apart. We'd recommend using soap and water for the cylinders and using an anti-bacterial toy cleaner on the hose and the included carrying case.

This really is a great automatic sex toy but the price tag will certainly put a lot of people off. If you're in deep and have a lot of cash to throw at sex toys, we'd recommend it without hesitation, but if you're unsure, you probably want to look elsewhere - but keep the Milking Machine in mind in case you ever win the lottery.

Results From Our Testers

  • It's a very intense toy, as you'd expect for the price
  • It's pretty quiet despite the power - not silent though
  • Everything is quite easy to set up
  • The included case adds to the discreetness but getting everything inside it can be a pain
  • Though it's a great toy, it's hard not to want a little more for that price tag

Pros and Cons

Super intense, expensive BJ machine
Stimulates with powerful suction
Can be used hands-free
Includes 2 milking cylinders
Soft silicone sleeves
Includes remote control
Great dor stamina training and edging
Easy to clean
Includes carrying case
Plugs into wall
Super expensive
Only compatible with water-based lube
For the price, we'd love to have more stimulation options
Check Price Now

Customer Reviews


"Amazing. For when you need the ULTRA SUCC"



"Explosion. Okay I was kinda optimistic about it but let me tell you it was something out of this world !! Amazing product !! Shipping was fast ...very easy to set up and a breeze to clean ! By far the best investment !! GUYS, couples, whatever it may be ! If you’re looking for something fun and New to do get one of won’t be disappointed ! Thank you enchancedmale"

LLemana J.

The Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump with Stroker Sleeve by Lynk Pleasure
The Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump with Stroker Sleeve by Lynk Pleasure

Price: $ Material: Acrylic, Silicone, Real-Skin, ABS
Functions: Largest LCD available, Smart pumping exercises, Smart memory, Timer, Includes 2 sleeves Noise Factor: Quiet
Insertable Length: 9 inches Inner Diameter: 2.6 inches
Hands-Free: Rechargeable USB Quick Release Valve: Yes
Run Time: 3 hours Speed: Unlimited settings & speeds

The Excelsior by Lynk Pleasure is an automatic penis pump with a range of cutting-edge features that work extremely well together. We're huge fans of this pump, and its impressive features mean it often tops our best pumps list, and the same is true here - for 2024, it's the best toy for enhancing performance.

All of the Excelsior's functions synergize perfectly. The vacuum suction is automatic, and among the suction options, there's also a stamina training mode that uses the pump's interchangeable masturbation sleeve. This pump not only helps boost your penis but can also get you off, which is neat. Additionally, the Excelsior's motor is quiet, despite the powerful suction it provides, which helps you pump discreetly.

Using Smart AI, the Excelsior keeps an eye on the pressure to alternate it on the fly as you pump.

The idea behind this is maximizing blood flow, which is achieved by taking you up to the optimal pressure level, releasing pressure, and then building it up again. Furthermore, there's the Smart memory feature that allows the pump to store routines in its memory, so you can easily find the perfect settings and routine.

At the top of the pump, you'll find a large, backlit, LCD screen that displays all the key information about the mode you're using as well as suction pressure and speed. On the side of the pump, there's a measuring gauge so you can keep track of your penis growth. While useful, some users reported that this gauge can be a little hard to read at times, due to its placement.

The Excelsior isn't a waterproof pump, due to all of the advanced electronic features - so you shouldn't take it with you in the bath or shower. To be fair though, it isn't a hydro pump. The Excelsior is quite an expensive penis pump, but we'd recommend it to anyone who can afford it.

Results From Our Testers

  • Lots of features, all of which work well together
  • The motor is powerful but quiet
  • The masturbation sleeve is a great touch
  • 3 hours of battery life is great
  • Would've been nice to see additional stimulation features

Video Review

Pros and Cons

Impressive automatic penis pump
Powerful motor
Quiet and discreet to use
Smart AI remembers settings and routines
Alternates pressure for you
Includes masturbation sleeve
Includes stamina training mode
3-hour battery life
Can be used one-handed
Only compatible with water-based lube
Not waterproof
Check Price Now

Customer Reviews


"I’ve had manual pumps in the past and always struggled to get the pressure just right. The Excelsior’s smart settings and large LCD screen make it quick and simple. Straight on, one button, quick results."

JJeff T.


"I’ve tried other devices that promise to enhance stamina, but none have worked as effectively as The Excelsior. The combination of suction and a life-like sleeve is just magic."

JJames R.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Guybrator Penis Vibrator | Multi-Speed Vibrating Masturbator
Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Guybrator Penis Vibrator | Multi-speed Vibrating Masturbator

Price: $ Material: ABS, Silicone
Functions: Remote controlled, Pulse plate technology Noise Factor: Quiet
Vibrating Strength: Very powerful Inner Diameter: Tension flaps for all penis sizes
Hands-Free: Yes Waterproof: Yes
Run Time: 1 hour Speed: 9 Speeds, 6 Vibrations patterns, 3950 RPM

The Hot Octopuss Pulse III is the third iteration of the OG "guybrator", a vibrator for guys - or penises, to be exact. It uses patented PulsePlate technology and a unique winged design to wrap around your penis and provide intense stimulation - it's the most powerful masturbator for 2024.

This masturbator can be used both as a manual stroker, and a hands-free automatic toy. The silicone wings wrap around your penis and glide up and down easily with a little lube, but the vibrations are often more than capable of getting people off.

This is thanks to the PulsePlate technology which was originally designed for guys with spinal issues.

The toy includes a plate at the base that is designed to stimulate your glans, frenulum, and shaft regardless of how hard you are, making it a good choice for men with ED.

There are 9 oscillating speeds and 5 vibration modes, all of which can be controlled using the included wireless remote. These vibrations feel great, and can even be enjoyed with a partner - we'd recommend simply slipping the toy over your penis and letting your partner sit on top of it.

The Pulse III is rechargeable with the included cable. A full charge gives you around 1 hour of use. It takes 2 to 3 hours to charge completely meaning 1 hour of use isn't amazing, but the vibrations should get you off pretty quickly, so you won't be using it for that long.

Results From Our Testers

  • The vibrations are strong, some men will be able to cum without stroking
  • Lots of settings to play with
  • The winged design is nice and comfortable
  • It's waterproof which is neat
  • We wish it could be used hands-free more reliably

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Pros and Cons

Intense winged guybrator
Powerful vibrations
PulsePlate technology
9 speeds and 5 modes
Very discreet
Great for guys with ED
Wraps around your penis
Can be used hands-free
Can be used with a partner
Includes remote control
Can be hard to cum hands-free
Only compatible with water-based lube
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5 Stars

RRyan R.

What to look for in sex toys for men?

Now we've talked about the toys, it's time to go over some of the most important things you should look out for to find the right one for you.

What type of toy are you looking for?

Male Masturbators

A male sex toy that acts as a masturbation aid for men, producing sexual pleasure through the use of handheld, automatic, or manual stimulation with various textures and customizable features.

Most commonly used in stroking or thrusting movement.

Prostate Massagers

A medically-endorsed male sex toy that stimulates the prostate gland (p-spot) through direct contact using vibrations, sonic waves, or other types of movement directly on the gland.

Sex Simulators

A toy that’s similar to a male masturbator but with more high-tech features that produce life-like penetration and/or oral sex experiences through Bluetooth connections, virtual reality content, and/or sync technologies.

It can be mounted with various pocket pussies which come in all kinds of shapes and forms giving you a different sensation every single time.

Cock Rings

A simple device with or without vibrations that is worn around the base of the penis to instantly promote harder and longer-lasting erections without the need for pills or other erectile aids.

With powerful vibrations, these are also considered couple’s toys.

Anal Beads, Probes, and Butt Plugs

An anal toy that is an alternative to prostate massagers, suitable for beginners and experts alike, used to stimulate the p-spot or anal cavity through repetitive penetration and removal.

Sex Dolls and Torsos

A larger and more detailed version of a pocket pussy or male masturbator.

These are usually able to be used hands-free and can be trusted and handled like a real person.


Most safety issues with male sex toys come from the material used to construct the item. Only choose toys made from high-quality materials such as silicone, glass, ABS, metal, and the newer versions of TPE and PVC.

Avoid toys that contain

  • Phthalates
  • Trimethyltin chloride
  • Phenol
  • Carbon disulfide
  • Toluene
  • Cadmium

Does it have a manufacturer’s warranty?

Like all consumer products, sex toys can fail and break. Even the best and most expensive sex toys for men have been known to be defective. The last thing you want is to be out of your money with a toy that does not work.  Any manufacturer that is worth buying from will include a warranty to protect you against defects.

How discreet is it?

If you live alone, discretion probably isn't a big deal when it comes to choosing a toy - but if you share a house or want to use a sex toy quietly without anyone around you knowing about it, volume matters.

If you're worried about other people hearing you use a toy, you might want to think about a masturbator that doesn't require power. Then again, some toys have very quiet motors - but only you can decide how discreet you'd prefer to be.

Does it work when you're soft?

A lot of sex toys focus on erections - but you don't have to be hard to have fun. As many guys with ED know, there are plenty of ways you can stimulate your penis and even achieve orgasm without being fully hard.

So, if you'd like a toy that doesn't require an erection, look for something that you can slip inside soft. A lot of masturbators (especially those designed for stamina training) are very tight, so opt for something that doesn't require much pushing to enter.

Are you using it solo or with a partner?

Sex toys are great fun used alone or introduced into foreplay or sex with a partner. The question is, which approach is right for you? Or would you like a toy that can do both?

Some toys have functions that are designed especially for couples' play - like app connectivity that your other half can access, even if you're half a world away. If you're just going solo, these features might be wasted - so think about who's going to be benefiting from the toy and narrow your choices accordingly.

How practical is it for your requirements?

Practicality might sound like a boring subject to bring up when we're otherwise talking about full-body prostate orgasms and interactive sex toys - but it's a real factor.

Some sex toys take a lot of cleaning and may require a specialist sex toy cleaner.

Others will only need a quick rinse in the shower and an anti-bacterial wipe before they go back in the drawer. Think about the amount of effort you're willing to put it.

Also, think about power cords. A corded toy might offer more power - but if your nearest socket is on the other side of the room, searching for extension leads might kill the mood. That said, if you've got a socket nearby and don't like the idea of specialist chargers or charging toys being left out, then a corded toy might be just the ticket.

What turns you on?

Perhaps the most important part of choosing a new sex toy is thinking about what gets you off. For some people, the idea of a Fleshlight is a dream come true - but for other people, not so much.

The same is true for prostate toys or other anal toys. There's virtually no stigma involved with prostate play now, but if the idea of it just doesn't appeal, then don't force it. Masturbation is supposed to be fun!

Perhaps the most important part of choosing a new sex toy is thinking about what gets you off.

Imagine what using a toy will be like - and think about whether it would be the kind of thing that will enhance your enjoyment of sex with a partner, taking a shower, watching online videos, or however else you like to spend quality time with yourself. There's no right or wrong way to masturbate - just whatever feels good. If you see a toy that you think will add to that enjoyment, then you've found your answer!

Side Note

This best of sex toys for men list will be periodically updated as better products become available or products simply no longer perform as well. As with all best of lists, this will be a living document.

We take our recommendations very seriously

We have worked intensively on developing a product evaluation system that takes in consideration the following factors:

  • Materials
  • Electronic Components
  • Safety Testing Data
  • US Regulatory Information
  • 510(k) Certifications
  • Our Experts Evaluation

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