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Listen to an audio summary

Butt plugs are among the most popular sex toys around. Take a look at any good sex toy retailer and you'll be met with a huge array of plugs to meet such intense demand!

Their popularity is well earned; they're reliable, being a tried and tested way of achieving anal pleasure and prostate orgasms, and they come in so many different varieties - so many in fact that choosing which plug is the best for you can be difficult.

Regardless of whether you're a beginner who's looking to obtain your very first plug or a seasoned butt plug pro hoping to add something amazing to your collection, we're here for you. We've put together this handy list containing the plugs that we consider to be the best choices for men looking to expand their arsenal, updated for 2024.

After taking a look at each plug, we'll go over some of the things you need to think about to narrow down your choice, including material, features, and size.

How We Put Together This Guide

We used the following criteria to put together this guide to the best butt plugs:

  • Material quality
  • Durability
  • Level of restriction
  • Level of comfort
  • Ease of use


This guide was originally published in March 2023. As part of our yearly quality assessment process (in early 2024), we evaluated every product recommendation to make sure it was up to the standards necessary to make it to this list. Here are some things we took in consideration:

  • Feedback on each product throughout 2023.
  • Usability and overall comfort of each butt plug.
  • Overall trends and new emerging products.
  • Industry trends and innovation.

Best Butt Plugs of 2024: Our Recommendations

Overall Best Butt Plug

B-Vibe Rimming Plug 2 | Rotating and Vibrating Butt Plug

Best Butt Plug for Beginners

Mood Naughty Black Silicone Butt Plug by Doc Johnson

Best Premium Butt Plug

B-Vibe Vibrating & Weighted Snug Plug Black XL

Best Vibrating Butt Plug

Nu Sensuelle Power Plug 20 Function Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

Best Rubber Butt Plug

Colt Anal Trainer Kit | Set of 3 Black Butt Plugs

Best Glass Butt Plug

Anal Fantasy Elite Fantasy Mega Anal Gaper Clear Glass Open Tunnel Butt Plug

Best Silicone Butt Plug

Kiiroo Ohmibod Lumen Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug

Best Rotating Butt Plug

Anal Adventured Platinum 5.75-inch Drive Rechargeable Silicone Butt Plug with Remote by Blush Novelties

Best Hollow Tunnel Butt Plug

Anal Fantasy Elite Small Anal Gaper Clear Glass Open Tunnel Butt Plug by Pipedream Products

Best Butt Plug Kit

Smooth Anal Dilator Expansion Plug Kit Black

B-Vibe Rimming Plug 2 | Rotating and Vibrating Butt Plug
B-Vibe Rimming Plug 2 | Rotating and Vibrating Butt Plug

Price: $$$$$ Material: Medical-Grade silicone
Insertable Length: 4.8 inches Width: 1.5 inches
Functions: Vibrating, Rotating Best For: Men seeking advanced features and ease of use
Safety Features: Phthalate-Free, Non-Toxic, Latex-Free, Splash-Proof Features: Easy to use and clean, USB rechargeable, Includes wireless remote control, Flared base, 7 Unique modes and settings

For 2024, our pick for the best overall butt plug on our site is the same as last year's pick - the B-Vibe Rimming Plug 2. Its range of features, including both rotations and vibrations (which aim to replicate the sensations experienced during a rimjob) are still impressive and make this plug stand out from the crowd.

There are 7 unique modes to play with here, each of which features different speeds and intensities of the vibrations and rotations. Cycling through these modes is super easy with the included wireless remote control, which speeds up finding the right settings for your current mood.

The body of the plug is built from premium, seamless medical-grade silicone which is nice and comfortable, and thanks to the flared base, it stays perfectly in place. All the vibrations come courtesy of a discreet motor in the tip of the plug. Though they're quiet, don't let that fool you - they get very powerful at the higher settings.

There are 7 unique modes to play with here, each of which features different speeds and intensities of the vibrations and rotations

Found in the stem of the plug are several rows of spinning beads - these provide the rotating sensation (for rimjob stimulation) which we found makes it a lot easier to achieve an orgasm when combined with the vibrations. At the bottom of the plug, you'll find the flared base which helps keep it safe and works well as a stand.

With the included USB charger, it's easy to keep the plug charged and ready to go. It also comes with a discreet carrying case, and an anal play guide. The Rimming Plug 2 is easy to use, powerfully pleasurable, and features just the right number of modes to ensure there's something for everyone. That's why it won multiple awards, and why it's the overall best on our site.

Results From Our Testers

  • Rotating beads aren't very realistic, but they feel great
  • Vibrations feel great too
  • Lots of settings to have fun with
  • Remote is good for hands-free use
  • Feels nice and premium

Pros and Cons

First ever rotating butt plug
Powerful motor and rotating beads stimulate your prostate and your rim
7 intense modes for speed and vibrations
Easy to control with included wireless remote
Premium body-safe silicone design
Rechargeable with the included cable
Splash-proof (just don't submerge)
Easy to clean
Only compatible with water-based lube
Some users found vibrations to be more powerful than the rotations
Some users who had never used anal toys had to work their way up to using the plug
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Mood Naughty Black Silicone Butt Plug by Doc Johnson
Mood Naughty Black Silicone Butt Plug by Doc Johnson

Price: $ Material: Silicone
Insertable Length: 3 inches (S), 3.75 inches (M), 4.75 inches (L), 5.5 inches (XL) Width: 1 inch (S), 1 inch (M), 1.25 inches (L), 1.5 inches (XL)
Best For: People who are inexperienced with butt plugs or would just like a smaller plug Functions: Manual stimulation, Preparing for anal sex
Safety Features: Phthalate-Free, Fragrance-Free, Non-Porous, Hypoallergenic Features: Comes in different sizes, Tapered tip for easy insertion, Smooth material, Handle, Waterproof, Flared base

If you're new to butt plugs and would like to find something suitable for your needs in 2024, we'd recommend this Mood Naughty plug by Doc Johnson. It's our best plug for beginners this year thanks to its classic flared design and range of sizes that mean you can choose how you want to start.

This is a very basic plug that lacks any additional features, but this is part of why it's a good butt plug for beginners - it doesn't offer any challenges that might be overstimulating. It's just a simple, classic plug made from soft silicone, with a tapered tip that makes it easy to insert regardless of which size you go for.

Since we're recommending it to beginners though, we'd recommend you go with the smaller size if you're just starting out.

If you have experience with some anal play and are a bit more adventurous you could go for a size up - it's up to you really. The range of sizes means that these plugs make good basic additions for anyone.

The base of the plug is flared and doubles as a handle, which helps make it extra safe. Safety is vital with butt plugs as you don't want to get anything stuck, or worse, lost. The flared handle gives you something to grab onto once you're done, and the smooth silicone means it's easy to remove.

It's a comfortable enough plug to wear for extended periods of time, and it's also waterproof meaning you can take it with you in the bath or shower. This also means it's nice and easy to clean, and works well with water-based lube - we wouldn't recommend using any other varieties of lube with this plug.

Results From Our Testers

  • Nice and simple plug that does exactly what you expect
  • Silicone is smooth
  • They're easy to insert thanks to the taper
  • Range of sizes makes them suitable for beginners and experts
  • They're probably too basic for advanced users

Pros and Cons

Simple plug that's great for beginners
Soft silicone
Tapered tip for easy insertion
Flared handle base for safety
Nice and comfortable
Multiple sizes to choose from
Easy to clean
Only compatible with water-based lube
Might be too basic for some
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B-Vibe Vibrating & Weighted Snug Plug Black XL
B-Vibe Vibrating & Weighted Snug Plug Black XL

Price: $$$$$ Material: Medical-Grade silicone
Insertable Length: 5.35 inches Width: 1.7 inches
Best For: Experienced users looking for something premium to upgrade to Functions: Vibrating, Weighted
Safety Features: Phthalate-Free, Latex-Free, Non-Porous Features: Easy to use, Flexible neck and a smooth grip handle, USB Rechargeable, Travel-Friendly

The B-Vibe vibrating weighted snug plug is perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their current plug to something more luxurious - we consider it the best premium butt plug available for 2024. When compared to a basic plug, it's a great upgrade in terms of how good it feels inside you, as well as its advanced features.

This medical-grade silicone butt plug feels very nice even without utilizing any of the vibrating features due to its premium materials, and its weighted nature. The torpedo-style shape also allows for easy insertion, meaning you shouldn't have too much difficulty getting it inside nice and comfortably.

You definitely do want to try out the vibrations though. In total there are 4 vibration settings and 6 unique patterns. This range gives you a lot to play around with, and working up from the lower settings is a great way to avoid overstimulation.

When compared to a basic plug, it's a great upgrade in terms of how good it feels inside you, as well as its advanced features.

The best way to use this plug is with a ton of water-based lube for a pleasurably slick experience. Once fully charged with the included USB cable, it should last a good while. With the flexible neck which ends in a handle, the plug remains safe through extensive use.

The price tag is pretty high, but we feel this plug makes up for that with the comfort that comes from the combination of its shape, XL size, weight, seamless silicone design, and included travel bag. Combine all that with the various settings of vibrations, and it's easy to see why the B-Vibe Vibrating & Weighted snug plug has this place on the list.

Results From Our Testers

  • The weightiness of this plug feels super nice when it's inserted
  • Good range of vibrations will suit lots of people
  • Torpedo shape and bendable neck help with insertion
  • It's big which is good for those with experience but not for those without
  • It's a bit awkward to change settings due to the placement of the buttons

Pros and Cons

Premium XL vibrating and weighted plug
Perfect for butt-plug veterans
The plug weighs 247 grams for a satisfying feeling of fullness
The torpedo shape makes insertion comfortable
Vibration with 4 intensities and 6 patterns
Silicone design which is seamless for comfort
A flexible neck with a handle adds comfort and safety
Includes a booklet full of anal tips from sex educators
Includes travel bag so you can take your plug anywhere
The battery recharges with the included cable
Only compatible with water-based lube
Might be too big for anyone without experience
Some users wished the buttons were easier to access
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Nu Sensuelle Power Plug 20 Function Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug
Nu Sensuelle Power Plug 20 Function Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

Price: $$$ Material: Silicone
Insertable Length: 4.375 inches Width: 1 inch
Best For: People who are into vibrations and advanced features Functions: Vibrations, Hands-Free use
Safety Features: Body-Safe, Phthalate-Free Features: Powerful vibrations, Compact size, 20 Vibration functions, USB Rechargeable, Waterproof, Wireless remote, Flared base

The plug we consider to be the best vibrating butt plug available on our site in 2024 is the Nu Sensuelle Power Plug. It's nice and slim and there are loads of vibrating modes to choose from that range from gentle and tickling to super powerful - it also comes with a convenient wireless remote.

Overall there are 20 different vibration modes on offer here, which gives you a hell of a lot to play around with, and gives you lots of room to work your way up from the gentler settings, which is what we recommend. It also means this is a decent plug no matter your experience.

It's quite a slim plug which makes it very easy to insert - we'd still recommend lube, but we're sure no one will struggle with this one.

You might want something a little larger if you're experienced, but there's no doubt this plug feels good regardless. It's built from smooth silicone which also helps with insertion, and it's also waterproof, despite the intense vibrations, so you can take it in the bath. The wireless remote makes flicking through settings easy, and also means you can pass it to a partner to let them control your fun, which is always a good time. This is another premium butt plug, but the vibrations, as well as basically everything else, are fantastic.

Results From Our Testers

  • Lots of vibrations to mess around with
  • Good range from gentle to powerful
  • Compact shape is great for beginners and intermediate users
  • Might be too thin for experts but the vibrations will help
  • Great for couples play

Pros and Cons

Powerful vibrating dildo
Compact design
20 vibration modes
Soft silicone
Simple controls
Wireless remote
Flared base
Easy to insert
Might be too small for advanced users
Only compatible with water-based lube
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Colt Anal Trainer Kit | Set of 3 Black Butt Plugs
Colt Anal Trainer Kit | Set of 3 Black Butt Plugs

 Price: $$ Material: PVC
Insertable Length: 4 inches (S), 5 inches (M), 6 inches (L) Width: 1 inch (S), 1.25 inches (M), 1.5 inches (L)
Best For: Men into rubber plugs, Beginners, People looking for butt plug set Functions: Manual stimulation, Anal training
Safety Features: Phthalate-Free, Non-Toxic, Latex-Free Features: Graduated sizes, Smooth material, Tapered tips for easy insertion, Lets you work up to larger sizes, Flared bases

Our best rubber butt plug for 2024 isn't a single butt plug; it's actually a set of three. This anal trainer kit from Colt contains three different sizes of butt plug, allowing you to work from the smallest plug up to bigger and better things, all with a single purchase. Each of these plugs is made from high-quality, body-safe PVC. The plugs are a good medium between being hard and soft, which helps with anal penetration.

The tapered design also makes insertion easier, even with the largest plug in the set.

The plugs range from 4 to 6 inches in length, and 1 to 1.5 inches in width. This means that even the largest plug isn't super oversized or anything - just the right size to be achievable for anyone with a little practice. Experts may want something a little bigger though.

The designs of the plugs are all essentially the same, with the only real difference being the size. This means you can expect the same smoothness, quality of materials, and ease of insertion with each plug. They all have flared bases for safety as well.

As this is a kit containing multiple anal sex toys, it is more expensive than buying a single basic plug. However, most people who are into butt plugs enjoy the process of increasing in size as time goes on, and this kit is a nice and simple way to plan to do that.

Results From Our Testers

  • Basic but high-quality set of butt plugs
  • It's great to be able to work up from a smaller size
  • Quite cheap for 3 plugs
  • PVC isn't quite as soft as silicone
  • They're all fairly easy to insert

Pros and Cons

High-quality PVC rubber plugs
3 plugs included
Includes small, medium, and large butt plugs
Work your way up
Soft and smooth
Tapered tips for easy insertion
Flared bases for safety
Suitable for everyone
Some may prefer silicone
Experts might want larger plugs
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Anal Fantasy Elite Fantasy Mega Anal Gaper Clear Glass Open Tunnel Butt Plug
Anal Fantasy Elite Fantasy Mega Anal Gaper Clear Glass Open Tunnel Butt Plug

Price: $$$ Material: Pyrex glass
Insertable Length: 4.25 inches Width: 2 inches
Best For: Those into temperature play, Glass toys, Gaping, Hollow tunnel toys Functions: Manual stimulation, Gaping
Safety Features: Easy to clean, Body-Safe Features: Smooth material, Compatible with Silicone-Based lube, Easy to insert, Hollow tunnel to allow extra stimulation, Flared base

The Mega Anal Gaper from Pipedream's Anal Fantasy Elite Collection is this year's pick for the best glass butt plug available on our site. If you're looking for a glass plug in 2024, we'd recommend this plug due to its premium, smooth material and its open tunnel design.

This butt plug is made entirely out of Pyrex glass which has a very smooth finish that makes it feel great to insert. The glass also means it's compatible with both water-based and silicone-based lube. Water-based works fine but silicone-based lube makes the toy even smoother and much easier to insert.

The glass material also means this butt plug is great for temperature play. Glass holds on to heat much better than other materials, and simply by submerging it in hot or cold water for a few minutes will be enough to heat it up or cool it down for a good while. This helps get more longevity out of the plug.

This butt plug is made entirely out of Pyrex glass which has a very smooth finish that makes it feel great to insert.

You've probably also noticed that this butt plug has a hollow opening going all the way through. This hole lets you insert objects such as sex toys, your fingers, or even body-safe liquids while the plug is inside you. All of this opens up a lot of potential for extra stimulation, so it's a feature we enjoyed.

It's worth mentioning that this is a pretty big plug - it's called a gaper after all. It has a length of 5 inches which isn't huge, but the width of 2 inches will give you a good stretch. We'd recommend this plug to anyone with a bit of experience with butt plugs.

Results From Our Testers

  • Glass material is weighty and smooth
  • Works very well with silicone lube
  • Hollow tube is a neat addition
  • Tapered tip helps with insertion
  • Probably too big for beginners

Pros and Cons

Premium glass butt plug
Open tunnel design
Gives good view of what's going on
High quality material
Perfect for use with other sex toys, fingers, or liquids
Compatible with silicone-based lube
Flared base
Great for experienced users
Too big for beginners
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Kiiroo Ohmibod Lumen Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug
Kiiroo Ohmibod Lumen Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug

 Price: $$$$ Material: Silicone
Insertable Length: 2.9 inches Width: 1.29 inches
Best For: People who are after a comfortable silicone toy and advanced features Functions: Vibrations, Bluetooth connectivity
Safety Features: Wide base, Body-Safe Features: Compact plug, Vibrations, Velvet Wave comfort technology, Syncs to other sex toys and ambient sounds, USB Rechargeable, Waterproof

The Kiiroo OhMiBod Lumen is what we reckon to be the best silicone butt plug we offer on our site in 2024. It's packed with features, vibration modes, as well as patented Velvet Wave comfort technology (more on that later) that make it feel great to use both with its advanced capabilities and without.

This plug is made from soft silicone that features the Velvet Wave comfort technology we just mentioned. What Kiiroo means by this is that the silicone is built with multiple cushioned ridges to add to the overall comfort of using the plug while also increasing stimulation - it works well in our experience.

There are three modes of use with this plug: manual mode, interactive mode, and Club Vibe mode.

When used in manual mode, there are 4 vibration and pulsation settings. These four settings do feel good, but don't offer much variety or fine-tuning; that's where the other modes come in.

The Lumen can connect to two different apps via Bluetooth - the OhMiBod Remote App, and the Kiiroo FeelConnect App. The former is just a wireless way of controlling the vibrations, but the latter lets you sync up to other sex toys, and can be used with long-distance partners.

Club Vibe mode lets the plug sync up to ambient sounds - this works with anything really, from a speaker playing music in your room, audio from adult content, or even your partner speaking. Results vary based on the volume and other ambient sounds in your area, but this is an interesting feature.

Overall this is a high-quality silicone plug with enough features to keep you busy for a while. The manual mode vibrations could have more variation, but this is made up for by the interactive capabilities, and Club Vibe feature. If you were wondering why it's called the Lumen, that's because there's a glowing blue light on the base.

Results From Our Testers

  • Silicone feels great with the Velvet Wave cushioned ridges
  • Vibrations feel good but there are not many manual settings
  • Interactive capabilities are great for long-distance
  • Club Vibe mode is unique and works well a lot of the time
  • Battery life could be longer, it's less than half of the charge time

Pros and Cons

High-quality, advanced silicone butt plug
Velvet Wave technology
Cushioned material
4 manual vibration modes
Wireless remote app
Connects to other Kiiroo toys long-distance
Club Vibe mode syncs up to ambient sounds such as music
One year warranty
Cool blue light
Not many manual modes
Battery life is 1 hour for a 2.5 hour charge
Might be too small for advanced users
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Anal Adventured Platinum 5.75-inch Drive Rechargeable Silicone Butt Plug with Remote by Blush Novelties
Anal Adventured Platinum 5.75-inch Drive Rechargeable Silicone Butt Plug with Remote by Blush Novelties

 Price: $$$$ Material: Pure Platinum-Cured Puria silicone
Insertable Length: 4 inches Width: 1.5 inches
Best For: Men who love rimjob sensations, Both beginner or advanced anal adventurers Functions: Vibrating, Gyrating, Rotating
Safety Features: Phthalate-Free, Non-Toxic, Waterproof, Easy to clean Features: Wide anchor base, 10 Vibrating functions, Wireless remote control, Compact design, Rechargeable, Small and discreet

Here we have another vibrating and rotating butt plug, but this time they're on our best rotating plug for 2024 - the Anal Adventures Platinum. It features multiple rows of pleasure beads that provide rimjob-style stimulation which feels great.

The 10 vibrating and gyrating functions along with the rotating beads are controlled with the included wireless remote for hands-free use, which is also facilitated by the unique anchor base. It's also super easy to insert the plug thanks to its smooth, penis head tip.

Built out of platinum-cured Puria silicone - which mainly means it's cleaner and more durable than regular silicone - this plug is very soft, and gently warms to your body temperature for an extremely comfortable experience.

It's also waterproof, meaning you aren't just limited to using it in the bedroom - it can be used in the bath or shower or anywhere else in water.

The easy-to-insert penis tip and wide range of vibration and rotation settings mean that this butt plug is a great buy for anyone regardless of their level of experience - both beginners and veterans will be able to get something good out of this one.

The Anal Adventures Platinum butt plug is full of features, simple to use thanks to the remote control, and also dirt-proof which makes remaining hygienic a piece of cake. All of these add up, making it a very good choice for anyone.

Results From Our Testers

  • Rotations feel particularly good
  • Great range of vibrations and gyrations which feel great
  • Easy to insert thanks to soft silicone and tapered tip
  • Wireless remote is convenient
  • It's nice and compact but might be too small for some

Pros and Cons

Vibrating plug with rotating beads for rim stimulation
10 intense vibration settings
Easy insertion thanks to penis head tip
Great for beginners and veterans alike
Built from smooth and body-safe platinum-cured Puria silicone
Fully waterproof
Rechargeable battery
Dirt-proof and very easy to keep clean
Only compatible with water-based lube
Penis-style design isn't for everyone
Might be too small for advanced users
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Anal Fantasy Elite Small Anal Gaper Clear Glass Open Tunnel Butt Plug by Pipedream Products
Anal Fantasy Elite Small Anal Gaper Clear Glass Open Tunnel Butt Plug by Pipedream Products

Price: $$ Material: Borosilicate glass
Insertable Length: 3 inches Width: 1.4 inches
Best For: Men who are interested or experienced with gapers, or who are looking for ways to increase stimulation, Solo play or with a partner Functions: Liquid play and enemas, Anal gaper
Safety Features: Hypoallergenic, Easy to clean, Phthalate-Free, Latex-Free Features: Hollow tunnel for inserting additional toys, Crystal clear build, Tapered tip for easy access, Waterproof, Small and discreet

Another of Pipedream's Anal Fantasy Elite butt plugs has found its way onto our list, this time as our best hollow tunnel butt plug for 2024. This is a smaller version of our best glass plug entry, meaning its high-quality materials and hollow tunnel can be experienced by a wider range of users.

This is a crystal clear glass plug that is very smooth and easy to insert - especially with lube - and also gives you a good view of the action as you're being stretched.

This visual element is uncommon with butt plugs, but it helps out a lot especially when you consider the hollow tunnel. Built into the toy is an opening that goes all the way through. It's just the right shape to allow for the insertion of other anal toys and body-safe objects and liquids. You could even use your (or a partner's) finger for some more targeted stimulation.

The borosilicate glass material means that this plug is compatible with water and silicone lube, the latter of which pairs perfectly with the toy, providing a lot of extra slickness and cushioning. This, along with the tapered tip, makes the toy very easy to use, even if you're new to gapers.

This plug is nice and easy to clean with soapy water, and due to the flared base, you don't need to be worried about it getting sucked too far in. As we mentioned earlier, if you're looking to get into gapers, this is a good toy to start off with, and the hollow tube adds lots of extra options.

Results From Our Testers

  • The glass feels nice and smooth to insert and once inside
  • Silicone lube works perfectly here
  • The hollow tube adds an extra layer of usability
  • It's not too big but still gives a good stretch
  • Experts may want something that gives a larger gape

Pros and Cons

Unique hollow tunnel anal gaper plug
Gives the perfect stretch
Crystal clear borosilicate glass build is super slick and firm
A hollow tunnel allows extra toys and body-safe objects and liquids to be inserted for even more pleasure
Clear material gives a great view of the action
Tapered tip and smooth glass makes insertion easy, even for beginners
Very easy to clean
Compatible with water-based and silicone-based lube
Might not be large enough for super-experienced users
Can be cold at first but soon warms up to body temperature
Check Price Now

Smooth Anal Dilator Expansion Plug Kit Black
Smooth Anal Dilator Expansion Plug Kit Black

Price: $$ Material: TPE
Insertable Length:3.4 inches (XS), 3.75 inches (S), 4.15 inches (M), 4.5 inches (L), 5 inches (XL) Width: 1 inch (XS), 1.2 inches (S), 1.5 inches (M), 1.7 inches (L), 1.9 inches (XL)
Best For: People looking to get into larger butt plugs Functions: Anal training, Manual stimulation
Safety Features: Phthalate-Free, Latex-Free Features: Graduated sizes, Smooth materials, 5 Plugs, Tapered tips for easy insertion, Waterproof, Wide bases

If you're in the market for a butt plug kit in 2024, the kit we'd recommend is this smooth anal dilator expansion plug kit. It contains 5 plugs of graduated sizes that allow you to start as small as you need before working your way up to larger, more filling, and more stimulating plugs with relative ease.

Each of these plugs is made out of TPE rubber which is soft yet firm, and useful for stretching. The smallest plug is 3.4 inches long and 1 inch wide, and the largest is 5 inches long and 1.9 inches wide. The other plugs fall somewhere between, meaning you won't be overstretched as you progress.

The tips are slightly enlarged but still tapered like a real penis, which helps with insertion, even with the larger plugs.

They all have flared bases too, which helps them not get stuck inside you. They're only compatible with water-based lube though, so be sure to use enough of it. All of these plugs are fully waterproof, so you can take them all in the bath or shower if you feel like it. They're all quite comfortable too, meaning they're great for wearing during sex. Aside from the size differences, all the designs are the exact same, so you know what you're getting with each one.

As with other anal trainer kits, they are more expensive than buying a single plug. However, for 5 basic plugs, we think the price is pretty fair, especially if you're a beginner who intends to start with the smallest plug. Overall, they're very simple, but they do a good job of training you towards experiencing the wider world of butt plugs.

Results From Our Testers

  • They increase in size very gradually which means they work great for training
  • The TPE material is firm but soft enough to be comfortable
  • The tapered tips make them easy to insert and more pleasurable
  • They're very smooth which feels nice
  • The material isn't quite as soft as silicone

Pros and Cons

Anal training kit with 5 graduated sizes
Made from soft but firm TPE
Lets you progress gently
Gives more stimulation the further you progress
Tapered tips for easy insertion
Flared bases for safety
Good value for money
Not as soft as silicone
Only compatible with water-based lube
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Become a Sex Toy Reviewer: Your Path to Free Sex Toys

How to choose a butt plug

So - those are the butt plugs that we believe to be the best on our site, with each one being a standout in its individual category. I'm sure a few have caught your eye, but that only complicates things if you're looking to find your perfect plug!

To that end, here we'll go over a few of the things you need to keep in mind in order to narrow down your choice out of all these incredible plugs, to land on one that you can be confident will be the best for your needs!

How to Choose  a Butt Plug Diagram

Know the materials

1. Know the materials

All the plugs on this list are made from one of two materials: silicone or glass. Whichever of these materials a plug is built from can greatly affect a number of things, such as how it feels, how it reacts to temperature, and what kinds of lube it can be safely used with.

Silicone toys are often super soft and velvety, feeling incredible to touch and insert. These toys will usually remain at a fairly consistent temperature. Most silicone toys are only compatible with water-based lube - it's important to always check the labels and instructions of any toy or lube you purchase to find out any compatibility issues.

If you're into the slipperiness and cushioning of silicone lube, you're in luck here as most glass toys can be used with it.

Glass toys are very firm, which makes them easy to insert (especially with lube) and gives a much different feeling as your muscles squeeze around the plug. Glass plugs can be quite cold, but are easily heated and will warm up to body temperature as you use them. If you're into the slipperiness and cushioning of silicone lube, you're in luck here as most glass toys can be used with it.

2. Consider vibrating features

There's no better way to guarantee an explosive ending than by using a butt plug that can deliver intense vibrations exactly where it feels the best. Vibrations can be a double-edged sword, though, due to their intense stimulation.

Some people find this to be far too much stimulation, and if that's you, don't sweat it - there are a lot of people who agree with you.

This one is simple - if you know you're into vibrations, a vibrating toy will do you good. If you're not, go for a manual toy, or a toy with another kind of stimulation that you know works for you, such as a rotating neck.

3. Keep storage in mind

No matter which butt plug you choose, you're going to have to store it somewhere. However, depending on the discreetness of the design, some people aren't comfortable with simply putting their plug away in a drawer or anywhere else for that matter. In these situations, you might want to purchase a plug with a design that isn't too phallic, or one that comes with a badge or storage case.

4. Evaluate your budget

Setting a budget - and sticking to it - is the best thing to do if you're in the market for a new sex toy. You don't want to impulse-buy a fancy and expensive toy only to find you aren't sure about how it feels to use it!

It can be helpful to base your budget on your experience level. If you're a beginner, you may be unsure of your preferences, so it's best to find a less costly toy to try out so you aren't wasting money on something you end up not being into.

5. Consider advanced features

Vibrations are a very common sex toy feature, but there are far more advanced features that offer wildly varied sensations, that are great fun for experienced users to explore!

One of these features is rotations. Several plugs on this list feature rotating rows of beads in the stem of the plug to replicate a rimjob feeling, alongside the prostate stimulation that you'd expect from a good plug.

Weight is another advanced feature. Weighted plugs increase the pressure and feeling of fullness to an incredibly satisfying degree.

Gapers provide intense stretching, and the hollow tunnel allows more sex toys (or any other body-safe items) to be inserted for maximum stimulation!

6. Decide on size

When it comes to butt plugs, size does indeed matter! Anything too small and you might not get the stimulation you want, and anything too big might end up being painful - in a bad way.

Newcomers to butt stuff should always start with something smaller, or opt for an anal training kit if possible. If you're more experienced, you're probably used to smaller plugs, so you might be looking for something a little bigger. Most of the plugs on this list are fairly intermediately-sized and work well for everyone.


Butt plugs are simply amazing - there are no two ways about it! They're such a versatile sex toy, being incredible for solo sex and a great way to spice up sex with a partner. As you've seen from this list, they also come in many varieties - silicone, glass vibrating, rotating... there's something for everyone.

Since this is the best list, every plug we've discussed is a top-notch toy, and certainly a worthy addition to any butt plug collection

If you are looking for that one perfect plug though, remember to set and stick to a budget, and think about your material and feature preferences, as well as your level of experience. Through careful consideration of this list, you're bound to find the butt plug for you.

Side Note

This best of butt plugs for men list will be periodically updated as better products become available or products simply no longer perform as well. As with all best of lists, this will be a living document.

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