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Sexual pleasure is a gift—one of the true delights in life. Ready to fully explore what your body is capable of? Let’s talk about prostate massage.

The prostate is a gland found only in the male body. It’s about the size of a walnut and is situated between the penis and the bladder. 

If you’re looking for more basic info on the prostate in relation to men’s health, we recommend consulting your favorite trusted medical website. 

In this guide, our focus is on prostate massagers—sex toys designed specifically to elicit pleasure from prostate play this special zone in a man’s body. 

Why You Might Want to Try Prostate Massage

male anatomy graphic showing the location of the prostate and other male sex organs

The prostate probably isn’t the first body part that comes to mind when you think of a male orgasm. However, the prostate is critical to the orgasm process, providing part of the fluid that carries sperm when you ejaculate. 

The thing that many men and their partners don’t realize is that the prostate is also a direct source of orgasmic pleasure. 

It makes sense, right? The prostate releases fluid during orgasm. That release is part of your overall ejaculation, so you’ve been using and enjoying your prostate without even realizing it. 

The good news is, any sort of targeted massage in the area of the prostate can bring its own unique pleasures. This can be done externally or internally, and with or without the direct pursuit of a prostate-induced orgasm. 

So, massaging the prostate with a toy—how does it actually work? Let’s start with the more “basic” side of things and discuss external massage first. Then we’ll get into the P-spot orgasms that you’re curious about. 

Getting Started With External Massage

example of a prostate massage toy that provides internal and external touch for sexual pleasure

Prostate massage typically refers to fingers or a toy inserted into the anus to stimulate the prostate. 

The thought of something going “up there” can be a bit scary at first. That’s why external massage is a helpful starter activity for exploring this area. 

With external massage, you’ll work on the perineum. That’s the sensitive region of skin between the anus and the scrotum. This is the area commonly referred to as the taint

Any form of contact on the perineum can provide pleasurable sensations. This is typically a more mild form of stimulation, but some guys really love it. 

To massage your perineum, use your fingers to rub, tap, or apply gentle pressure. You can try this while masturbating or ask your partner to lend a hand during any form of intimate play. 

Prostate massager toys are generally designed for insertion. However, you might like rubbing or pressing your toy against your taint externally. This can be especially nice if your toy vibrates. 

"Works wonders. Didn't know what to expect, and it was a pleasant surprise; the product is great!
Tony R., ★★★★★ Prostate Massager Verified Reviewer

Once you’re moving ahead with internal play, you’ll find that many toys are designed to provide both internal and external stimulation simultaneously. Toys may contain arms or other angled portions that catch the perineum while the shaft is inserted. 

how to use prostate massager

While the toy is inserted, the outer arm should slide right into place along your perineum. 

Perineum massage is a lighter form of play, but it’s a perfect first step for anyone that’s curious about prostate massage. 

Finding the P-Spot With a Massager Toy

 a male sex toy designed for anal insertion to stimulate pleasure through massage of the prostate

External massage can be gratifying. It’s a nice way to try something new without straying too far from your normal routine. However, to take your prostate massage to the next level, you’ll need to get up in there

When it comes to insertion, a finger or two can be nice, but they’re unlikely to get the job done. 

Fingers lack the length and strength to provide a massage that reaches orgasm. 

Plus, why should the ladies have all the fun with toys? Fortunately, in recent years there’s been a surge of incredible just-for-men sexual pleasure products reaching the market. 

Vibrating toys aren’t just for women anymore. 

 prostate massagers testimonial

When you start working with your toy, the goal is to make contact with your prostate. When we’re discussing the prostate in relation to sexual pleasure, we call it the P-spot. When stimulated correctly, it’s your body’s equivalent of the female G-spot. 

Before you insert a toy, take a few preparatory steps:

  • Clean your anal area in the shower and use a male enema if you want to be extra clean on the inside.
  • Apply lube generously to your toy and anal area.
  • If it’s your first time, explore beforehand with a finger to locate your P-spot—it’s a spot that might feel a bit raised or firm. You might notice some exciting sensations as soon as you contact this area.  

When you feel clean and comfortable, you can start moving the toy inside. Lying down positions work well, either on your side or on your back. Note that there’s no need to have an erection at any point while you use your massager. 

Start with a small toy. Or, only insert your toy to a depth that feels completely safe and comfortable for you. 

Gradually work your way up to bigger toys or deeper insertions only if and when you desire to. Only do what feels safe and pleasurable—there’s no use for a competitive spirit here. 

Bring the head of the toy into contact with the P-spot. Gently massage the area. Don’t push too hard! There’s no advantage to pushing the envelope in terms of power or speed. 

The process won’t be quick—reaching a P-spot orgasm can take around 30 minutes of massage. So, get comfortable and settle into the experience. 

If your toy is manual (non-battery-operated) then it’s up to you to find the right stroking rhythm. If the toy vibrates, then start slowly. Gradually increase the speed setting if you’d like to, and experience the wonders of a vibrating toy. 

"Feel the difference. Have had similar products but this is by far the best. 20 different patterns = 10 different experiences.
 Steven R., ★★★★★ Prostate Massager Verified Reviewer 

The stimulation is likely to make you hard. Don’t worry if it does, don’t worry if it doesn’t. Don’t worry if an erection appears and then goes away. 

With a bit of traditional stroking, you might be able to quickly have a “regular” orgasm. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. In this way, prostate massage is simply a nice complement to your typical bedroom routine. 

Your other option is to hold out for an experience that’s entirely about the P-spot. 

Learning to Achieve a P-Spot Orgasm 

If you’d like to pursue an orgasm that originates solely from prostate massage, then resist the urge to jerk. You’ll eventually have a climax stimulated entirely by stroking the P-spot. It might feel a bit different in every way. In fact, it might even occur while you’re flaccid. 

When the p-spot orgasm comes, you’ll know. It’s a super-intense and unique sensation. You might find the experience to be longer-lasting and more mind-blowing than the orgasms you’re used to. 

Ready to take the leap and shop for a game-changing sex toy? The Enhanced Male carries an incredible variety of prostate massagers and related toys, accessories, and products. 

Don’t say we didn’t warn you—once you’ve had one P-spot orgasm, you might get hooked for life. 

 Prostate Massagers: Frequently Asked Questions

 a prostate massage sex toy for men with a remote control for controlling the level of vibration

Do you have questions? Of course you do. It’s a big topic. 

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding use of prostate massager toys. To learn more, check out our primer on prostate massagers. Then visit our blog for exciting and informative articles on all topics related to men’s sexual health and pleasure. 

What Type of Lube Should I Apply to My Prostate Massager?

Here are the lubes that work best with different prostate massage toys:

What Type of Lube Should You Use?

Massager Material

Ideal Lube


Water-based lube


Water-based lube

Metal or Glass

Any variety of lube 

Silicone-based lube is often thicker and longer-lasting, so it’s a great choice for metal or glass toys. For toys made from silicone or rubber, use a water-based lube. 

How Do I Clean My Prostate Massager?

Most sex toys, including prostate massagers, can be cleaned with water and soap. 

Some materials, such as metal or glass, can also be sanitized with boiling water or a dishwasher cycle. Check your product’s packaging information for any special cleaning instructions. 

If you’d like to keep your toy clean during use, use a condom. 

Can I Use My Prostate Massager in the Shower?

Any manual (non-battery-operated) prostate massager can be taken in the shower. If you have a vibrating toy, check the instructions. Some toys are waterproof, while others are only water-resistant.