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Erectile dysfunction can make it seem like a fulfilling sex life for you and your partner is a thing of the past.

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection suitable to complete satisfying sexual activity. For some people, it will mean struggling to get or keep an erection. For others, it might mean reduced sensitivity, premature ejaculation, or losing the desire to engage in sex completely.

As well as the physical issues, there's often a lot going on in your head when you're suffering from ED. Anxiety, depression, and even anger are not uncommon when sexual fulfillment is missing from life.

If you're facing these kinds of issues, you're not alone - ED is a problem for over 30 million men in the U.S.

Today though, millions of these men and their partners are finding that sex toys offer an extremely effective solution.  In fact, there have been numerous studies that show integrating sex toys and other sex aids into your life when you struggle with ED has a positive effect in the treatment of male sexual dysfunctions.

In this guide, we'll explore sex toys for ED in more detail - including how the different kinds can help. We'll also look at the 10 most popular sex toys for men with ED, based on user experience and reviews.

Best Sex Toys for Men with Erectile Dysfunction:

Our recommendations were selected based on the following

  • Overall effectiveness
  • Safety features
  • Quality & reputation
  • Product features
  • Peer reviews
  • Market value

The best sex toys for people with ED are:

Prostate massagers

Prostate massagers are great for men who suffer from ED as they can provide sexual pleasure if you're unable to achieve an erection.

Not only can you enjoy plenty of intense orgasms while remaining flaccid, but studies also show that prostate massage can help improve the symptoms of ED.

Male vibrators

Male vibrators are ideal for men struggling with ED as they can offer powerful stimulation even when you're not erect.

Penis vibrators allow men to still enjoy orgasms and sexual satisfaction while living with ED.

Penis pumps

Penis pumps are recommended by medical professionals everywhere for their ability to help men create and maintain erections even if they have the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

When used with a constriction ring, penis pumps can temporarily relieve many ED symptoms and help men enjoy stable and fulfilling sex life.

Penis sleeves and extensions

Penis sleeves, extensions, and hollow strap-ons are a fantastic solution for men with erectile dysfunction. These sex aids allow ED sufferers to enjoy penetrative sex with their partner even if they are unable to achieve an erection.

While stimulation for the person wearing the toy will usually be minimal, these devices allow men to get off by giving their partner long-lasting penetrative sex.

These toys are perfect for supporting the mental/emotional pleasure of men by allowing them to please their partners.

 Male masturbators

For men who are able to enjoy an erection but suffer from premature ejaculation, male masturbators can be very effective - helping to build stamina and improve their performance through practice.

Edging and other penile stimulation exercises can help to alleviate premature ejaculation while enjoying the practice.

There are even masturbators available that offer suction - so even if you cannot achieve an erection, you can still enjoy masturbation.

Here, we've explored a range of these ED toys in more detail.

Grand Mamba XL 8 Inch Hollow Strap-on Penis Extender


The Grand Mamba hollow strap-on is a realistic penis extender designed to enhance penetrative sex.

It slips over an erect or flaccid penis quickly and easily - adding very realistic feeling length and girth. The jock-style harness helps to keep it in place and will fit a range of body shapes.

The Mamba is suitable for vaginal or anal sex and is anatomically shaped for the most life-like sensation possible.

How can it help with ED?

The Grand Mamba can help with ED issues in a number of ways.

Firstly, there's significantly reduced performance anxiety. This is a toy that will fulfill any lover - even if you can't get or maintain an erection.

For some men with ED, getting an erection takes much longer than they would like. In other cases, ED can result in premature ejaculation - leaving you unable to perform afterward. The Mamba XL immediately removes these problems - giving you the ability to thoroughly satisfy your partner no matter what symptoms you're facing.

Peer Reviews


I am in my 80's and had some trepidations using, what we humorously called "The Beast" . After following the advice of others with proper lubrication, my wife and I enjoyed the toy very much.

HHaiko E.

Automatic Precision Electric Penis Pump

Automatic Precision Electric Penis Pump

The Lynk Pleasure Automatic Precision Electric Pump uses powerful vacuum suction to draw blood into your penis.

The small and quiet electric motor is quick and easy to operate - with simple one-handed controls. There are 4 speeds and a variety of settings to experiment with until you find one that works perfectly for you.

When combined with a cock ring, the Precision pump will help you get and keep an erection quickly and with minimal fuss.

How can it help with ED?

The Automatic Precision Pump is an ideal solution for people whose erectile dysfunction means they struggle to get or keep their penis erect.

Using a pump to pull the blood into the shaft and head of the penis overcomes any physical limitations ED may present. If cock ring is slipped over the penis before the pump is used, the blood will then become trapped - helping you to maintain your erection.

The one-handed operation of the pump also means it can work alongside other sexual activity - helping it to fit into your sex life with little or no disruption.

Video Review

Peer Reviews


This is an excellent device. It works flawlessly and all by itself. I just sit back and let it do all the work. There are only two things I don't care for. First, the lighted display is so bright that it's nearly blinding when used at night. I would prefer an LED display over a back-lit LCD display. Second, the silicone base sleeve is too tight when removing my enlarged member. I'm trying some other base sleeves from The Enhanced Male to see if I can find one that allows easier extraction.



Best pump I've ever used. Highly recommend it to anyone.


Bathmate Hydromax7 Water Penis Pump 

Bathmate Hydromax7

The Bathmate Hydromax7 is a penis pump that uses water instead of air to create a comfortable vacuum to draw blood into the penis.

Since this is a water toy, it can be safely used in the shower, bathtub, or even in steam rooms - opening up locations that other toys might not but suitable for.

Offering 35% more suction than previous Bathmate sex toys, the Hydromax7 will help you get and maintain a full erection quickly and with zero fuss.

How can it help with ED?

The Hydromax7 is perfect for people who might otherwise struggle to get or maintain an erection.

The gentle but powerful water action draws blood into the penis quickly - helping you to overcome any ED symptoms that might otherwise stop you from becoming hard.

When used to combat ED, the Hydromax7 is best combined with standard or vibrating cock rings. If the constriction ring is placed around the penis before pumping, it will then trap the blood in place, helping to maintain your erection and improve sexual sensation.

Peer Reviews


Gotta day I’m loving this products been using it for 21 days and already can tell a difference!

MMarcelino C.

The Milker Penis Milking Machine

The Milker Penis Milking Machine

The Milker is a premium male masturbator and pump-in-one - offering unrivaled solo pleasure.

A fully automatic toy - the Milker Delux fits over your penis and then simulates oral sex, using a combination of suction stroking to encourage your erection. An exceptional range of settings and attachments means it can be fine-tuned to your exact tastes or requirements.

A unique feature of this milker is that you can use it while flaccid. You do not need to have an erection to enjoy the pleasure that the milker provides.

How can it help with ED?

A premium sex toy like the Milker is designed to offer the best penis stimulation money can buy - offering a range of sensations that even a partner would struggle to replicate.

This means your penis will be stimulated in ways that are otherwise impossible - and this is often what's needed to encourage an erection.

The vacuum pump element of the toy only goes to increase the effectiveness when you're dealing with ED symptoms. Combined with a cock ring, the Milker will help you get and maintain an erection with virtually zero effort on your behalf.

If your ED symptoms mean that staying power is what you're looking for, the Milker is the perfect toy to help you regularly train yourself to hold your orgasm at bay.

Peer Reviews


Okay I was kinda optimistic about it but let me tell you it’s was something out of this world !! Amazing product !! Shipping was fast ...very easy to set up and a breeze to clean ! By far the best investment !! GUYS, couples, whatever it may be ! If you’re looking for something fun and New to do get one of theses ...you won’t be disappointed ! Thank you enchancesmale

LLemana J.


Works great, functions as it is meant to, I can see having a lot of fun with this! Easy to setup, use, clean, and store. Price is a little high but this is an item that is specialized after all. The size of the thing is about what is expected but end results you must find for yourself

LLindsay L.

Flexskin Hollow Strap-on Penis Extension Sleeve (6.5 Inch)

Flexskin Hollow Strap-on Penis Extension Sleeve (6.5 Inch)

Made from the softest silicone available, the Adams Flexskin hollow dildo is an extremely lifelike sleeve that fits around a flaccid penis in a matter of seconds.

The combination of a snug fit around your penis and a comfortable elastic harness means keeping the toy in place is effortless.

At 6.5", this sleeve is still a lifelike size - but is more modestly sized than other sleeves on the market, making it perfect if you and your partner enjoy silicone toys designed for anal or vaginal play.

How can it help with ED?

A lifelike penis sleeve male sex toy offers a range of benefits for someone with ED.

If you find that premature ejaculation ends love-making too quickly, this gives you the chance to become hard again instantly and continue to pleasure your partner.

On the other hand, if you struggle to get an erection, strap-ons give you an instant erect penis with no anxiety about whether or not you'll be able to perform.

Peer Reviews


I think this product is great. Thanks

JJeff M.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Guybrator Penis Vibrator

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Guybrator Penis Vibrator

The Hot Octopuss Pulse III is considered the first and most advanced 'Guybrator' available.

The patented PulsePlate technology delivers unmatched penile vibratory stimulation - bringing a range of sensations to the nerve endings in your glans and shaft that other toys cannot compare to.

The silicone wings that envelope your penis are soft and flexible, making it suitable for any size or shape penis. You can use this vibrator with an erection or even while flaccid which makes it perfect for those with more extreme levels of ED.

The Pulse III also comes with a discreet remote that makes hands-free masturbation possible.

Video Review

How can it help with ED?

The Pulse III takes a different approach to combatting ED. Rather than drawing blood into the penis, its vibration patterns bring a whole new level of sensation - exposing you to new and exciting feelings that will stimulate blood flow and arousal levels.

The vast range of settings also makes the Pulse III perfect for someone hoping to train themselves to last longer - ideal if ED means you suffer from premature ejaculation.

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

As the name suggests, the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit was developed to help men last longer and fight premature ejaculation.

It works by over-stimulating the penis. Not only is this the tightest Fleshlight available, but the inside of the soft, life-like SuperSkin unit is also lined with soft bumps - adding to the intensity of the experience.

Users can also use the twist cap end of the Fleshlight unit to adjust airflow. The more the cap is tightened, the greater the feeling of suction inside the device.

The Fleshlight team also create a range of add-ons for the Training Unit that enhances masturbation even further. A sleeve warmer brings the SuperSkin up to body temperature extremely effectively - and a wall/shower mount makes hands-free sessions practical too.

How can it help with ED?

When you first experience the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, endurance is likely to be the last thing on your mind - but that quickly changes as you understand how to use it to control your sessions.

With patience, people who may ordinarily ejaculate early can adjust the speed of their play, learning how to get close to orgasm without passing the point of no return.

Fleshlights aren't just designed for solo training sessions though. Partners can enjoy the fun too - controlling the device and your level of stimulation - or using it to get you off before intercourse so further orgasms are delayed.

Peer Reviews


I found this toy to be more amazing any other masturbater I've every tried. I had to slow down a good bit to prevent a premature orgasm. I think it will help me build stamina in the long run. The insert is easy to remove, and very easy to clean.



Enjoyed the stamina trainer quite a bit. I am 46 years old and dont get as stiff as I once did. I am easily able to penetrate this vagina and reach climax. This feels very real.


Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Male Masturbator

Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Male Masturbator

The Cobra Libre doesn't look like other sex toys for men - but it's one of the most advanced penis tip vibrators available today.

This is a toy that focuses a series of intense vibrations on the glans (tip of the penis) - where many of the most sensitive nerve endings are found.

It's one of the few truly single-handed toys for men on the market - and the lifelike soft silicone feels like it's custom-made to fit you perfectly, whether you're hard or soft.

With the tight opening, you can insert and use it while either flaccid or erect.

Video Review

How can it help with ED?

This is another toy that delivers incredible sensations to your penis to encourage an erection.

If you've tried other vibrating toys with mixed success, the innovative design of this masturbator and vibrator make it worth exploring - especially as it works just as effectively with an erect or flaccid penis.

The range of vibration patterns and settings make it perfect if you're looking to combat premature ejaculation with some intense training sessions too.

You can enjoy this toy while flaccid or erect which makes it great for any level of ED.

Peer Reviews


I love this product! I can’t believe the amount of good feelings you get from such an amazing product. Love this thing!


Man Wand Vibrating Male Masturbator

Man Wand Vibrating Male Masturbator

The Man Wand Vibrating Male Masturbator is a real multi-purpose toy that can be used in countless ways to enhance your sex life.

Primarily, it's designed to wrap around the head of the penis and stimulate using its 8 vibration speeds and 20 modes - each enough to bring you to orgasm alone.

However, the versatile shape of the toy means it can be used elsewhere too. Turn the head over and have a wand that's ideal for perineum prostate massage. Flip the wand around you can experiment with stimulation of your anal opening too.

The man wand is a perfect all-in-one for people who might not want separate anal toys and prostate toys.

How can it help with ED?

Versatility is the name of the game with the Man Wand. There are no other toys on this list that offer this range of stimulation options.

The wrap-around head of the wand is perfect whether you're looking for new sensations to encourage your erection or a device that's going to help you train for longevity. It is also great if you suffer from ED and cannot achieve an erection. You can use it while hard or soft and the sensations are equally as enjoyable.

Turn the wand over, and you have a firm vibrating head that can be pressed against the perineum to stimulate the prostate gland. Prostate stimulation mimics that 'close to the edge' feeling that comes before you orgasm - so can help to encourage the blood flow needed for a firm erection.

Peer Reviews


Works every time

PPeter S.


Pretty good cheap fun to change things up

RRuss P.

Be Naughty Vibrating Hollow Silicone Strap-on Penis Extension

Be Naughty Vibrating Hollow Silicone Strap-on Penis Extension 

Penis extensions and strap-ons are popular with people who suffer from erectile dysfunction - but the Doc Johnson Be Naughty takes things to the next level with an extremely effective vibrating function built into this sleeve set.

The set includes 3 unique soft, body-safe silicone attachments that fix effortlessly to a comfortable belt/jock harness that fits waist sizes of up to 50".

There are both wireless and surface buttons to help you switch between functions with no fumbling - and the vibrations are powerful enough to deliver powerful orgasms to your partner during penetrative sex.

How can it help with ED?

A strap on gives any user with ED the chance to be hard immediately - offering a sexual partner a lifelike alternative to an erect penis.

The Be Naughty set is truly lifelike too - especially as the soft silicone toys adjust to body heat quickly. Users report not being able to tell the difference when the toy is thrusting - and an enhanced sexual pleasure when the toy is set to vibrate.

Whether you're suffering because you can ejaculate too soon - or struggling with penetrative sex because you cannot become fully erect, this is a strap-on set that will deliver the kind of stimulation you're looking for.

Common Causes and Treatments of ED

There's no single issue that causes erectile dysfunction in everyone who experiences symptoms.

Instead, there are a series of causes and related risk factors (more on these later).

Note from the author:

If you suffer from or believe you may suffer from undiagnosed erectile dysfunction, your first and most important step is to talk to your doctor or find a reputable medical professional to help you through this process.

Erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of a more serious condition and should be diagnosed correctly by a medical professional.

Diseases and conditions that can cause ED

Certain diseases and conditions can cause ED issues. They include:

  • Injury to the penis, prostate, bladder, or pelvis
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart and blood vessel disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Peyronies disease (scar tissue in the penis)
  • Prostate cancer and treatment for prostate cancer

Medication that can cause ED

Some medications can have ED-causing side effects. They include:

  • Blood pressure medications
  • Antidepressants
  • Sedatives and tranquillizers
  • Appetite suppressants (medication to make you less hungry)
  • Ulcer medications
  • Antiandrogens (medicines used to treat cancer of the prostate)

Treating ED

Medical professionals often first approach ED as a side effect of another condition.

As such, you may find that the first time you speak to a physician about ED, you will have checkups on other areas of your health - especially around issues relating to your heart and prostate.

This is your doctor's way of making sure they're not simply treating the symptoms of a more serious underlying condition.

ED treatment possibilities

When your doctor is happy that they have ruled out anything more serious, they will then usually look at dealing with the symptoms of ED directly.

Treatment options can include:

Oral medications: Viagra, Cialis, and other medicines can help with blood flow to the penis

Other medications: Testosterone replacement, intraurethral suppositories, and penile injections can increase your chance of getting a healthy erection if other medications don't work

Penis pumps and a constriction ring: Doctors are increasingly suggesting use of a medical penis pump and constriction ring to increase blood flow then trap that blood when it's needed

Exercise: Many studies show that exercise can improve the symptoms of ED. A doctor may discuss an exercise plan with you

Counseling: If a doctor thinks your condition might be coming as a result of stress, anxiety, or depression, they may suggest talking to a professional therapist to look at ways of reducing these issues

Become a Sex Toy Reviewer: Your Path to Free Sex Toys

How to Detect and What Can You Do to Prevent ED

Recognizing the signs of erectile dysfunction is an important first step towards dealing with underlying risk factors that may be having an effect on your sex life.

What are some signs of erectile dysfunction?

Typical symptoms will often include ongoing:

  • problems with getting an erection
  • difficulty keeping an erection
  • reduction in the desire to have sex

Almost everyone will briefly experience these problems at some stage - perhaps as a result of temporary stress or trauma elsewhere in life. Doctors will usually consider these issues to be a problem when they're considered 'persistent' (lasting longer than usual).

How can you treat erectile dysfunction?

We've already talked about some of the things medical professionals will do to treat erectile dysfunction, but there are things that an individual can do that will often make a difference.

In medical terms, the following issues are known as 'risk factors'. Risk factors aren't always the full answer to an ED problem - but they can significantly contribute to symptoms.

Losing weight

Being overweight is a common cause of sexual dysfunction. A combination of poor eating habits and excess body fat often causes issues with male sex hormone production and blood pressure.

When these things are out of balance, your mood, energy levels, and physical ability to become aroused are often significantly reduced.

Losing weight, even a little, can help to rebalance these physical conditions and will often improve your sexual function quickly.

Quitting tobacco use

Studies show that smokers are at a significantly greater risk of having ED problems.

The issue with smoking relates to the corpora cavernosa - two long chambers inside the penis that become engorged with blood when you are aroused.

Smoking is shown to cause problems with the blood vessels in this area - limiting blood flow and therefore reducing your chance of getting a fully erect penis.

In controlled medical trials, quitting smoking is shown to increase erectile function.

Reducing stress

Stress comes in all shapes and sizes - but the most common stress-related sexual performance issues occur because of work and relationship stress.

There's no single fix for stress - but identifying the problem is a positive first step. If you can work out where your worries and anxieties are coming from, you can start exploring ways to reduce these worries or life pressures.

For some people, talking about these pressures with a friend or loved one can help. For other people, the professional help of a doctor or therapist is what's needed to understand how stress can be reduced moving forward.

Initial studies into positive stress management techniques show a positive impact on the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Reducing alcohol consumption

Sexual dysfunction is shown to be common in people who drink heavily or have an alcohol dependence.

Like tobacco, alcohol has a significant impact on the body's ability to balance hormones and maintain healthy blood pressure - both of which are important health factors in a healthy sex life.

In studies, the amount of alcohol consumed appears to be the most significant factor in erectile dysfunction issues - so reducing how much you drink will almost certainly improve erection problems.

Reducing recreational drug use

Often, misused drugs or narcotics are thought to boost sexual desire and performance - but medical studies on illicit drugs and people's sex lives actually prove the opposite.

Even small quantities of misused medications or narcotics are shown to have a detrimental effect on normal sexual function. Decreased sexual desire, problems ejaculating, and an inability to maintain an erection are common side-effects of drug use.

Talking to your doctor or seeking other professional advice is always advisable if you're experiencing issues with drugs. When you do, you'll often find that your ED problems reduce soon after treatment or changes begin.

Introducing a sex toy

Having issues with ED can often feel like the biggest barrier to having a fulfilling life. A healthy sex life is widely considered to be an important factor in combating anxiety, depression, stress, and a host of other physical and psychological conditions.

If you feel like many of your issues will ease if your ED symptoms are reduced, you're not alone. This is where use of a sex toy can be nothing short of life-changing.

By stimulating yourself in new and exciting ways, sexual pleasure and sexual desire can come back almost instantly - giving a much-needed boost that often helps getting other ED causes under control.

Side Note

This best of list will be periodically updated as better sex toys become available or products simply no longer perform as well. As with all best of lists, this will be a living document.

We take our recommendations very seriously

We have worked intensively on developing a product evaluation system that takes in consideration the following factors:

  • Materials
  • Electronic Components
  • Safety Testing Data
  • US Regulatory Information
  • 510(k) Certifications
  • Our Experts Evaluation

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