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Whether you're looking for a little bum fun or just want to learn more about anal play, there are some fascinating facts regarding your P-spot that you should know.

Not sure what a P-spot is? You’ve no doubt heard of the G-spot. Well, men have an intense hidden pleasure zone too—the prostate. Much like the G-spot, the P-spot is stimulated by massage. 

Today, we want to give this magical spot all the attention it deserves, and show you the way to unspeakable pleasure. We’ve got five major facts to help familiarize you with this overlooked area—and leave you in awe.

Fact 1: The Prostate is a Tiny Gland With a Big Role

Information about the prostate playing a big role as a pleasure spot

Your soon-to-be favorite pleasure spot plays an important role in the male reproductive system, despite how tiny it is.  

The prostate is about the size of a walnut and is soft and rubbery to the touch. Working together with sperm cells from your testicles, the prostate produces seminal fluid (pre-cum), which helps with ejaculation and protects sperm cells during the reproduction process.

The prostate also ensures that semen is guided into the urethra and propelled through your penis during ejaculation—and not into your bladder. This happens when the muscles inside and around your prostate contract during orgasm.

Before you explore the full potential of this hidden enjoyment center, you have to know how to approach it.

Fact 2: The Prostate is Super Easy to Reach

The prostate is located between your rectum and the base of your penis. You can reach (and stimulate) it by inserting a finger (or a prostate massager) 2-3 inches inside the rectum. Feel around. You’ll find it just below the bladder but above the pelvic floor muscles.

Prostate is positioned just below the bladde

Do I Want to Want to Reach It?

We know that some guys are eager to explore new avenues of pleasure, but not everyone’s that comfortable with the thought. As a generally unexplored area, it’s understandable.

So maybe you’re wondering, “Will I like getting a prostate massage?

Well, there is a pretty good way to be sure without actually trying it.

Think about a time when your partner touched or kissed your perineum—your taint, or the area between your balls and anus.

Did you enjoy it? Or even wish they’d gone a bit further down south? 

If you’re still not sure, next time you masturbate, try gently pressing this area. Does it feel good?

If the answer is yes, then we’re pretty sure you’re going to love prostate massage.

However, if you’re still not convinced enough to try it out, we'll get into more facts about prostate and pleasure.

Fact 3: The Key to Toe-Curling Orgasms—Prostate Play

When it comes to clinical and academic research concerning prostate orgasm and massage, the data is meager. 

So why not do your own research (be it alone or with your favorite research assistant).

At The Enhanced Male, we’ve read many testimonials from customers who have experienced prostate massage and orgasms. What we’ve noticed is that their individual experiences all have a few common traits:

  • The P-spot orgasm is often described as a whole-body experience.

  • Some men say that a prostate orgasm feels 3 to 4 times more intense, deeper, and stronger than the “regular” penile stimulation orgasm.
  • Ejaculation caused by prostate massage feels extremely intense and powerful, with more pleasure, more semen ejaculated, and stronger pleasurable contractions that last longer.

  • Many testimonials claim that ejaculation caused by P-spot stimulation is more likely to flow out than spurt (the result of “milking”).

  • Orgasms reached by milking have more long-lasting pleasurable after-effects than orgasms from penis stimulation alone.

Five Easy Steps For Beginner Prostate Play

Whether you’re down for some solo action or you and your partner want to have some fun, there are a few pointers that can help you achieve a pleasurable first-time P-spot massage.

Step 1

Because you’ve never experimented with knocking on your backdoor, it’s a good idea to start with your finger

Introducing a sex toy or a prostate massager right away could be a bit too much.

Find your perfect prostate massager

Step 2

To make the process as smooth as possible, use lots of lube

Pro Tip: The rim and inside of your anus, as well as your finger/sex toy should be well lubricated.

Step 3

Start slowly. Introduce your finger (or a smaller sex toy) into your anus and adjust to your desired sensation. 

Remember: For a first-timer, it will be an unusual sensation at first.

Step 4

After adjusting to the feeling, you can start to implement some massaging techniques:

  • The come-hither: Gently glide over the prostate, making a “come here” motion with the finger. The pads of your fingers should be facing upward, and the stroking should be pressing up toward the stomach.

  • The tap: Tap on the prostate with your finger while increasing the rhythm and intensity.

  • The windshield wiper: Moving the finger from side to side over the prostate.

A mind-blowing P-spot climax can be achieved with any of these techniques, a combination of them, or from your own unique variation.

Be sure not to rush it, however. Prostate orgasms can take up to 30 minutes to happen. Pay attention to how specific movements feel (or ask your partner for feedback) and adjust accordingly.

Step 5

Once you’ve had some fun exploring your P-spot using a finger, maybe it’s time to go all-in and multiply your pleasure with the help of a prostate massager or an anal sex toy

At The Enhanced Male, we recommend you try out this vibrating prostate massager & perineum stimulator for maximum enjoyment. 

It will blow your mind, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customer Sean had to say about it.

Happy customer testimonial

Fact 4: “P” is for Pleasure—Multiple Orgasms

First, let’s make a distinction between ejaculation and orgasm. Even though ejaculation and orgasm often coincide, they’re not the same thing.

Ejaculation is the expulsion of seminal fluid, and orgasm is the feeling of release and pleasure.

In fact, the two don’t even occur in the same place in your body. An orgasm causes fireworks in the brain’s cerebral cortex, while ejaculation is a spinal cord reflex.

Knowing that an ejaculation and orgasm are two different processes, we can understand that one can happen without the other.

Why Is That Important to Know?

Ejaculation causes a refractory period that lasts anywhere from a few minutes to beyond an hour. During this time (latency period), you can’t have another ejaculation. However, with prostate play, you can experience nonejaculatory orgasms one after the other.

This is the key to having multiple orgasms. Start slow and see where it goes.

This table summarizes the differences between ejaculation and orgasm:

 Ejaculation Orgasm
Spinal cord reflex Reaction in the cerebral cortex
Cannot occur during a latency period Can occur even during the latency period
Ejaculation doesn’t mean orgasm Multiple orgasms are possible without multiple ejaculations


Fact 5: Milking the Prostate Is Good for You

The connection between regular ejaculation, prostate milking, and prostate health is backed up by science to a certain extent. 

One medical study has proven that prostatic massage therapy has significant health benefits for chronic refractory prostatitis.

Prostate health

However, the health effects of prostate massage are still speculative, especially when it comes to preventing prostate cancer.

It has been proven, however, to help with chronic inflammation. 

Supposing chronic inflammation can cause benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or prostate cancer, to this extent we can say that a prostate massage can at least help prevent such diseases from developing.

Frequently Asked Questions

If this is your first time exploring prostate stimulation, you’re sure to have some questions. We’ll do our best to answer them.

Are there any risks when it comes to prostate play?

The tissue inside your rectum is sensitive and delicate, so it’s important to use common sense and be gentle; at least until you get to know your body a bit better. However, if you have a healthy prostate, there shouldn’t be any issues.

Remember to use lots of lube! Not only will it feel better, it will make the whole process safer.

If I like prostate massage, does it mean I’m gay?

We get that many (cisgender) men have fears of being penetrated—they think it means they’re gay.

The prostate is a natural part of the male body, and exploring it doesn’t mean anything other than that you’re curious about finding a source of great pleasure. 

So no, enjoying prostate massage doesn’t mean you’re gay.

Does prostate massage hurt?

If you feel pain, it’s possible you’re doing something wrong. Before jumping to the conclusion that prostate play isn’t for you, go through this short list:

  • Are you forcing penetration with an object that may be too big?
  • Are you using enough lube?
  • Are you playing too rough and pressing too hard?
  • Are you tense?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should take a step back and correct them.

After graduating from finger P-spot play, we’re sure you’ll want to explore the world of massagers and toys. We have a vast selection of prostate massagers to choose from.