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Fleshlight Girls

Your Guide to the Best Fleshlight Girls Reviewed

We've all heard of them, the discreet strokers that changed the sex game for men around the world.  Fleshlights are pretty much the all time best selling sex toy for men, and for good reason. They are amazing, they look great and feel even greater! To take things to the next level, Fleshlight inked a deal with dozens of the worlds most popular porn stars to turn their private parts into the greatest sex toys ever.  Fleshlight Girls aka a porn start pocket pussy are the range of different masturbators molded directly from these stars.  


They molded their vaginas, butts, and even mouths.  They are the perfect companion for those looking for a super lifelike toy with an extra special realistic twist. The anatomy of their favorite stars! Let’s face it, it's your best chance of getting inside your favorite porn star! 













Put simply, it’s the most popular male sex toy (pocket pussy)in the world! So popular that the term is now used by some to describe the whole category of male masturbator toys, but this is not accurate. Fleshlight is actually a brand of male masturbators and this range is arguably the best in the world.


Now, if you are thinking the name sounds a lot like a flashlight, you are right and that’s because the shape of the toy is based off the classic shape of a hand-held flashlight. These popular men's toys have a discreet hard plastic outer case with a removable cap on each end and a super soft inner sleeve which is used to stimulate the penis. There are all sorts of different models available which feature different orifices at the top of the toy, and different inner textures for stimulation. And, these textures are pretty damn amazing! 


There are super tight ones that feature a spiral or vortex design, and there are those that a little less tight and intense and use ribs and bumps to stimulate the penis. Each of the girls featured have their own uniquely designed inner texture, some more aggressive than others.   If you want to learn more about lubricant for your favorite Fleshlights then check out the top list of Best Lube for Fleshlight.




It is the material used by them that makes this toy so unbelievably popular. Each of the sleeves are made from their famous and patented TPE material called SuperSkin. They keep their formula very secret and never post exactly what it is made of, but what we do know is that it is latex-free, non-toxic and it feels very, very lifelike. 


SuperSkin is extremely soft, stretchy, and can be heated before you play to make it feel even more like the real thing. Yes, that is right, these realistic sleeves transfer heat like a real person. These toys are the closest thing you can get to the feeling of having sex with another person.



So, these toys are great, but how could they be even better? How about molding them off the real bodies of some of the world’s most popular porn stars? Hell yeah, a porn star pocket pussy! That’s exactly what they’ve done with the Fleshlight Girls range. Most of these XXX stars will have a few different models in their collection with a toy molded off their vaginas, butts, and even their lips for that those just love a great blowjob.



And, when I say, some of the world’s most popular porn stars, I mean it! The list of girls who have had their body parts molded into these amazing toys is already extensive and they are adding more all the time as new stars’ pop up. Riley Reid, Stoya, Misty Stone, Tori Black, Eva Lovia and Asa Akira are all part of the Fleshlight Girl gang, just to name a few.




As you now know, each one is molded of the anatomy of one of the girl’s bodies, but there are differences inside the sleeve too which you need to consider. Each Fleshlight Girl has their own inner texture which is unique to that star and it is this part of the toy that is the most important as it will determine the kind of stimulation you get from it. From what we understand, the girls designed their own canal too!



Some of the sleeves have only a subtle texture  for mild stimulation while others are aggressively textured for intense pleasure. The sleeves each have their own "tightness" as well so make sure you give the description a good read to ensure you get the right toy for you. It's not just about the look and the porn star. 


You need to pick a Fleshlight Girl with a texture and suction you will actually love. Many guys like to collect them all, especially when the choice is so difficuly.  We will look at some of the specific models soon, so hold tight!




Some of you might be wondering exactly how they mold the mouth, butt, and vaginas of these girls.  What starts off as a mud like substance is used to create a hard mold of the body part.


  • The model is fully cleaned and dried off before laying down on their molding table
  • Liquid molding clay is poured over the area of the body getting molded (they use a breathing tube for mouth molds)
  • They then inject the body safe clay into the ass and pussy
  • Once the clay dries it is easily removed from the model
  • Finally the mold is cleaned up or any rough spots before it is turned into a hard cast mold which the SuperSkin liquid is poured into




If a realistic masturbation experience is what you are after, then a Fleshlight Girl will be your thing. This line of masturbators is as good as it gets when it comes to men’s sex aides. Of course, nothing can beat the real deal but these little beauties get pretty damn close! Plus, matching your session up with some of your girl’s porn? Well, that’s just a super amazing no-brainer.


But you can use these toys in all sorts of ways, no simply as a tool for masturbation. You can use it with a partner as part of foreplay and get them to take the reins and be in charge of the strokes, or you can use it as a training tool to increase the time before you reach orgasm. If you can last with one of these girls, then your partner doesn't stand a chance!


What comes in the Box?




So, what’s in the box? Well, the best masturbation experience of your life of course! Each one has the hard outer case which doubles as a storage unit, and the inner sleeve that is unique to the girl you pick. I recommend you grab some water-based lubricant at the same time as you are going to need it and once you see and touch this toy, you are not going to want to wait. 


But you can use these toys in all sorts of ways, no simply as a tool for masturbation. You can use it with a partner as part of foreplay and get them to take the reins and be in charge of the strokes, or you can use it as a training tool to increase the time before you reach orgasm. If you can last with a Fleshlight Girl, you can last with a partner!





Using a porn star pocket pussy is super easy but there are a few very important things you should know upfront. 


1. Remove the plastic tube


Each Fleshlight comes with a small, hard plastic tube inside the tube to keep its shape while it is boxed. And, as you can guess, if you try to put your cock in without removing this first, it is going to seriously hurt! So, make sure you get rid of that ASAP so you don’t make that mistake and ruin the mood. 


2.  Use a ton of lube


Remember that amazing SuperSkin material we mentioned earlier? Well, it feels awesome to use but it does require you to take care of it. Being so soft, this material is prone to tearing if you do not use adequate lubrication and once it tears, it is no longer body-safe. Tears in the material can harbor bacteria even after a thorough cleaning meaning your body is at risk if you continue to use it.


Plus, lubricant is going to make the Fleshlight feel a whole lot better anyway! These toys are designed to be tight-fitting and highly textured. Without lubricant, you are destined to create a sensation that is more painful than pleasurable as there will be a lot of friction and irritation to your skin. Lubricant will soften up these areas and loosen the sleeve slightly so that you get maximum sensation without any of that pesky friction.


Stick to water-based lubricant only and test out different options to get the right thickness and glide that you like. Watch out for silicone lube with this sex toy. If you are after a longer-lasting session, look for an option with a thicker viscosity that will stick around for longer than the thinner options. Don’t forget that water-based lube is the only type you want going anywhere near this toy. Silicone lube and oil-based lube will destroy it, and no one wants that!


3. Stick it in, real deep


Now that you are all lubed up, its action time. All you need to do is get yourself hard insert your erect penis into the opening of the sleeve.  Start to move the toy up and down on your dick, varying speeds helps. That’s it! All that inner texture will do the work for you. It’s up to you how fast or slow you go with the movement and whether you use your hands to work the toy up and down or just hold it and place and thrust those hips. 


4. Try out the different suction settings


Now, what truly sets Fleshlight apart from the rest of male masturbators is it's ability to create suction. These things are designed to create suction within the tube that actually feels like you are getting a blowjob and even better? You can control the level of suction with the small cap at the end of the tube. If you leave this on tight it will provide maximum suction, but you can turn the end to loosen the cap and create less of a suction effect on your penis too. Pretty damn cool right?!


5. Try it out with your partner


Don’t forget that you can use a Fleshlight Girl with a partner too. This doesn’t need to be just a partnered toy! Hand it over to a partner and let them be in charge of your pleasure by stroking the toy up and down along your shaft. Trust me, this is super hot!




So, first things first, some people pick based solely on the girls themselves and that’s perfect for most, but there are other things to consider too. Remember that the orifice is the only visual part of the toy, so think about whether you want to see a pussy, an ass or the lips at the opening of the toy. 


And, what we think is the most important thing to consider, the inner sleeve canal! This will determine how tight the toy is, how much suction is created within the tube and the intensity of sensation you will get while you play. If you like it tight, then some of the looser options might not feel so good to you, and vice versa. So check out the different options even if you have a favorite girl in mind, as their sleeve may not be the best option for you. 


fleshlight girls




Now for the fun bit that you have all been waiting for! We have been using and selling Fleshlight's for over 10 years and have accumulated years’ worth of data to come up with the perfect list of the top 5 Girls. This is the real deal list of the top girls based off customer reviews, employee reviews, and global reviews.


Tori Black Sultry Fleshlight
5. Tori Black  | Sultry textured Ass sleeve



  • Direct mold of Tori's perfect ass 
  • Extremely aggressive texture will drive you to orgasm instantly 
  • Includes multiple chambers which will keep your dick guessing what comes next 
  • Shows all of the natural wrinkles and creases in her butt region 
  • Feels like you are really having anal sex 
  • Extra tight hole for a virgin like experience



"Tori has one tight ass" - Jeff, Colorado Springs, Colorado


Tori Black is one of the worlds most famous porn stars and her Fleshlight is one of their longest running and best-sellers. This girl is smoking hot and super popular and this butt Fleshlight is going to rock your world. 


As you can guess from a Fleshlight styled off a butt, this is going to be tight too, as anal should be. However, unlike those above, this toy has a bit less suction and is more about the intense texture and stimulation you will get as you move it up and down. 


The standout feature of the Sultry sleeve is the super-tight entrance which feels just like penetrating a real ass. Once you make your way through, it opens up slightly into 4 amazing chambers full of nubs and ribs for all-over stimulation the whole length of the cock. 


The sleeve also tightens again right at the very end for some extra special squeeze for those long enough to reach it.

4. Ana Foxxx | Silk textured vagina sleeve



  • Every inch you get in further you will experience new and greater sensations
  • Unique diamond shaped texture grabs hold of and tugs at your dick 
  • The perfect mold of Ana's sweet dark chocolate pussy 
  • Super soft and realistic to the touch 
  • Wider canal accommodates even the biggest penises



"Shes perfect in every way" - Lucas, Atlanta, Georgia


Ana Foxxx is the sexy ebony porn star that has been rocking the industry since she arrived on the scene in 2011. This tall dark chocolate beauty started her career as a catwalk model so which is understandable because this babe is smoking hot! While there are still only a few darker-skinned models in the Fleshlight Girls range, this is one that you can enjoy over and over again. 


Ana Foxxx is enough women for any man! This Silk texture sleeve has only two chambers that are on the wider side of Fleshlight sleeves with only a small super tight part in the middle. 


The first chamber has zig-zag like pyramids that get tighter as you go deeper. Once you get through the tight middle, you can open out into the second chamber with large edges that change in diameter and shape as you move along. 


This final pleasure chamber is wider and less textured than other styles making it great for those that are new to Fleshlights or have a wider girth that requires some extra space. The entire length of the sleeve has just enough stimulating texture to have you cumming in no time.




Ana Foxxx Silk Fleshlight

Stoya Destroya Fleshlight
3. Stoya | Destroya textured vagina sleeve



  • Enjoy every inch of Stoya's realistic pussy 
  • Pronounced clit and labia are ready to take your cock to new extremes 
  • Multi-chamber canal will give you new sensations the deeper you get 
  • Ultra tight canal ending will give you explosive orgasms 
  • One of the best selling sleeves of all time 
  • Known for having one of the tightest pussy's in porn

"She destroyed my cock in seconds" - Derek, Seattle, Washington



The Stoya Destroya is by far the most popular Fleshlight with fans all over the world. Why though is this not rated as the number one then?  Well, as great of a sleeve this is, the ones in front have a higher average review rating which we added weight to our scale.  This is molded off the vagina of the super-popular 


Stoya who is tall, thin, pale and extremely sexy. Her vagina Fleshlight sleeve is called the Destroya (Stoya Destroya) for a reason. Just try using this thing without reaching orgasm, I dare ya! This toy is designed to be tight, textured and get you off quick.  Stoya’s uniquely designed Destroya sleeve was created for total and absolute pleasure.  


Once your are inside you will know exactly what we are talking about. Right off the bat, this toy is going to blow your mind. It starts super tight before opening into a 360 chamber of soft tickling nubs for all-over cock massage. It then gets tighter and tighter as you work your way through soft teeth and into the final super tight ribbed canal. 


This is where your orgasm is sucked out of you! Many guys call this the most intense Fleshlight sleeve there is and I have to agree with them. This thing is seriously intense and seriously awesome all at the same time.  




2. Dillion Harper | Crush textured vagina sleeve



  • Enjoy the perfect mold of Dillion's award winning pussy 
  • Multiple awards won for best pussy by Pornhub 
  • Enjoy a virgin like experience with her petite and tight vagina Her pussy lips are tucked in and ready for you to penetrate 
  • Experience 3 unique pleasure chambers each with a new and better feeling than the last 
  • Making waves as one of the newest Fleshlight Girls



"Dillion is the ultimate girl next door" - Brian, Houston, Texas


Dillion Harper is the ultimate girl next door. She is petite, cute as hell and has a perfect tits and tight vagina to match. She even won Pornhubs Perfect Pussy Award, so you know this is going to be a good ride. This is another super tight option that is designed to get you off quick! This makes it an ideal toy for masturbation or even to use as a training tool!  


Leave it to Dillion and she will drain you of all your cum. The Dillion Harper Crush has 3 internal chambers that start with a fair bit of room but lots of stimulation and then get tighter as you work your way towards the end. The final chamber has a spiral vortex too for an extra tight fit and a nice strong suction to the head of the penis. 


This last twisty chamber in the Crush sleeve is designed grab hold of your dick and milk it dry.  This is another toy that is not for the faint of heart. 



Dillion Harper Crush Fleshlight

Eva Lovia Sugar Fleshlight

1. Eva Lovia | Sugar textured vagina sleeve



  • Eva is one of the longest running 
  • Fleshlight Girls Lick, tickle, or fuck her tight perfect vagina 
  • Experience the wild 4 chamber sleeve designed to drive you wild 
  • One of the most aggressive sleeves made by Fleshlight 
  • The perfect canal size for all men, not too lose or too tight 
  • Top 10 most popular porn stars of all time


"Eva has long been my favorite and now I can finally have her all to myself" - Perry, Las Vegas, Nevada


Ahhh Eva Lovia. This smoke show of a brunette babe has been a favorite of mine since the day I laid eyes on her and I’m sure many of you will agree. I mean she has over 2 million followers on Instagram and god knows how many videos views on Pornhub! As one of the best selling Fleshlight Girls of all time, her sleeve is hot enough for any guy. 


The Eva Lovia Sugar Fleshlight is molded off the star’s tight pussy and is petite, plush and sexy to look at. It’s even better when you get inside. This tight sleeve is wild and incredibly stimulating. The Sugar texture is all about teasing and suction.  There are 4 different chambers to explore and overall this is a fairly tight sleeve. 


The first chamber you enter is full of tight spirals to stimulate every inch of you before opening up into the middle chambers. These are a little wider but just as textured and covered in nubs and ribs. The final chamber is another spiral vortex that is super tight and creates a lot of suction on your cock to really finish you off!  


The Eva Lovia Spice Fleshlight is not for the faint of heart and I recommend it for guys that love a tight fit and a whole lot of stimulation. 




How to care for your Fleshlight Girl


First up, it’s important to know that this isn’t a simple throwaway masturbator like some others, this is a toy that can be used over and over so long as you take the time to clean and care for it. Think of these as an investment that you have to take care of. And honestly, this does take a bit more effort than other styles of toy, but it is worth it!


You need to clean this toy thoroughly every time you use it. This is not a toy that you can just use and throw in the drawer. As soon as you are finished playing, remove the end and take out the sleeve. You can wash the sleeve with warm water and a sex toy cleaner or mild soap and give it a really good rinse to make sure it is completely clean. 


You can even flip the sleeve inside out to make sure you get into those hard to reach parts. The more textured the sleeve, the harder this will be, so think of that before you buy too. You can also wipe down the plastic case or rinse this too. Once it is cleaned, you need to let both parts of the toy completely dry out before you put the sleeve back inside. 


A moist sleeve is a breeding ground for bacteria which makes the toy unsafe for your precious genitals, so take care!


Once the toy is completely dry and back in its case, you can use some refreshing powder to keep your Fleshlight Girl fresh and new. You will find that after a few uses and washes, the sleeve material will start to become a little tacky and sticky to touch. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about but it doesn’t feel as good as it could. 


To get rid of this and get it back to it’s soft and silky texture, you can use some renewing powder to absorb the moisture. Just sprinkle this over the outside of the toy and down the center of the sleeve to keep it fresh and lush. A sneaky trick is that corn starch will work in the same way too.


Look, if you have a penis, there is no doubt this is going to feel good. So check them out here and find the best one for you.

Click the following link for even more tricks and tips to using your Fleshlight.


Current List of all 2020 Fleshlight Girls